This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title7 Days Of Hell: Part 6
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan

Space, just past the orbit of the moon

W’Kar stopped and looked on with a little sense of awe. It was not often he would witnessed something on this scale happening. As far has the eye could see there where thousands of wormhole portals literally filling the void of space before him. Through the big one he was floating before, he expected to see a huge Creator Bio ship and hoped that their whole armada would appear ready for him to wipe them out!

But what one expects and what one gets are not always the same thing. W’Kar’s expectations and his hopes changed drastically as a the first of many ships came through. But instead of a Creator Bio Ship what appeared before him was a mechanical technical marvel that was to his astonishment a giant spacecraft of a type he had never seen before. More of the giant spacecrafts were soon everywhere and even he was in awe of the raw size of them. He floated in shock looking at this happening…

<“Jason, you’re not going to believe what I’m seeing here!”> said W’Kar, calling out to probably the one person he didn’t mind having a chat with in this universe when it came to a dealing with a space armada about to attack…

<“I’m rather busy at the moment, can this wait Greg?”>

<“No it can’t. Do you think I’d say “you’re not going to believe it” if it could wait a fucking minute!” >

<“What is it then?”> said Dreadnought telepathically as he prepared to remove Warrior Guyver Vamore’s Unit.

That was when W’Kar sent him an image of what he saw. Dreadnought simply stood still in shock.

<“Oh fucking good God.”>

<“I guess they’re not members of the “We Love Dreadnought Society” then?>

<“No they’re the Grakken, and we’re in the worse kind of shit possible. They’ve come in force!”>

<“Oh goodie! I was getting bored of that porcupine freak, this will be fun!”>

<“You’re one fucked up individual Greg but thankfully your on… well your own side!”>

<“I’m rather busy at the moment can this wait Jason?”>


The Clan Ship Crash site

Dreadnought knew what this meant immediately. The arrival of thousands of the spacecraft meant invasion and with a cold shiver up his spin he realized they were now in the worst possible situation than possibly anything he had ever faced before.

So distracted was Dreadnought by this new revelation that he stopped his attack on Warrior Guyver Vamore for the vital seconds that it took for what he saw to sink in, which gave the Warrior Guyver Vamore the time he needed to regenerate enough to move and make good his escape as he flew away from Dreadnought as quickly as he could.

But he quickly too realized why he’d been allowed to escape, as he too received a similar warning from Tonnin.

Chronos and the ACTF where no longer the only two forces fighting for control of this crashed Creator spacecraft. The Grakken had arrived and in FORCE and now posed a threat like they have never faced before. Imakarum had already started recalling everything possible to the Crash Site after Tonnin’s dire warning.

<“Jason, what’s happened and why did you let him go?,”> asked Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2. Though some distance away from Dreadnought with the Eliminator gone he could now sense what Dreadnought sensed.

Dreadnought looked around him for a moment. Chronos was already pulling their forces away from them and going back to the Clan Ship. As much as he and ACTF hated Chronos they were minor in threat compared to what he sensed above them now. He remembered a saying that never quite made sense until moments like this, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Though Chronos would never quite be his “friend” but in moments like this they where the closest thing ACTF had to one.

<“W’Kar is up in space…. You’re not going to believe this but there’s a huge armada of Grakken ships heading towards us.”>

<“An Armada!?”>

<“The image he sent me… there was so many I couldn’t count them all!”>

<“How the hell are we going to stop them?”>

<“No choice really, we can’t let the Grakken get Warrior tech Stephen.”>

<“I agree with you there Jay, the idea of those bastards with countless Warrior Units sends a chill down my spine!”>

<“Yeah, Chronos doesn’t have Guyver like technology but those annoying bastards do. The damage they could do with that replicated in the millions would be unimaginable,”> answered Dreadnought.

<“Yeah, your right there!  So what are you thinking?”>


<“We’re a little beyond the whole you stole Elera’s blood here, and I know you well enough to say what you feel is true, even if it is fucked up!”>

<“Okay, all of you leave, protect ACTF HQ. None of you have the capability to regenerate like I have.”>

<“What about you, you can’t stop an armada by yourself. Gilgamesh should stay at least he’s a power house!”>

<“A powerhouse that can be killed once 6 or 7 Grakken team up their firepower. You and I both know they’ll do that and with his control medal destroyed he’s gone and ACTF is without it’s most powerful…. I was about to say Guyver but he’s a W’Kar of sorts. As for the others it’s best they go home, this is not going to be nice and I may hurt them and with the stakes as high as they are you know I can’t hold back.”>

<“Are you sure?”>

<“Yes, if they attack ACTF HQ or anywhere else let me know and I’ll help where I can,”> answered Dreadnought.

<“Not going to happen, we can handle it old friend,”> said Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 jokingly.

