Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction Calendar:  Beginning of 2004 – TO – Present
Note: This Calendar is in the GMT Time system and the dates are Day/Month/Year
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At a mansion that conceals the late Dr Onigiri’s secret laboratory, Sho, Agito, Tetsuro, Shizu, Mizuki, Natsuki and Hayami are meeting together. Agito explains that he has to go back to the USA. 

At Cloud Gate, Ten Zoalords meet together to discuss the situation and the fall of Imakarum at the hands of the Gigantic Dark. Some Zoalords want revenge but Valkus overrules them.

Later the same time in New York, USA. A Zeus Thunderbolt base is been wiped out by zoanoids when Gigantic Dark shows up just in time and wipes out the zoanoids. 

Book 13
(Official Guyver Story)
04/02/2005Valkus tells Purg’stall and Amniculus about the day he discovered the hidden island of Silha, a place separated from the outside world by ten water vortexes and powerful electro-magnetic fields, That place was one of the last Creator’s experimental grounds on Earth today that Chronos knows of and the home of Alkanphel the leader of Chronos. It was on that day Valkus met Alkanphel and Valkus and Chronos was born. Valkus then leaves and heads back to the Arizona Branch.Book 14
(Official Guyver Story)
Guyver 1 is seemingly drawn out to by a scout zoanoid from his safe house, which leads him into a battle with what looks to be like Zoalord Imakarum and Hyper-Zoanoid team 5. He summons the Gigantic and fights them only for it to be taken away from him in mid battle by the will of Guyver 3. As it turns out he was fighting Aptom who wanted only to test the Guyver 1’s will in battle. 

Gigantic Dark attacks the main Arizona Chronos Base killing many zoanoids and badly damaging the base. He leaves with a container marked “C-17”.

Book 14
(Official Guyver Story)
06/02/2005Agito and Shizu arrive at a location high in the mountains Rocky Mountains, USA at an abandoned factory. There they meet an assistant of Agito’s who has secretly acquired the place for them, who has also arranged for the transport of experimental tanks and bio-fluid to the new location. Book 14
(Official Guyver Story)
Zoalords Cablarl Khan, Jearvill Bun Hiyern and Luggnagg De Krumeggnic arrive in Tokyo Japan and release a 3 new hyper-zoanoids that can combine together to make one powerful hyper-zoanoid resembling the Gigantic Guyver. The fake Guyver attacks Tokyo killing many people drawing out the real Gigantic Guyver who obliterates the forgery with a power punch. But Zoalord Purg’stall was also drawn out by the attack of the fake Guyver and ends up running into the Gigantic Guyver.

Agito visits his factory in the Florida Mountains and meets with Dr Yamamura who is now working for him and has a number of men in bio-tubes ready to be turned into Agito’s new army. 

Imakarum who is still sleep in the bio-tube sees more of Alkanphel’s past through their mental link as they both sleep and discovers he was the one who defeated the first ever Guyver. he also sees why the Creators left and why Alkanphel hates them so much.

Book 15
(Official Guyver Story)
Zoalord Purg’stall is defeated in combat by Gigantic Guyver with help from Aptom. Still alive Purg’stall is seemingly rescued by Zoalords Cablarl Khan, Jearvill Bun Hiyern and Luggnagg De Krumeggnic who frighten off Guyver 1 and capture Aptom. They then blast apart Prug’stall’s chest killing their fellow Zoalord before Sin Rubeo Amniculus comes to his rescue. 

In the Washington D.C. Zeus Thunderbolt attacks the two main Chronos installations. Guyver 3 once again takes the Gigantic armour away from Guyver 1 and uses it to topple a tower from the Chronos building “Pillars Of Heaven” killing tens of thousands of zoanoids and normal people alike. At the same time Shizu who is a new Zoalord completely outside Chronos’ control, commands a small army of Libertus Hyper Zoanoids attacks the USA’s “3rd Operation Plant”, one of the USA’s main processing centres for zoanoid production also located in Washington D.C. completely destroying it’s zoanoid production capabilities, though most of the outer structure of the building is left intact.

Book 15
(Official Guyver Story)
25/09/xxxxSho, Agito and Aptom discover that there is an unknown Guyver in the USA. Sho leaves Japan to find him.Union Of The Guyvers
(Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction)