This is a fan-fic based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language.

TitleTime War: Part 3
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Clan Ship Argus

“Something was very wrong,” thought Draven. The Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme where both missing and had not being found yet. If that was not enough along with them the test Unit Proto Guyver was also missing. They should have being found by now or at least some sign of where they were. But there was nothing. They were both former Gen, they knew there would be nowhere they could run too that they could hide for long. Then he wondered why would they do such a thing? Yes what happened to them since arriving on this world was harsh. One made himself an outcast the other done so by accident. But they had both made a life for themselves and had families. Why put that at risk? He knew both of the former Gen before they became human he knew of their lives since. Everything suggested that they would not simply throw that life away without very good reason. He at least expected to know what that reason was. Now he wondered if he would ever know the reason. G’Kor now ordered Zeugma and Kron to work together to remove their Units and kill them.

Mount Guyver

Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme teleported into the chamber of the Portal itself. Looking around Guyver Supreme wondered why they teleported here there was no sign of any people let alone a tribe.

“There should be people here,” said Guyver 0.

“Looks like your information is a little out of date,” said Guyver Supreme.

“No, it’s just not accurate. Let’s check over there we’ll most likely find there settlement outside,” said Guyver 0 pointing towards the entrance of the cave. Both Guyver’s left the cave the body of the Razule’s son over the shoulder of Guyver Supreme. As Guyver 0 suspected there was indeed a settlement outside that was down the valley. It was not the only one either there was now a few settlements around the mountain.

“It’s much larger than I expected,” said Guyver 0.

“Yes, this might take awhile,” said Guyver Supreme.

“There’s not much else we could do let’s go to the closest one and see if they know of this boy.”

Both Guyver’s searched the different settlements. They did not meet any resistance, both of them where able to communicate after reading the minds of those before them and learning their language. They soon found out that there was mainly people here from three different Tribes. It was not long before they met one of the Tribe of the Form who recognised the boy. It was not good news, he was the son of the Tribes Leader.

Mars – Core Base of Ananke

G’Kor stood by beside the huge form of the Guyver Zoalord. He was not happy about what had happened here. The test site of Ananke was in ruins. He had not got what he wanted from there. Ananke deceased body was before them, soon it would go rouge.

“Destroy what remains of her,” said G’Kor.

In his arm was one of the prototype Units she was working on. What she called it he did not know. But he knew of its advanced Artificial Intelligence. He would call it the Assassin Unit. But where was the other advanced work she was doing? He would never know now as her body was obliterated by the Guyver Zoalord.

“Her death would have alerted the others now. Even I can’t hide that.”

“My apologies master.”

“What is done is done. We have to move on now. You know the other Units I want you to obtain for me insure the rest are destroyed.”

Guyver Zoalord nodded. He knew what G’Kor wanted but he also knew there were targets of his own. Fulton was only the first! A favour for him from his master G’Kor. “I will always do what you ask of me,” said the Guyver Zoalord. But now that his mind was free he thought to himself “for now”. The final betrayal could wait he was good at waiting after all.

Mount Guyver

Razule looked as if the life had being taken from him. Before him the tribes shaman was dressing the dead body of his son for the afterlife. In a way he was thankful for at least this. Most fathers of a Test son or daughter never got to prepare their body for the afterlife. As the shaman worked away two of the most feared Guyvers on Gaia where telling him the story of what happened to his son. They knew the father was in shock but continued to tell him what had happened. As they finished the story Razule sat their without emotion numbed to the world.

They left the chieftain’s hut unsure what would happen next. They did not know well Razule only hearing of him in rumour. Like Supreme he was a former Test Unit that was now used as a Test for others to fight against. An early though very stable Nova Project prototype. If he sided with them they would at least have some chance at survival. But not here on this world, their only chance now was to find some other world away from here and escape. To do that they would possibly need to take out a Zoalord and its army. To do that they needed the people of mount Guyver. They needed Razule!

“He took the news well,” said Pariah turning to Zero.

“He took the news about as well a father could,” said Zero.

“I guess I’m lucky in that I’ve not had to go through that yet,” said Pariah.

“Indeed you are,” said Zero his voice tinged in a sadness that indeed only a parent who lost a child would know.  Countless children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren he seen them all grow beyond old age. That was the price of immortality and it was not one he liked to pay. There were times he welcomed the idea of death and that he would meet his lost children in the afterlife. But fate meant even that was not an easy task. Zero realised this but said nothing he knew he’d touched a raw nerve in what he’d just said. They stood around for awhile waiting to see what the decision of Razule would be.

In another group of huts a short distance away Fimus leader of the Great Snake spoke with Hector. He now was leader effectively of a tribe of his own made of a mixture of former members of all the other three tribes. They had expanded now beyond the mountain and taking advantage of more fertile land and practices learned from the farmers who supplied Argus they had an abundance of food. News of the Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme’s appearance interrupted negotiations between not just farther and son but leaders looking for the best for their people. As always what the gods wanted concerned Fimus more than it did Hector. Firnus though knew it was best not to act on rumour. His son Hector agreed they would wait to see if this was true that they were here and what they wanted.

