Disclaimer This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.
TitleUnion of the Guyvers: Part 1
AuthorBrian O’SullivanEditorJames Diaz

1st of July 2012 – Northern Washington DC, in a seemingly abandoned Industrial Estate

General Carter watched the media feeds… Everywhere Chronos had invaded the life of his country men and women. Politicians were mostly all zoanoids; the former President, while he was not one at the beginning of X-Day, was soon turned into one. Most of the United States Military was either wiped out on that day or simply disbanded when Chronos took over. It was not even just the leaders of the country or its military that Chronos now influenced. Rock bands, celebrities, the news media had all been largely turned into zoanoids to make them more acceptable to the wider public. But always Chronos would say they had done so by choice. Over the last few years they had even targeted science fiction loving sectors of the public, promising that those that were Zoaformed would be allowed serve on the Ark, the giant living spaceship that Chronos had literally grown in the Dead Sea!

Watching it all, General Carter knew one thing; Chronos would pay for what they had done and the revolution would begin very soon as he looked at another screen. There a man in a mechanized Red Armor combat suit fought with Guyver US, who was clearly holding back but not as much as he would normally. The Red Armor’s arm cannons fired forcing Guyver US to dodge the projectiles being fired that splattered paint like pellets off the wall. A Guyver might be something he has come to understand is incredibly powerful but the last thing he wanted was some fool in training to get a lucky shot and hit his control medal with a live round. Their ultimate secret weapon was him! The General didn’t know if Chronos had even an inkling of his existence, but at the very least they did not know where the hell they were, deep in this underground facility. Soon, though, his secret army would strike, soon his country would be free of Chronos!

Chronos USA Branch – Pillars of Heaven – Washington DC

It had been many years since Gigantic Dark struck Washington’s Chronos buildings and brought down one of the three Pillars of Heaven, since then any sign of his assault or that of Guyver II F’s birth and escape have since been removed and damaged or destroyed buildings rebuilt to their former glory. Apprentice Zoalord Taylor Smith was the man put in charge of these operations. It had taken years of this man’s life, overseeing the reconstruction of not just Washington DC but also standing in for the vacuum in the leadership of Chronos that now seemed mysteriously restored.

Taylor Smith sat in the top office of the Pillars of Heaven thinking of the past events that led up to now… Zoalord Purg’stall was the first to go, unknown to Chronos at the time he was not killed by the Gigantic Guyver but the Trio of Rogue Zoalords. But his supposedly dead body disappeared from the battlefield in a flash of light that none of the four witnessing Zoalords could understand. What exactly happened is unknown to all but the Supreme Zoalords, but Taylor knew one thing, Fried’rich von Purg’stall died that day and his body disappeared before the eyes of the four observing Zoalords.

Then, only a short while later, on the same day but on different sides of the world, Chronos darkest day struck. Cablarl Khan initiated what was now called the Dragon Lord event, turning into an incredibly huge giant monster like dragon by absorbing countless Chronos Japan Zoanoids and Hyper-Zoanoids… He was defeated by the Gigantic Exceed, the Gigantic Guyver’s most powerful form, but despite his apparent annihilation he too somehow survived but this was again a secret of Chronos only the Twelve knew the details of… While on the other side of the world, Guyver 3 unsuccessfully tried to capture the Control Spheres of the Relic at the heart of Chronos Arizona. But it was at nearly at the cost of both Waferdanos and Li Yentsui. Again, how they survived was something the Twelve kept to themselves. It angered Taylor Smith that he was not trusted with that information but yet he was placed here to clean up their mess!

Now these bastards had somehow returned too, adding insult to injury! The twelve Supreme Zoalords of Chronos were whole again. All of them, even including Purg’stall!? Now he and the other Apprentice Zoalords would be expected to stand aside as those losers returned to take their power! Taylor Smith sat in what he viewed as ‘HIS CHAIR’ knowing today he would now be the number two man in Chronos USA! The phone on the desk rang…

Hello Annabelle,” said Taylor Smith, seeing the name of his personal assistant show up on the display of the phone.

Sir, he’s here, arriving into the lobby now!”

Thank you,” said Taylor Smith, putting down the phone. He was sooner than planned, Shin Rubeo Amniculus one of Twelve Supreme Zoalords of Chronos has arrived.

Taylor Smith liked the level of free reign given to him over the last few years, it allowed him to show his talents but he had miscalculated. Alkanphel had not promoted the Apprentice Zoalords. Taylor Smith, though, calmed himself; he knew he couldn’t be feeling such strong emotions when a Supreme Zoalord would sense his disquiet… Less than a minute later Zoalord Amniculus entered the room.

Hello Apprentice Zoalord Smith,” said Zoalord Amniculus as he reached out his right arm to shake his hand. This was the first time Taylor Smith had met the Supreme Zoalord in person.

Greetings Zoalord Amniculus, welcome to the Pillars of Heaven. I believe this was formally your primary headquarters?”

Yes, it was, but after events in Japan, that has been my primary assignment until now,” said Zoalord Amniculus.

What has happened to change that Lord Amniculus?

You do not need to know the full details. Alkanphel has a new assignment for you.”

I am to lose command of Chronos USA?!”

Yes, Alkanphel has different plans for you. You will be joining Alfrid Drano at Chronos Island, you have one more week to finish up your projects here before you join him there.” said Lord Amniculus as he looked out a window that overlooked the city. Below, in the city, he could see the rebuilt complex of the 3rd Operation Plant of Chronos, formally known as the Pentagon.

Taylor Smith sat in ‘his chair’ smiling to himself as Lord Amniculus re-familiarized himself with the view from the Pillars top floor. He, nevertheless, was very happy with what was said, this was no demotion as he had feared, Chronos Island was the code name for something much greater that he hoped would bring him opportunity for further glory.

Chronos Island

In the vast sea of the South Pacific Ocean, the tiny island of only ten square miles would be easy to miss to any plane flying overhead. Unclaimed by any nation it laid below sea level until two years ago. Under the direct orders of Alkanphel a massive contruction project began, bringing the island above sea level. Once that was completed massive excavations into the center of the island began. Alfrid Drano, director of Chronos Mexico City, was put charge of the project. He did not question why the Master Zoalord would want such a massive undertaking or why he would want him to give up his office and live away from his wife and daughter for two years. He was simply there to make sure it was completed for him and on time!

The date Alkanphel wanted this project completed by was a mere two months away but Chronos Island was completed on schedule. While what is contained in the islands core soon became common knowledge to those working on the project. Alkanphel referred to it as the “War Relic” but Alfrid Drano had discovered something that was of concern to him that he considered to be also a concern for Chronos! Having called Lord Valkus, they had scheduled a conference call together to discuss the matter.

… and the excavations are finished. The Chronos Island base is an almost perfect reconstruction of the design used for Relics Point Lord Valkus,” said Alfrid Drano to the perfect 3D image of Dr Hamical Valkus. In the Ark the oldest of the Chronos Zoalords, bar Alkanphel, looked at the display of the base until his gaze stopped at its core where the pyramid shaped War Relic lay.

You have some concerns over this living ship?” questioned Zoalord Valkus.

Yes, I do. I’ve compared soil samples around the War Relic to that of the Ship that was once inside Relics Point and what I’ve found was surprising. Carbon dating of the War Relic surroundings show that it is only approximately twelve to thirteen thousand years old,” said Alfrid Drano, looking for any signs of surprise on the face of the old Zoalord, but there was none. There was a silence of a few moments while they both thought about what to say next.

Alfrid, you have been a loyal member of Chronos and now Apprentice Zoalord, what I am about to tell you is a secret known only to the twelve Supreme Zoalords of Chronos…“

Tokyo Japan – Shinjuku

It had been nearly three years since the battle between Guyver 1 and Cabral Khan ravaged the city. Reconstruction of the ruined areas was at full pace but the emotional scars of the battle are still felt by the people who survived. In one of the remaining ruins of derelict building three men met in secret. To look at them you’d not think of them as all that different from any normal Japanese person, they all knew how to dress in common clothing and not draw any undue attention.

Sho, we’ve done nothing to Chronos since you killed Guyot over six months ago,” said Agito.

That was a favour we did for Chronos then, but I understand we needed to destroy the Unit Remover,” said Aptom, as he pulled his hood off his head, revealing his birth marked face.

It was the lesser of two evils,” said Sho.

Has either of you seen or heard of Guyver II F since then?” asked Agito.

No, since she disappeared that day, I’ve not seen her since,” said Aptom, as Sho shook his head, signally that he too had heard nothing of the mysterious female Guyver with the artificial control medal.

We have been waiting for Chronos to make a move for too long,” said Agito.

I agree, that is why I called you both here, Chronos is up to something in the south pacific, Zoanoids here in Japan are being deliberately kept in the dark about it,” said Aptom.

Why would they do that?” asked Sho.

So he wouldn’t absorb one and know what they are planning. What have you found out Aptom?” asked Agito to an annoyed Sho beside him. He knew why they’d do that, the question he should have asked was what they were hiding.

I do not know exactly, but from what I’ve found out Chronos has invested a lot of resources in building a new base in the South Pacific that they call simply ‘Chronos Island’,” said Aptom.

Do you know any details about the base?” asked Agito.

No, only it’s name and that this has delayed the launch of the Ark,” said Aptom.

We need to find out more then,” said Sho, knowing that if something delayed the Ark launch that it must be important. Though, neither of the Guyvers nor Aptom knew that the ship required Twelve Zoalords to command and control it for being another deciding factor on not to launch the ship yet.

I have split part of myself onto this other zoanoid, he is on the way to the Island unaware I am along for the ride,” said Aptom.

How is that possible?” asked Agito.

When Sho and I fought the Dragon Lord, I found it was possible to control parts of a zoa-form’s body. Though that was on a large being made up of countless number of bodies which allowed me to get partial control over him. But I’ve since learned it is possible to be like a parasite and not fully take over a zoanoids body and unknown to them remain there while they receive orders from Zoalords and go about their daily work for Chronos…” said Aptom just before his voice trailed off…

Has your host discovered anything interesting in the last few minutes?” asked Agito, noticing Aptom’s facial expression suddenly change to that of shock, not something he had seen Aptom do often.

He has just overheard his supervisor saying something interesting, the supervisor has compared the Island to the former Relics Point,” said Aptom, upon listening to what he had just told them they too shared his shocked expressions as the implications quickly sunk in for them all.

6am the 3rd of July 2012 – Northern Washington DC, in a seemingly abandoned Industrial Estate

Jason awoke in his living quarters. He was one of the few people inside this secret base that didn’t have to share his quarters with someone. It was something he appreciated a lot, as it meant he could have some semblance of home here and not worry about someone moving what few possessions of family he had left. Looking at the picture taken a few days before his wedding, of Fiona, his sister Jenny and his mother, he let out a deep sigh. “I wish you all were back,” he said as he walked into the bathroom. Jason wasn’t made of stone, and would have shed a tear for his loved ones that had been killed on his wedding day but simply put he felt he had already cried enough for them and now the feeling of loss had turned to anger…

As he washed his face flash backs of that day filled his head. That golden being that saved him that day still haunted his memory. Who or what the hell was he!? Jason did not know, but if not for him that falling beam would have killed him instead of Fiona as it fell from the church ceiling. Jason didn’t know to this day, though, if he should thank him or not. He would have gladly given his life if it meant Fiona, the woman he was about to marry that day, would have lived. Jason continued to think about this as he did every morning since that day as he got dressed. He was badly hurt that day, but as he lay in a hospital bed Atkins found him. Jason being one of the few FBI members to survive the early phase of the war on Chronos was then drafted into the ACTF, the Anti-Chronos Task Force.

Since then he spent a lot of time buried under ground like the other five thousand odd members of the ACTF group, getting ready for the day they could bring their movement to the USA. To him, though, it just meant he could get some level of revenge on those that ruined his life. His new best friend Sean would ensure that! Jason looked at himself in the mirror. He sighed once again and focused on today’s task, to assist Sean in whatever he needed to be the best Guyver possible. Jason got dressed and then left his room.

The room beside Jason’s was Sean’s and his girlfriend Cori Edwards. Jason liked Cori; she was an unexpected surprise when he found out about her. An archaeologist who specialized in what was called at the time fringe archaeology, looking into old stories of werewolves and other shape shifting monsters of myth and legend to look into the truth about them and ultimately made what would be the greatest discovery no one would ever hear of with her Father in Utah… They discovered a living Relic ship but that ship was now lost, sent back to wherever it came from by Sean. He understood why, but it was a sore subject with some members of ACTF as the ship possibly contained a lot of dormant Units and now more than ever they would need that power to fight Chronos…

Moments later Jason walked up to Sean’s and Cori’s room, he knocked on their door. Sean opened the door, like Jason he was already dressed. Cori stirred a bit on their bed and mumbled something resembling ‘hello Jason’ and went back to sleep. Sean quietly left the room and closed the door.

Good morning Jason,” said Sean.

Morning Sean, she’s still not used to waking up early?”

No, and she’s has no plans to get used to that either if she can help it.”

“I Don’t blame her, there aren’t many creature comforts here. She’s a good morning sleeper and it’s not like the General has a training program for her.”

Yeah, that honour is for me! I did not think joining ACTF would mean I’d be running around the base every morning at six AM.”

