This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

TitleAll Things Change: Part 1
AuthorBrian O’Sullivan


2000 B.C., on an island one hundred miles south-east of what would one day be known as Malaysia. It is another normal peaceful day for a small village like city surrounded by a thick jungle that permeates most of the island. All has been peaceful for as long as the people could remember under the rule of their Armoured God, for all except one. Rofus used to be the best hunter of his people and had seen their city grow under his rule, but after the Armoured God returned from his last visit to a far off land, he introduced farming to his people. To him this was a fate worse than death. Nobody hunted anymore and strange creatures from other lands where being literally flown in by the armoured God. Rofus hated this god for changing his way of life. Rofus and three of his friends where now on a hunt for a leopard that had been killing their live stock. Even though the Armoured God had ordered that all hunting be stopped, Rofus and his kinsmen still hunted. Especially now that the armoured God had left on another trip to the outside world and would not return for at least two seasons. The four men had travelled far from their city on this hunt and now where in the forbidden territory of the Armoured God himself, but the thirst for revenge must be satisfied and he was not going to stop now after coming so far. The leopard had rekindled Rofus’s blood lust, he would not be denied any longer. The tracks led to the old cavernous caves from where it was said that the Armoured God used to rule his people but something was discovered here that made him move what was then just a small tribe. None of this mattered to Rofus, he only knew that he was getting close to his prey, the startled cries of monkeys in the distance was a dead giveaway that the leopard was in the area. He signalled to his hunting party for one to go to his right and the other two to go to his left to circle their prey as they moved in for the kill. Rofus could sense that their prey was very close and readied his spear. He singled his group again and they got their spears ready as well. Then suddenly the leopard sprang from its hiding place and charged directly for Rofus, one of his men threw his spear and scored a glancing blow that the leopard simply ignored as it ran for Rofus. Rofus in turn, quickly braced himself as he readied to thrust his spear through the leopards heart, just as the leopard leapt into the air toward Rofus. The two predators met and the leopard was impaled by Rofus’s spear, but the momentum of the leopard continued to carry it forward as it rammed into Rofus and they both crashed to the ground. Rofus’s men rushed to his aid but found neither Rofus nor the leopard, instead they found a hole in the ground. They looked into the hole and called out for Rofus but could hear only the echo of their voices and could see nothing but darkness. Fearing that the earth had somehow decided to swallow their leader, for disobeying their armoured God command, the three remaining men quickly headed back home for fear of sharing their leaders fate. . . An hour later, Rofus awoke to near total darkness, with the weight of the dead leopard on his chest. He shoves the leopard off and painfully gets to his feet as he tries to get his bearings. The only source of light was from the hole he had fallen through and he could tell that it was quickly becoming night above. Nevertheless, his eyes began to adapt to what little light their was and began to make out his surroundings. Rofus discovered to his shock that he was in some ancient temple ruins of his people. This was truly impressive to this primitive man who only lived in a hut. “This place was truly fit for a god, but why would he Armoured God give it up and ban people coming here to worship him?” wondered Rofus as he was nearing what appeared to be an alter when he heard growling all around him and could see glowing red eyes looking back at him from the alter. Before Rofus had barely time to register that he had come across some beast that it pounced on him and began to envelop him in its tendrils. He was soon almost completely covered by this beast and could feel it invading his every pore. A few seconds later, it covered him totally, he would have gasped for air except for the fact the creature had shoved some of its tendrils down his throat. A second later, Rofus losses consciousness. . . Later that night, Rofus awakes to find himself alive! He senses that he has been changed and looks at his hands to see red claws. He is not shocked to see this nor is he scared that his body has been changed. If anything he is curious to see what this beast had done to him. He finds he can now see his surroundings as clearly as if it was day and quickly finds a passage leading to a cave that exits to the surface. Rofus leaves the temple and heads to a pond he had passed by earlier that day, as he was hunting the leopard. As he nears the pond, he can sense the movement of the jungle creatures moving around him. This thing has given him the power to see more than he could have ever dreamt possible. He then looked into the pond to see his armoured form looking back at him. He recognizes the armour, it is like that worn by the god of his people. His eyes and control medal glowed as if his armour was stating its approval of having him as a host. Behind him he senses the movement of something big. He turns around to see another leopard ready to pounce on him from a tree. It seems undecided to attack him but after a second of looking at him the big cat leaps for him. The warrior reaches out his arm and catches the leopard with one hand. The cat roars and tries to scratch him but it is useless against him. Rofus then gets a strange sensation and then feels incredibly hungry. He then feels the armour grow something out of its back and before his eyes two large spikes dart out from under his arm pits and into the big cat. Its body glows as the feeling of it life energy flows into him. . .

Two years later. The Primitive Guyver is on his way back to his home land. It had been years since he had left this part of the world on one of his many trips to the outside world and it was now time to see how his people where doing. He soon landed a mile away from his city and deactivated his Guyver unit. He entered the city gates and was surprised to not see a single soul anywhere. As he walked through the empty city, the one thing he could notice was the complete lack of any signs of life. The huts and small building of this cities people where all empty, it was like walking through a city of the dead. He then made his way to the centre of the city where his temple was located. As he got closer, he could see forms moving around. His eyes focused in and saw they where clearly people. He ran to greet them only to find hostile guards. They shouted at him but he could not understand their language. One of them grabbed him and dragged him into the temple. The smell of death was everywhere inside this building. There were skeletons of people everywhere along the floor in all different sizes. Whatever was killing these people was a beast he would kill. He was led into a large room and in its centre was some big creature he couldn’t easily see in the darkness of this dimly lit room. Thoughts went through his mind of what this could be. Some zoanoid of sorts maybe? A zoalord? No it was a Guyver. He stood there in shock looking at the massive form of this red Guyver. It grabbed a young woman and held her with his two hands at arms length as two large spikes darted out of its back and under his armpits as they jabbed into the woman’s chest. A strange white aura surrounded her and a within seconds she was no more than some shrivelled skin on a skeleton. He then flung the dead body towards some of her tribe who coward in the corner, the Primitive Guyver recognized them as people from the mainland. This Guyver monster had turned his people into conquerors, capturing people for their dark lord to feast upon. The evil Guyver then looked at him and moved towards him. His time was up, the time to play possum to this beast was over. He shouted ‘Guyver’ and summoned his unit, blowing apart the two guards that were holding him in place. He knew he was smaller and weaker than this large red Guyver but he had millions of years of combat experience. If he could damage him fast enough, he knew he could get the upper hand and could kill him. Knowing better than to rush head long into such a battle, he waited for this Guyver to come to him. The unknown Guyver reached out his arms and ran for the Primitive Guyver, screaming that there can only be one God. The Primitive Guyver stood there and waited for him to be only inches away then jumped into the air and over the Guyver. The Guyver turned around and then looked down to see his arms had been cut off from his elbows. He looked ahead to see the Primitive Guyver standing with his vibrational swords extended. “You are not worthy of the power you posses. I will end your tyranny of my people here and now”. . .


End Plogue

Present Day:

It was one week after the battle at Chronos Arizona. The Twelve Supreme Zoalords argued over Alkanphel’s choice of leader. He was an unknown and they could not trust him to lead them. Valkus being the oldest one there demanded that all be quiet. Kron, like Imakarum before him, was reprocessed to obey only Alkanphel. He is no longer under the control of any Creator. Ideal for what Chronos needs in this turbulent time, with not one but two Warrior Guyvers and the two Gigantic Guyvers to deal with as well. They needed someone as powerful as a Zoalord created by the Creators themselves. It was a risk but if all works out as planned, Chronos will finally be powerful enough to end all resistance and complete its mission. Kron knew all that was being said about him. He, like Alkanphel, was able to control these Zoalords but why he was trusted so deeply and given a controlling interest in Chronos he did not understand, but he had noticed one change to himself. He’d never fully liked the Creators but now after what Alkanphel had done to him, he hated them. All of his energy would be devoted to killing them off, but Kron didn’t consider himself one of the twelve and didn’t want to join them. The twelve would stay in control of Chronos while he would lead against the Guyvers and keep them from interfering with Alkanphel’s plan. In a show of pure genius, he had learned all of Earth’s modern languages within minutes and he was now sitting in front of a computer as he was deep in thought over the present situation. Now that Alkanphel was asleep, somewhere in a location unknown to him, and would be unable to fight for a number of months. A necessity that Alkanphel could not avoid. To do so would be to invite death at the hands of the Warrior Guyvers. One-on-one Alkanphel could win against either one of them, but the leader of Chronos had been pushing himself too much and was awake longer than he should have been. He would need a replacement until he again awoke. This group he was looking at on the computer would be ideal to help fill the void caused by Alkanphel’s absence. Already blessed with some of the Zoalords powers, they would quickly take to being made into full fledged Zoalords. These Proto-Zoalords where made after Murakami had become Imakarum. Valkus and Alkanphel liked the idea of having many lower zoalords that could like him, one day become full fledged Zoalords, if there was a need. The leader of this group of lesser Zoalords was called Destrol. Considered to be the son of Alkanphel, he would be the ideal choice for the 12th position. Another thought entered the mind of the Zoalord. With the knowledge that Chronos learned from the Warrior Guyver, he might be able, with Valkus’s help, to come up with an enhancement for the eleven other full Zoalords, making them almost as powerful as a Warrior Guyver. Of course he was already this powerful if not more so but he could use some of these enhancements himself. He looked up the file for the Warrior Guyver, the file on himself and other Guyver related projects. He suddenly smiled as he looked at what Destrol was presently working on. A zoanoid with Guyver enhancements and the first prototype had actually survived the process. This gave him another interesting idea for himself. He opened his personal file and entered in his ideas. He then called Valkus and gets ready to implement the plan. It is risky but will in the end give Chronos what it needs. . .


