Subject : Enhanced Grakken Guyver Unit


Average Height : 370 cm (~12 Feet)

Average Weight : 680 kg (~1500 Pounds)

Status : Declared enemy of the Gen.

Description: We Grakkens were once a proud warrior race, on the verge of conquering the stars, when the false Gods the Gen landed on our home world and used us as test subjects to develop the Guyver effect into something they could control. When the Gen finally left our home world, we were left with over ten million dead and many more horrorably mutated by the experiments done by them. What was left of our people were then enslaved into the service of the Gen, by their army lead by the Zoalords. But the  spirit of our race could not be broken and we eventually broke free and rebelled.

However, centuries of abuse had left us with a great hatred of the Gen and all things linked to them. Freedom alone would never be enough, we could not rest until the Gen have been totally annihilated. To this end we have adapted the their own technology and combined it with our own. The bio-armor we all wear thus both serves to empower us in our cause and as a constant reminder to our oath for vengeance. Not even the hundreds of millennia’s that we have warred with the Kavzar has weakened our resolve. The enemy may have grown stronger than ever before but so have we and we will continue to fight them until they are no more.

Present estimates of a enhanced Grakken’s abilities have been compiled and summarized below.
-Physical Strength: Enhanced Subjects have strength equal to four hundred un-armoured Grakkens. This is equal to that of the terran Warrior Guyver type but our second pair of arms grants us superior leverage, thus our warriors might be able to temporarily match the strength level of even the Cyclone Power Matrix boosted strength of the terran Warrior Guyver 2 type, or a Kavzar Commander.

-Speed: Enhanced Subjects have a top ground speed of ~600 MPH, with bursts of up to 1,000 MPH when using back thrusters, and a flight speed of 4,500 MPH, with bursts of over a 6,000 MPH with back thrusters. Reflex speed is 20-160 times normal

-Durability: Subjects’ bio-armour are enhanced with 5 times normal regeneration, equalling the regenerating speed of the terran Warrior Guyver type, and is combined with an energy shield system that lets subjects withstand multiple mega smash level attacks.

-Infrared Laser Orb: Head beam and lower arm orbs have been enhanced to produce a maximum power output equal to the terran Warrior Guyver’s and approximates ten times the power output of a standard terran Guyver.  The lower left arm has been further enhanced with the ability to fire plasma bolt energy blasts equal in destructive power to a normal terran Guyvers’ pressure cannon but can be fired rapidly for devastating results

-Gravity Control Orb: Enhancements to this device combines it with the destroyer armours plasma power system, greatly increasing this device’s power. Generated pressure cannons are twice as powerful as normal and is further enhanced with an explosive plasma energy charge. This, combined with the added ability to combine the blasts from both pairs of arms, allows our warriors to produce a destructive blast approximately equal to a terran Guyvers single mega smasher.

-Vibrational Swords: The units normal pair of Vibrational swords have been enhanced with the addition of another, forward facing, vibrational sword on their upper left arm.  All swords are enhanced by shield to allow them to stand up to much more powerful sword types.

-Sonic Busters: The units sonic weapon emitters are still approximately only as powerful as standard Grakken’s but has been augments to transmit sound blasts as plasma wave pulses, similar to the Aceaer unit, so weapon remains effective even in the vacuum of space.

-Hyper Sensors range have been estimated to be equal to 400 meters (~1312 Feet) and has been further enhanced with H.U.D. type system.

-Control Medal: Device remains unchanged except for a dimensional coupler based power link system that lets unit store armor in hyper space and to draw power for the destroyer armor. Unfortunately, due to the high power requirements of the destroyer armor and our inability to miniturize the full dimensional coupler power system into the armor, subjects must be near an external power source in order to use the destroyer armor. 

-Hyper Smashers: The Units four Hyper Smashers have been boosted to produce 25% greater power output, giving this Grakken type the approximate firepower of five standard terran Guyvers full powered double Mega Smashers.

-Additional weapons include a shoulder mounted plasma pulse cannon that fires concentrated energy bolts approximately as powerful as Units Pressure Cannons. This Grakken type also has thrusters on its back that allows it to do a power punch attack similar to the terran Guyver Gigantic type. Units can also cloak themselves with a chameleon effect that lets them blend in with their environment.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.