Well, today will be different. We’ve only about thirty minutes of running as at seven AM we’re meeting with the General.”

It must be important if he’s interrupting my normal hour run through the base.”

I believe it is, at the very least he sounded a little different when he talked about it.”

In what way was he… Different?”

I don’t know, just different Sean,” said Jason as he broke out into a run and Sean in turn increased his pace to a run. Not everything was complete in this underground base when they moved into it at first, to Jason this was one of the best improvements, sections of the underground base that had been converted into a pathway where they could run around and get exercise. While treadmills may do the job, looking at the same wall for over a year as they ran endlessly was getting to them. Coping with living underground was something everyone here had to get used to. Though, this was nothing too fancy, basically a group of underground corridors that made a circle around the outside of the underground base. At certain times of the day personal kept to a minimum so that the military and others who liked to exercise could run around the base.

Chronos Island – The Docks

At the same time as Sean and Jason exercised in their secret base a huge cargo and personnel ship had landed at Chronos Island. Aptom could sense the relief in the man that he was finally on land. The Gustav that Aptom had chosen was a leader of a group of thirty zoanoids. Aptom had become a parasite to this hyper zoanoid, but was surprised that the Gustav wasn’t fond of travelling by sea at all. The hyper zoanoid was one of thousands being sent now to re-enforce the base now that its construction phase was finished and was operational.

Aptom lay quietly as the Gustav arrived at the entrance of the base and was checked into the base and given induction training. Soon he and his men were travelling in a lift to their living quarters. Windows on the lift allowed the person inside to see into the centre of this amazing facility. The base was huge by any standard. It dawned on him very soon, though, which base this reminded him of, with the huge open area in the centre of the base and the rest of the base built around it, this place reminded him of Relics Point. However, Aptom knew he had to be certain of this before he acted and fully consumed Gustav.

Hours passed by and Aptom still lay there quietly with Gustav totally unaware that he bought one of the most dangerous beings to Chronos inside their most secret base. But as of yet he had not yet learned of what was inside this new base. He was reasonable sure, but that was not enough. Gustav was now eating with other zoanoids in a canteen area of the base. Another Hyper Zoanoid had joined him, judging by the man’s power level and uniform, but he wasn’t sure yet what type he was but something about him was very familiar and he didn’t like that fact at all… As he talked with Gustav the subject of their conversation went onto the base itself. Until, finally, he heard what he wanted to hear as the man said “deep in the Core of the base is one of the Living Relics of the Advents!” Aptom said nothing and remained quietly attached to the Gustav contemplating what to do next. The only action he could think of was simply that it was time for him to take control and see this Living Relic.

What’s wrong with you?” asked the Hyper Zoanoid as Gustav’s face was gripped in pain. But he had lost control to speak and couldn’t reply.

9am the 3rd of July 2012 – Northern Washington DC, in a seemingly abandoned Industrial Estate

Sean and Jason finished exercising, had a quick shower and had just finished their morning breakfast and were walking towards the General’s room for the morning briefing.

Do you think it’ll be soon?” asked Sean.

I’d guess so, we’ve been down here a long time,” answered Jason, as they arrived at the General’s office. He hoped it was time for action, like most people in the base he was reaching the limit of how long he could stay down here no matter how determined he was in doing so.

Welcome gentlemen, how are you two doing today?” asked General Carter from behind his desk.

I’m doing fine general, getting a little stir crazy down here though,” answered Sean, knowing that Jason would never admit something to the General so he did it for him.

Doing well general, how are you sir?” answered Jason.

I’m doing well Jason and Sean, it’s understandable why you feel like that but I have some information for you that will take your minds off being stuck down here,” said General Carter and both Jason and Sean looked on attentively as he continued. “We have the final proof we have been looking for that Sean is not the only Guyver out there battling Chronos.”

After the Washington DC event you said we weren’t sure on what attacked Chronos there, but it was what we suspected?!” said Sean a little surprised now that it was certain he was no longer the only Guyver out there.

As you know Sean, the Washington DC event, due to the destruction caused, left us with few leads. But after that day I knew we had to take some risks and have sent men out to find what it was that attacked Chronos. One of them, a man you both know well, discovered a lead that brought him to Japan. He has sent an interesting report about the Guyvers from there. Chronos calls them aliens in their propaganda war,” said General Carter, waiting for the reaction of his most trusted and powerful asset.

Sorry but when you said Guyvers there General did you mean just this Japanese Guyver and me or did you mean there’s more than one Japanese Guyver?” asked Sean.

I meant two Japanese Guyvers there Sean. To be more precise one of these two Guyvers has also somehow evolved into a more powerful and larger from.”

What do we know about this larger form?” asked Jason.

Not much, our operative in Japan has not seen this being. But he was able to find out about it from a source that was close to a major battle in Tokyo where it fought with a giant Dragon like monster and saved a number of people. The descriptions vary from source to source but Atkins is sure what they describe is a Guyver,” said General Carter.

If that is coming from Atkins, he wouldn’t have said that to you unless he was absolutely sure,” said Jason who knew Atkins well from his FBI days, he would have been his best man at his wedding if not for Chronos.

It is more than just that, though, Jason, we know Chronos was attacked here in Washington DC two years ago. But at the time the only image we had of their attacker was from a hacked Satellite feed. It showed a dark being firing on the Pillars of Heaven.”

I remember that, but we couldn’t make out exactly what that thing was,” said Sean.

We have found evidence of what it was. Between five to three years ago, we were not the only resistance group in the United States. We found an abandoned site in the Florida Mountains that was used by the Thunder Bolt. We’ve confirmed that they have been wiped out by Chronos, but their leader, who they apparently simply called Boss, was in fact a Guyver. Intel believes it was he who attacked Chronos in Washington.”

Then it would be them who are responsible for Chronos having to send forces from the USA to Japan?” asked Jason.

Yes, that is also what Intel believes. We’re not too sure exactly why but Chronos suffered heavy losses in Japan and they had to be reinforced from their US Forces. If the Red Armor or our new high powered Anti-Zoanoid Rifle had been ready then it would have been an ideal time to strike, but they were not so even with less of an army here Chronos would have slaughtered our resistance movement.”

I agree General, but at least we know they exist out there but will they change what you’ve planned?” asked Sean.

No, they will not, we still need to prove to the world that we will stand against Chronos and that there is another voice out there. At least we know we will not be doing it alone. Gentlemen, the time to strike is finally here. Tomorrow we will strike back and re-take Washington DC!” said General Carter.

Chronos Island – Central Complex

Aptom had fully consumed the Gustav hyper zoanoid. But Chronos was not without their answer to him. The man he had been chatting to had a huge surprise of his own, turning into a Neo-Zektole as Aptom took form!

How is that possible?” shouted Aptom, looking at what looked like a perfect reproduction of a Lost Number, a Lost Number that took the first appearance of the Gigantic Guyver to defeat.

Chronos has not laid idle waiting for you or the Guyvers to strike Aptom! Neo-Zektole was a Lost Number, but Zektole was not! Dr Hamical Valkus discovered a way to reproduce my Neo-Zektole form in stages!”

Aptom knew now he could be at a serious disadvantage, remembering his battle with the first Neo-Zektole. But he had acquired two important new powers since then! Aptom then vanished from the sight of Neo-Zektole as he activated his cloaking ability. Aptom quickly moved from where he was standing as Neo-Zektole fired his arm beams at where he once stood. Aptom was not hit and the blasts went on, killing two nearby Chronos soldiers still in their human forms.

Aptom knew it would only be a matter of time before they found a way past his cloaking and made his way quickly to where he thought the Relic would be. In the canteen Zoanoids looked around nervously for any signs of one of them being absorbed by Aptom. The only person not afraid was Neo-Zektole, knowing his type of zoaform was designed to counter Aptom. But since then Aptom had updated his battle from and could now hide from him.

<“Neo-Zektole!”> said the voice of Alfrid Drano telepathically.

<“Yes my lord?”>

<“You are unaware of this but your type has been updated, your eyes can adjust to see through Aptom’s cloaking field. According to research he will look like a red blotch in humanoid form while cloaked to you. Go search for him!”>

<“As you command!”> said Neo-Zektole, as his eyes adjusted from the command of the Apprentice Zoalord and everyone around him looked now to have an odd haze around them. But after quickly looking around him he could not see Aptom. There was only one entrance to the canteen. Neo-Zektole ran out looking for Aptom but could not see him. But as he looked at the ground he could see what looked like heat traces on the ground that where already beginning to fade.

Aptom didn’t have much of a head start. He turned around sensing the powerful zoanoid behind him and realized somehow Neo-Zektole was sensing him. Knowing his cloak was now ineffective Aptom knew he needed to act fast, blasting open a wall into the central section of the base. Two large fly like wings then extended from his back as he flew out towards the open centre area of the base. Below him he could see two massive blast doors beginning to close! With all the speed he could muster Aptom flew down towards them. The two massive steel shutters did not take long to close despite the size of the large base. But just as they were about to close Aptom flew through a gap just wide enough for him as they slammed closed behind him. Neo-Zektole was too late as he was cut off from chasing Aptom by the base defences.

Aptom knew this moment of calm was only temporary and soon Neo-Zektole would be after him and he flew down closer to the ship itself. It was then he noticed something different, this ship wasn’t the usual rounded dome shape that he understood the Ancients Relics normally were. This ship looked like a biological pyramid and, as in Relics Point, here in Chronos Island they had built the huge base around the living ship.

Aptom landed by the ship looking for research labs, hoping to see x-rays or something similar of the inside of the ship that would normally be close to the ship itself. But to his surprise there was none, just solid walls of concrete. Why would Chronos not have a extensive research facility down here examining the Ship? Above him he heard the sounds of the massive base defense doors opening. Seconds later Neo-Zektole landed in front of him.

You should have tried to escape the base rather than getting yourself trapped here Aptom,” said Neo-Zektole. Above him other bio-blaster zoanoids ran out to the railings above them and aimed at Aptom.

Why would Chronos build a base and not have a research team examine the Relic?” asked Aptom, hoping that with them having trapped him Neo-Zektole would be willing to give away something.

What does it matter, you will die soon!” said Neo-Zektole

Amuse me before I kill you.”

You will not kill me Aptom, you will die here by the War Relic all alone!” said Neo-Zektole as he extended his forward vibrational swords and ran towards him as Aptom fired his head beam which bent around the shield that appeared around his body. However, Neo-Zektole’s speed dramatically decreased as his feet got covered in ice. Within seconds his body had frozen to a halt before Aptom.

You are nothing compared to the original Neo-Zektole!” said Aptom as he raised his arm and fired bio-missiles at the frozen from of Neo-Zektole. But out of nowhere a series of laser beams blasted them out of the air before they hit Neo-Zektole. Behind Neo-Zektole two Zoanoids appeared, one very large, the other thinner, and both types that Aptom recognized but these two were different to when he originally saw them years ago.

Neo-Zektole isn’t the only hyper-zoanoid to be reprocessed and enhanced,” said Neo-Thancrus, as he emerged from the darkness. His shoulders now had small but enhanced laser pods and his head now had a head beam similar to that of a Guyver. Though, it is not as efficient as a Guyver’s head beam, it was perfect for rapid fire lasers that took out Aptom’s bio-missiles.

To the other side of Neo-Zektole the large Neo-Darzerb walked into view, his shoulders now contained the bio-missiles similar to that of a Gaster hyper-zoanoid but his lower arms had pods similar to that of Zektole. He didn’t say anything, only started to breathe fire unto Neo-Zektole to melt his frozen body as Neo-Thancrus attacked Aptom.

Japan – Setagaya Prefecture – Odagiri Mansion

Two minutes later, in the mansion that Guyver 1 and his friends had made their home Aptom flinched in pain as he felt the death of his clone on Chronos Island at the hands of the three Neo-Hyper Zoanoids. Together they made a potent lethal team, all resistant to his absorption ability.

Are you okay Aptom?” asked Sho.

Yes, but the other me that was on Chronos Island is dead. The Island is heavily protected by not just an army of zoanoids, but by three Neo-Hyper Zoanoids reproductions,” said Aptom. Sho rarely saw it but there was a look of concern on his face.

What Zoanoid types were they?”

One was a reproduction Neo-Zektole, Chronos found a way to re-make the original Zektole and from there they reprocessed him into a Neo-Zektole. But they did not just stop there and also made a Neo-Thancrus and a Neo-Darzerb. Similarly, they have improved them like they did Zektole and both have additional weapons from other zoanoid types adapted and enhanced for their enhanced battle forms.”

Did you find out what is on Chronos Island before your other self died?” asked Sho.

It’s a Relic Sho, a living ship like the one your Unit came from. But this one is different and from what I could see is pyramid in shape. Chronos calls it the War Relic!”

6am the 4rd of July 2012 – Northern Washington DC, in a seemingly abandoned Industrial Estate

Today was D-Day for men and women of the ACTF. The ACTF had learned from the harsh lessons of the FBI during the Utah incident where one Zoanoid ripped apart Commander Atkins entire support team and many other engagements with Chronos before X-Day. The ACTF soldiers were doing their weapons checks before the battle with their equipped Anti-Zoanoid rifles, which fires a high powered round capable of ripping through the thick skin of most Zoanoids. Around them commanding officers checked with their soldiers that they are ready and go through the plan of attack with them, reminding them of their two primary targets even though it wasn’t really required. Every man, woman and child knew of the Pillars of Heaven, the huge building dominated the Washington skyline, and below it, across the Potomac river, was the former Pentagon building that was now the largest Zoanoid production base on the East Coast of the USA.