Both Zero and Pariah turned suddenly as they heard “Guyver” being roared at the top of man’s voice. Not sure how Razule was reacting both activated their own Unit’s ready for whatever happened. He burst out of the hut sending wood, dirt and building materials flying everywhere. Razule made an impressive Guyver, his unit made him larger and bulkier looking than Guyver Supreme but his armour was more pointed and angular a sign of Hpa’Tus Vulcan’s work.

“They killed my son! My boy! But what are we to the Guyver Zoalord!?” roared Guyver Razule at Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme.

“The three of us are nothing,” answered Guyver 0.

“Nothing?” roared back Guyver Razule his emotion still driving his actions he was taken aback by what Guyver 0 said. “Then why the hell did you come here looking for help?”

“We don’t have a chance against the Guyver Zoalord. But with you and the other test Guyvers we at least have a chance of escaping this world with our people!”

“Escape? How do we escape a world?” asked the confused Guyver.

“The Guyver Unit is basically a suit made to command a space ship. It will take us from here to the stars away from here and away from the danger and we can live free!” said Guyver Supreme.

“We can have families without the worry that someone claiming to be a God will decide to take our children away bond them to a Guyver unit and force them to fight to the death!” said Guyver 0.

Guyver Razule simply nodded. He never knew what the Guyver unit was really for. But now it made sense the Armour of the Gods as they called it really was that. The stories of the ship that came from the sky when he was a child suddenly made sense now. They would use the Armour and they would use it for what it was intended and escape this world the so called Gods had ruined. Their own personal hell would be made for them by the Guyver Zoalord and they would live in it!

Out of a crowd of people a woman walking towards them caught the eye of Guyver 0. Her hair was golden blond and her eyes. Her EYES! It was Zeugma! He tried to reach out to her with his mind but he could sense something was wrong right away her will was not her own. At the same time on the other side of the three Guyvers a man walked towards them. Guyver Supreme recognised him as well, it was Kron.

“Order your people to escape now! The Zoalord Leaders are here!” roared Guyver 0 at Guyver Razule.

Guyver Razule did so, the tribe scattered and ran leaving tools and homes running past thee two Zoalords. But to Guyver Supreme’s dismay a large portion of them ran towards the safety of the caves. The caves where not a place to hide from master Zoalords.

Zeugma acted first sending the Guyver 0 flying with a telekinetic blast. Guyver 0 didn’t even get the time to think about activating his gravity controller before he found himself flung into the side out the mountain with such force that he left an impact creator. Guyver Supreme knew what this meant. Divide and conquer, even though they alone out powered him and Guyver 0 the Zoalord’s didn’t mess around when it came to killing their target.  Both Zoalords them changed into their battle forms. Guyver Supreme knew who the most powerful was firing everything that he could at Zeugma. But it was like he’d done nothing at all as all his attacks were diverted into sky by her powers.

“Why Zeugma!? There is a Guyver Zoalord out there! Why the hell are you coming after us?” Asked Guyver Supreme now standing still awaiting his fate there was nothing he could do against her power.

“She does not hear you Guyver,” said Zeugma. Even in her Zoalord form she did not seem herself this conformed what he sensed someone controlled her and he was obvious who it was. Zeugma raised her right arm there was a blinding light as a remover appeared from nowhere and attached to her arm.

“G’Kor you bastard! Someday someone will get my revenge on you!”

“Not likely at all Guyver,” said Zeugma. Even the voice did not sound properly like hers when she spoke. The remover on her arm was raised and pointed towards him. He closed his eyes wondering if it would be as painful as the day he bonded with the Unit. There was a flash of light and then before he knew it his Unit was removed. Pariah stood there motionless knowing what came next was a fiery death. “At least I’ll die before his children,” was the only thought going through his head as he awaited his fate.

Then he heard the voice of a Guyver roaring something in a foreign tongue. He opened his eyes to see Guyver Razule his body glowing. He turned around to see the Zoalords pressed to the ground as a dark gravity field sounded them. Maybe just maybe he could kill one in this surprise attack but before he even stepped towards them to finish the job his body exploded and the huge form of the Guyver Zoalord stood where he once was. A wave of destruction flew out from his body destroying the village and killing everything for a mile around him except Pariah and the Zoalords. “Why had he spared me,” thought Pariah.

“The Guyver 0 is in the cave system. Go find him,” ordered the Guyver Zoalord. Kron and Zeugma brushed themselves off Zeugma picked up the dormant Supreme Unit and then flew off with Kron after his friend. To the shock of Pariah the two master Zoalords had obeyed him.

“They are under the control of G’Kor little Gen hybrid,” said the Guyver Zoalord looking Pariah in the eyes.

“Why have you let me live?”

“For amusement, At the very least your being alive will be the very proof I need when I show the rest of your kind who betrayed them.”

“You want to use me against G’Kor?”

“No, not just G’Kor, I want to use you against your whole wretched kind. You all came to my world. Enslaved its people and used us to make this weapon,” said Guyver Zoalord pointing around his body. Pariah knew he meant the Guyver amour and he was correct in what he said about his race and what they did. Reeve after all would have being part of the process. “I’ll show them all, when your army is defeated and they have no more protectors I’ll show them you and in your mind they will see what G’Kor has done and then in their horror of knowing their betrayal I’ll kill them all!”

“What of me?”

“Ah yes, do you think Kron and I didn’t know of your family? Of how you and Zero arranged for them to be hidden in a far off land? Of course we knew. But I do not care about killing women and children of yours.”