On top of the ruins of the Clan Ship Imakarum looked with his enhanced eyesight at Dreadnought and the other Guyvers that had grouped together. With the Grakken space fleet arriving he hoped that they would see that the threat was not Chronos. The Grakken represented the most extreme threat to the world outside the Creators. The Guyvers might not see it but Chronos was formed to protect the Earth from the Creators. But if Dreadnought would see this was his concern. Above them Tonnin had flown to the Ark and was protecting it as he guided it away from the Grakken fleet. Beside him though stood Guyver Powered Zerebubuse.

“What do you want me to do my master?” asked the behemoth as he knelt before Imakarum. Even then the raw size of him was something to behold totally dwarfing Imakarum.

“Stay close to the Crash Site. Kill any Grakken or Creator lapdog that would dare to take this ship from us.” Answered Imakarum, signaling for him to rise.

Warrior Guyver Vamore, who was still regenerating, landed beside them.


“The battle with Dreadnought did not go well…”

“I could see that. It would be best in the future you do not act alone against him!”

“Yes my Lord,” said Warrior Guyver Vamore almost bitterly… He still wanted the blood of Dreadnought.

“When are we to attack Dreadnought again?” asked Warrior Guyver Vamore as he looked in Guyver Powered Zerebubuse’s direction.

“Not until I say so! Now join Guyver Powered Zerebubuse. He’ll lead you against the Grakken!”

High Earth Orbit – Near the Moon

W’Kar looked on in awe. Countless spacecraft were swarming around him. They ranged in size of a fighter jet to something close to that of the Empire States building if not bigger. All of them were now moving towards what he knew was the Clan Ship crash site. The Grakken; they where a mechanically enhanced Guyver unit race similar in looks somewhat to a Gigantic Guyver and had four arms. Most important fact to him, they where a warlike race!

A fiery aura surrounded W’Kar and he cupped his hands together. Focusing on the closest ship W’Kar released a giant sized gravity ball towards the centre of the spacecraft. There was a slight shimmer as it broke through the crafts shield and a second later it’s hull was breached following by a satisfying explosion. Unlike Star Trek he heard nothing and smiled to himself thinking <In Space no one can hear you scream> and flew towards the biggest ship close to him.

He smiled as the closest cluster of ships to him stopped in their tracks towards the Earth and turned to face him. Immediately the larger ships then opened fire, but W’Kar hadn’t expected how extremely powerful the energy he sensed from the larger beams was. He had originally thought of standing his ground and taking the combined firepower of the fleet so he could laugh at them. But that was not a good idea even for someone as crazy as him. So he quickly deduced these craft must be the Grakken’s counter to something like Dreadnought.

W’Kar teleported himself out of the way of the combined strike and in front of the closest large spacecraft with both mega-smasher chest plates open but cloaked to the naked eye. During those few vital seconds it took to build up the energy of his mega-smasher the Grakken spacecraft did sense the energy spike but they didn’t know quickly enough where it was from. That was all the distraction W’Kar needed as the cloaking effect disappeared as he opened fire. A split second later the beam ripped through the space craft leaving a giant gaping hole and continued on past it hitting another three smaller craft and destroying them before dissipating into space.

As the hull of the large spacecraft started exploding W’Kar turned to another that he sensed an energy build up from. This time he just stood there and waited as the energy beam hit him hard, and just as quickly he could feel his shields start to buckle under the strain. But then the energy dampening kicked in. For five seconds W’Kar was subjected to a barrage of energy that would have seen a Gigantic Guyver destroyed.

So as the blast cleared the Grakken commander inside the spacecraft waited to see if the blue demon had been destroyed. But when the beam finally cleared there was a clearly visible smoldering W’Kar with his right hand pointing toward the bridge of the spacecraft with his middle finger extended!

The Grakken Commander only had a second to wonder what this meant as a blast field surrounded W’Kar and he disappeared. Moments later W’Kar appeared behind the Grakken Commander with his plasma swords already extended. Before the Grakken’s head sensors had time to move to fully be aware of the threat W’Kar had already sliced down through the centre of his head through the Gigantic like Control Medal and down though the centre of the Grakken Commander. W’Kar laughed as he then turned his attention to the rest of the crew, only to find himself already surrounded as over a dozen Grakken Destroyers decloaked around him and extended their swords. W’Kar couldn’t be happier as he extended his own swords and prepared to introduce himself to his new playmates. . .

Outskirts of the Australia Clan Ship Crash Site

Jason and Fiona were hugging as the others started to teleport away and go to their respective home territories.

“You’re not immortal you know. Don’t do something stupid and leave me alone again hun!” said Fiona as she stepped back away from Jason, still looking him in the eyes.

“Fi, there’s not a chance in hell of that happenings again,” said Jason as he smiled at her before activating his Unit and transforming into Matrix Warrior Guyver and an instant later into Dreadnought. He sighed as he then broke eye contact with Fiona and walked towards Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“You better come back to me Jason O’Conner!” Fiona whispered before she activated her unit and transformed in Female Warrior Guyver…

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 and Gilgamesh where now the last of the ACTF forces left since the others had been teleported away earlier. Gilgamesh towered over both of them but Dreadnought ignored him as he looked down towards Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“Jason, before we leave and you start ripping the Grakken fleet apart, we need to know what you plan to do with the dormant Warrior Unit?” asked Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 AND, any other unit you discover….” said Gilgamesh before being cut off by Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2, before he could say the word Traitor, by him standing on the giant Guyver like being’s foot.