One month later.

The Twelve Supreme Zoalords, Kron and Alkanphel have been asleep for over a month. With the absence of the Twelve Supreme Zoalords, the shortage of Bio-Titans, and only five Proto Zoalords. The two Warrior Guyvers and the Psi-Guyver, who has the power to command unprotected zoanoids to die, have ravaged Chronos positions in the United States. The five remaining Proto-Zoalords have not attacked, knowing that they aren’t powerful enough to handle the Guyvers on their own and any foolish attempt now would only lead to their destruction and then the demise of the Twelve Supreme Zoalords as they slept. While they where in the USA, reports of the Guyver C re-emerging in Canada as a new Warrior Guyver has been confirmed. Chronos is now on the run with only Arizona and Texas fully in Chronos control, with fifty new Overlords stationed in the two states keeping control of the troops. Kron’s plan is still not ready to be put into action and Chronos is losing land too quickly. It is time to do as Alkanphel commanded and agree to the peace terms with the human forces.  

Washington DC Anti-Chronos HQ.

Sean was sitting down at the canteen, drinking a cup of coffee. Thoughts went through his head of rumours that had been floating around the base over the past month or so. Some where fact, some where not. The big ones where about what happened with Jason in the Chronos base. People had overheard his argument with General Carter. It was a fact now that he had let himself be scanned by them so his sister would not be killed. To be honest, he couldn’t really fault Jason for what he did, he simply had no choice. With all his family dead, what would he have to live for? But he was threatened with expulsion from the Anti-Chronos forces. This was not new but the rumour going around was that General Carter had planned to have him killed by Warrior Guyver 2 if he was still hesitant returning back home. Even so the General would have gotten rid of him on his return in favour of keeping Warrior Guyver 2 who was a military man, not a civilian, but the Warrior Guyver had returned with his sister, who was now known as the Psi-Guyver, and was even more powerful than her brother. Jason had also brought back a violent as hell Guyver called Faye who also had an Aceaer given to her by Jason. This was a huge amount of power that General Carter knew he couldn’t just toss away because he disliked one man. He would need these three whether he liked it or not, they where just too powerful to leave alone and unsupervised, but that wasn’t what concerned Sean. Never mind all that, what about him? Jason and him have been through many battles. Together they’ve turned back Chronos forces untold numbers of times. Something was seriously wrong here. There was a power struggle between Jason and Carter. They may not be aware of it because as far as they are concerned they are just doing their jobs as best as they can, but the two of them seemed to be drifting apart. If that happened what would he do? Hell what would Cori do? Would she join him if he left with Jason? Would they really leave and help out if the General liked it or not? He then cursed himself for a fool. He was over doing it. More than likely nothing was happening apart from a little bad blood over what Jason had done. Revealing the secrets of the Warrior armour to Chronos might have risked the whole war, but chances where that Jason would score a big victory and be back in the favor of everyone again. Including the hard to impress General Carter. . . As this thought went through Sean’s head, Cori ran in screaming his name.

“Sean, Sean your not going to believe this!” she said.   “What is it Cori?”.