Around these, teams of three to four men help prepare the Red Armours, a group of five hundred men that will be using Dr Drake’s experimental Anti-Zoanoid Combat Armour. Basically a heavy armoured power combat exo-suit with heavier Anti-Zoanoid rifles attached to their arms. These are the ACTF’s answer to some of the powerful Zoanoids capable of taking anything up to the most heavily armoured standard Zoanoid. But it is not very effective against the Hyper Zoanoids that lead the Zoanoids.

But those Hypers would face the Guyver US himself, their ultimate secret weapon. Guyver US is an experienced Guyver having already faced and defeated a Zoalord of Chronos and a Guyver Zoanoid. ACTF, though, since the day he met back up with Atkins, have kept him secret. With his help the battle armours had something that they could train against over the last five years and it was no secret that even though the ACTF had built up an impressive array of weapons the coming battle with Chronos would depend on him! Sean knew this but years of training for this day meant he did not feel the full stress of it.

Jason O’Conner worked with four other men readying his Red Armour. His was an experimental in that he had two very large high calibre cannons that were mounted over the armour’s shoulders. This would hopefully give him the firepower needed to support Sean. But due to the limited amount of rounds his armour could carry that it only permitted six shots per cannon. Reloading mid battle, while possible if he found a supply truck, wasn’t something Jason thought of as a practical possibility, today’s battle was going to be fast moving and very lethal. He simply wondered if he would survive and if he would get to kill some Zoanoids for what Chronos did to his wife and family!

Jason was not alone in this feeling; all around the ACTF almost every member of the team had suffered losses to Chronos either personally or through family members. Being around others like that fed that feeling, keeping them all determined that on this day they would get their revenge on Chronos!

Squadron 1 move to exit point A, ten minutes until submersion!” echoed through the bases speaker system. It was time. The teams of people helping the Red Armours to get ready stood back as the first twenty five, including Jason and Sean, moved towards the exit lift. Behind them another twenty five Red Armours were moved into the large room and soldiers and technicians started to prep them as Squadron 1 stepped into Exit Point A.

It won’t be long now guys, we will be the first to hit back at Chronos, remember your training and make every shot count!” said Captain Stone the leader of Squadron 1. “Yes Sir,” echoed through the lift. Jason stood their quietly focused looking at the timer on his HUD screen. The only person not armoured in Exit Point A was Sean, but simply put he did not need to be yet and stood leaning against a wall. Everyone was quite now, waiting, contemplating what was about to happen. Minutes later their timers finished and the lift started to move up on schedule.

Above ground level the lifts pushed open doors leading into a large abandoned factory. Silently Captain Stone ordered his men to the perimeter of the building as the lift went back down to bring up the next group of men. Sean stayed around the middle of the group as they moved towards the south entrance to the building. All around was rusted equipment from the former factory. The factory was huge and took a full five minutes for the team to reach the exit of the building. As they expected no one, including Chronos, had yet to notice their existence.

Okay men, you know the plan! We’ll wait here keeping an eye out for Chronos as Squads 2 to 5 get to the ground level and then we’ll proceed to spearhead the attack,” said Captain Stone, as his HUD fed him information on what little movement was outside the building. Nothing, only strays and rats seemed to be out there. The General has really done well in picking this location and making sure it remained obsolete and uninteresting to those outside. Sean and everyone else simply nodded. The plan was simply to take the most direct route to The Pillars and cripple Chronos command of the area before moving onto the former Pentagon and capturing the largest processing centre in the northern USA. Only problem was the countless Zoanoids between their ACTF site and the Pillars.

Soon Squadron’s 2, 3, 4 and 5, which made up the only pure armoured squads, were all on surface level. Behind them Squads 6 and 7 made up of two, one hundred men, teams all with light body armor and Anti-Zoanoid rifles joined them. Just as five large Abram’s Tanks armed with an array of high powered modified machine guns on top of the turret capable of automatically targeting and firing Anti-Zoanoid rounds on multiple targets now came up the lifts, everyone knew it was soon going to be time to attack.

Jason signalled Sean that it was time as he moved to an open area away from the squads and shouted “Guyver!” The blast field surrounded him, indenting the ground, and from the boost dimension appeared his Guyver Unit as it then wrapped around him. The natural high of being a Guyver filled Sean, but he calmed himself thinking of the plan. In front of him the large doors of the factory opened, it was time!

Chronos USA Branch – Pillars of Heaven – Washington DC

Even though it was Sunday, to Taylor Smith there was no reason not to be in the office. He had given up many things to become an Apprentice Zoalord and while his personal life suffered he had exceeded in Chronos. Today, to him, was like any other. The former day that used to mark the USA’s Independence was just like any other in Chronos controlled USA. Taylor was looking at a massive regeneration plan of the northern edge of the city, wondering if this plan put forward by Chronos planners would have the desired effect. Poverty may have been eliminated by Chronos but there were still areas of the city and country that where disarray prevailed, as he saw it, and that went against his view of a perfect world to leave it that way. But Taylor Smith’s line of thought was completely lost as the doors of his office burst open and a Hyper Zoanoid walked in, it was a Zerebubuth, still in his human form, who is the leader of his Zoanoid forces in the area and his personal protector.

My Lord, Chronos is under attack!”

Who would dare attack Chronos!?”

They are men in robotic suits and a Guyver!”

Taylor Smith looked almost in shock at the statement. But quickly the look disappeared as he reached out with his mind to connect to those fighting the battle. His Zerebubuth was correct, these where men in large Red Armours armed with high impact explosive rounds that were killing the zoanoid that he had connected with… As he over looked the battle from different Zoanoids he realized this was quite a large armed force with soldiers with similarly armed rifles capable of killing Zoa-forms and in their mist a Guyver! At first he thought it was Guyver 1 but he soon realized, looking at his face, that it was not, this one was different…

What is happening,” asked the Supreme Zoalord Amniculus as he walked into the board room, beside him the Zerebubuth knelt as he felt the presence of a full zoalord.

Chronos forces are under attack from a Guyver and a large advanced armed human force equipped with weapons capable of killing Zoanoids!” said Taylor Smith.

Which Guyver is it?”

It is an unknown Guyver,” said Taylor Smith as Zoalord Sin Rubeo Amniculus also reached out with his mind to see this Guyver. What he saw surprised him, it was indeed an unknown Guyver! He was similar to Guyver 1 but was not the same Guyver.

I must inform lord Imakarum of this!” said the Supreme Zoalord.

8am – Northern Washington DC City Centre

The battle between ACTF forces and Chronos Zoanoids was over an hour old. With a mixture of surprise and sheer firepower the tide of the battle was with the resistance movement. Zoanoid after Zoanoid was cut down before they got too close to the troops. Supply lines to the underground base were still secure, keeping the army’s ammunition level high. Chronos bases and centres on the way to the city had been target fired, mostly these were made up of police stations and other former centres of law enforcement.

Guyver US had trained for this day for over a year. He was making sure that he did not use weapons that drained him too much, but most of these Zoanoids fell easily to either head laser fire or to his vibrational swords. Off in the distance he could see the huge towers of the Pillars of Heaven, it was odd but the closer he got to it the larger and larger it got but it always seemed districts away. He knew the battle to capture that building would depend on him!

A short distance behind Guyver US Jason was getting his Red Armour re-armed with the explosive rounds that fired from his arm guns. Like Sean he was in the spear head of the ACTF push against Chronos. The Zoanoids seemed to be coming from everywhere. But casualties to his team were still light. Civilian casualties had so far been avoided, thankfully, because any person with common sense was keeping away from the battle on the street and being that it was the 4th of July, despite Chronos rule, many still planned to celebrate the event later that night and were still home…

Now fully loaded the ammo truck disconnected from Jason’s armour and as he rejoined the battle another from his team left the battle and went towards the ammunition truck to be rearmed. Ahead of them a fifty strong team of mixed muscle type Zoanoids were charging towards the group. But they were being cut down by a mix of Guyver US and Anti-Zoanoid rounds from the Armours. “Men, they are testing us, seeing how much fire power we have! Soon they’ll come at us with real force!” shouted Captain Stone. Jason agreed with that, Chronos were testing them, they’d heard of a type of zoanoid called Bio-Blasters that could shoot laser beams from pods on their bodies, but had yet to see any of this type of zoanoid!

The battle continued to rage on, Zoanoid after Zoanoid fell as the Red Armours and their other ACTF forces made their way to the Pillars of Heaven. It was not without great cost too for the ACTF as even with the raw firepower they had sheer numbers of Zoanoids at times broking through their lines, killing soldiers and the odd Red Armoured pilot before they could be struck down. It did not help when the odd Zoanoid would sneak within our perimeter by either using the surrounding buildings as cover or literally digging through the ground but Guyver US was able to warn against most of those, if not already directly dealing with them, and heavy fire from the Abram’s easily made short work of them, regardless of whether they hid behind a building or not…

While deep within the Underground HQ of the ACTF General Carter sat in his command centre overlooking a custom table fitted with screens. He looked on at the live video feeds coming from both the Red Armours and the field helmets of the soldiers. He had trained them well, he hopped. But would it be enough he wondered? Would the raw numbers of the hordes of Zoanoids out last their supply of ammunition? Would they keep up the battle and force a Zoanoid retreat to give his men rest? It had to work, America would be the start for the war for Independence!

How goes the battle?” asked the distorted voice behind General Carter as he appeared from the blackened area of the room. The only sign of the figure was his two pink glowing eyes.

Taking a second to mute his headset before replying, It goes well, the raw firepower of the Anti-Zoanoid rounds is killing the Zoanoids before they get to the men,” said General Carter.

You seem worried Mr Carter,” said the voice.

You know me too well, yes, I am worried. I’m worried if I have done enough to train the men and if we have enough resources to last us through the battle.”

There is no point in worrying about it now Mr Carter, you have trained them to the best you can, they are armed with the most modern weapons humanity can yet create.”

I will keep them organized and I will keep them armed.”

Let’s hope that is enough Mr Carter!” said the voice as the eyes disappeared into the darkness. General Carter un-muted his headset and shouted orders at the supply depots captain to make sure another supply truck would be on its way to Battle Group 1…

Chronos USA Branch – Pillars of Heaven – Washington DC

<“…and that is what Lord Alkanphel needs from you,”> said Zoalord Imakarum telepathically to Zoalord Sin Rubeo Amniculus.

<“I will insure that it is done!”> he responded.

Taylor Smith, prepare the defence of the Pillars of Heaven. You, however, are not to engage the Guyver or his allies directly!”

Are we to be reinforced by Hyper Zoanoids?”

No, you are to only use what zoanoids are available locally. The Enzyme 3’s located in this building and in the 3Rd Operations Plant are being moved to Arizona.”

Is this some sort of challenge to my command Lord Amniculus!?” shouted Taylor Smith, clearly annoyed by what the Supreme Zoalord had said.

You do not know the full picture of what HQ want us to do, you do NOT need to, you simply OBEY what is commanded of you!” said Lord Amniculus. It was not just words as he pushed the telepathic command on the Apprentice Zoalord. The response was immediate. “Zerebubuth, go prepare the bio-blasters for war with the Guyver and his allies and stop them from entering the building!” ordered Taylor Smith, not once looking away from Lord Amniculus. The Zerebubuth simply bowed and left as the two Zoalords looked uneasily at each other.

We may very well lose this City to these upstarts and that Guyver!”

If that is the will of Alkanphel that is what we will follow!” answered Zoalord Amniculus.

Outside the main entrance of the Pillars of Heaven the Zerebubuth soon arrived. Beside him twenty two personally hand picked Zoanoids stood ready to join him. All of them bio-blasters, they would be the Pillars last line of defence!

Less than an hour later the forces of ACTF were preparing their final push on the Pillars of Heaven. Systematically they have taken over large sections of the city, destroying Chronos installations on the way there to insure their supply lines would not be cut off or subject to a rearguard action from Chronos. Guyver US was kept in constant update of where he was needed from Jason who continued to work with Captain Stone and his men to killing as many Zoanoids as they could, supporting the Guyver as best they could without accidentally shooting him by mistake.

Now, within one city block of the Pillars, squad one could see the huge base of the building just ahead of them. Just as another swarm of Zoanoids rushed towards them Guyver US’s head sensors twitched, making him focus ahead of the Zoanoids. The Zoanoids surrounding the base of the Pillars were not normal at all, they where shooting laser beams at them!

Get to cover now!” shouted Guyver US but it was too late for five members of his team, including Captain Stone himself, as they where flash incinerated. Disorganized and with the sudden realization that Captain Stone had been killed they retreated behind cover as another group of muscle type Zoanoids ran over cars or anything else in their way to close in on the ACTF lead group.

My God, he didn’t have a chance,” shouted Eric towards Jacob, his army buddy for years, both had been members of ACTF for years waiting for this chance to strike back at Chronos.