“It’s clear that each time I’ve kept something away from Carter it’s only blown up in my face man. Jenny hasn’t spoken since… The dormant unit is nearly ruined, but it’s repairing itself slowly.”

“When will we have it?” asked Gilgamesh trying to press the point.

“After this battle is over,” said Dreadnought but still not looking up at Gilgamesh but at Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2.

“All I need to know is it safe,” said Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 with a sigh as he looked in the general direction of Gilgamesh.

“It’s safe and if anything happens to me Fiona can get it for you.”

Dreadnought’s head sensors twitched back and forward as he sensed Zeugma and Female Warrior Guyver teleport away to join the rest of his friends in New Cork.

“Will you even come back Jay?” asked Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 as he picked up on what Dreadnought had focused on.

“It’s too early to say.”

Aceaer Warrior Guyver 2 simply nodded in understanding and then turned away from his one time friend. He shouted “Good Luck!” before he and Gilgamesh then teleported away leaving Dreadnought alone… Dreadnought flexed his shoulders and stretched out his arms and then cracked his knuckles. Even he wondered if he would survive this day.

Not content with putting this off any longer Dreadnought bent down and then exploded up into the sky as he instantly breached the sound barrier and continued to accelerate at an incredible rate as he flew up. His acceleration was such that within seconds he’d already left Earth’s atmosphere and was now in the vacuum of space.

Before Dreadnought there was countless fighter and scout crafts about to fly by him as they were making their way to Earth. To the distance he could see their larger capital ships but they where still a few minutes away.  He could not sense the full extent of their fleet but from what he could figure out W’Kar must be somewhere behind them all as he could sense a large section to the back slowing down and turning around.

Dreadnought came to a stop as he started scanning the Grakken fleet. One of the scout ships fired first, but Dreadnought didn’t move as he continued scanning around him. Then just as the beam hit him a barrier shield appeared around Dreadnought and seconds later it cleared leaving an undamaged Dreadnought.

Dreadnought ignored the scout as he continued to scan the Grakken fleet. With literally a million ships before him he decided to take care of the big threats first and work his way down from there. Locking on the nearest capital ship, Dreadnought’s chest spike extended, his back thrusters fired, and his barrier shield flared to full power as he moved at top acceleration towards the capital ship with his energy focusing around what had now become a living spear.

A large number of the scout ships around Dreadnought closed in behind him and started firing on him to try and slow him down. But all laser blasts where easily dealt with by his barrier shield. Realizing what his target was the Capital Ship now opened fire sending a mega-smasher like beam towards Dreadnought.

The beam hit Dreadnought head on… From outside you could visibly see the beam widen as it appeared to engulf Dreadnought and appeared at first glance as of it had stopped Dreadnought. But that view only lasted a second before the visible bubble could now be seen still hurtling through the beam towards the Capital Ship.

Dreadnought wouldn’t stop and as he cleared the force of the beam he easily penetrated the Capital Ship’s shields and ripped through the hull. And an instant later he tore through its power core and explosively tore through the other side of the giant craft just as it started exploding behind him.

Dreadnought slowed down and looked around him. Everywhere was floating wreckage of a huge hull. But then he noticed the Grakken and the Grakken Destroyers that where caught up in their explosion. Some were so badly hurt that their units had self-destructed. Others looked dead with missing limbs while others were just floating off into space. It didn’t take them long though to recover enough to focus on Dreadnought though. Either in self defense mode or conscious a Grakken knew its threat and that was Dreadnought.

And the scout and fighter ships he passed earlier were already moving towards him.

Dreadnought realizing quickly how outnumbered he was with so many Grakkens on top of him focused a ball of energy into hands and then let it go into space. Moments later a shock wave appeared sending everything in a cylinder shape flying away from Dreadnought for over a mile. He quickly looked and scanned around him and found the next nearest Capital Ship and then flew towards it…

As he closed in on the giant craft the Grakkens now floating in the vacuum of outer space all flew towards him to engage him in combat. Dreadnought sensed them closing around him but remained focused on his target. Then one large part of wreckage in front of him split open revealing a team of six Grakken Destroyers, and all six had their mega-smashers open and fired. Dreadnought seemed to shimmer and vanish as the destructive wave of 24 Smasher beams were about to reach him and re-appeared behind the team and wreckage with his own hyper-smashers open and pointed at his target, a Grakken Capital ship. The powerful beams hit the ship, blowing it apart.

Knowing movement was the key now to this battle and keeping ahead of the swarm of Grakken closing in on him from all sides Dreadnought picked his next target and flew straight for it.