“I’ve found out where the two units are located Sean”.

  Sean jumps out of his seat and calls out through the organisms on his back for all the U.S. based Guyvers to meet him in the war room. He then went to the canteen phone and called General Carter. About five minutes later the big players of the Anti-Chronos force apart from Warrior Guyver 2 who was in Canada where sitting around the war room table. General Carter was at the head of the table with Jason, Aceaer Marine Stephen, Jenny, Sean and Cori. Even though Sean called the meeting General Carter started it off.   “Sean has called meeting to give us some good news, but I’ve to start off with some more recent news which you five are going to be the first to know outside our diplomats. We’ve agreed to a truce with Chronos! There will no longer be any fighting in this country against Chronos for the foreseeable future.”

Everyone started to grumble their disapproval but he waved them to be silent and he then went on.

“The only reason we’ve agreed is because of the losses to our troops and resources over the past few months. We need time to rebuild our forces to meet the Chronos threat. The Red Armours have to be replaced and the new Green V2’s are finally on-line. Further more, five hundred Fusion Cannons are in the middle of being built. Chronos must also have severe casualties from their defeats here in the USA, Canada and from Europe where they started dying like flies, for a still unconfirmed reason. Our job now is to reinforce ourselves so we can attack Chronos in three months time and drive them off American soil. This brings us to Sean who as I said has news which you must hear.”

Sean then spoke “Well this is for your ears only of course. Cori has finished translating the map and has found out where the two missing units are located. I’ll let Cori carry on from here.”

Cori then stood up as she addressed the group “The map was written almost like a riddle but I’ve been able to decipher the approximate locations of the two units. I also was able to translate the names of the units. One is called “Battle Unit” and the other is called “Life Force Unit”. As the general said, with these added to our arsenal, combined with the Warrior Guyver C and Cyber Dark in Canada, we can finally deliver a crushing blow to Chronos.”

Sean broke in and said “Sorry to interrupt you there Cori, but in Stephen once told me that in his world, the Battle Unit was given to your alternative self.”

“Did we find the unit in his world?” Cori asked.

“No, Chronos found it and gave it to us to seal the alliance against the Creators,” said General Carter. “Hmm… from what we where told about this unit before, it is a powerful unit with very good shielding, used by you Cori. I see no reason to go against fate here. Cori, you will get the spare Aceaer unit and go with Jason to find this unit. Sean I know you want to be with Cori but we need you to go to Europe with the Aceaer Marine Stephen and Faye, along with a force of armoured marines and the Canadian forces. We may not be fighting in the USA but we sure as hell are not going to let Chronos get there hands back in Europe. Jenny, you’re to stay here and be our home guard and to look after Elera, but if Chronos decides to renege on the treaty and attack us, Jason and Stephen are to teleport you all back here. I’ll leave you now to get ready for you missions.”

With that said General Cater left them to get on with it. Jason who was sitting there quietly listening walked over to Cori and Sean joins them. Sean then turns to Jason “You look after her Jason, you hear.”.

“Of course I will, but she can look after herself quite well.”

“Yeah Sean, I should be fine, that Aceaer thing is very handy.”

“Even so, look after her Jason, I don’t want to lose her again.”

“Oh how sweet.” said Cori with a smile.

“Don’t get all emotional now you two, we’ve a mission to complete.”  

Jenny then walked over to Jason and punched his shoulder to get his attention.

“Jason, don’t take too long, this place is rather boring without someone to chat with and its hard to make friends when people think you’re capable of crushing them to death”.

“Don’t worry sis, I’ll try and get this done quickly, but anyway you’ve Elera to keep company. You did save her life only a month or so ago from that Zerebubuse. Speaking of which, you’ve not talked with her much since then?”.

“It’s kind of hard to talk with her when you sense her thoughts and have a front side view of her dreams”

“Well, she is alone here too. If not for Stephen, she’d have no one to talk to at all and at the moment he’s in Canada. Also that new doctor Redmond is trying his best to get her into a lab to run tests on her zoa-form. She needs a friend now more than ever and I think that’s you.”

“Huh!? Why do you say that?”

“Because you may not see it but you two are more alike than you think. I don’t want to argue with you over this, hell I don’t have the time, but please keep an eye on her, at least she’s an innocent and shouldn’t be left to fall into the hands of Chronos”.

“Okay Jason, I’ll look out for her but I choose my own friends.”

