Data files from the Anti Chronos Task Force group of countries. After years of of rule Chronos with the help of the Guyvers most of the USA, Canada and Europe have being freed. Now these countries use their armies, technology and Guyver resources to battle Chronos for freedom.
Data Files from the Chronos organisation. Founded by Alkanphel and Hamical Valkus over 400 years ago Chronos has since grown and now dominates most the known world with it’s living bio-weapons the Zoanoids and their leaders the Zoalords.
The Gen were once part of the same Federation of ancient space faring races that included the Uranus. They have developed the Guyver effect into more advanced Unit designs. Forced from Earth by the Guyver Zoalord event twelve thousand years ago. Their current army the Kavzar inhabit thousands of worlds in their defence.
An alien race of life forms with a hive like leadership structure that were an early space faring race when the Gen arrived to their world. Without humanity to further their research the Grakken were experimented on. Generations later one of the test Grakken Guyvers stuck back creating the Grakken army. Combined with their technology they made formidable foes fighting the Gen into a stalemate.