Subject : Clones of Zygote GuyverCode Name : REPLICANTS

Race : Guyver/Human hybrids

Sex : Female

Height : Variable but usually near an approximate of a 250 cm (~8.2 Feet) .

Weight : Variable but usually near an approximate of 400 kg (~882 Pounds)

Status : Uncertain but classified as a potential threat.

Description: The subject(s) are clones of Zygote Guyver. Essentially identical to the original except for the lack of a Control Medal and a single bio-crystal, which seems to have taken the place of the Control Medal. These clones are easily as powerful as a Bio-Titan and if given time may one day allow Zygote Guyver to create the army needed for her to go against the Gen and free her Unit’s race from their control.
Present estimates of these Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subjects are easily 2 times stronger than a standard Guyver and have stamina nearly equal to the original Zygote Guyver. Similarly they can also absorb living matter to suppliment or restore their energy reserves and have limited HSL capacity that lets them sustain their battle form indefinitely when not in combat. 

-Speed: Variable according to physical form these beings decides to take on but has a maximum recorded ground speed of 770 MPH and a maximum recorded flight speed of 3,000 MPH. Reflex speed has been observed to range from 10 to 300 times normal. Subjects can also channel their bio-energy to increase their maximum flight speed to 4,500 MPH for short bursts but this drains their reserves so they will usually just teleport.

-Durability: Variable according to physical form these beings decides to take on. So ranges from a human norm to that of a Gigantic Guyver. Rate of regeneration in all forms is 4 times that of a normal Guyver. Subjects can also a Gigantic like energy shield to protect themselves from anything up to a 1/2 kiloton explosion of TNT. Subjects can also focus their bio-energy into their shields, allowing them to withstand anything up to a 1 kiloton explosion but this severely drains their bio-energy reserves and can only be maintained for up to a minute before total exhaustion occurs.

-Gravity Control Orb: Appears same as a standard unit but due to subjects high power level, and combined with the Zoalord like bio-crystal, grants subjects Apprentice Zoalord level gravitational powers. Allowing subjects to fire a pressure cannons with nearly as much destructive power as that of twice that of a normal Guyver as well as the gravity bullet attack.

-Head Beam: Same as a standard Unit’s but subjects high power level allows for it to have an energy output three times that of a normal Guyver. Subjects can also channel their bio-energy through this weapon to temporarily boost its power to equal nearly half that of a Guyver single mega smasher.

-Mega Smashers: Similar to that of twice the level of a normal Guyvers Mega Smashers. Though subjects are powerful enough to use this weapon repeatedly, using them at maximum power puts a serious drain on their bio-energy reserves and can only be used two to three times before subjects exhausts themselves. Unless subjects supplements their bio-energy reserves by absorbing living matter.

-Hyper Sensors: Subjects have a range of 500 meters (~1640 Feet). Subjects other sensory perceptive ranges are also far beyond the norm for a human.

-Vibrational Swords: Swords appear to be the same as a standard Units but subjects shape shifting ability allows them to change the swords shape as easily as the Warrior Guyvers polymorphic swords and, combined with subjects high power level, makes them a near match for Warrior Guyver type swords.

-Sonic Busters: Subjects doesn’t appear to have the standard sound emitter orbs but can project a sonic blast from any part of their body and can even create a sonic sound shield barrier capable of shielding subject from almost any physical attack.

-Psionic Powers: Subjects appears to have the standard Guyver ability to telepathically communicate with other Guyvers but has a far greater range than normal. The originally Zygote Guyver can use this to her advantage and mentally control and coordinate any and all clones.

-Other: Subjects hybrid Human/Guyver DNA allows them to shape shift at will and to shift part of they’re mass into hyper space so they can take shapes of significantly different sizes ranging from a small human child to the massive form of a Gigantic Guyver, or simply teleport themselves at will. The subjects also have a Zoalord like bio-crystal that they can use to create Gigantic Guyver type energy shields, focus and boost their gravitational powers to the level of an Apprentice Zoalord, and, combined with subjects shape shifting ability and can blend into their environment like a chameleon.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.