“Fair enough sis, HEY CORI, LET GO OF SEAN’S FACE AND LET’S GO!”  

As Jason and Cori leave the rest of the group, Sean put his fears behind him. The lab had been built up to combine the technological work of Drake and the biological work of Redmond. This doctor Redmond had been with the FBI for years and worked on the specimens and equipment taken from the former Chronos LA branch. Together they where the two top scientists in their fields of study, but Doctor Redmond had not yet been formally introduced to the Guyvers. So didn’t notice as they entered the lab to collect the Aceaer Unit for Cori. They could see the two doctors debating about the Aceaer in front of them. It was way too complex but the basic theme to the debate was about the HSL power systems and how it worked with the organic components of the Aceaer. Jason and Cori where totally lost with what they where saying and the two doctors where so engrossed in this debate that they barely noticed them as they walked towards the Aceaer, took it, and walked out. A minute later, when the debate cooled down Dr. Redmond uttered “Oh my god! Where did the Aceaer go?”

“Oh that, don’t worry, Jason and Cori came in and took it”.

“Hmpf, they didn’t even ask”.

“I wouldn’t get in their way, Jason is the Warrior Guyver and has overriding permission to use the Aceaer”.

“So if he wants it, he gets it?”.

“Yes”. . .

Meanwhile, outside the lab, Cori was walking along with Jason and holding the Aceaer Unit in her hands. They then walked to Cori’s lab and looked at the map. Beside the map was a G.P.S. device that was given to her by Doctor Drake, who had helped her out with the maps decryption. She went to grab it but then she realized that she’d need to activate her Aceaer first. This was the same unit she had used before. So she attached the control collar to the nape of her neck and clicked the activation button. Within seconds it formed around her. She then picked up the G.P.S. device. Jason then summoned the Warrior Unit and reached for her arm as he then teleported them to the other side of the world.

Chronos Arizona

Kron awoke inside the bio-tube as the liquid inside it was being drained away. Once the liquid fully drained away, warm air was blown through it to dry him off and to get rid of any excess liquid. Outside, he saw a face of a young woman he didn’t recognize. The tube opened up and she bowed in front of him as a mark of respect. Kron walked down the steps from the bio-tube and right by her almost completely ignoring her. He then preceded to walked to his personal changing room. A few minutes later he walked back out dressed in his full Zoalord armour, with his blue cloak hiding the true form of his body.

“Who are you?” demanded Kron.

“Natasha Manning my lord”.

“You must be Valkus’s most trusted assistant for you to be working with the twelve Supreme Zoalords and I?”.

“You are right my lord, I am Lord Valkus’s most senior assistant”.

“Were is Valkus?”

“Valkus is still asleep my lord, you are the first Zoalord who’s body has fully excepted the new implants and bio modifications. I think it is because you, like lord Alkanphel, are a more advanced Zoalord than the other twelve Lords.”

“If you are Valkus’s most trusted, then you know why?”

“You my Lord and Lord Alkanphel where made by the Creators themselves.”

 Kron simply nodded his acknowledgment before he asks “Is the Bio-Unit ready?”.

“Yes my lord, I have supervised it myself.”

Kron looked at her and sensed some problem on her mind but for some reason it was not as open as those of the normal zoanoids. He then remembered a fact told to him about Aptom and the Lost Numbers.

“I sense some problem from you but it is not easy to tell what it is, you are one of the Lost Units?”

“Yes my lord, as a result I am difficult to control, but my loyalty is to Chronos.”

“Strange that Valkus would trust you so, tell me girl, what is the problem?”

“Chronos is losing the war here. We’ve lost all but two states of the United States and the five ruling council put in place by Valkus has signed a peace treaty with the American government to buy us some time.”