We don’t have time to mourn, they’re going to fuck us up if we do!” shouted back Jacob, pointing towards the wave of Zoanoids racing towards them.

From behind the cover of an overturned car Jacob took aim with his Red Armour’s arm guns and blasted apart Zoanoid after Zoanoid but there was simply too many. But, just as they were about to give up hope, there were two loud simultaneous sounds coming from behind them before they saw two of the closing zoanoids chest explode and going on to hit a further two behind them.

Both men in their Red Armours turned to see the modified form of Jason’s Red Armour, the two barrels above his armoured shoulders smoking. From behind him appeared Guyver US, who immediately responded with head beam fire, cutting down dozens more of the charging Zoanoids within seconds but more still were still charging towards them and the Vamores still prevented them from advancing… but that turned out to be only a momentary issue as Jason had already fed the Vamores target coordinates to the Abrams and seconds later a barrage of tank artillery fire arced over their heads before coming down and obliterating the Vamores and cratered the ground that they had stood…

Guyver US then charged forward past the Red Armoured men to engage the Zoanoids in hand to hand combat. With his vibrational swords extended they stood little chance against an experienced Guyver as he cut down any that went against him.

REGROUP TO ME NOW!” ordered Jason and as the remainder of Squad 1 moved towards him Jason looked back through his armours enhanced ranged vision at where the bio-blasters that had ripped the squad apart once stood. There was one Zoanoid that artillery fire hadn’t killed and the large spiky Zoanoid in the distance was now pointing his arm at Guyver US…

SEAN, WATCH OUT!” roared Jason, pointing off at the large Zoanoid. Guyver US looked back at the Red Armoured form of Jason but before he could turn his head back around at the zoanoid it started to fire its blaster. In that split moment before the beams were actually fired, Guyver US’s head sensors twitched, sensing the danger, and he instinctively jumped out of the way just before the beam fired andreached his previous position. Guyver US quickly retaliated and returned fire with a quick spray of head laser blasts but none penetrated the Hyper Zoanoid’s thick armour. Jason fired both of his shoulders mounted cannons, capable of ripping apart standard zoanoids, but as both shells hit the Zerebubuth the force of impact was easily absorbed and the spent rounds fell harmlessly to the ground. They both knew then that whatever this zoanoid type, this creature was, it far exceeded that of a normal Zoanoid.

JASON, get the squad back out of this fuckers range, I’ll take him!” ordered Guyver US. Jason agreed, he and Squad 1 would only now get in the way of the battle, at worst be used against him. Reluctantly he ordered the retreat as Guyver US ran towards the Hyper Zoanoid…

Japan – Setagaya Prefecture – Odagiri Mansion

It is ten o’clock in the evening and while normally this would mean Sho and his friends would be getting ready for bed instead all inside the mansion were wide awake looking at either the TV or live video feeds that Tetsuro had found of events happening in Washington DC that were for the moment not being censored by Chronos or being simply blocked by them. Most shocking of all was that a Guyver, somewhat similar in look to Guyver 1, was leading the attack against Chronos.

Where did this other Guyver come from?” asked Tetsuro. It was a general question, though they all wondered and he didn’t really expect an answer.

I do not know Tetsuro but he is not an artificial Unit like the Guyver II F,” answered Sho, as a picture focused on his face revealing the perfectly intact control medal.

There must have been a Relic Ship in the USA,” said Tetsuro, as there was a knock on the door.

It’s Agito and Shizu,” shouted down Mitzuki from upstairs.

I still do not trust him Sho.”

I know you don’t Tetsuro, but he helped Aptom save you and Mitzuki from Guyot and his Unus Zoanoids.”

There is still something I don’t trust about him Sho.”

I can’t do much about that Tetsuro, we do not know what happened in the USA, but with Shizu being okay and still human and not what we feared at all, we have to accept him as an ally,” said Sho, now only a few feet from the main door of the mansion. Tetsuro nodded in agreement with him reluctantly as Sho opened the door to Shizu and Agito.

Good evening Fukamachi and Segawa,” said Agito, as he entered the house with Shizu beside him holding what looked like bags of groceries.

Good evening Agito,” said Sho.

Hello Agito, it is indeed a good evening, I doubt what is happening in the USA has gone unnoticed by you,” said Tetsuro.

It has not Tetsuro,” said Agito, as beside him Shizu bowed as she then went on towards the back of the house with the bags of groceries.

Your Zeus Thunderbolt was primarily based there, did you ever hear anything of this other Guyver and the army he fights with?” asked Tetsuro, realizing as he asked that this might be still a very sore subject for Agito after Chronos destroyed and killed most of the members of Zeus Thunderbolt.

I heard from my contacts with Zeus Thunderbolt that before X-Day that parts of the US government battled in a secret war with Chronos. But they were thought destroyed by X-Day.”

“Seems they just wanted people to think they were dead. Do you think they stand a chance against Chronos?” asked Sho.

No, without the Gigantic the American Guyver will sooner or later face the full force of Chronos. It will be either be by a team of Enzyme 3’s or a powerful Zoalord like Imakarum. They will eventually face him and his chances of success against them are extremely slim.”

What would you suggest Makishima?” asked Tetsuro.

I would recommend Sho goes to Washington DC as soon as possible to help the resistant movement there. While he is there Aptom and I will protect this house,” said Agito, just as from a room at the side appeared Aptom. Agito was not surprised he would be here.

The events in Washington DC are not our only concern Makishima,” said Aptom. Agito looked on curiously as Aptom explained what happened on Chronos Island and what he faced there.

We’ve a choice, we either support this rebellion and by doing so then run the risk of Chronos gaining entry to the War Relic,” said Agito.

Yes, that is the choice,” said Sho.

We know how Chronos recovered our Units, I’m guessing the same trick did and will not work on a War Relic,” said Agito.

What makes you say that?” asked Aptom.

This War Relic is newer than the fossilized Relic that Chronos Arizona is built over and newer still than the Relic found at Relics point. It is of new design, you described it as pyramid in shape, not oval like. Chronos named it the War Relic and wouldn’t do so without reason,” answered Agito.

I am aware of that, what I meant is what trick Chronos used to gain access to the Relic at Relics Point?” asked Aptom.

Chronos sent large teams of Zoanoids into an opening they cut into the Relic. All were killed by the defences of the living ship, one survived just long enough to escape out holding three Unit-Gs as he died,” answered Agito.

Then it is only a matter of time before they do sooner or later gain entry into the War Relic,” said Aptom.

“So Choice is then, do we help this new resistance movement or do we assault Chronos island,” said Agito, looking at Sho as he said it. Sho knew the choice lay with him as the holder of the Gigantic Armour…

9:17am Chronos USA Branch – Pillars of Heaven – Washington DC

Zerebubuth fought well, initially surprising Guyver US with its armour’s ability to absorb his physical attacks and head beam fire. While nearly hitting him with its acid spray and multiple bio-laser blasts that were clearly more powerful than the Vamore’s, but Guyver US had managed to avoid any serious damage as he looked for any weaknesses he could exploit, but he also knew he couldn’t afford to waste too much time on this fight.

So, betting that the Zerebubuth wouldn’t be as durable against his more powerful weapons, Guyver US exploded forward with a rapid burst of acceleration as he charged towards his target. Even the Hyper-Zoanoid’s combination of bio-laser and acid attacks was not enough to stop the fast moving Guyver, who easily anticipated the attacks and deftly dodged them, as he simultaneously closed the gap until just as he was within arms reach he extended his vibrational swords and quickly did a full body horizontal to ground spinning motion that created a saw like motion that sliced off Zerebubuth’s left and then right forearms in a single continuous motion that the Zerebubuth clearly never saw coming.

The now forearmless hyper zoanoid fell back in pain and shock as Guyver US then jumped over it in a downward facing arc, with his arms towards the Zerebubuth’s head and hands cupped together, and fired a gravity ball at close range, hitting the Zerebubuth squarely in the head, obliterating it spectacularly. The large body of the Hyper Zoanoid then collapsed to the ground as a cheer roared from the ACTF forces observing the battle.

This base has fallen,” said Zoalord Shin, looking down towards the ground and seeing the ACTF forces running towards the building with nothing left alive to stop them.

What do you mean the base has fallen!?” shouted Taylor Smith at the Supreme Zoalord. He was clearly angry with his response to the death of his trusted assistant.

Your forces are destroyed Taylor Smith, outclassed by a human underground force ready to face the might of your Zoanoids.”

We are two Zoalords of Chronos! We can easily face and kill this Guyver!”

Did you not listen to me Taylor Smith? We were only to send the Zerebubuth and the rest of your forces against the Guyver and his allies. They failed!”

They failed, but we can still win this day!?”

Have you not worked it out? Are you too absorbed by the goal of winning that you are not to be able to read between the lines? You were never meant to win!”

There was a very awkward silence as the Apprentice Zoalord tried to grasp what the Supreme Zoalord was telling him. But it made sense, the Enzyme 3’s being removed from Washington DC and leaving only at most lower level Hyper-Zoanoids, the most powerful of which was his Zerebubuth, had almost assured this outcome. He did not yet understand their reasoning but Chronos HQ had planned this downfall. It only left him with one question… “Why?”… He got no answer.

Two weeks later in the now free Washington DC

ACTF had won its first military engagement with Chronos. With the city secure ACTF quickly moved into both a full recruitment drive and fully putting into production their factories at their former underground facility to produce more battle armours. It was no surprise to General Cater that there was no shortage of willing people looking for payback at Chronos. The issue now was using those now veteran members of the ACTF movement to train and organize them into proper fighting groups capable of taking on squads of Zoanoids.

In the weeks since their capture the former 3rd Operations Plant, which before that was known by most simply as the Pentagon, was being returned to something more akin its original purpose, the head quarters of ACTF was being transferred here along with their research and development centre, which would be headed by Dr Drake. This expansion was surprisingly quick and taking advantage of the time it took Chronos to build up an army north of the city that would be capable of retaking it. ACTF was now reinforced and ready to fend them off. Soon they hoped they would be ready not just to fend them off but to take their next major targets, the States of Maryland and Virginia.

ACTF HQ – Formerly known as the 3rd Operations Plant

It was early morning. Jason awoke as per usual at zero five hundred hours. He hadn’t set his alarm, but his body woke like clock work as he had done for the last near four years. But now the worst of the battle was over and he, like the other members of ACTF, were having to get used again to seeing daylight often again. Waking up early proved more of an inconvenience now. He did not like waking up while it was still dark outside. Even more so when he didn’t have to, it was the day of rest after all, though, religious reasons out of the way, simply this was his off time to rest and he wasn’t able to do so.

As his body woke up he’d no choice but to go to the toilet. Not wanting to admit he was awake yet, he washed his hands, dried them and went back into his bed. But, as he lay there in the dark room looking up at the ceiling, he couldn’t help but think about the last few years. The 17th of August, X Day as most knew it, was a day most people hated. Almost every family who had a member of the family in the military or law enforcement suffered a terrible loss that day as Chronos took over the world. He, though, wondered if he was feeling some sort of special pity that he felt he lost more than others? Was it wrong to feel that because he lost so many family members, his parents, his sister and his soon to be wife and her family and their friends on that day he felt more wronged by Chronos than anyone else he ever met?

This was why Jason did not like free time. He liked being busy as he could simply not think of the past and focus on the tasks at hand. Keeping Sean up to date on events around the ACTF, keeping his combat skills up to date, staying up to date with the Red Armours advancements and working with Dr Drake all tended to take a lot of time. But the General was concerned he and Sean were working too hard and needed some downtime. Now that he could afford to do so he’d made it an order. Jason knew he was right, but never liked to admit he needed any downtime at all. With the City being free of Chronos and a decent percentage of the surrounding states soon to be he had to find a way to deal with downtime. Otherwise he feared, he’d not be useful to the ACTF and would lose his chance to get revenge on Chronos.

Realizing he needed to focus on the present and to prove his worth and usefulness Jason thought it best that he get himself familiar with the city. Before Chronos he never really had much of a reason to visit Washington DC. When he fully joined ACTF after X-Day he basically didn’t even travel to the city, only the outskirts where the underground ACTF base was. From there he heard, and felt the fall of the Pillars of Heaven tower. He wondered now how much the city had changed since or what was left of the original city? Maybe Cori and Sean would also like to explore as well?

USA border between West Virginia and Pennsylvania

It was nine AM and Sho was asleep with his face pressed against the window of the Greyhound bus as it drove towards the still mostly Chronos controlled State of Pennsylvania. He’d left Japan over a week ago and had been since travelling as close as he could get to Washington DC. Agito, Aptom and he had all agreed that the best course of action was to help out the resistance movement in the USA. Sho would naturally make an ally of the Guyver there and once they were secure he would be needed in recovering the War Relic. Traveling through underground contacts of Agito it had taken longer than he had expected to get here. But Agito kept him up to date on events in both Japan and the USA. He was still uneasy about trusting Agito, ever since the battle with Purg’stall and his removing the Gigantic it was hard for Sho to trust Agito. He would never allow him to use the Gigantic again that was for sure. But for now he’d no reason to betray Sho again and he believed what Agito was telling him, pretty much nothing had been happening in Japan since he’d departed.

