Subject : Hyper Zoanoid
Class: Enhanced Muscle Type

Code Name : Derzerb

Development Code: MSFT 0087

Serial Number: HZN 008-HS

Height : 240 cm (~7.9 Feet)

 Weight : 354 kg (~781 Pounds)

Status : Official Hyper Zoanoid Type.

Description: This type was designed by Dr. Valkus. Derzerb is the epitome of strength, Derzerb is muscle and is one of the strongest members of Hyper Zoanoid Team Five. Though difficult to produce, the continuing threat of the Guyvers and their allies has required its continued use, along with the other members of the Hyper Zoanoid Team Five.

Present estimates of this Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Strength: Derzerb is pure muscle and originally had the strength of 60 men, improvements in zoanification has since significantly increased this to 90 men. Making this type 6 times stronger than a Gregole type.

-Durability: Derzerb was made to have an extremely tough hide to match its strength. Often compared to concrete, this type has impact absorbing agent, similar to the Zerebubuse type, that renders it impervious to all but the most advance anti-zoanoid firearms and is even invulnerable to all but the most powerful attacks from a standard Guyver. This type’s armour is so tough that it is surpassed only by the Zektole type. Additionally the armour skin acts as a heat radiating organ, allowing this type to radiate its internal generated heat at a white hot intensity. Combined with the head horn, allows this type to scorch whatever it rams for additional damage.

-Speed: This type was originally capable of running up to 100 MPH but improvements in its design now allow it to reach speeds up to 160 MPH..

-Napalm: Derzerb is also equipped with liquid napalm shoulder discharger organs that allow this type to literally vomit fire, like a flame thrower, intense heat through its mouth. Temperature of this attack could originally reach up to 3900 degrees, but improvements in this type’s design has increased this to nearly 5000 degrees. 

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.