“At least they will be safe, do as you will Zoalord.”

“Run from here ex-Guyver, when I decide I need you I’ll find you with ease.” Pariah nodded, he didn’t understand how Reeve knew what he knew or how he would find him anywhere. But a Guyver Zoalord could be capable of anything. It did not matter what mattered now was to do what he ordered. He didn’t know which way to go. But ran the direction the Guyver Zoalord pointed too when he told him to leave.

<“Reeve, you’ve being found out. The Guyver you killed was a test Unit. It’s death call gave more information than I expected. They know a Guyver Zoalord killed it.”> said G’Kor through the telepathically.

<“No more hiding then my master. I will bring them true terror to them all!”>

Feral Island 100 miles south east of present day Malaysia

Inside the Warcraft the dormant Warrior Unit sat in its pedestal. In the cable next to it Solom couldn’t believe what was happening. He probably wouldn’t have either but like Hpa’Tus Vulcan he was capable of translating what the dead call from the prototype Nova Unit meant. There was no denying what caused its death. He tried to contact Ananke but she did not respond. He knew deep down that only could mean she was dead. That or she was ignoring him but in a time of crisis like this he knew her well enough that if she was alive she would be in contact with him and Krullnar right away. Something had stopped her form doing so. He ordered his son to leave his test site and go to Knossos.

His control medal then lit up as another Gen died and he sensed the death through his Unit. He didn’t know who it was but the effect of it was instant. There was a shockwave of fear throughout all their forces. Every Zoalord and zoanoid on Earth suddenly found themselves with a barrage of orders from various Gen looking for protection. Solom knew in this Chaos it would mean their undoing but such was the fear gripping his people he felt he could do nothing about it.  Seconds later Grogan of the Eliminator Project sent an image of a Guyver that further added to the chaos. It was undeniable now and the others quickly realised what it was, a Guyver Zoalord. How in the name of the Thirteen did he get a Unit? How could he have overcome the Limitation Device and be properly Bio-Boosted? A second later Grogan the Gen in charge of the Eliminator project was killed.

Solom almost instinctively knew he was in danger. Grogan was one of his rivals. If the Guyver Zoalord viewed them as potential rivals to his power then he and the other Gen who were part of the Warrior Projects would be top of his hit list for that very reason. Moments after the realisation there was more deaths as the team that worked with Grogan were also killed.

Deep in the lands of what would later become China Hpa’Tus Vulcan the creator of the Nova Project too realised that this would be the end of his life. He had his ship teleport away his pregnant human wife as far as he was concerned his real life’s work. His wife now safe he dreaded this and realised that his work might be activated someday by one of kin that did not have access to a Unit. He quickly programmed a message into the test units in the hope that someday their life’s work will not be lost to such an engine of destruction and that his children or offspring would someday claim their birthright. He then quickly readied an escape root and hid the two great test ships. Before being swallowed by the ground an escape pod fired into the sky he hoped deep down that he would escape. But he was not so lucky moments later the Guyver Zoalord destroyed the pod killing the chief rival of Solom.

Solom held his head in his hands. All hope was lost. There was nothing that could stand against such a being. It was destroying anything that had a chance against it. His great scientific rival Hpa’Tus Vulcan had just been killed and soon the unit he made to rival that great secret prototype of Vulcan’s would be destroyed along with himself. No he would not let that happen. He might die today but somehow his research would live on beyond him. Miles away at Solom’s old Bio-Research Ship the Genesis were the Battle Unit and other prototypes of his team where stored the earth rumbled and shook has the great ship sunk itself into the ground. Solom hoped the ship he now resided would be the main target of the Guyver Zoalord and that his son Krullnar who was now on Knossos would someday return and claim his prototypes and finish his life’s work.

Mount Guyver

Guyver 0 awoke to see the Guyver Zoalord leave. He could also see Kron and Zeugma coming towards him. He tried to contact Pariah but wasn’t able to. Then in the hand of Zeugma he saw the dormant Supreme Unit. Razule’s death awoke him so he was without any help now. There was only one option as he wasn’t about to stand there and die. He ran into the caves with the two Zoalords after him. He tried to use the Portal but it was unresponsive now. He knew why G’Kor was making sure he died as he knew the truth about him. G’Kor the bastard, somehow someday if he lived past today he would have his revenge on him.

Kron and Zeugma entered the cave system. Humans hid in different corners of the large cavern. Zeugma saw the face of Aaye looking back at her from the darkness. It was her modern day clone. Seeing her brought back memories of the many times she had to kill her friend. But no sooner did she think of it the thoughts where pushed into the back of mind by G’Kor. His puppet had a mission and she couldn’t be getting emotional during the middle of it!

Guyver 0 was already down deep into the mountain having found a side cave he had tunnelled using the pressure cannon to get away from and now was under them. Above him he could sense the two Zoalords searching for him. Then suddenly they stopped and stood still the Remover on Zeugma’s arm detached as she dropped dormant Supreme Unit to the ground. Both Zoalords then exited the cave. Outside Zeugma and Kron looked at each other wondering how they got here. She looked around where the Tribe of the Form and others used to have a village and it was like a war zone,  What had the Gods ordered her to do this time? But before her questions were answered Draven contacted Kron and her. A Guyver Zoalord had attacked they needed them to go after him right away and stop him! Both Master Zoalords disappeared after the Guyver Zoalord leaving a surprised Guyver 0 still inside the cave.