A commotion on the bus woke Sho. First, he realized he was leaning against a window which was not very comfortable and straightened himself. He moved so he was almost standing and looked over the seat in front of him. There were two men arguing about something two seats up from him. He couldn’t quite catch it yet, there was no one on the seat beside him so he moved out between the seats. There he overheard more of the conversation. The older of the two men said “…think that the USA is really gone forever?”

You’re a fool Dad to think that. Chronos destroyed the idea of the USA years ago. Look out the window and tell me if you think those poor men will survive that?” said the son.

Sho looked out the window to his right. The person sitting there still asleep didn’t obstruct the view much. What he saw made him wipe his eyes to check if he was still dreaming. In a huge open area, a short distance from the main road, Chronos uniformed men were everywhere as far as the eye could see. Sho stood up to get a better view. He knew US geography enough to understand the obvious, Chronos was amassing a huge army to crush the USA resistance movement.

Sho had hoped of meeting the US Guyver quietly without Chronos knowing he was here. But that choice was gone. With so many zoanoids in one area he didn’t need to be Agito to make ruthless choices. Sho stood up grabbed his rucksack and walked towards the driver. As he walked by the two arguing men he couldn’t help but say “listen to your father, he’s correct!” The younger man was about to stand up as his father held onto his shoulder as Sho continued towards the bus driver.

Let me out please,” said Sho to the driver.

Are you mad son, there is nothing around for miles other than this Chronos army!”

I know, but they will not be around for long. Take my bag please; I’ll catch up with you when I’m done here!”

Huh?” said the confused bus driver as he slowed down his bus, getting ready to drop off the crazy passenger.

What do you mean?…” asked the driver as the bus stopped and the door opened.

Sho placed the bag on an empty row of chairs. “Remember I’ll be back for this”, said Sho as he then left the bus. This only confused the bus driver more. But as Sho cleared the bus he roared “GUYVER” and the bus driver and everyone else looked on in both shock and awe as Sho was surrounded by a black energy field and his bio-boosted armour then wrapped around him. Moments later Guyver shouted “Gigantic Come” as then between Guyver 1 and the bus the Gigantic Cocoon appeared and Guyver 1 then formed the Gigantic Guyver. The huge form of Gigantic Guyver turned back to the startled bus driver.

I’ll keep it safe!” said the bus driver as Gigantic Guyver pointed off into the distance. The bus driver didn’t need any more of a hint as the door closed and he drove off. Looking in his rear view mirror the bus driver saw the Gigantic Guyver release carnage on the forces of Chronos he had not thought possible. The father and son who had been arguing about Chronos now looked back in almost a state of shock, their argument now settled, there was something out there that could fight Chronos.

One Hour Later – Washington DC – 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue – Aka the White House

When Gigantic Dark struck the Pillars of Heaven the collapse of one of the major towers caused a shock wave that reduced the centre of the Capital City of the USA to rubble. That included the White House. In one moment centuries of work and history disappeared thanks to Gigantic Dark. It was an obvious scar on the leadership of Chronos and a sign of their weakness. As such it was something Taylor Smith had talked with all his ambition. Within a year of their destruction Chronos had rebuilt most of the destroyed Landmarks, though work still continued to this day. Today, Sean, Cori and Jason were visiting the place most American’s viewed as the place where their leader should reside.

Do you think we can see inside the grounds?” asked Sean, looking in from the guardrail that surrounded the White House.

I think we’ll get to see more than that Sean,” answered Jason. As Sean turned around to look at him he found Jason chatting with an ACTF soldier. Moments later they were being ushered towards the gates by the ACTF solider.

From the outside the White House looked like how they remembered it. But as they walked closer they realized it was not just the military that was here. There were whole teams of tradesmen and other civilians going into and out of the building.

Chronos didn’t just rebuild it, they turned it into a mix of what the building formally was and merged it with Chronos symbolism,” said the solider.

Do we know if they used the White House as part of their command structure?” asked Jason.

No sir, from what we’ve heard from the day the USA fell to Chronos; the White House was never really part of the Chronos command structure. It was just a symbol of their control over the USA.”

Not anymore!” said Cori, smiling as she walked holding hands with Sean towards the entrance of the White House.

Sir, do you speak with the General often?” asked the solider as he walked along side Jason.

Yes, you could say that,” answered Jason.

The civilians, sir, they all want to know when does he plan to let them vote for a new President?”

When there is enough of the country free for there to be a fair vote,” answered Jason, as the group then entered the White House itself.


Inside the command centre of the building General Carter stood looking at a display with his command team. They still had a few satellites that they had managed to put in override codes in before X-Day that they now controlled. So it wasn’t long before they had some spy satellites orbit every day at this time over the Chronos army that had been amassing on the boarder of Pennsylvania and West Virginia. This army was going to be the next challenge for the ACTF, if they could defeat it they had a chance to hold onto Washington DC. But that army was now gone, the army wasn’t attacking them and the images they were seeing told them only one thing, they had been obliterated! But what could have been capable of doing that?

General, something is incoming!” shouted a young solider looking at a feed from a mobile radar station setup by the base.

How soon will it be here?”

Within a minute!” said the young solider as over head the display from the Satellite now tracked this humanoid being as it now closed in on the ACTF HQ.

Time we introduce ourselves then,” said General Carter as he walked towards the exit.

Sir, shouldn’t we alert our forces?” asked Colonel O’Neil

Whatever this thing is, it wiped out an entire Chronos army by itself… let’s hope it’s here to talk!” said the General as he left the command centre.

Gigantic Guyver travelled at speed over the city carrying in his left arm his bag he had collected from the bus driver. The army he had faced was huge in not only raw numbers of Zoanoids but the amount of Hyper-Zoanoids he had faced. It would have been capable of retaking the city but what made him wonder was the lack of an Enzyme 3 in their forces? Was the reason they had not attacked the city yet was because there was a shortage of that type of Hyper Zoanoid?… But such questions would have to wait as in the skyline ahead of him he could see the Pillars of Heaven, below it was the 3rd Operations Plant, formally the Pentagon, would be where he and Agito had guessed would be the new base of the USA Anti Chronos forces. News reports from the rest of Chronos controlled USA now largely ignored the fact there even was a new resistance movement, no one knew for sure what was happening in Washington DC.

He wanted to come here in secret, meet with this new resistance movement and their Guyver without Chronos knowing he was here. But in attacking the army Chronos had built up close to Washington DC he had given away the element of surprise but that was a lot more favourable than facing them in the city. Landing in front of the 3rd Operations Plant Gigantic Guyver didn’t know what to expect. Any sense of wonder that this was one of their main bases quickly disappeared. His eyes and head sensors quickly picked up all the armoured and armed forces of the ACTF in the area. It was all of a few seconds later that all that pointed at him. Gigantic Guyver stood there and waited hoping this would end well as armed soldiers ran towards him. Miles away Jason received a call on his cell phone telling him of what happened. Moment later Guyver US was running from the White House grounds, jumping over the gate like it was not there towards ACTF HQ.

Gigantic Guyver stood silently as he waited, not reacting to the soldiers. His enhanced head sensors could now pick up the Guyver running towards him. General Carter also did not keep him waiting as in moments he was ordering his men to make way for him to talk with Gigantic Guyver.

Hello, I’m General Carter. Leader of the ACTF,” said the General, looking up at the very tall form of the intimidating form of Gigantic Guyver. It would have been nothing for him to simply reach forward and kill this man and the General knew it. At the moment, though, he simply hoped this Guyver understood English.

Hello General Carter, my name is Sho Fukamachi, I am the Gigantic Guyver.”

Welcome to the free city of Washington DC, Mr Fukamachi,” said the General, looking up at the large being’s face. It was basically to him a larger, more armoured, version of Guyver US. After hearing this, the soldiers of ACTF that had their guns trained on Gigantic Guyver lowered them. He could see the large being visibly relax his shoulders and stand more at ease as he heard his greeting. It reminded the general no matter how powerful a Guyver was that at their core was a human being and he had not come to them for a fight.

Thank you General Carter,” said the Gigantic Guyver, as his head sensors twitched again and he turned his head towards the incoming threat, Guyver US. Guyver US slowed shocked at the size of the Guyver standing in front of General Carter. What they heard about the Japanese Guyver was true. Somehow he had upgraded his Guyver armour! General Carter ordered the soldiers to stand down as he slowed down and walked up to them.

Sean Barker, this is Sho Fukamachi the Gigantic Guyver,” said General Carter.

Hello Sho, you must be one of the Japanese Guyvers we heard of?”

Indeed I am, how did you hear about us?” asked Sho, picking up on the fact the US resistance movement somehow knew he was not the only Japanese Guyver.

We have some agents in the field in Japan, one of them confirmed your existence and that of another Guyver,” said General Carter.

It is good to hear that you know of us, though for us your attack on Chronos held Washington DC was a complete surprise,” said Gigantic Guyver.

We had hoped that in doing so would get your attention,” said Guyver US.

Indeed it did, let’s disengage our armour, go inside and talk some more?” said Gigantic Guyver. It was what everyone wanted to say but didn’t quite know when the situation would be relaxed enough to say it. Sean then deactivated his armour quickly followed by Sho with the Gigantic Armour leaving first into the giant Cocoon, leaving only for a moment a Guyver unit somewhat familiar to his before it too disengaged.

“Your English is excellent” said Sean.

“Thank you,” said Sho.

Where did you learn English?” asked Sean.

In school, it was one of the few useful languages I had learnt well before Chronos entered my life,” said Sho, as they entered the ACTF HQ building. Behind them Jason and Cori had finally entered the grounds of the base and had found a jeep that was giving them a lift.

One hour later – ACTH HQ Main Conference Room

General Carter had spoken with Jason; he was to have a new responsibility. The responsibility was to help Sho be of best possible use to the ACTF and them to him. Jason would be the chief liaison officer, point person, so the growing ACTF movement was not trying to give the Guyvers mixed signals. There would be a clear line of communication and it would be him that would filter that. Sho had been given a basic introduction to the ACTF and had just finished a tour of the still under re-construction living quarters. This section of the base which used to be part of the processing centre was now being turned into living quarters for ACTF high value guests like himself. It amazed Sho that they were so organized but how long would that last when Chronos showed its full might?

General Carter, how did the ACTF manage to stay hidden for so long?” asked Sho, still amazed that any part of the pre-Chronos controlled world still managed to be a military force capable of taking a capital city from them.

It is thanks to Sean, the Guyver US as we call him now. When he destroyed the Zoalord in Chronos LA we got our first idea of what we faced. Though, this ultimately proved to be barely an inkling as theFBI was initially only tasked with forming a special task force to investigate Chronos, as the true scope of what Chronos represented had yet to be revealed. It wasn’t until once again one of our agents met Sean in Utah that the realization of what we truly faced started to become clear and it was then that it was decided to form a covert task force of only our most trusted as we realized if we were ever to survive the coming war with Chronos that it would have to be covert at first, it was then that the ACTF was formed. We used an abandoned, off the books, underground Cold War base, took it off the grid and used it to house our organization as we allocated as many resources as we could to it before Chronos struck on X-Day.”

The ACTF then is a mix of parts of US Agencies that knew of Chronos?”

Yes, at first primarily it was made up of the FBI but I was brought in to lead it and brought with me the military arm of ACTF.”

How did you manage to keep it secret and secure, though? Chronos has zoanoids everywhere?”

At first we didn’t know who, if anyone, we could trust but thanks to our scientists we were able to install scanners into our buildings that allowed us to tell who were zoanoids and who are not,” said General Carter. The look of shock on Sho’s face that the ACTF had such technology was obvious.

How did ACTF develop that?” asked Sho.

It was developed by our two lead scientists, the scanner can pick up markers in a person’s DNA that only zoa-forms would have.”

Has it ever been wrong?”

I can answer that one, no, speaking from bitter experience it has never been wrong,” said Jason.

It was a lot of information to absorb for Sho. ACTF had technology that could tell if a person was a Zoanoid. How was that possible? In all his years of fighting Chronos Sho and his allies, who included former Chronos scientists, never encountered such technology other than the Guyver itself… They continued to talk and discuss what they had faced against Chronos. But as they talked elsewhere in the world Imakarum entered the command centre at the bottom of Chronos Arizona, close to probably the most important Uranus Relic in the possession of Chronos.

Welcome Lord Imakarum,” said Zoalord Amniculus.

Thank you Lord Amniculus,” said Zoalord Imakarum as he looked around at the other trusted Zoalord of Chronos, Hamical Valkus, once the man who found Alkanphel over four hundred years ago, Edward Caerloen one of the other trusted Zoalords of Chronos who saved the Arizona base from Guyver 3, along with Zoalord Imakarum. The last member of this group was Tuatha De Galenos, a powerful looking man who looked like he was made of stone. Apart from Alkanphel these were viewed by many as the “surviving” members of the 12 Elite Supreme Zoalords of Chronos. The rest of their brethren had either fallen in battle or turned against Chronos.

Imakarum sat in the chair to the right side of where Alkanphel would normally sit. To the opposite of that seat sat Valkus and in the rest of the seats of the round table sat the other Zoalords. It was obvious to all that the rest of the chairs where left idle, empty, as a sign to those that were missing.

I’ve called this meeting today to discuss the recent events,” said Valkus.