The Clan Ship Crash Site

Imakarum looked skyward. He could see what looked like meteorites rocketing towards the Chronos battle lines. With the help of an Eye Of Chronos he could see the impact Dreadnought was having on the Grakken fleet. But he realized even with a powerful being like Dreadnought destroying as many Grakken craft as he possibly could there where countless smaller craft now on their way to him and his army.

“Powered Zerebubuse,” said Imakarum.

“What do you command my master?”

“Kill them all!”

The behemoth nodded then pointed his left arm skyward. Every few seconds a beam of pure destruction was sent towards his still very distant foes at near the speed of light. Nothing could have prepared the Grakkens for it as scout craft after scout craft was blown to kingdom come. But even with Guyver Powered Zerebubuse destruction they still came. More and more scout ships kept entering Earths atmosphere in greater number and greater numbers. As the first Grakken craft landed where the ACTF army once stood Imakarum already had his response ready!

“Warrior Guyver Vamore,” shouted Imakarum.

“Yes my lord….”

“Kill them!” ordered Imakarum, pointing at the Grakken Craft landing before them.

Warrior Guyver Vamore realizing it would be best not to further annoy the leader of Chronos nodded his head in agreement and disappeared as he teleported to the front lines of the Chronos army. Grakken forces started exiting the landing ships before him but before they could realize what creature Chronos had released on them Warrior Guyver Vamore opened his shoulder pods. There was a thunderous humming sound for only a few seconds before dual beams the power of Dreadnoughts hyper-smasher fired towards them and vaporizing them where they stood even as the beams went on to blast the Grakken space crafts to bits. But even as he smiled to himself for an easy kill his own eyes and head sensors told him the truth as countless more appeared before him. Even with his firepower and that of Guyver Powered Zerebubuse the raw numbers of the Grakken sent a chill down his spine as they gathered together and the first powerful Mega-smasher blast hit back at the Chronos front lines obliterating a team of four Bio-Titans.

High Earth Orbit

Behind the massive fleet W’Kar was doing what he loved, up close and personal fighting. He loved being inside the Grakken Capital ships slicing apart the Grakken Destroyers and their countless Killer Robots which appeared out of nowhere to jump on him only to be swatted away like a fly. He almost wanted to keep one as a pet. The only thing he didn’t like was they ignored his witty comments and attempts to talk with them so he could insult them as he killed them. He didn’t like quiet foes but at least they had a satisfactory sound of exploding or metallic grinding as he destroyed his technically gifted foes.

W’Kar mused to himself before unleashing a massive pressure cannon that obliterated a charging squad of Grakken destroyers before going on and smashing into the Ship’s main reactor. W’Kar then teleported back outside to watch as the ship explosively blew up. He then turned around to see several more ships had stopped and turned around to deal with him.

W’Kar smiled to himself,

Dreadnought on the other hand was using a different tactic. He continued his long-range high speed attacks on Capital ship after Capital ship while dodging fire from countless smaller ships and Grakken, Grakken Destroyers and their Killer Robots. While under his armor Jason, unlike W’Kar, was fearful of what would happen. Indeed he was destroying the Grakken he encountered and so far had yet to take a decent hit capable of giving him damage to worry about. But that was not what worried him. What worried him were their vast numbers and their singular goal. The Crash site and Chronos would be overrun now if not for him.

Dreadnought was close enough to Earth now that he could sense the powerful blasts from both Guyver Powered Zerebubuse and Warrior Guyver Vamore. But their pace of firing had not ebbed in the slightest for the last few minutes.

While Vamore was a Warrior Guyver and had pretty much limitless energy Dreadnought worried that Guyver Powered Zerebubuse would, over the next few hours, sooner or later run out of steam. This would be a long day and he may have to do something he would later regret and save Chronos forces.

But then Dreadnought’s attention was again brought back to the battle of hand as a swarm of about 30 Grakken Destroyers finally managed to intercept him and came at him from all directions. The Grakken Destroyers however only lasted a second before Dreadnought focused his gravitational power and power wave through his gravity shield to quickly unleash a blast wave that explosively obliterated them.

Dreadnought knew he could ill afford to let himself get distracted, even with his unit taking the brunt of the tactical analysis processing for him and feeding him battle strategies, and so he did not even slow down as he then started to unleash a hail of full powered pressure cannon blast as he spun around in circles and started hitting Grakken after Grakken with uncanny pinpoint accuracy, even as he continued to fly towards the next nearest Grakken Capital ship. Eliminating a couple hundred Grakkens by the time he reached his target, which had already started firing at him but he could sense as each weapon was aimed and fired and easily dodged them all before he then spun towards the ship and channeled the power of his smashers through his power wave and unleashed a double fisted Hyper Wave Punch that tore into the Grakken ship as if it had been struck by meteor and smashing the ship in half before its reactor exploded and engulfed the ship as it exploded spectacularly but Dreadnought was already halfway towards his next target.