Knossos – Floating City above Mount Olympus

Krullnar for the first time in his life didn’t know what to do and like so many of his brethren was in a state of panic. “How could it be possible?” the basic question just couldn’t be answered and it drove everyone into a state of panic. The Council of the 13 had not yet established order on their army. Without the Zoalords the people panicked more. But Krullnar understood why they were not here. A Guyver Zoalord would need everything they had to kill it. Any and every Zoalord would gather together somewhere. As it was not here it was most likely at the place closest to the 13 Argus. Maybe they hoped that would be the last stand of the Gen there? That though would not save his people or him. His father told him to escape he would have to somehow arrange that. With the City’s Teleport system overwhelmed with requests that was not an option for Krullnar either.

“Think Krullnar think,” said Krullnar to himself trying to gain some focus. How can he escape? He walked into the park looking for some solitude but there was none even there. Gen where so like humanity when it came to how they reacted to fear. Their human bodies had adapted over millions of years and that evolution kicked in the grip of fear some people simply thought hiding in the bushes or up in a tree would save them from the Guyver Zoalord. No that beast when he came here would simply destroy the while city and the floating city would fall to the Earth below. No hiding would save them like him would have to escape this world somehow and hope that the Guyver Zoalord did not know where to follow them. “Escape,” looking at the fountain in the middle of the park he wondered. The floating city, could it be somehow teleported away with him and everyone else on it? He did not see himself above others if he was to escape he would take his people with him!

“The portal,” it brought supplies too this world from the other Gen worlds. It wasn’t designed for it but maybe it could somehow help them escape? But a whole city it wouldn’t have enough power… Power someone who could somehow power the teleport. Seraph, only her, a master Zoalord who’s soul responsibility was to protect the City had the capability of doing this!

Krullnar ran from the Park towards the central tower of Knossos. In a time of crisis she would be there with the leaders of the city. There were people everywhere. The closer he got to the tower the worst the crowds of screaming Gen got. Then he spotted a face he recognised Elaina the daughter of Hpa’Edem. She had yet to reach the age of eighteen cycles and was not yet bonded to a Unit but Krullnar knew of her father’s praise. Even in the few glimpses of her he could see the panic on her face. Without a Unit she would be depending on others to pass on information to her. Gen were not known for that when they are in a state of panic. He couldn’t stop though and continued towards the tower.

North East Asia

Zeugma just couldn’t understand what had happened to her. One moment she was on Knossos the next thing she remembers is a feeling she was hunting someone. But her memory was very vague she knew she was being tampered with but no one would listen to her now that a Guyver Zoalord was active. It did not matter now, Kron and her had just passed over the North pole as the Gods had given her a mission to attack a Guyver Zoalord. Draven explained just how powerful the creature was. Zeugma knew even though she was possibly the most powerful Zoalord they had created a Guyver Zoalord was more so. A Remover had being teleported to Kron. The plan he gave Kron and her was simple. She would use her most powerful attack on him. Kron using the remover would strike second and remove the Unit. Once that was done kill the Zoalord for his betrayal!

Zeugma and Kron flew over the lands that used to be home Grogan’s Eliminator Project. The Ship the God used for his project was completely obliterated its distinct bio-material blown all over the landscape clear even at the height the two Master Zoalords flew. In a few minutes they would be soon over the lands of the Nova Project. There they hoped they would catch up with their target the Guyver Zoalord.

<“Who do you think it is Kron?”>

<“Who do I think is what?”>

<“The Guyver Zoalord, which Zoalord do you think would do this to our Gods?”>

<“I do not know Zeugma, but they are no Gods…”> said Kron looking at the wreaked landscape ahead of him. The Guyver Zoalord was there looking for the Nova Project ship. As far has he could figure out in the moments before a Gen stopped his line of thought if these beings where “Gods” they would not need Zeugma and him to deal with a Guyver Zoalord. Zeugma did not get the chance to argue with her former mate. Ahead of her she too saw the Guyver Zoalord as he cut a huge section of land away before him then lifting it telekinetically like it was nothing and moving it out of his way. Zeugma though was not impressed she too was capable of such feats!

<“Zoalord, deactivate the Guyver Unit and submit yourself to the judgement of the Gods!”> Ordered Zeugma attempting to use her telepathic powers to command him to follow her will.

<“You blond witch! You think you can order me around as you do my brother?”> Laughed Reeve the Guyver Zoalord.

<“Reeve, what have you done?”> Asked a shocked Zeugma. She had hoped the Guyver Zoalord was one of the new Zoalords she knew little of. Instead the Guyver Zoalord was a person she knew well. Kron smiled at the idea that it was his brother who was the Guyver Zoalord. He had taken real power for himself, a true Black Fang! But the realisation did not last long as his Gods took control over him.

