Subject : Neo Hyper Zoanoid
Class : Enhanced Bio Weapon type

Code Name : Bio-Titan

Development Code: Classified

Serial Number : Classified

Height : 305cm (~10 Feet)

Weight : 400kg (~882 LBS)

Status : Elite Neo Hyper Zoanoid

Description: Bio-Titan is the latest in Neo Hyper Zoanoid development and was designed by Lord Alkanphel himself.  An extension of the Zektol class bio-weapon, the Bio-Titan possesses enormous energy powers rivalling even a Zoalords.  Consequently this Neo Hyper Zoanoid type has had special modification made to ensure it will respond only to the telepathic commands of the Twelve Supreme Zoalords, with a none override-able loyalty to our Lord Alkanphel.

Present estimates of New Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subject type has a bio-energy enhanced muscular system that allows it to directly channel bio-energy to boost its strength which grants it the equivalent strength of up to 200 men.

-Durability: Subject type is specifically designed for Bio-Energy generation so it physical durability is only about half of the standard of the Neo Zektol class but the cells of its body naturally use the generated bio-energy to create a powerful bio-energy shield that allows this type to withstand a direct hit from even a Guyver’s Smasher.  The amount of bio-energy generated by this type also allows it to possess a hyper healing factor that allows it to regenerate from up to 70% damage in a matter of minutes. Incidentally, this later ability also allows the Bio-Titan to self replicate itself in battle if more than one part of it retains the approximate 30% body mass needed for complete regeneration. 

-Speed: Despite this type’s massive size, it can still run up to 300 MPH and fly, via a powerful bio-energy aura, at speeds up to Mach 2.

-Weapons: This type possesses a pair of forward facing vibrational swords, though derived from the Thancrus hyper Zoanoid, these swords function much in the same way as a standard Guyvers and can be combined with subjects bio-energy powers for a truly destructive attack.  Only the Warrior Guyvers Vibrational swords have shown the ability to withstand the destructive power of this combined attack. Additionally, as a Bio-Weapon class Zoanoid, Bio-Titan can fire a wide variety of energy attacks ranging from simple hand fired plasma ball attacks with twice the power of a Guyvers Pressure Cannon, to a powerful directed bio-energy discharge with the equivalent destructive power of a Guyvers full double mega smash.  Normally a full powered discharge of energy would result in a severe drain on the subjects energy reserves but incorporation of Elegan type hyper Zoanoid cells allows subject to fully restore power levels in as little as 60 seconds, though Zektol type energy absorbing ability allows this Zoanoid type to augment abilities when joined by other Bio-Titans.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.