Dreadnought mused to himself that the Grakkens may win this day by their shear numbers but he was going to make damn sure they paid their pound of flesh for it…

Clan Ship Crash Site

Deep within the fallen clan ship Guyver 4 sat down against a lump of bio-material. She felt very much alone even though there were many Chronos personnel guarding her and others walking around trying to figure out where the last of the Creator secrets were. Even though no one told her what was happening outside she could sense the tension around her heighten then followed by a lot of movement outside the ship and now she could sense Guyver Powered Zerebubuse firing into the sky above them. She just hoped Kristin was okay as she was one of the few friends she had left now in Chronos since Zygote Guyver had “betrayed” them.

Something really bad was still happening outside. But Guyver Zoanoid, Guyver 2 and Female Guyver 2 had been teleported to the Ark to protect it. Leaving her protecting the Clan Ship with countless other Zoanoids of different powers and classes.  But she knew the real reason they had her guarding was because somewhere close by Enforcer Prime guarded her. Though she hoped this time she wouldn’t have to face Dreadnought. Out of all foes she feared him the most because Enforcer Prime would never attack him.

Guyver 4’s head sensors twitched suddenly as she picked up a huge bust of energy heading towards the Clan Ship site. She tensed up for a second but then realized it was set to pass by her hitting a far off corner of the fallen ship. Something had returned fire on the Chronos army outside and that something had serious firepower. Another few seconds later another beam made its way in her direction. This time though it was coming straight for her. She only had a second to react but it was too late as the beam ripped through the craft and was about to hit her when it was stopped by some invisible force.

Enforcer Prime de-cloaked with his back to Guyver 4. He’d already had his hyper-smashers open and a moment later the beams that came from a Grakken Destroyer was consumed by something far more powerful. Above them Imakarum smiled as he saw the blast flow out of the Clan Ship towards the Grakken front lines followed soon after by the large form of the Enforcer Prime as it threw itself into the battle.

And with that the battle raged on. After two hours of battle Dreadnought still worried about the battle’s out come. Dreadnought and W’Kar continued to attack the fleet. The only thing, which had changed here, was that W’Kar had run out of sarcastic lines of abuse and without them responding to his insults W’Kar was now more focused on raw destruction. Some time ago he realized, much like Dreadnought, that they where completely outnumbered here and for every Grakken ship he destroyed there were two more heading towards Earth…

Tonnin was being kept busy by a small portion of the Grakken fleet to keep him from joining the main Chronos army by attacking the Ark. On the ground Guyver Powered Zerebubuse was slowing down his firepower based assault on the Grakken fleet and now waited for the horde to come to him. In front of them the Enforcer Prime and Warrior Guyver Vamore were doing their best but now without Guyver Powered Zerebubuse reducing their numbers the pressure of the amount of Grakken forces on the ground was starting to build.

Dreadnought sensed all of this and toyed with the idea of asking for more help, but being brutally honest it wouldn’t make a difference. Already a number of times he and W’Kar had been caught out by a combined strike of lucky hits and had been forced into hyperspace to regenerate. He just couldn’t think of any major power houses that could take the hits he and W’Kar had. He’s already turned down help from a distraught Fiona having to block her from teleporting to him to help.

Focusing around himself, Dreadnought could see and sense countless smaller craft which normally after getting by him would be blown apart from Guyver Powered Zerebubuse beam blasts but now they moved towards Earth without any trouble. He realized now what he feared was finally happening. The Chronos behemoth was running out of steam. As much as he hated him and respected his great power Dreadnought knew now he’d have to act.

Dreadnought unleashed the power of his gravity shield, which he had been charging up for the last few minutes and unleashed a gravitational shockwave with the power of nearly 50 megatons of TNT concentrated in a single explosive shockwave of force that obliterated all the scout ships and Grakken warriors for miles in all directions and caught over a dozen Capital ships in its wake as well with enough force to crack their hulls and trigger a chain of explosions that soon engulfed them.

W’Kar sensed this and not to be out done flew towards the nearest Capital ship and then teleported right into its main power core, as he used his energy draining ability to absorb the power flowing around him in the sun like interior of the Capital ship’s power core. A minute later W’Kar unleashed a massive discharge of destructive energy that exploded outward. The Capital ship was instantly vaporized as a super nova like blast tore through it and spread outward in all directions until everything for miles had been either vaporized or blown to bits.

Dreadnought sensed what W’Kar had done and smiled knowing how much damage they had both just done but knew there were still hundreds of thousand of ships still all heading towards Earth and he knew he had to protect the clan ship above all else and so he turned back towards the Earth and activated his back thrusters as he shot forward. Soon, as he re-entered the Earth’s atmosphere all around him he could see countless fireballs which on closer inspection he realized where Grakken scout craft hulls which where burning on entry to Earth’s atmosphere.

W’Kar sensed Dreadnought’s departure and telepathically yelled out to him, <“Hey Dread head, don’t tell me you’re leaving the party already?”>

<“Sorry Greg, but keeping the clan ship out of Grakken hands is my top priority.”>

<“Suite yourself,”> W’Kar replied before he looked at another cluster of Grakken ships and wondered if he should use the same trick again, but he did oh so love fireworks…

Clan Ship Crash Site

Imakarum looked at Guyver Powered Zerebubuse, he seemed to be slouching if anything and looked wasted.