<“You see my brother Zeugma. You see how they control him! They can’t do that to me anymore!”>

Like Kron her eyes went blank as the Master Zoalord’s will was taken over. Zeugma’s body glowed and a fire like aura surrounded her body. The Guyver Zoalord sighed he knew what was coming but this was not something he wanted. But he knew this was the price of getting the Guyver Unit he already agreed to pay. In front of him Zeugma prepared her ultimate attack. Behind her though blinded from him by normal sight but not the Guyver head sensors was his brother who had a Unit Remover attached to his arm. She flew at the him as fast as she could turning her body into a living comet. The Guyver Zoalord did nothing and just waited for her. He could sense the power from the leader of the Zoalords but has he always thought nothing she could do would harm him now.

Zeugma crashed into the Guyver Zoalord with all of her power. A huge explosion followed toppling trees for miles around and wiping out men and zoanoids in the many towns scattered below the battle. Kron floated just far enough away to be unhurt by Zeugma’s attack. Has the dust and debris cleared Kron saw something that left the Gen who controlled him in awe and shock. Their floated the Guyver Zoalord with Zeugma held by the throat.

“At last I have you, you blond witch!” Zeugma didn’t answer but spat at the Guyver Zoalords face. Guyver Zoalord squeezed napping her neck. Kron now completely under the control of the Gen fired everything he had at the Guyver Zoalord. But he shielded it all and with a simple flick of his wrist he sent a power wave that deeply cut into the Zoalord’s chest gravely wounding Kron and destroying the Remover on his arm that had being pointed at the Guyver Zoalord.

Both Zoalords fell to the ground at speed. But before their bodies hit the ground their decent slowed as the Guyver Zoalord landed before them and landed them safely as he could to the ground. His control medal and Zoalord crystal glowed as a field of energy now surrounded their bodies. The Guyver Zoalord walked up and knelt down beside his dying brother.

“They can’t control you any more Kron.”

“Thank you Reeve… I will die free…”

“You do more than die free, know this brother, you do not die without leaving kin on this world. Your most recent conquest Hera, she is pregnant with twins. I will ensure your blood line rules when the false Gods are killed!”

“Seeing my brother… A Black Fang take power from the heavens…” said Kron. But he lost the battle for life before he could finish the sentence. The Guyver Zoalord’s head was still slumped looking at the body of his brother. As G’Kor warned him, he knew he’d have to take his life to end the control of the so called Gods over his body. Now they could control him no longer! The Guyver Zoalord turned towards Zeugma, he wondered if he should incinerated the witch, but no he would not do that, even after all she had done his brother still loved her. She’d serve one last purpose. To be buried with him through the afterlife! Guyver Zoalord then stood up and looked towards the East, moments later he took off leaving them behind

Islands that one day will be named Bermuda

Hpa’Edem like Solom knew his fate was sealed. But unlike Solom he was never as trusting of his fellow Gen or Zoa-from. Had setup stealth sensors in the lands around his ship to alert of him of possible intruders. This one though he knew he wouldn’t survive the Guyver Zoalord came for him next. Like Solom his oldest friend he hoped that someday his daughter would finish the work they had begun. The successful prototype was stored with Solom’s Battle Unit and Hpa’Var’s Turbo Unit in the Genesis Relic. The only thing left to was to hide the more important two test Units one of which was a Warrior Unit prototype inside a Stealth Ship resting on one of the islands to the south of this one. He smiled to himself that would be the easier of the two to hide. With a simple command the Stealth Ship activated, it’s mission to hide itself from anyone other than a member of the Warrior Project. If any survived this event that deserved the ship it would be them. The old test ship of his buried itself has the Guyver Zoalord found Hpa’Edem’s ship. He expected the ship he was in couldn’t hide from such a powerful being. He didn’t know if the others would but he knew one thing, he wouldn’t be alive to find out. Moments later there was an explosion as the Guyver Zoalord destroyed the Hpa’Edem and the ship he was in.

Knossos – Floating City above Mount Olympus

News of the death of Hpa’Edem spread like wildfire. Another of the best of the Science Cast had being suddenly killed by the Guyver Zoalord. Krullnar wondered if anyone would survive? But what he knew was it was only a matter of time before he would be next. The City’s transport system was still down overburdened by panicking Gen looking for escape. Screaming shouting for crowds of Gen to get out of his way took time. Then some hope arrived in the form of Q-Nar viewed by some has the leader of the Council of the 13.

The effect of one of the 13 arrival was instant. Order replaced chaos has he commanded his people to calm down. The city’s teleport system under his command blocked access to all other Gen opening it up to use. Bunkers in the city a leftover design from Atlantis used to hide it’s people from attacking army’s had being copied into to the design of Knossos. The command went out for the Gen people to hide in these so that when the army came they could fight more effectively for its people. Around him people turned from the tower and headed to the bunkers. Krullnar though stood still looking at the tower knowing inside there was the only real hope for survival. He would not be following Q’Nar’s command.

<“Q’Nar I am the son of Solom, you have to teleport me inside the Command Tower, I have a way for our people to escape!”> Krullnar hoped his telepathic message would somehow get through to him. He doubted it if a whole population of the city was asking him for guidance. A few moments past and as he was about to give up hope Krullnar was teleported into the Command Chamber of the city.