“Hmm, normally I would kill them as a point to prove to all the cost failing Chronos but these are trying times. . . Now I sense why you asked this, you are mate to one of the Proto Zoalords. Do not worry girl, you have my word he will not die by my hands.”. . .  Kron and Natasha continued to walk towards Kron’s personal processing tube. The Bio-Unit was dropped in and Kron sent it a telepathic command to open up. Behind the two of them, another female lab assistant got closer, but once again this was Aptom, he had absorbed the body of this young woman and was now using her human form. Without the twelve supreme Zoalords to monitor him and Kron commanding the Bio-Unit, he slipped easily into the base. Kron disconnected his armour, then flew up into the air, and dropped into the processing tube. The Bio-Unit latched onto him and started to merge with the Zoalord, but Aptom didn’t act just yet. He walked over to a computer terminal and inserted a disk. Then entered a command and took the disk out. Kron’s transformation was now almost finished. Aptom activated his zoa-form and launched over twenty Gaster missiles at the Bio-Tube, but it was too late. Kron sensed the coming missiles and activated his shielding, blowing apart the tube, shielding himself from the missiles but the shattered glass acted like ballistic projectiles, stabbing Natasha with countless shards of glass and killing her instantly. Kron’s Bio-Unit quickly adapted to his Zoalord form and he surged with power. Aptom knew this one body of his was going to die and sent out every missile he had, blowing apart all the staff in the lab and destroying the computer equipment. Kron raised his hand, a bolt of lightning shot out and hit Aptom. Before he had a chance to react his body was burned to ash. In Canada another Aptom in human form had a look of shock on his face.

“What happened Aptom?” asked Agito.

“It’s bad, Kron has awoken and has activated the Bio-Unit!”  

 Agito summoned his Guyver unit and then the Gigantic before turning back to Aptom “Aptom, I’ve business in Japan, I’ll be back soon.”.

 With that said, the Gigantic Dark teleported himself to his new HQ in Japan.

Japan, Zeus Thunderbolt Factory.

Agito lets go of the Gigantic armour and walks into his office at the back of the factory, still in the form of Guyver 3. Shizu was sitting in his chair as she now helped in the running of his private army and was his most trusted ally. She lit up at the site of him.

“Hello master Agito.”

“Hello Shizu, I’ve got a small job for you. Will you follow me please?”  

She got up and followed the Guyver 3 as he led her out of the office and down a set of steal stairs. The factory was in full production at the moment and sparks where flying everywhere from the welding being done to the Red Type Armours that Agito had received from the US Government as a thank you gesture. He’d decided when he gotten them that the armours needed heavier weapons and some improvements so now had his top engineers working on it. The two of them walked by quite unnoticed showing how accustomed his people where to seeing him in his Guyver form. A minute or so later, at another side of the factor, they walked toward three security guards. Who then let them by as they entered the labs. No one was in there and there in front them, in two glass cases, where the Unit Remover and the dormant Warrior Unit 2 unit. Rumours from one of his spies was that General Carter was told by Stephen, the Warrior Guyver 2, that the Matrix had taken it. The fact of the matter was that he had taken it. Shizu looked at Agito and wondered what was up. Agito then spoke to her without taking his eyes off the two glass cases “I have given the doctor more that enough time to work on this unit. Shizu, open the case of Unit Remover and put it onto your arm like I showed you before.”.  

“Yes master Agito.”

Shizu opened up the glass display of the Unit Remover and picked it up. It was amazingly light and opened up to except her hand.

“Now point it at me and command it to remove.”

A second or two later the Remover opened up and a white light shined as the remover beam shot out and hit its mark. Then the Guyver unit that Agito knew so well fell off him. It was quick and painless this time as he did not resist its power. Leaving his dormant unit on the ground Agito walked over it and stepped in front of the dormant Warrior unit. He smiled and clicked the release button on the display and almost instantly the Warrior Unit responded to the new air and Agito could see the bio-material of the unit moving around. He picked up the dormant unit and the unit jumped on him. Shizu backed up against the wall as Agito screamed with pain as he merged with the Warrior Unit. The Warrior Unit changed to a dark purple colour as it formed around Agito. Within a minute the basic humanoid form was clear to see but still looked as if the Unit was going to slip off him. It then pulled itself together and the pyramid control medal glowed, also with the pink eyes of the Warrior Guyver 3. Agito awakened under his armour and could feel the extra power of the Warrior Unit flowing through his body. The Warrior Guyver 3 then moved towards the dormant Unit 3. He picked it up and looked at Shizu. He knew that Shizu would be the ideal choice for his old unit. She was clearly loyal to him and on more than one occasion had risked herself to save him even though she was just a normal human girl.

“Shizu, let go of the Remover.”

Shizu did not asked why and she commanded it to release. The Remover fell to the ground. Warrior Guyver 3 walked over to it and picked it up with his right hand. He then picked up his old unit with his left hand.