“You done us proud today!” said Imakarum looking towards him.

“Thank you sir. But it was not enough.”

“You fought well and kept them at bay long enough for him to decide to help us,” said Imakarum pointing up at the now exploding scout crafts.  Looking up to where Imakarum was pointing Guyver Powered Zerebubuse’s four eyes focused on Dreadnought who was battling his way down to ground level.

Dreadnought descended to the ground with debris from twenty odd Grakken scout ships crashing around him. The Grakken reacted quickly to Dreadnought’s arrival sending a hail of laser beams towards him. His barrier shield immediately held back the barrage but for those few seconds Dreadnought stayed still he realized that the sheer amount of the laser beams were beginning to overwhelm his shield. Dreadnought once again took flight and started dodging Grakken fire and returning fire as he could. But as he now looked and scanned around him he realized this battle could already be over. Even with the Enforcer Prime and him together they were not slowing them down enough. Countless space ships arrived even now and the force was now getting to the point where they could start an all out strike on the Clan ship.

Washington DC – ACTF HQ

It has been over two hours since they had left Australia and went back home. After an hour of staying on high alert General Carter had ordered the army to stand down from high alert after it became clear the Grakken forces where only interested in the Clan Ship. Gilgamesh now stood guard outside the compound allowing the other Guyvers to rest with a large armed force.

Stephen sat down to a meal with Dave, his army liaison officer, Eric and Jacob who where marines that normally worked security during this hour. While he didn’t need to eat, he still enjoyed it and it gave him a chance to socialize with the real people who made this base work and did things like make sure he got a peaceful night sleep and speak with the General on his behalf when he’d disappear to the other side of the world with only a seconds notice. Without these guys, at times he wouldn’t know anything that happened around the base when he was off on a mission. While Eric and Jacob were the best for letting him know the gossip around the base. Which was why he enjoyed having a meal with them so he could hear something that was not just about the war with Chronos.

“Hey, Stephen you wouldn’t believe who struck it lucky while you were out getting a sun tan in Australia!” said Jacob jokingly.

“Hmm, now what do you mean by lucky?” asked Stephen.

“There is only one type of lucky when it comes to guys Steve and we aren’t talking about getting anal probed by a Warrior Unit when it bonded to you!” said Eric almost falling off the chair in a fit of laughter.

Stephen smiled and then started laughing himself. He liked these guys, crude and funny. Just what he needed to release some stress. “Ok, ok I admit bonding with a Warrior unit was “unique”, but I was not anal probed!” emphasized Stephen even making the symbol for an inverted commas with his index and middle fingers to make the point.

“Ok, ok! But anyway guess who got lucky and with whom?” asked Dave trying to defuse the situation a little.

“Hmm, ok, there is only one woman on the base you guys have been lusting after the most, but since Zeugma hasn’t been around for the last few days it can’t be her.”

“Oh yeah, even though there is a high chance of death getting her into the sack I’d do her,” said Eric joining into what was his favorite subject, the Zoalord Zeugma. Not a man in this base had looked at her human form and not thought, “Hmm, if only”.

“Risky subject my friend. Even in Guyver form that woman could beat me around the Area 51 training centre like I was baby!”

“Like the man said, high chance in death Steve, anyway one chance down two to go,” said Jacob.

“Shit, what do I lose if I don’t get this?”

“Well if you win one of my fine Cuban Cigars,” said Jacob pulling out a huge cigar from he side pouch. “Hmmm these are special,” he said bringing it across his nose breathing in the aroma.

“How in God’s name did you get one of those, that’s a Chronos controlled place! Even I can’t get one easily and I can stealth run there!”

“Contacts my friend, contacts!” said Eric smiling now that they had Stephen’s undivided attention.

“Alright so if I lose what happens?”

“You give us turns flying us around DC like Superman for ten minutes each!”

“Deal,” said Stephen not wanting to lose a chance to smoke a real Cuban cigar. Banned before the war with Chronos, but it had been literally been over two years since he smoked one last. Hell if they asked him, chances were he would have anyway. He reached out his right arm and such Jacob by the hand to seal the deal.

Giving it some good thought and rubbing the stubble on his chin with his index finger and thumb Stephen waited for a moment for inspiration.

“Ok, was the woman Stephanie from the Redmond’s Bio-Labs?”

“Nope, she’s a little Clos-er than that,” said Eric emphasizing the c in closer.

Stephen smiled for a second realizing he’d been given the vital clue he needed. He needed to be a little careful though and not be too obvious he was looking at every woman in the canteen area. His eyes shifted around but none of the women stood out for being singled out by the guys for being exceptionally beautiful. He looked at Jacob who had just finished wolfing down a plate of spaghetti Bolognese in record timing.

“Man, you need to learn to chew,” said Stephen shading his head in disbelief.

