Welcome to the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fiction website

This website is a collection of stories, data files, character profiles and art based on the Guyver by Yoshiki Takaya. 
The people behind the website and stories:
Brian O’Sullivan Writer of Warrior Guyver and Assassin Guyver Fan-Fictions, Website Administrator.
James Diaz Website Fan Fic Editor & Assistant Administrator, Writer of the Data Files and the Cyber Guyver Fan-Fiction.
Matthew Bellamy Writer of the Warrior GuyverC Fan-Fiction, and Primary Site Artist.
Andre Harmon Writer of the Nova Guyver Fan-Fiction.
Greg McAvoy Data Files Assistant.
Mike Cox Writer Of Guyver XT and writer of the Chronicles of the Warrior Guyver.
Paul Roberts Website and Fan-Fiction Archivist.