If you mean by “recent events” the appearance of a new Guyver and the fall of Washington DC to his comrades then please let me know when you want me to intervene and I will deal with these upstarts!” said Edward Caerloen.

You’ll do no such thing Lord Caerloen, Alkanphel has something else in mind for these “Upstarts”,” said Imakarum.

Can you let us know what this plan is? It seems strange that he would pull back our most dangerous Anti-Guyver assets and allow one of our most important bases to fall,” asked Edward Caerloen. He had been at the meeting of the Apprentice Zoalords and heard Taylor Smiths version of the fall of Washington DC. In it he was at pains not to blame Lord Amniculus and blamed an unknown person in HQ that took away the Enzyme 3’s that protected the Pillars of Heaven.

What I can tell you does not leave this room. It is not to be relayed even to the most trusted of our Apprentice Zoalords or to any of their more annoying members,” said Imakarum looking at Edward Caerloen as he said the end of that sentence. He understood who the effective second in command of Chronos was hinting at. He simply nodded his head in understanding as did the other Zoalords. They had not survived for so long by not learning when something was important to keep only to them.

Alkanphel does not want us to interfere with the revolution in the USA. We are to leave Taylor Smith to fight the battle alone with the resources he has available to him in the USA except, for Arizona. No Enzyme 3’s are to be involved, any that were in the USA have already been redeployed to Chronos Island,” said Imakarum.

Is this a test of his abilities?” asked Lord Caerloen.

No, I only know what Alkanphel was willing to share with me. He made it clear in what he wanted and said that no matter the cost, we have to follow this through until he says otherwise!” Caerloen was happy with that, he knew Imakarum shared a close link with their Leader, so much so it could be taken as the his very word when repeated by Imakarum.

Now that is settled, I will move onto our other business,” said Lord Valkus as the other Zoalords around him nodded their heads in agreement. “It was roughly seven years ago when the LA Branch fell. We are all aware of who ran the branch, the natural Zoalord Fulton Balcus who was discovered after we were already 12 Zoalords. But what you are not aware of was that he had a secret Guyver project before even the three Unit-G’s went missing in Relics Point,” said Valkus. All apart from Imakarum looked shocked at the news, they had known the branch had fallen before X-Day but not the full details of what happened there.

Surely this should have been brought to our attention long before now?” said Zoalord Amniculus.

Indeed it should have been Lord Amniculus, but the full details of what happened and how it is linked to the new American Guyver that his comrades have codenamed Guyver US have not been fully known until now,” said Lord Imakarum.

That is where…” said Zoalord Amniculus, stopping then to let Lord Valkus continue.

Yes Lord Amniculus, the Guyver Unit that the new Guyver came from was from the LA Branch. But the fact is he was active before Guyver 1. What we know now is this; Fulton Balcus was discovered in a Ruin in Canada. What was not known was that inside the Ruin was a dormant Unit-G. After being put in charge of the LA Branch he began a research project to discover why the Unit would not activate for him,” said Lord Valkus, stopping at this point to invite any questions from the now very curious Zoalords.

But if that happened seven years ago, what has happened since then? How did he and this project of Fulton Balcus not come to light until now?” asked Tuatha De Galenos.

After the fall of Chronos LA commander Guyot was sent to investigate. He blamed the incidence on a wayward prototype Hyper-Zoanoid Lost Number that slew the Zoalord.”

I remember that event. Cablarl Khan remarked on how Fulton Balcus was not a very advanced and not a very powerful Zoalord and laughed at the idea of him being killed by his own creation,” said Tuatha De Galenos.

Cablarl’s own judgment was very flawed,” said Lord Valkus.

Indeed, continue on please,” said Tuatha De Galenos.

Guyot took over what remained of the LA Branch. We know how he discovered what Fulton Balcus had kept secret, a group of Chronos Scientists that had worked on the Guyver project. They knew more about the Unit than those that examined the Units in Relics Point. Guyot took charge of the group and built up their numbers giving them zoanoids to command to retrieve the lost Guyver unit. He called this entity the Tempus Group.”…

One Week Later – Manhattan Island – Battle of Baltimore City

Most of the human population had either taken it upon itself to evacuate the city or was staying off the streets and away from their windows. Not a car was being driven on the streets. Everyone knew a battle for the city was coming. This time Taylor Smith was ready and ACTF did not have the element of surprise. With the Gigantic Guyver in America Taylor Smith wasn’t going to make the same mistake of leaving his forces in the open. In the middle of the crossroads where Baltimore’s streets linked he had set up makeshift bunkers that gave the bio-blaster Zoanoids inside them cover and a commanding view of the city. They were not alone, Zoanoid numbers in the city increased as the human population evacuated and sleeper Zoanoids awoke and hid in the buildings of the city.

With Washington DC free the ACTF’s numbers had been boosted. Their former base now was a fully operational factory producing weapons and armour for the growing army. And while not everyone wanted to see Chronos gone and many mourned the loss of family members that were turned into Zoanoid by choice or not their recruitment had seen their numbers increase tenfold. Two thirds of their total forces were now within striking distance of the city. Gigantic Guyver and Guyver US looked across the Francis Scott Key Bridge.

Intelligence reports that most of the State’s Zoanoids are located north of Francis Scott Key Bridge. They have made make shift bunkers at the crossroads of major streets and have Bio-Blasters in each of these” said Jason, now inside his modified Red Armour.

It’ll be a bloodbath,” said Guyver US, looking back at the ACTF Armours. He knew from bitter experience that Bio-Blaster Zoanoids were the main weapon Chronos had that was inflicting losses on their army.

There must be more than that? They know I’ve joined your forces and will be fighting beside the ACTF. By giving me such an open target even if there are great numbers of them isn’t a wise tactic,” said Gigantic Guyver.

It isn’t just them; the team that gave us that report was spotted by Zoanoids and wiped out. Their last bit of useful information is that there were Zoanoids hiding inside the skyscrapers,” said Jason.

What’s the plan Jason?” asked Sean.

The General would like to know how you two would want to attack and then for us to adjust our plans to fit,” said Jason, looking up at Gigantic Guyver when he said that. Sho could understand why, they had trained with the Guyver US and knew what he could do. But he was an unknown and all they simply understood was that he was a larger more powerful Guyver.

Guyver US and I will go in first, I will strike the bunkers and he will target the Zoanoids in the skyscrapers. Does that sound good to you?” asked Gigantic Guyver, looking down at Guyver US

Sounds fine to me,” said Guyver US.

Can you both start clearing Zoanoids around the other end of Francis Scott Key Bridge and move on from there?” asked Jason.

Yes,” said both, nodding in agreement and looking back at the ACTF forces behind them.

Moments later Gigantic Guyver and Guyver US where flying along the Francis Scott Key Bridge above street level. Every person they either saw or sensed on the bridge was trying to get away from the battle, but they didn’t sense any Zoanoids.

Gentlemen, they are coming!” said Taylor Smith to the two men dressed in the uniform of a Hyper-Zoanoid behind him as he looked out the window of a skyscraper towards Baltimore. They stood emotionless at the news, then bowed and turned towards the door and stood guard.

These were the best zoanoids Taylor Smith could muster from his Chronos forces in the USA. Two Powered-Zerebubuths would work in tandem with Hyper-Zoanoids and face the threat of a Guyver and also the Gigantic Guyver! He knew he was asking the impossible. The Gigantic Guyver had faced and defeated in separate battles two powerful Supreme Zoalords and had seen to the end of the threat of Guyot! Guyver US was no less lethal and news of his exploits had finally reached Taylor Smith. This Guyver was not the unknown he had originally thought it was to Chronos.

Jason and his squad of mostly Red Armoured men did not try and follow the Guyvers. No human, armoured or not, could match them as they flew ahead of the ACTF army towards their targets. The last he saw of Guyver US was of him flying into the fifteenth floor of a building. Not something he could do even with this armour. That changed the plan that worked so well in Washington DC and he was now clearing Francis Scott Key Bridge of Zoanoids and moving into lower Baltimore. Ahead he could see the odd glimpse of the two Guyvers but he now focused on the Zoanoids that the Guyvers had not killed.

Taylor Smith continued to look out the window towards Lower Baltimore. He could sense the Zoanoids being killed by the Guyvers and the approaching ACTF Army. With the Gigantic Guyver here he knew nothing he had would do anything more than delay the inevitable. The killer of Zoalords would not be stopped by mere Hyper-Zoanoids. It angered him more and more as he thought about it. Why the hell did high command give him such an impossible situation to defend? He wondered if he presented his case to Alkanphel would it change the situation. But knew even without all the facts that deep down these orders came from him!

The battle raged for another hour, the only thing delaying the Guyvers being the sheer number of Zoanoids and that they were so embedded into their bunkers or the surrounding buildings making them harder to target. The odd Hyper-Zoanoid would slow them down from time to time but not for long. In an hour Taylor Smiths building was surrounded, the last sign of Chronos in North East USA was about to be destroyed by the Guyvers. Anger clouded his judgment. He ordered the two Powered-Zerebubuths to change into their Neo-Hyper Zoanoid forms and to ready themselves for the coming battle!

Chronos Arizona HQ

Chronos Arizona, now the main Chronos command centre in the USA, lay deep within a huge base hidden inside a massive rock formation looking no different than any of the other mountains nearby. The base of Chronos Arizona was as old as Chronos itself, the foundation of it being the very day Alkanphel commanded Valkus to make an army of him using the zoanoid designs that lay within the Memory Module inside the Uranus ship. That was over four hundred years ago. Since then the Relic at the core of the base is a secret shrine to Chronos and only the highest members of Chronos get to see the Relic from the outside and fewer still get to touch the Relic Control Medals itself. The base survived an attack from the Gigantic Dark and now with the arrival of the Gigantic Guyver helping the fall of Chronos in the North Eastern USA it was the only main base in the Region.

Zoalord Imakarum stood in the main command centre. All around him the room was full of huge screens showing the battle in New York from different angles. If this had happened a year ago it would have been viewed as a disaster for Chronos. Now it was part of some larger plan of Alkanphel’s. But even he was vague on the details of this plan. Despite their close link there were some things that he did not know of Alkanphel’s past. But in the end he would do as Alkanphel asked, as to not do it would spell the end of everything! Dr Valkus entered the room. He too found it odd to be looking at images of Chronos forces being decimated but like Imakarum did not question the plan before them.

His forces are being decimated by the Gigantic Guyver” said Lord Valkus, as he walked up beside Imakarum.

It is how Alkanphel foresaw it,” said Lord Imakarum. Valkus did not rise to the bait and held back saying “It was not Alkanphel who foresaw these events.” If Alkanphel had not yet shared what happened fifty years ago with Imakarum it was not for him to say now. The main worry for Valkus was it took many years for her to reveal what she knew, her alien DNA making it near impossible for her mind to be dominated until recent years and advancements made by the Tempus Group allowed them access to what she knew. Even then he couldn’t help but feel she actually wanted to be broken and only to Alkanphel. Not only that but did not share everything, only what she deemed he needed to know.

Indeed it is Imakarum,” said Lord Valkus.

I find it ironic that after years of trying to destroy or capture the Gigantic Guyver we must now leave him free to destroy our forces,” said Lord Imakarum.

The irony isn’t lost on me,” said Lord Valkus looking at Imakarum, seeing the same irony in the form of Imakarum himself, the former friend of Sho Fukamachi, the Guyver 1, and his allies now possibly the most powerful Zoalord in Chronos after Alkanphel used the Ark’s stored energy to repair Imakarum’s cracked zoalord crystal.

I know of Neith,” said Lord Imakarum to the now stunned Lord Valkus.

When did he tell you?”

He trusts me with more than you are aware of ‘Old Bal’. I’ve seen the failure of the first Guyver and what he did to the Uranus eons ago through the link we share. Their Federation tried to destroy this world! It was Alkanphel that stopped them from doing so but the destruction of the massive planetoid they sent to crash into the Earth did more than cause the last ice age. Alkanphel paid for rebelling against them and for using his awesome power in shattering it,” said Lord Imakarum.

Alkanphel saving the world is the reason why he has to sleep for long periods of time?”

Yes it is the reason or at least one of the reasons and furthermore you are one of only two Zoalords to know the reason why,” said Imakarum, moving his arm in motion between the two Zoalords to signal only Valkus and he were the ones that knew.

You have been our greatest success Imakarum.”

Thank you Hamical. You did not tell the others about the current status of the Tempus Group?”

No, I did not think it appropriate to inform them as the situation is yet to be resolved,” said Lord Valkus.

When he is discovered, do not hold back our resources against him,” said Lord Imakarum.

I will send one of our healed comrades against him?”

Yes, that is a good idea Old Bal,” said Lord Imakarum.

Manhattan Island – Battle of New York City

Taylor Smith stood almost emotionless as the Gigantic Guyver and Guyver US burst through the large doors of his office. Gigantic Guyver looked surprised at the two large Zerebubuths looking zoanoids. What Aptom had told him was correct! Chronos was reproducing Zoanoids and, from what he could see, improving on them.

You have no idea what you have done?” roared Taylor Smith at the two Guyvers. Guyver US looked up at Gigantic Guyver and back at the man behind the huge Zoanoids and shrugged his shoulders in confusion.

I think we do Mr Chronos leader, we’re destroying Chronos!” said Guyver US, still not sure this was the response the man wanted.