“Hey… stop…changing the subject” said Jacob as he attempted swallowing the last of his food. This reminded Stephen of being told off by his parents for eating with his mouth full. But then he saw one of the canteen women go by him and go to pick up Jacobs now empty plate. The way she learned over he couldn’t help but notice her well formed legs and behind.

By the looks on their faces gave him all the clue he needed as a rather attractive tall woman named Rose left them to go to the next table. Stephen waited until she was out of ear shot and then said, “Ahh not hard to guess whom the woman was, hey!”

“Not any more, common don’t tell me you wouldn’t though, I saw what your eyes where following,” joked Jacob.

“Yes those rather perfectly formed long legs of hers!” said Eric.

“Ok, so I’m guessing by the fact you guys are so worked up we’re talking about one of the more geeky members of the base you guys poke fun at,” said Stephen as he worked out who to guess was the second person in this duo so he could claim his cigar. From the looks on their faces he could tell he was on to something. He turned around and looked towards Rose and noticed her smile at Eddy, one of the lab technicians who worked in Drake’s lab.

“No…. how did he get her in the sack” said Stephen. Jacob and the others laughed as he handed over the cigar.

New Cork Texas

Time didn’t pass easily for Fiona O’Conner. Even with the TV on she just couldn’t relax into the couch. Safety wasn’t the issue. Outside Zygote Guyver and Guardian had taken up the roles of protecting the house and were out on patrol. Zeugma and Elera where both chatting about if they would risk going to a Chronos controlled town some miles away to buy some food. They’d all managed to somehow find something to get their minds off what was happening in Australia. She couldn’t.

Every so often Jason sent her images of what was happening when he got hurt really badly. She didn’t say anything because somehow she realized this was happening because of the link they shared. The images shocked her, there were countless Grakken spacecraft in the images she saw first and now she saw that he was back on the ground but was surrounded by countless numbers. She worried greatly that Jason, even with the power of Dreadnought, wouldn’t be able to hold them all off.

She had tried to convince him an hour ago to let her help him. But he refused it. He gave his reasons for doing so, she was too week, Guardian wouldn’t make enough of an impact to risk her and Zeugma didn’t have the regenerative powers. She at first didn’t and refused to accept it but after given the time to get over being teleport blocked by Dreadnought she realized he was right. She knew of at least three times he was obliterated by combined firepower of the Grakken.

“Zeugma sorry to interrupt you and Elera.”

“It’s no problem at all Fi,” said Zeugma turning towards her..

Fiona smiled, normally most people used her full name but it was obvious that Jason’s shortened nickname for her was sticking. “I know Jason doesn’t want us to help, and well has stopped us from helping but I can’t sit here and do nothing to help him Zeugma.”

“I’m having tough feelings about it too. But he’ll not let us help him Fi,” answered Zeugma looking almost depressed as much as Fiona in having to admit it.

“We all know how stubborn Jason can be Fiona, and I love him to bits for it as he’d fight to the end for what he believes in,” said Elera. Though as the words came out of her mouth she immediately regretted using “to the end” in her sentence.

“That’s what I’m worrying about Elera, he’ll keep fighting until… he can’t!” said Fiona almost crying now.

Zeugma waited for a few seconds and gave this some though. She respected Jason but for all his power he didn’t know everything. “Maybe Jason didn’t think of one person,” said Zeugma.

“Who?” asked Fiona.

“Angel, she was very powerful, from what I over heard from the general chit chat they reckoned she could rival Dreadnought.”

“Would you think she’d help us though?”

“I didn’t get to speak with her much. But from what I saw she seemed like a good ally though she didn’t remove her unit much.”

“She might have just been shy though,” said Elera.

“It would at least be worth seeing if she could help Jason,” said Fiona, sounding desperate now.

Elera and Zeugma nodded their heads. “Common then lets tell Faye and Zygote and go find Angel,” said Zeugma. All three stood up and walked towards the front door.

Clan Ship Crash Site

Imakarum continued to observe the battle from on top of the biomass with his commanders. The Guyver Powered Zerebubuse had deactivated his unit and was now resting in human forum inside a Bio-Tube. From what Imakarum could gather from his scientists it would not be long before he would be returning to the battle as they used the Bio-Tube to infuse him with neutrients.

Dreadnought had taken up the slack and ahead of Chronos army he could make out a massive explosion as Dreadnought unleashed everything he was capable of against the huge Grakken army. But despite what he viewed to be huge loses inflicted on it the Grakken army continued to grow by the minute. The Grakken were a lot more careful about where they fired since their army had first attacked and a direct hit on the Clan Ship had happened. Clearly since then they had started to get more and more organized.

From what Imakarum could guess it would be only a matter of minutes before they could rush by Dreadnought and the Enforcer Prime in a large enough force to penetrate the Clan Ship. What he hoped was that by then the Powered Zerebubuse would be ready.