The large island that will someday be known as Iceland

Hpa’Var had guessed he was next. He always believed there was an order to all things in life. All creatures follow that order if they are Guyver or not. The Guyver Zoalord had some sort of plan and it was obvious to him at this stage that it was to destroy the Warrior Projects and their rivals. Basically anything that could be of a challenge to the Guyver Zoalord. He would be next before the main target which would be Solom. The Zoalord would know the inner workings of the Gen after the hundreds of years they had served. The Guyver Zoalord as such was their perfect weapon of self destruction. Something the Gen were very good at insuring. Unlike Hpa’Edem or Solom though he would not live on through family for he had no children. He regretted that choice now but in the end it was his to make. The only thing that represented his work and existence in the Universe when he would be killed where his Prototype Units. In that end he to insure that work survived!

The only surviving completed Units he had left where the Supreme Unit the host his former brother he now feared dead, the Turbo Unit was with Solom’s Battle Unit in the Genesis Relic, that left two other completed Units. The first Unit he made with the Stellar Technology combined with that of the H.S.L. system developed by Solom. It was what he viewed his first successful Unit. That Unit was contained in his former Laboratory almost half the world away. With a simple command from him that ship buried itself deep into the ground. That only left the ship he was in now. He commanded the ship to teleport himself outside it. Then called out to the Guyver Zoalord to tell him where he stood has the ship took off. Moments later the Guyver Zoalord landed in front of him. Looking up in the sky he could see the Stellar Ship as it cleared the Earth’s atmosphere.

“Do you think I’m not capable of going up there and taking your ship after I kill you?”

Hpa’Var did not answer him for he did not know the answer himself. But he’d given his life work a chance to escape. The Guyver Zoalord waited a few moments to see if he would get a response. Realising he would not he shrugged his shoulders and the Hpa’Var was obliterated.

Site of the Battle between Zeugma, Kron and the Guyver Zoalord

Solufein had heard of the battle too late from the Gods to have helped Zeugma. He landed beside her fallen body and wondered even if he was there on time would he had made a difference? Solufein wept at the sight of her fallen body. He looked over at Kron and wondered “why even in death did she have to still die beside him?” He looked over at Kron and back at Zeugma maybe he might be able to save her?

Solufein reached down to her and using everything he breathed life back into her. Solufein used so much of himself he almost past out form the experience. When he recovered he looked at Zeugma’s face to see her smiling back at him.

“Solufein, I’ve failed the Gods,” said Zeugma, she tried to move but was not able to and he voice sounded very weak almost feeble.

“Don’t try to move you are not fully healed.”

“Why should I be saved? I failed them I deserve to die!”

“You tried your best against impossible odds Clan Mother!”

“Solufein.. thank you for rescuing me..” her voice was still weak. But hearing Solufein use that term brought back bad memories of before Kron and her where sent after the Guyver Zoalord. She remembered seeing the face of Aaye her old childhood friend a woman she herself killed under the control of the Gods. The Gods thought her dead without G’Kor blocking the memory flash backs of her holding the dormant Supreme Unit and a remover on her arm came back to her.

“I would do no less for you,” said Solufein.

“There are two things I must ask of you.”

“Say it and it shall be done.”

“I need you to save Kron, Reeve the Guyver Zoalord is his brother. If the Gods can control him again they might be able to stop him.” said Zeugma. She knew it was not an easy request for Solufein and that he did not have to do it unlike other Zoalords. But he simply nodded and done as she asked. Solufein was now very weak. The powers he used were very draining. For a few moments it took all his concentration to simply stay awake. He could quite easily find sleep but he had a task to do. He looked back at Zeugma, Reeve had a lot to answer for.

“What is the other task Clam Mother?”

“One of the Gods, I don’t know who had me do something at Mount Guyver. I need you to find out what happened in the Cave of the Portal.”

“Why is this important now, there is a Guyver Zoalord out there who must be stopped?”

“The God had tried to make me forget what had me do, you must find out what that was!”

Solufein simply nodded. He was weak and he knew what he had done for Zeugma and Kron was not enough to save them. They needed help that only the Gods could give. He wondered why now he was along with the gift of being the Lost One and being able to think for himself. He would still do what Zeugma asked and she wanted to know what they had got her to do to heir tribe. Solufein nodded then flew up into the sky and away from the two fallen Master Zoalords.

Zeugma wondered how long it would be before she died from her injury. Even with what Solufein had done for them she would die without help from the Gods. Then out of the rubble appeared something. Zeugma couldn’t figure it out there was just something familiar to the being. She looked up as the man came into view. It was like looking at a male version of herself!

Knossos – Floating City above Mount Olympus

“Another one of the Leaders of the Warrior Project is now dead Q’Nar! We have to act and act now if we are to escape! If we don’t escape before the Guyver Zoalord comes here and kills us all in the blink of an eyelid!”

“I can’t allow you to do what you ask Krullnar. We need Seraph here if we are to have a hope against the Guyver Zoalord!”

“Have you not listened to me at all? We have NO HOPE AT ALL against him. No one, nothing we have can save us. Nothing at all we have left can face the Guyver Zoalord and live or even in its death kill such a monster. Not even the combined power of Zeugma and Kron along with Seraph wouldn’t have stood much of a better chance against the Guyver Zoalord. What hope does Seraph have alone against him?!”

“Are you sure of this?”

“I am one hundred percent positive! A Guyver Zoalord is hundreds of times more powerful than a Zoalord. It’s a super existence! The Uranus realised this and tried to obliterate this world to kill the threat. They knew no one or nothing in existence could match such a being and live and we in our foolishness have allowed it to happen. Don’t you get it? We have allowed what they tried to prevent!”