“Shizu, you have always been my most trusted friend, come over to me.”  

Shizu did as he asked and walked up to him and the two of them teleported away. They reappeared on top of a skyscraper in the middle of Tokyo city. Shizu had a look of shock on her race. Agito flung the Remover away from them and then fired a gravity ball at it, destroying it totally. He then turned to Shizu who was now somewhat in fear for her life. She closed her eyes and waited for her fate to be decided. Warrior Guyver 3 held his old dormant unit before her and waited for it to activate. Shizu heard the unit activating but before she even opened her eyes the Unit activated and now started the merging process with its second host, Shizu. The Warrior Guyver 3 flew up into the air and waited for her to finish her merging process.

Canada, five miles away from their Anti-Chronos HQ

Aptom concentrated on one of his other bodies. It was hiding as one of the dead bodies in the lab where he had fought Kron. One of the five Proto-Zoalords entered the room. He had been ordered to get the place in order before the 12 awoke. He looked over at a bio-tube to see Natasha inside it. He walked over to see that she was clearly dead with many shards of glass still stuck into her body. Some ten feet away the body of another Aptom still laying there, pretending to be dead. The clean up crew hadn’t gotten to him yet and now one of his most wanted targets was only a few feet away. The Proto-Zoalord looked at his wife’s dead floating body and didn’t pay much attention to what was going on behind him. Aptom pulled himself together and then walked calmly toward his next meal. The Proto-Zoalord did not realize it till it was too late and Aptom’s hand touched the back of his neck. Within ten seconds, Aptom had absorbed most of his body. Kron felt the passing of the proto Zoalord and teleported down as Aptom finished the absorption and his Sixth Combination form was born. This time Aptom knew that Kron was too powerful to mess with and he needed to get to his other bodies so that he could make use of this proto-zoalord DNA. Using his newly acquired shielding and gravity systems Aptom flew up through the floor and continued as fast as he could up through the base. Kron, still in Bio-Lord form, flew up after him, the wake of his shields making the hole big enough for him to fly through. Aptom could sense the power of Kron catching up to him. The only friendly person that was close enough to him with telepathic powers was the Psi-Guyver and this would be the best time to say hello. He called out to her in the hopes she’d respond “Jennifer, I need help.”

“The name’s Jenny and who the hell are you?”

“It’s Aptom, I’ve acquired the power of one of the Proto-Zoalords and now have Kron hot on my tail. Can you and your big brother pay a house call to the Arizona base and get me hell out of here?”  

“He’s on the other side of the world but you do know I can teleport right?”  

“No I did not know that, hurry please.”  

Jenny summoned her Guyver unit then changed into her Psi-Guyver mode and teleported to the top of the Chronos Arizona base. Psi- Guyver then called out telepathically to Aptom, “Aptom I above the base, are you still there?”.

As she waited for a reply, he could sense the movement of the zoa-forms within the base through both her Guyver and Overlord senses. There was a large group of them moving frantically and then she picked up a strange Guyver like being chasing a Zoalord. She had no idea what to make out from that but the first to emerge was Aptom as he burst through the upper layer of the base quickly followed by the strange Guyver like being which unmistakably was Kron and twenty or so others zoanoids.

Looking at this Jenny thought “Oh shit!” what has that Lost Number gotten her into? But there was not time to waste as she flew down towards Aptom dodging laser blasts as Aptom flew up to greet her. His left arm and lower left leg had been shot off but he could still fly. She did not waste a moment and got to Aptom then teleported away.  

 Washington DC Anti-Chronos HQ.

Psi-Guyver and a none worse for wear healing Aptom appeared above the Anti-Chronos US HQ base. They hovered in the air above the centre building. Aptom was still badly damaged but he didn’t really care as he telepathically showed Psi Guyver where he want to go and then said aloud “Thanks for the rescue Jenny would you mind teleporting me there?”

“Sure that would be no problem.”

Canada five miles away from their Anti-Chronos HQ

Psi-Guyver arrived with Aptom and to her amazement there was another four Aptom’s there looking at her. The Aptom she had teleported with flew over to them. Shockingly they then sliced him into four parts using their head beams. Each of the four then grabbed a section each and before her eyes the Aptom she had rescued merged with the other four. It only took a few seconds and then there where four of them all fully healed and stood there in Aptom’s 6th zoanoid form. Three of them then flew flew off. The remaining Aptom then turned to Jenny and said, “Now I will really have fun with Chronos.”

