Subject : Humanoid Guyver Unit

Code Name : Cyber Guyver Green

Host Name : Claimed to be Osward Risker

Sex : Male

Age : Unknown

Height : 210cm (~7 Feet)

Weight : 341 kg (~752 Pounds)

Status : Deceased.

Description: Subject is an artificial life form from an alternative future time line and possesses a Guyver like form with similar but augmented abilities.  This is the second body of the Cyber Guyver, his original body was lost in a failed attempt to absorb a prototype Green US Hyper Armour and resulted in a mind transfer between himself and a Scot Matthew, who’s mind was within the prototype Green armour.  Showing off its amazing regenerative abilities the Cyber Guyver Green rebuilt its body from the Prototype Green  armour and regained its lost powers the only difference is its Green colour.  While its status remains uncertain it can be noted that the consciousness within this new unit has claimed to be a possible future version of Chronos agent presently known as the just resurrected Guyver Two.

Present estimates of New Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength has varied according to units power levels but has been noted to average that of a normal Guyver with peak recorded high equal over twice that of a normal Guyver.

-Units physical composition appears to be a mass of nano-machines that allow subject the same range of regenerative ability as a normal Guyver with the augmented ability to absorb surrounding inorganic mass to speed regeneration and is limited only by units power reserves but durability in general is roughly equal to that of a normal Guyver unit.

-Speed of unit is like most of units abilities, is determined by units power levels at any point in time, but averages that of a normal Guyver with a peak almost rivalling that of the Warrior Guyver unit. Reflex speed on the other hand is vastly superior to any Guyver type due to the computer like Brain subject possesses allowing unit to think and react far faster than even a Guyver enhanced organic unit.

-Head infrared laser orb and sonic emitters are approximately the same in function and ability as those possessed by standard Guyver units but can be boosted in power level when subject has access to an external energy source.

-Vibrational Swords are the same as standard Guyver type.

-Units Mega-Smashers are identical to those possessed by regular Guyver units but due to artificial nature of subjects body that use of the Mega-Smashers results in a severe drain on units energy reserves. This limits units use of the Mega-Smashers, the most powerful of the Guyvers weapons, to a last resort weapon unless subject has access to a substantial external energy source or has time to regenerate its reserves on its own.

-Guyvers ability to control gravitational force has been replaced with the ability to generate, control complex electro-magnetic fields, and electrical energy to fly, generate force fields, and fire energy weapon attacks.  Unit can also generate directional shockwaves of E.M. energy, with a one to six foot radius, though damage index varies with units power levels, it can easily rival the pressure cannon in force but over a much wider area and can be fired continuously.

-New energy weapons are as follows: Unit can charge and fire plasma energy balled lightning with comparable damage index to the Guyvers Pressure Cannon with secondary damage to targets vulnerable to the intense heat and electrical discharge of this attack, unit can also fire lightning like bolts from hands with similar to higher damage index as the electrical discharge from Hyper Zoanoid Elegan, depending on units power levels, but does not require physical contact and can reach targets as far as 100 meters away, and just below the units vibrational sword is a plasma pulse blast emitters that can rapidly fire a short intense plasma energy pulse and has a damage index equivalent to a Guyvers single handed mini-pressure cannon blast but induces the damage from intense heat rather than force.

-Unconfirmed reports also indicates that unit can use nano-tech nature of its body to morph either of its forearms into a fusion cannon. Though a short range weapon the fusion cannon has a damage index of roughly half of units Mega-Smashers but can be used repeatedly due to lesser strain on units energy reserves.

-Other unconfirmed reports indicate unit can use its computer like brain and energy manipulation ability, along with retractable cables from its forearms, to interface and control any form of computer or machinery within its vicinity and possess sensory enhancements that allow unit to perceive the entire electro-magnetic spectrum. The later ability allows unit to see through most objects, allowing unit to tell friend from foe and see any concealed trap, and can analyze the nature of almost any material or object within seconds

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.