“But we had safeguards, your father made them Krullnar! You’re part of the Warrior Project, how is it possible?”

“It is not possible. No Unit should bond with a Zoalord. The Limitation Device inside all our Units would prevent it, there are only two possibilities for this to have happened,” said Krullnar.

“And they are?”

“He someone found a Unit of the Uranus, but how he got to the inside of one of their Relics our found one without our knowing makes that impossible. That leaves the only other possibility. We’ve being betrayed!”

“Who would do such a thing?”

“I don’t know. But if we won’t find out unless we live! We need to escape this world before it’s too late,” said Krullnar pointing at Seraph. “She is our only hope of escape, do not send her on a foolish mission against a being far beyond her power alone.”

Seraph listened to the two “Gods” argue. If she was simply human she would have seen through all the madness to realise that these beings where not Gods. They were very much like her that she knew. But her highly reprocessed brain only recognised the fact they were Gods. Any doubt simply didn’t register to her. All she recognised was that a God might have turned against the other Gods and had made a Devil to walk the Earth to wage war against them. She’d go off and fight such a being if asked without a second thought.

“I agree. We need to escape now and insure that our race survives and that we someday find out who did this to us,” said Q’Nar. Krullnar simply nodded. Q’Nar activated his Unit and walked up to the control spheres that managed the city to begin what was needed for Krullnar’s plan to have any hope of success.

Mount Guyver

Guyver 0 didn’t understand what had happened. He had waited awhile to see if the Zoalords would return but they had not. But he could sense the dormant Guyver Supreme unit above him and that the Zoalords had not just left the area but had not come back. As he back tracked through the tunnel he had made he wondered why the Master Zoalords had left him alive. Whatever reason it was they were gone now. Minutes later he was looking through the wreckage in the cave cursing his luck and then to his completed surprise out a no where appeared another Zoalord but this one he did not recognise. He didn’t even have time to react before his flung through the mountain. Solufein had arrived too late for the Tribes. The destruction brought by the Guyver Zoalord was too much for him to bear, the dead lied everywhere.

He wondered “what had happened here,” as he picked up the dormant Supreme Unit and attached the Unit Remover to his arm. The Control Medal glowed as it would when sensing a host nearby to bond with then the control medal flashed red and the Unit went inactive again. Solufein looked at the device with curiosity wondering what would have happened to him if it had in fact activated. Would he attack the Gods? No he was already referred to as Guyver by some of the Gods. The term wasn’t about power, it was about being Out of Control. He was like that, the Lost one.

Looking around at the damage done, he could guess something of what had happened here. Guyver 0 and Guyver Supreme had escaped from Atlantis earlier today. Teams of Zoalords had being sent out after them. None of them could find them and they were still missing according to the Gods. But in his hand he held the dormant Supreme Unit and he had flung the Guyver 0 out of the mountain. What did a God or Gods have Zeugma do here and how was it connected to the two Guyvers? She clearly was not alone. But that could not be answered here today. He could not stay here any longer. It was time to meet his fate. Solufein left the cave and flew off after the Guyver Zoalord.

A short distance away Guyver Firnus, Hector and warriors of their tribes entered the former site of the Tribe of the Form. They looked in awe of the destruction brought to the area. It was like Pariah the former Guyver had said, “The Guyver Zoalord had destroyed them all!”

Knossos – Floating City above Mount Olympus

The city streets where now deserted as the populace hid in the cambers below the streets. Inside the Command Tower Q’Nar floated between the Control Sphere’s that managed the City. Krullnar now in his bio-armoured form looked on as the Gen leader focused on getting the City ready for transport.

“Krullnar!” shouted Seraph. Krullnar almost jumped at the raise tone in her voice.

“Yes Seraph?”

“He’s coming here!”

Krullnar couldn’t wait any longer for Q’Nar to ready the city. The control medal in his head extended as he reached out with his mind. Seraph forever the willing servant obliged giving him complete control over her. Together they maximised all the power Seraph had as he body glowed and she pushed herself to the limits of her power.

At the same time many miles away the Guyver zoalord flew over Mount Guyver for the second time just south of the City of Argus. “That would be his last target,” he thought. He knew deep down that somehow G’Kor had sabotaged his Unit. It would be the only way to control the uncontrollable! He was sure of one thing, if the old clever “God” wanted him dead he would be and that simply killing G’Kor wouldn’t be enough to insure his survival. G’Kor had many allies, at least one of those allies allowed him have this Unit. He wondered if killing G’Kor would be enough as well? He’d seen Zero completely destroyed before and somehow the Gods brought him back to life! Killing G’Kor could be an exercise in futility then.

Flying at amazing speed Guyver Zoalord continued the plan. The “abominations” as G’Kor called them lived here on Knossos.  Beings made by the human bodied Gods who welded their power. He wanted them gone obliterated so that they would not pollute their race. As the city came into view Guyver Zoalord thought he would duly obey the wishes of the God the city would not just fall it would be completely obliterated!