You’re an idiot Sean Barker! Sho and you deserve everything that Chronos has planned!”

Fuck you and your Chronos horse you road in on!”

Before Taylor Smith could reply Guyver US head beam fired. The blast should have hit Taylor Smith square in the forehead, killing the man. But a shield appeared in front of him blocking the laser. If not for the armour covering his face the look of surprise and shock of what just happened would have been obvious on Sean’s face.

He’s a zoalord!?,” said Guyver US. Gigantic Guyver simply nodded. The two Powered Zerebubuths raised their left arms and fired at Guyver US in retaliation. Gigantic Guyver’s shield extended over the close by Guyver US and blocked the blasts and responded with head beam fire, but both were surprised to see the Powered Zerebubuth’s shield the laser blasts as it dissipated around them. Guyver US ran towards the closest one, extending his vibrational sword, as he dodged its arm laser as he got in close only to find his sword stopped by the creatures aura.

I will succeed where others have failed! I will kill both of you Guyvers!” shouted Taylor Smith as his body began to transform to his Apprentice Zoalord form. The room was filled with a blinding light coming from his forehead’s Zoacrystal. His sized increased rivalling that of the Powered Zerebubuths and the Gigantic Guyver. Elements of his design looked familiar to Gigantic Guyver. The parts of his skin that had grown more armoured were similar in look and shape to that of an Enzyme 3 but his head was clearly that of a Zoalord…

Elsewhere in the Chronos controlled building Jason and his team had fought their way towards the top floor. Unlike the battle outside this was close quarter fighting and they were relying much more on the non-armoured troops within the limited internal space of the building. While even in the larger, areas with all the sensors they had in their armour, Zoanoids could and did repeatedly get in close. Loses were heavy but this building had to be cleansed of zoanoids, the option of bombing it to the ground was not there given the possibly intelligence that could be gained from capturing the building, along with any Chronos human personnel that may remain alive…

Before Gigantic Guyver could warn Guyver US about what this Zoalord could be Taylor Smith fired two plasma balls. One at Gigantic Guyver the second aimed at Guyver US. This time Guyver US was outside the shield of the Gigantic Guyver. Guyver US fired his head beam at the green energy ball coming towards him but as it impacted the energy ball exploded sending a spray of small green liquid balls towards him and the Powered Zerebubuth close by, which as they impacted on the Guyver US the reaction was immediate as the liquid dissolved his armour at the points of impact all over his side. To the Powered Zerebubuth it was like being hit by water and the creature suffered no damage at all!

The Powered Zerebubuth closed in on Guyver US but as it did Gigantic Guyver leapt with amazing speed towards the creature and power punched its head, obliterating it. The now headless body was knocked backwards against the wall of the office. Gigantic Guyver then moved between the Guyver US and their opponents ready to shield him from their next attack.

What the hell was that,” said Guyver US, as he began to realize just how badly he was effected by the green liquid as his right leg armour was dissolving and his body registered the pain caused by it.

They would not let me use the Enzyme 3’s! So I had my scientists combine the best attributes of the Enzyme 3 with that of my Zoalord form. In short I am now the perfect Guyver killer!” said Taylor Smith, grinning knowing his plan had worked.

Are you mad?” asked Gigantic Guyver.

What would make you say that?” asked Taylor Smith.

The Enzyme 3 has a heightened metabolism but at the cost of a shortened lifespan! Why would you do that to yourself?!”asked a clearly shocked Gigantic Guyver.

Yes, that would be the case for an Enzyme 3. But I am an Apprentice Zoalord of Chronos! My Zoa-crystal negates the effects of the reduced life span and keeps control over the animalistic nature of the Enzyme 3 form.”

<“Be careful Sean, he’s extremely dangerous.”> said Gigantic Guyver telepathically.

<“You don’t need to tell me twice,”> replied Guyver US, looking at his wounded body.

I don’t care who you are or what deluded belief in Chronos made you do that to yourself but I will kill you!” said Gigantic Guyver.

It is no ‘deluded belief’ that made me join Chronos! You’re an idiot Gigantic Guyver, you don’t see that the world has changed. Chronos has rid the world of war, famine, boarders and politics that crippled it and the human race for millenniums. You fight for a cause that is already failed,” said Taylor Smith.

Don’t pretend to know what we fight for,” said Guyver US, as he stood back up his body healing enough so that he could just about carry his own weight.

I’m impressed you can still stand Guyver, you truly are as resilient as the data says. But I do know what you fight for and that world is gone!”

I’ll show you who’s gone!” said Guyver US, as he fired his pressure cannon towards the head of Taylor Smith. The Zoalord raised his shield which absorbed the gravity ball. Gigantic Guyver, using the distraction, charged his own pressure cannon using the three gravity orbs on his body, this, though, was much more powerful than a normal Guyver’s. The larger gravity ball traveled at speed forcing the zoalord to shield that too. But as it hit the shield, which absorbed the brunt of the attack, he was still forced back knocking him out and through the large window overlooking Manhattan. However, Taylor Smith didn’t fall the fifty stories to his death and as the momentum of Gigantic Guyver’s pressure cannon faded the Zoalord simply floated in the mid-air looking back at the two Guyvers.

Seeing his master being attacked the remaining Powered Zerebubuth raised his left arm and aimed at the Guyvers. At that very moment Jason, in his Red Armour, had bashed through the door entering the room. Seeing the Hyper Zoanoid raising his arm Jason fired his two shoulder mounted cannons targeting its left arm. Powered Zerebubuse caught by surprise didn’t move in time and the charging blaster section of his arm was hit, ripping a hole into it and lodging the large round in his arm as it hit his arm’s armour on the other side. Powered Zerebubuth roared in pain as Gigantic Guyver closed in on him.

I don’t know who you are but you should not interfere when gods fight!” said Taylor Smith, firing a laser from his Zoa-crystal towards the Red Armoured Jason.

It was like as if time slowed down. Guyver US saw what was about to happen but could do nothing about it in time. Gigantic Guyver had already moved towards the Powered Zerebubuth and was out of range to do anything other than sense the laser beam pass by him. Jason had just enough time to close his eyes and flinch. But the laser blast did not hit Jason but warped around him blasting into the wall behind him! In front of Jason it was like as if reality had ripped as a line appeared in front of him and opened up! Jason stood in shock as Alkanphel himself stepped out and stood between the Guyvers and him in his human form!

Alkanphel looked at Taylor Smith and with a simple flick of his arm used his psionic power to pull the Apprentice Zoalord and the remaining Powered Zerebubuth towards him and flung them through the portal. In all of one second Gigantic Guyver and Guyver US were left facing the single most powerful Zoalord of Chronos!

Who the hell is that?” asked Guyver US.

Alkanphel! The Leader of Chronos!” answered Gigantic Guyver. <“Sean, he’s too close to Jason and can twist our attacks to hit him.”>

Alkanphel said nothing, walking around the tear in reality to look at the Red Armoured Jason O’Conner. Jason knew as he felt the presence of whatever this man was arrive that he was the being he had met before!

Why?” asked Jason as he pressed the release to open his armour head piece so he could look at Alkanphel with his own eyes.

You will find out soon enough,” said Alkanphel as he looked curiously at the man before him. Then he turned around and left the portal closing behind him. The room now empty of Chronos stayed quite for a few seconds as the three of them tried to understand what Alkanphel had meant.

Why didn’t you attack him,” asked Jason.

You could have being killed if we did,” said Guyver US.

It would have been worth it!” shouted Jason, turning around and leaving the room.

What was that about?” asked Gigantic Guyver.

I don’t know… I’ve never in all the time I’ve known him seen him lose his cool with me like that before,” said Guyver US.

ACTF HQ – Washington DC

It was twenty one hundred hours. After their victory in New York Jason, Sho and Sean had returned to what was now the ACTF’s primary base. It had been a very long day but since the battle Jason had been unusually quiet for him. He’d usually talk with Sean after the battle and go over what happened and see if there would be any lessons to be learned for either him or the ACTF troops supporting him. But tonight was different, he was keeping to himself. Sho was in Sean’s quarters with Cori and had just explained who Alkanphel basically was to Cori having already told Sean in New York.

Have you faced Alkanphel before?” asked Sean.

Yes, once a long time ago. You could say he was responsible for the creation of the Gigantic Armour,” said Sho.

How could Alkanphel be responsible for that,” asked Cori but before Sho could answer Sean said “Sorry honey but we can come back to that in a minute.” “Sho I think Jason has met or seen Alkanphel before.”

Indeed, I was thinking the same,” said Sho.

Are guys going to beat around the bush, as they say, or invite him over so you can talk about this?” asked Cori.

We’re guy’s hon, we like to bury things and not talk about it!” said Sean. “SEAN!” shouted Cori as she then slapped his shoulder.

Either go to him and invite him over or I will!” said Cori.

Actually, that wouldn’t be a bad idea,” said Sean to the glare of Cori. She sighed and got up off their bed that she’d be sitting on and left them.

Jason’s room was next to theirs. Jason lay there on the bed staring at the ceiling, his army style boots thrown uncharacteristically to the side of the room. “How could it be him?” said Jason to himself thinking of the elf eared man that had haunted his memories who he now knew to be Alkanphel. But before he could dwell on it any more there was a knock on his door. He wasn’t expecting anyone and he hoped Sean and Sho would leave him alone until the morning. He would be better able to cope with seeing Alkanphel and keep his feelings to himself. He waited a moment, hoping whoever was at the door would go away but there was another knock on the door. Jason got up and opened the door expecting it to be Sean and thought through ideas of what to tell him that would make him go away without insulting him. However, he opened the door to see Cori’s face staring back at him and all his excuses disappeared.

Can I come in Jason?”

Sure Cori,” said Jason only noticing then as she walked in that compared to normal his room was not the orderly sight it should have been.

How are you?” asked Cori as she sat down on an office style chair by his desk.

Sean’s being sneaky by sending you here to check up on me isn’t he?” asked Jason in response, knowing it was best to cut to the chase if Cori was here to find out what was wrong with him.

That’s not the answer I was expecting Jason, but yes he is. Common Jason, this isn’t like you. You’re normally so focused on “the mission” and are so straight and narrow about it I’m surprised I like you,” said Cori.

Thanks Cori, but I’m… Okay, I guess it’s best I tell them about it, isn’t it?”

Yes, whatever it is that has you not being yourself you need to tell them about it!” said Cori and in response Jason nodded and went to go over to his boots. “We’re only next door Jason. You won’t need your boots.” Jason said nothing and simply followed Cori out of his room.

Hello guys,” said Jason as he entered the room and leaned against the desk which like his own was at the front of the room so he was in eye contact with both Sean and Sho.

Hi Jason, let’s be direct about this, you’re not acting like your normal self,” said Sean. There was a moment silence between them all as Jason looked a little flustered about the situation. Everyone in the room knew he really didn’t want to talk about what happened. But even Jason realized he was going to have to tell them.

I’m sorry, you two are the closest I’ve got to having new friends since X-Day, but I shouldn’t be unloading my problems onto you two especially,” said Jason pointing his finger at Sean and Sho.

What does he mean Sean?” asked Sho.

Jason doesn’t want to trouble us with his problems because he views us to be too important,” said Sean. Jason nodded in agreement.

Jason, I do not know you as well as Sean. But in the end we’re all human. I don’t view myself to be above others that I can’t hear what’s bothering you,” said Sho.

Yeah Sho, and to add to that I know your mission in life is to hurt Chronos Jason. That I am basically your best hope in that and that you do your best to make sure nothing distracts me from that purpose in life. But common man, you’re a friend now. Out with it and let us know why you’d be willing to throw away your life to kill the Zoalord Alkanphel,” said Sean.

So that is what the elf ears bastard is called?” asked Jason.

Yes, he is Alkanphel the leader of Chronos,” answered Sho.

Can you please tell me more about him Sho?”

Alkanphel is the leader of Chronos, possibly the most powerful man on the planet and possesses amazingly great abilities. Guyver 3 and I faced him once as we tried to take a Relic Ship from Chronos. We both used our mega-smashers on him at the same time. Alkanphel somehow is powerful enough to twist the combined mega-smasher beams sending it all back against us and destroying most of the Relic we stood on,” answered Sho, to the shocked look on the face of everyone who heard what he said.

How did you survive that?” asked Jason, the look of anger disappearing as he refocused on the hope that this Japanese man that was a very powerful Guyver held some hope of revenge against the man he wanted revenge against and a being Sho referred to as the most powerful being on Earth.

I barely did Jason. Chronos had built a huge base around it called Relics Point. My friends and Guyver 3 had found allies there. They were inside the ship as we fought the Zoalords. The combined mega-smasher beam Alkanphel sent back at us smashed into the Relic. It also reduced my body to just my head. Somehow the Relic Ship under my semi-conscious direction teleported my friends and our allies to a safe place. Guyver 3 and I were not so lucky, my damaged body and the Control Spheres of the Relic were placed in a Cocoon. Guyver 3 was also placed in Cocoon of his own and we crashed to Earth many thousands of miles away. According to the Guyver 3, who awoke months later, it was the Rocky Mountains where we landed. As for me, I awoke some time later during a battle as the Gigantic Guyver. The Relic’s Control Sphere had merged with my Control Medal to give me the power to face Alkanphel.”

