Subject : Zoalord

Previous Class : Supreme Zoalord

Present Class : Elite Zoalord

Code Name : PURG’STALL

Real Name : Fredrick Von Purg’stall

Battle Form : Developed by Lord Valkus

Height : 260 cm (~8.5 Feet)

Weight : 300 kg (~662 Pounds)

Status : Official member of the 12 Elite Zoalords, formerly known as the 12 Supreme Zoalords.  

Description : Discovered by Valkus 215 years ago in Vienna he went on to become one of the original twelve Supreme Zoalords. Purg’stall was given command of Chronos Japan after X-Day when Chronos took over the world. With the emergence of the returned Guyver 1 as the Gigantic Guyver he was the first to witness the power of what this Guyver had become. 

Purg’stall was the second Zoalord to face the Gigantic Guyver in a battle setup by the at that time Rogue Zoalords. Purg’stall fought valiantly and managed to disable the Gigantic Guyver’s shields. But was ultimately wounded by the Gigantic Guyver’s power punch proving his weakness was close range combat.  Purg’stall was then smilingly saved by he Three rogue Zoalords and somehow the Gigantic Guyver’s armour was taken from him leaving Guyver 1 to face all four of them. Guyver 1 escaped thanks to Aptom. But before Zoalord Shin arrived to the scene he discovered Purg’stall with a massive hole in his chest. 

To the surprise of all four Zoalords though Purg’stall’s body disappeared before them. How it was possibly is a closely guarded secret but Purg’stall fully recovered from his fatal wound. He has since being reprocessed like all of the Elite Zoalords. Lord Purg’stall’s power to control lightning, and similar E.M. based powers, have been more than doubled and he can now control all types of weather for up to a five miles radius.

Present estimates of Zoalord abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Strength: As a Supreme Zoalord, Lord Purg’stall had the strength of nearly 200 men, now as an Elite he has the strength of nearly 400 men.

-Durability: As a Supreme Zoalord, lord Purg’stall could generate an E.M. based shield powerful enough to deflect most attacks but was less resilient to physical attacks and Gigantic Guyver 1 was able to penetrate it after a few full strength punches. Now as an Elite, Lord Purg’stall can withstand anything up to a half powered single mega smash from a standard Guyver unshielded and anything up to a single Hyper Smash from a Gigantic Guyver while shielded.

-Speed: As a Supreme Zoalord, lord Purg’stall could reach speeds near the speed of sound. Now as an Elite, Lord Purg’stall has a reflex speed of up to 100 times normal and a top flight speed of 3000 MPH.

-Elemental powers include the ability to manipulate air molecules, manifest as storm clouds, to produce and control the power of a lightning storm and can then discharge all that power to a single target. As a Supreme Zoalord, Lord Purg’stall used this attack on Gigantic Guyver 1. Though the attack failed to destroy the Guyver, it did manage to destroy all the Gigantic Guyver crystals and disabled the Units shields. Now as an Elite, Lord Purg’stall can now also create hurricane winds, that he can focus into destructive tornados, as well as torrential rain and combined with lightning for truly powerful attacks. 

-Lord Purg’stall has several zoa-crystals that he can fire destructive plasma energy bolts from, as a Supreme Zoalord, this zoa-crystals could fire a blast twice as powerful as a Guyvers head beam. Now as a Elite Zoalord, Lord Purg’stall can fire blasts as powerful as a Guyver pressure cannon and can combine his power, along with his lightning storm attack, through his chest crystal for a single powerful particle beam plasma blast equal to a Gigantic Guyvers full double hyper smash attack and is considered his ultimate attack.

-Lord Purg’stall can also extend his shield in a focused wave like attack that he can use to repel powerful attacks and opponents, as well as electrocute them at the same time with the equivalent power of a bolt of lightning.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.