7 Miles North of Kazimierz Dolny, Poland ten minutes later

Angel had really needed to relax and just couldn’t handle the chaos around the main EDF base. After giving it a few minutes thought she teleported her bike and herself to Eastern Poland close to Chronos occupied lands but still in an EDF controlled zone. She strapped her traveling bag to her back and after some two hours of driving her bike though a nice old scenic town Angel was now beginning to relax. She’d fought long and hard in Australia and had witnessed many things she wished now she’d never seen. That now was beginning to drift further back into her mind as she felt the wind blow by her as she revved up the speed to pass an old lorry on the road. As she pulled back into her lane she let out a deep sigh of regret and almost risked a smile.

It wouldn’t be long now until she arrived in Kazimierz Dolny. The old European town was nice and had a nice market in the town centre with good food and a hotel she could rest in. While parts of her appearance had changed lately a good pair of sunglasses and her long hair helped disguise the fact she was no longer so human looking. She’d learnt that people tended not to be fussed about green hair in Europe thanks to the youth culture there. Though she doubted she’d ever get a job other than a waitress thanks to it. That thought made her smile, like being a waitress cleaning tables would be any fun compared to riding her bike.

Angel slowed down as she got closer to the town and the traffic built up. She then started to get a strange sensation she was being called. She looked in her rear-view mirrors to see nothing out of the ordinary and continued to ride her bike into the centre of town to her hotel. Now only a minute away from the Hotel she once again heard someone call her name, it was a female voice but it was still not very clear.

Angel sighed hoping she was not going to be asked into another battle. She rode around to the back entrance of the hotel and found what was now becoming her usual place to park. Getting off the bike she took off her helmet and shook her head letting her hair land back naturally over her now pointed ears. She locked her bike, put on her sunglasses and then went inside the hotel.

The hotel was a nicely presented large old house now converted to be a hotel. She’d been here once before and hoped this time she’d not have such a hard time checking in. Thankfully the concierge recognized her this time, checked her in and signaled a clerk to help her to her room. That was a lot easier than the last time, when she had to get some help from the EDF to find a place to stay for the night. Green hair must freak people out in this part of Europe she thought.

The clerk put her bag on the ground near her bed and turned towards her. Angel smiled and tipped him and after he left the room she sat on her bed and put her helmet down beside her on the bed. It would be time for lunch in another few hours and she looked forward to getting something a little tastier than a Big Mac from McDonalds.

But as Angel unpacked her traveling bag into the wardrobe she once again heard a call for help. This time it was clear and it was asking for her help. She let out a really deep sigh and lied down on the bed. How she didn’t want to help now, she just wanted to rest. She thought for a moment of ignoring the cry for help. Once again the female voice came <“Angel, it’s Fiona, Dreadnought’s wife please respond.”> Angel knew that ignoring this was simply not an option. She smiled to herself and thought she was a glutton for punishment.

<“Hi Fiona, can you give me a minute to get ready and I’ll teleport to you.”>

<“Thank God you’re there, I wasn’t sure how this worked hun. Sure let me know when you’re ready.”>

<“I will, see you soon,”> answered Angel.

She looked at the keys and was about to put them in her jeans pocket when she realized there was a good chance she’d be vaporized and then locked out of the room. Of all things she didn’t want even more stress of getting back into her room when the coming battle ended. Her room was on the third story and had a balcony. She locked her bedroom door putting a “Do not disturb sign” on the handle and then opened and locked the balcony door behind her. Down to her side was a plant pot, she reached down and put her keys under it. She loved the view from this room over what was an old medieval style town. She stood on the wall of the balcony and then launched herself forward and screamed “Guyver” making sure she didn’t damage anything historic with her blast field taking flight into the air before anyone took any notice of what was shouted and looked outside.

Outer space – High above Australia

W’Kar was still mildly amused by the destruction he was capable of. But he faced a now growing feeling of boredom. He’d killed may Grakken and space craft in many different ways. But they didn’t respond to his jests. They just kept coming and coming like an unstoppable wave of ants. Every so often they got their lucky hits in, he’d visit hyperspace and then return to once again kill yet more Grakken. And still for more than the eye could see there was a fleet of space ships and more and more were now in orbit over the Earth and sending countless Grakken light craft to Australia. Every so often he’d see powerful dual beams focus on one of these ships in orbit and proceed to blow it apart. He could guess that was the Warrior Guyver Vamore but it too was busy keeping the other smaller ships at bay to stop the armada above them.

He’d spoken with Dreadnought a few times to break that feeling of boredom and knew he was, in a way working with Chronos though was too suborn to admit it. W’Kar thought it was a smart move on his behalf because even with someone as obviously great as himself, there was so many of these bastards it was getting to a point even he now shared some of Dreadnought’s worry that they might not be enough.

It was then W’Kar noticed something that made even his insane personality stop and wonder if he was about to die. Above the Grakken fleet yet another swarm of wormholes appeared. W’Kar knew the Grakken numbers would soon grow vastly and what now already seemed an impossible task would suddenly seem endless.

End of Part 6