How can he be that powerful?” asked Jason, realizing that Guyver US, who he’d witnessed dismantling countless zoanoids, wouldn’t be capable of killing such a foe alone.

I don’t know how. But I can only tell of what I’ve witnessed. Now that I’ve told you my history, can you let me know how you already recognized him?” asked Sho.

How did you know?” asked Jason.

I’ve never seen you that angry before Jason. You wouldn’t sacrifice yourself to kill someone you didn’t know,” answered Sean.

Okay… I’ve never told anyone about this apart from my counsellor and General Carter. I have seen Alkanphel before. Years ago, he is the one responsible for the death of my family,” said Jason to the shock of everyone there.

You were attacked by Alkanphel and survived?” asked a very surprised Sho.

Yes, I believe that is the case! During my wedding day a glowing yellow man burst through the ceiling collapsing the church. He killed everyone including my soon to be wife… I can still remember his elf like ears as he floated down towards me as I blacked out,” said Jason. The anger in his tone as he said the words was clear to all that heard them.

When did that happen?”

It happened on X-Day Sho, the same day Chronos took over the world.”

I’m not asking this to be insulting Jason, but why would the Leader of Chronos bother attacking a church?” asked Cori.

I do not know, all I know is his face has haunted me ever since! It was him!”

In New York Jason, what did Alkanphel say to you?” asked Sean.

I asked him, “why” and the elf bastard told me “you will find out soon enough.” What he means by that I’ve no idea, he’s only made me angrier and annoyed!” answered Jason. The anger in his voice relaxed as he admitted it and then sighed.

Why didn’t you tell us about this before?” asked Sean.

My councillor and I thought it was all in my head. Something I either imagined as I blacked out or lay in a coma from my injuries,” said Jason.

I’m surprised you acted so calm and quite. I’d not have handled my emotions as well as you Jason!” said Cori.

03:48 AM – ACTF HQ – Command and Control Room

It was night-time in Washington DC. The City itself was quite. The curfew put in place by ACTF, since they had taken over, was in full effect and the only people wondering the city were the patrols of ACTF troops. Each patrol was made up on a group of five men with anti-zoanoid rifles and one in the Red Armour who not only provided them fire power but communications with HQ.

It was the graveyard shift and a marine named Stephen Cain looked on attentively at the screens around him that were being fed by the cameras around the ACTF HQ. To his sides five others viewed their quadrants. Most of the guys in his unit hated this. But after years of being cooped up in the old underground ACTF base and all the fighting the last few weeks this was relaxing. His Unit did not fight in the battle of New York instead it was given the mission of base defence. He viewed himself as one of the lucky ones, his family lived nearby only a half hours drive from the city and compared to others in his direct family hadn’t suffered any loses to Chronos. Though, his older sister Caroline couldn’t forgive him for deceiving the family and letting them think he was dead his mother and father understood why. Caroline, his only other sibling would forgive him someday, he hoped.

Along with camera feeds from various points inside and around the base Stephen could also see the live feeds coming from the different Red Armours patrolling around the base. Stephen then saw something odd, one of the cameras at the perimeter of sector 4 stopped working. Using his control panel he immediately reversed the feed to see if it was just a malfunction or something to be more worried about. Slowing the video down and repeating the image he still couldn’t tell what hit the camera. Then another feed went dead.

Patrols to sector 4, something is happening to the cameras there guys, be alert!” said Stephen through his head set.

Stephen, should we alert the General?” asked Cameron the private who sat beside Stephen.

No, not yet but I’ll alert Captain Rosa of this now!” said Stephen.

Outside the main building two patrols that were closest to the failed cameras walked towards them. No one could see anything around the cameras being out of place. But as they got closer it became obvious as the Red Armoured men in their team focused on where the cameras used to be. They’d been completely destroyed leaving only a soldered wreck at the top of the poles they were positioned on! Immediately at seeing this Captain Rosa trigger full alert! Every light came on around the base. From the bunkers situated around the grounds of the base flares shot up into the sky. But the patrols couldn’t see anything, and on the radar station setup near the base the screen was also clear. Whatever it was that attacked the two cameras remained unknown.

General Carter arrived in the Command and Control room, he was dressed in his uniform but it was not buttoned together as it normally would. Simply put he’d not had the time to go through his morning ritual of tidiness as he was awakened by the base alarm.

What’s the situation?” asked the General, as he walked up to Captain Rosa.

Sir, we’ve two cameras down. Images from the patrols show this was done by something capable of leaving nothing behind but the melted top of the pole,” answered Captain Rosa.

Any sign of whom or what did this?” asked the General.

No sir, whatever it is it is very capable of hiding from radar and sight,” answered Captain Rosa. As she was answering that question, Sean, Sho and Jason arrived into the room. Jason was holding an anti-zoanoid rifle ready to fight whatever was coming.

I heard what she said to you General. Chronos has some pretty powerful zoanoids capable of cloaking. Sean and I should get out there. We’d probably be the only ones capable of sensing what it is that’s out there!”

Sean and Sho, go find out what you can. Jason you need to get your team ready and offer whatever support they can to the Guyvers!”

Guyver US and Guyver 1 both arrived outside less than a minute later. But like the Red Armoured troops they could not see anything out of the ordinary.

Then three beings fell out of the sky to the ground below. Guyver 1 and Guyver US could see the two patrols close by them suddenly come under fire from them. Laser blasts from them made short work of the two Red Armours in both patrols. The rest of the men and women from the patrols ran for their lives, but to no avail as their screams were quickly cut short as the three beings cut them down!

Damn, I’ll take on these guys, you stay here and protect the base!” shouted Guyver 1 as he flew up into the air and towards the three beings. At the same time he summoned the Gigantic Cocoon becoming the Gigantic Guyver and in moments his enhanced eyes and head sensor orbs focused on the three foes he was about to face. He was somewhere between surprised and shocked to find that they were Guyver based beings all right but not human. They were humanoid but of some kind with four arms, on the top pair of arms were two clearly visible vibration swords, on the bottom pair of arms he had what looked to be the same spherical laser emitters as the head lasers, and it was at least fifteen foot tall, even when hunched over.

<“I’ve never seen anything like that before,”> said Gigantic Guyver, sending a mental image of what he saw to Guyver US.

There was no immediate response from Guyver US as above Gigantic Guyver, as he flew towards the three beings, he could sense a large void moving towards him above the ACTF HQ building. A second later another one of these large Guyver beings dropped out of the ship and crashed into the building behind him!

<“One of them is inside the base Sho, kill those other three fast!”> said Guyver US, as he turned around and chased the unknown Guyver like being into the ACTF HQ. There was no debate about these new foes, they were the enemy…

Guyver US ran after his foe, his head sensors giving an image of what it was he was going to face even though there was floors of concrete between him and it. Whatever this thing was, it was Guyver like but sensed different to a human Guyver and it was looking for something. This creature, like him, had head sensors that it was using to scan for some unknown objective but this meant the creature could also sense him closing in on it. Even so it did not change its pace or direction. But then, as Sean thought of what may lay in its projected path, he realized where it was heading! He had to close the distance fast and climbing up stairs or taking a lift was not an option!

Quickly sensing above him to confirm no one was directly above him, Guyver US then created but held a pressure cannon as he jumped/dived through the concrete ceiling above him and consecutively all of the remaining floors that separated him from his target, using the pressure cannon to effortlessly penetrate and burst through to the floor after floor above before bursting through the last and then releasing the pressure cannon after the Guyver like being. But the creature merely countered with a single handed pressure cannon without breaking its stride and continued on its way, forcing Guyver US to continue his chase, desperately hoping he could stop it before it could reach its objective!

Guyver US could see the creature now in front of him. But before he had ran two steps the red Guyver like creature finally paused and put both pairs of its arms down towards the gravity control orb and charge a presser cannon with each and then fired the two gravity balls at the charging Guyver. Guyver US jumped over the first one aimed at him and then sent a gravity ball of his own to counter the second as he landed a few feet away. Guyver US then extended his vibration swords and jumped once more towards the creature. It countered Guyver US’s attack with one of its upper arm blades and grabbed him with two others. In an instant the creature was crushing the life out of the surprised Guyver US when he countered with multiple head lasers shots. Most simply lightly burned the creature’s bio-armor but Guyver US managed to hit one of its eyes and this gave Guyver US the second he needed to break out of its grip.

Outside, Gigantic Guyver had engaged his three foes. Like him, they were fast, clearly Guyver based and their control medals were larger than normal and pretty much like his. But these red Guyver creatures all had what looked to be technology enhancements to their bio armour and had some sort of small gun attached to their shoulders. He thought quickly. But any sense in wonder quickly disappeared as two of his foes, who had stood back, fired four gravity balls at him as he chased another member of their team. Gigantic Guyver knew he had to disable one of them fast and simply activated his full shields, absorbing the impact of the other two creatures’ attacks, and then fired an enhanced gravity ball of his own after the one in front of him.

The creature shielded it, but with great cost to the technical parts of its armour which overloaded and appeared to have burnt out. However, the creature did not have a second to contemplate what this meant against the Gigantic Guyver as Sho sensed he had an opening. The Gigantic’s chest spike extended into a spear and the Gigantic’s back thrusters fired, rocketing the Gigantic towards the alien Guyver…

All three alien Guyvers attempted to hit the charging Gigantic with their combined laser fire but the Gigantic’s barrier field easily shielded these and in an instant it was too late for them to try anything else as the Gigantic smashed into the damaged alien Guyver, spearing through the creature’s Gravity Control Orb, destroying it, and unleashing the destructive power of the Gravity Ram… The alien Guyver torso was nearly caved in as it was blasted back by the powerful attack and shot backwards hundreds of feet before crashing into the ground below.

The now nearly mangled creature was effectively left with only it’s beam orbs and swords to defend itself with. While the Gigantic flew towards the fallen alien Guyver the other two still attacked the Gigantic with pressure cannon and plasma blasts as they chased after him, forcing him to keep his barrier shield up but proved insufficient to keep the Gigantic away from their fallen comrade and unleashing a final pressure cannon blast at the creature’s Control Medal and obliterating it with an effectively unwelcomed lobotomy, leaving a hole through the creature’s head where the Control Medal had been…  

The other two red alien Guyvers stopped there attack and roared in rage. Gigantic Guyver turned to face them thinking it would take a while for the creature, whose control medal was destroyed, to turn into a bio-creature of some sorts now that its control medal was destroyed, but it happened much more quickly than expected. Without the control medal the creature was literally eaten alive as the Unit consumed the host completely, leaving nothing behind, like as if it were a Zoanoid…

Guyver Gigantic didn’t have time to wonder as the remaining red Guyvers then renewed their attack. One rapidly firing all three of its laser orbs, which like the Gigantic’s were more powerful than a typical Guyver’s and could have caused some level of damage to even the Gigantic’s armor and thus forced him to remain shielded. While the other reached with all four of its arms and opened the four different chest compartments holding this creature’s version of a quadruple mega-smasher celled blaster. Gigantic Guyver didn’t wait to test if his shield would hold out against such an attack and quickly fired the two adjacent beams to the side of his primary head laser twice, hitting and rupturing the four cells before they could fire. The creature was now badly wounded with internal injuries and slumped to the ground. Gigantic Guyver, though, was all too aware of how temporary that would be given the fact he was a Guyver with amazing regenerative abilities…

Inside the ACTF HQ base Guyver US was hurtling backwards through the air, the recipient of a double right arm punch from the red alien Guyver creature that he was chasing. He had managed to wound the creature with a lucky hit with his vibrational sword across the head, nicking the outer layer of its control medal, but it was far stronger than him and deceptively fast for such a large creature. In short he knew he was outclassed but he had no choice but to fight on!

Focusing past the pain, Guyver US activated his gravity controller and landed back on his feet and fired his head beam, quickly followed by a gravity ball, at the creature but the head beam was ineffective and it easily shielded against the gravity ball.

Changing tactics, Guyver US quickly scanned the environment and sensed what was above and below them before unleashing two rapid fire gravity balls. The first blasting the ground below the creature and causing the floor to give away, though the creature immediately activated its gravity control orb and started to float to prevent itself from falling. Just as the second gravity ball ruptured the ceiling and caused a one ton industrial building air conditioning unit to fall down on top of the red Guyver, who simply caught it and tossed it aside but that was the distraction Guyver US was hoping for and had fired yet another gravity ball that smashed into the creature’s chest and knocked it back and down the hole in the floor he had created.

However, the creature soon smashed back up through the floor. The creature’s eyes flared and its face vents spewed out, giving Guyver US the impression he was starting to annoy it but this thought barely crossed his mind before the creature’s shoulder weapon turned back around towards him and fired three times in return. Guyver US managed to dodge two of them. But the third hit him in the chest, blasting him backwards, down the hall, and away from his foe. Guyver US tried to get up again but to his shock he could not. It was only then he looked down to see the damage the blast had caused to his chest and upper abdomen… As he started to black out, he realized then that his heart had been destroyed.

The Red Alien Guyver did not close in on him to finish the job, instead doing what Guyver US feared the most as he smashed the door in to his chamber. Guyver US could faintly hear Cori’s scream as the creature took her away before the darkness took him…

The End of Part 1