Subject: Zoalord
Previous Class : Apprentice Zoalord

Present Class : Disciple Zoalord 


Age: 40 (Appears to be 25)

Hair : Brown   /   Eyes : Yellow

Height: Ranges from 188 cm (~6.2 Feet) in human form to 262 cm (~8.6 Feet) in Battle Form.

Weight: Ranges from 283 kg (~183 LBS) in human form to 680 kg (~1500 Pounds) in Battle Form.

Former Status : Proto Zoalord in Charge of Chronos controlled US state of Texas.

Present Status: Member and second in command of the Disciple Zoalords.

Lord Drano in his Humanoid Form
Description : Originally a promising candidate for becoming a hyper zoanoid, Lord Drano was instead made into an Apprentice Zoalord chosen in part part because of this success in developing and implementing Alkanphel’s wishes for Chronos Island. Lord Drano’s excellent leadership skills, and successful defence of the US state of Texas from the efforts of the ACTF to retake the state, led to him being chosen to be raised in rank to the second in command of the Disciple Zoalords. Consequently, as well as being a personal favourite of Lord Alkanphel, Lord Drano battle form was reprocessed into a Bio Lord (Zoalord equivalent of a Bio Titan) design, granting him immense powers for a being of his position and making him potentially one of the most powerful beings on the planet. 
Present estimates of subjects abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength ranges from that of 100 men in his human form to 200 men in his full Battle form, though subject can also channel the power of any nearby Bio-Titans to boost his strength. This results in a temporary increase of strength that ranges from 2 to 5 times his normal level, potentially allowing him to have the strength of up to 1000 men. This also grants the subject near limitless stamina, though even without the support of nearby Bio-Titans, Lord Drano can still out last most opponents with his vast energy reserves.

-Speed : Subject can reach a top ground speed of up to 400 MPH and a top flight speed of up to 1000 MPH. Temporarily boosted with the energies of nearby Bio-Titans allows subject to more than triple his normal speed. Though subject rarely has to resort to this as he can easily teleport anywhere he needs to go. Reflex speed ranges from 5 to 200 times normal.

-Durability: Subject can shield himself from most attacks, up to hyper zoanoid levels, in his human form and even regenerate from any none fatale injuries. In his Full battle form, he can create shields powerful enough to allow him to withstand anything up to a single Hyper Smash from a Gigantic Guyver or a full mega-smasher attack from a Warrior Guyver. He can regenerate as easily as a Bio-Titan. The subject can also channel the power of nearby Bio-Titans to withstand up to a 50 kiloton explosion of TNT. 

-The Zoacrystal produces a highly efficient bio-energy/laser beam blast that has exhibited an energy output nearly four times greater than that of a normal Guyver.

-Bio Swords: Similar to those utilized by the Bio-Titans, but face outward from the elbows, these vibrational weapons channel bio-energy for increased destructive potential and penetrating power. Allowing subject to cut through normal vibrational weapons and counter even the swords of a Warrior Guyver.

-Subject powers are primarily bio-energy based, so attacks usually produced with gravitational energies by other zoalords, gravity bullets to black holes, are instead created with bio-energy by subject. Resulting in a similar degree of destructive force and secondary damage by the energy discharge of these attacks. The power of these attacks vary but easily fall within the level of a Zoalord with his level of power, unless augmented with the power of nearby Bio-Titans. The subjects hand beam blast is easily up to five times more powerful than a Guyver pressure cannon.

-Ultimate Attack :The Bio Energy Cannon is the subject’s most powerful attack that channels his total power, in a manner similar to how other Zoalords would create a Black Hole attack, into single directed blast equal to a Gigantic Guyvers full double Hyper Smash. The power of this attack can be further enhanced with the power of nearby Bio-Titans to create a directed energy blast with the potential destructive power of up to a 1 Megaton explosion of TNT.


Lord Drano in his Bio Lord Battle Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.