As he got closer to the city he stopped and looked at it in wonder. The city had a slight yellow glow around it. For a moment he thought that was part of whatever it was that kept the city afloat in the air. But then he remembered being here before and there was no yellow glow. What was causing…. “SEARPH!” Once he realised what it was he immediately opened his chest plates. The air around him crackled with energy as he charged with energy. Inside the city they knew what his arrival meant and a race between attack and escape came to an end. Guyver Zoalords mega-smasher fired and the beam raced towards the City. At the same moment the huge city teleported from Earth the beam harmlessly passing by where it once was. Guyver Zoalord roared in anger! “How dare they escape!” Guyver Zoalord then flew to where the City once was. With his powerful sensors he could not only sense the residue of where the city once was but where they had gone. It was far away but after he was finished on Gaia he would hunt them down!

Feral Island 100 miles south east of present day Malaysia

Solom was in his armoured form now floating between the control spheres of the Origo the first ship he grew as part of the expanding Warrior Project. He wasn’t sure how Krullnar managed to do it but the ship sensed Knossos leave just as the Guyver Zoalords mega-smasher blast was about to hit it. His wife most likely already dead, his son safe he could now die at peace. No! The Gen race needed what the Warrior Project team had developed. The Genesis ship had already buried itself but the Warcraft is the fastest ship ever developed. Solom teleported himself to the Warcraft leaving behind the dormant 4thWarrior Unit Prototype in the Origo. As he linked with the control system of the Warcraft the Origo buried itself deep into the island. If the Guyver Zoalord came for him now he would have a fight

The Warcaft’s shields glowed yellow as it got ready to take off. Miles away and fact closing in the Guyver Zoalord sensed the build up of energy and increased his speed towards his final target. No sooner had the Warcraft took off the Guyver Zoalord was attacking. The shields of the most advanced Gen Warcraft ever grown were like nothing compared to the enormously powerful arm beam sent by the Guyver Zoalord cutting deep into the living ship. As liquid gushed out of the deeply wounded Warcraft Solom could see though the ships sensors the Guyver Zoalord looking at him. A shield formed around the dormant Warrior Unit as Solom left the chamber and faced his fate. The Warcraft adapted quickly to the wound and as Solom entered the chamber that had being cut open the ship began to seal it off and Solom was standing now in the open air looking out at the form of the Guyver Zoalord.

“So, are you going to try to control me Solom?”

“What would be the point of that Guyver?”

“Ha, ha, ha, you know even with death looking at you in the face it’s good to see a so called God that is not so frightened by me that he can’t even talk!”

“This is not the first time I have faced death,” said Solom pointing at the Guyver Zoalord. Guyver Zoalord was impressed but once again he knew he was about to have another easy victory. The Warcraft could not match him.

“This time death will have you, die well Solom!” The Guyver Zoalord raised his hand and shot again at the warship with his hand beam. The power of his armour magnified this blast beyond levels Solom could even hope for the Warrior Unit and the warship shields ounce again failed. Delivering another serious would to the War Ship it now began to descend towards the ground. Standing on now solid ship the blast rocked the whole vessel and sent Solom falling onto his backside. Outside, the Guyver Zoalord sensed was about to fire again when he was hit by multiple energy beam blasts. It was a research ship! Show dare the puny false Gods send such a week craft against him!

Solom’s knew this was his last chance for escape. The ship that had attacked contained many Zoalords, he ordered every last one of the Zoalords to leave the Ship and to attack the Guyver Zoalord. Immediately a platoon of Zoalords exited the ship and fired at the Guyver Zoalord drawing his attention from the Research Ship. Closing in on the battle Solufein heard Solom’s call and joined his brother and sister Zoalords against Reeve. The Guyver Zoalord noticed him among the Zoalords awaiting his chance to strike with the Remover. Before Solufein knew it he’d being blasted by a ray of power from the Guyver Zoalord. Already weakened from trying to save the Clan Leaders he was too weak to attempt to hide from it. As he fell towards the snow below he lost consciousness and crashed thought a chunk of snow into the side of a mountain.

One by one the Guyver Zoalord killed them off like they where nothing but as Solom expected it bought him time.

Solom knew the War Ship was too badly wounded to escape Gaia and with some flashes of his control medal the only visible sign of his order. He commanded the warship to bury itself deep underground and not to let the Guyver Zoalord have command access to it. Solom then teleported into the research ship and was about to order it to get as far away from Earth as possible, when it was attacked by the Guyver Zoalord. The first shot blasted through their shields but missed anything vital and the craft continued on its way out of Earth’s atmosphere, but a second well-placed shot from the Guyver Zoalord saw to that not happening. The research ship started to dip from its upward course and scorched through Earth’s atmosphere towards the icy cold ocean at the Northern Pole of the planet. The Guyver Zoalord laughed, another false God dead!

Inside the Giant Clan Ship called the Argus on the other side of the Earth the Council of 13, divided and without their leader Q’Nar debated as the world around them fell apart. Draven one of its leaders looked in dismay at the mental images of destruction that spread has the Guyver Zoalord decimated the Warrior Project, the Eliminator Project and the Nova Projects. Nothing stood could stand in its way he thought. How though could a Zoalord get a Guyver unit? The safe guards should have ensured that it never happened!

Deep within the Clan Ship of the Creators the only thought going through most of the Council Leaders minds was “Who could save us now?” G’Kor though looked forward to his ascension and to the death of those that opposed him!

The End of Time War Part 3.