Tokyo City

Warrior Guyver 3 looked down on the pink form off the Female Guyver 3. Her form had finalized but Shizu had yet to take control of her unit. Then the Warrior Guyver 3 sensed movement behind him and turned around to see the form of the Shadow Guyver.  

“Well now.” said Warrior Guyver 3, “I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on you and now as the Warrior Guyver 3, I will destroy you”.

“You are welcome to try Agito!”

Two Bio-Titans flew to the side of the Shadow Guyver and he could see two Neo-Zektoles behind them flying to help. Warrior Guyver 3 then called out to Sho for help and then tried to get through to Shizu but she stayed unconscious. In their safe house, Sho felt Agito’s call. He told Tetsuo and Mizuki what was up, then left the house as he summoned his Guyver unit and then flew into the air. He then summoned his Gigantic Cocoon, which then merged with his Guyver to become the Gigantic Guyver and then flew at top speed towards Agito. Warrior Guyver 3 was now in aerial combat with the neo-zoanoids. Laser blasts where flying everywhere with the Warrior Guyver 3 using his shielding very heavily. The Shadow Guyver flew down to the top of the skyscraper and landed some ten meters away from the Female Guyver 3. He extended all six of his vibrational swords and started to walk towards what he viewed as just a normal Guyver. The Female Guyver 3 looked him eye-to-eye and seemed to be getting an idea that it was out powered. Her control medal glowed and the Gigantic Cocoon appeared behind her. It quickly enveloped her and then opened up to reveal a female Gigantic Guyver. Above them Agito smiled under his new Warrior armour. Now that his old unit had summoned the Gigantic, she would not have any trouble calling to it. This would only add to his power base as she is a more controllable pawn than Sho ever was. The Shadow Guyver walked towards the Female Gigantic 3. She was a good nine feet tall and easily looked down on him. The Shadow Guyver cloaked himself, vanishing right in front of the Guyver. The Female Gigantic stood there with all four head sensors looking for the Shadow Guyver. It stopped then the Guyver crossed its arms and its orbs started to glow as it activated its shielding system. A second later there was a thud noise then you could see the mark on the ground where the Shadow Guyver had been knocked to after being hit by the Female Gigantic’s shield. Above them and in a fight of his own with four neo hyper zoanoids, the Warrior Guyver 3 had seen this happening. Dodging and shielding fire from his attackers, he fired three single handed gravity balls down at the spot where he saw the shadow Guyver land. Two missed and blew off a large section of the skyscraper, sending rubble falling to the crowds below but one had hit home and blasted apart the right leg of the Shadow Guyver. The Shadow Guyver cried out in pain from the damage done to him. The Guyver de-cloaked and about a meter away from him you could see the obliterated remains of his right leg. The Bio-Titans and the Neo-Zektoles flew down to him and made a protective circle around him. Warrior Guyver 3 then sensed a massive object flying towards him and turned around to see the Guyver Gigantic. Who in turn quickly stopped within site of Warrior Guyver three.

“Agito is that you?”

“Yes Sho, it is and before you ask that pink Guyver Gigantic over there is Shizu and below us is that bastard Shadow Guyver.”  

Not wanting or needing to ask any more questions the Gigantic Guyver extended his vibrational swords and landed a few meters away from the Neo-Hyper Zoanoids. Warrior Guyver 3 then called out through his Unit for Shizu to wake up to the danger at hand, “Shizu, wake up!” The Warrior Guyver 3 landed beside the Gigantic Guyver and they readied themselves for a Mexican stand off with the Neo-Zoanoids. A few seconds later her control medal glowed as Shizu took control of her Guyver. She looked at her hands in disbelief that she had become a Guyver but quickly woke up and ran towards the Warrior Guyver 3 and Gigantic Guyver.

Warrior Guyver 3 then said “Now lets get th”, but as he was saying that a massive thunder like cloud appeared above them. Its centre then opened up and the Guyver like battle form of Kron floated down.

Gigantic Guyver was the first to speak up, “Who the hell is that?”.

“Kron!” said Warrior Guyver 3 grimly.

Kron then spoke to them, “You three will not kill the favoured Guyver of Chronos and what is this? Another Warrior Guyver! Which looks like the Guyver 3 no less.”

“Yes Kron, I am now Warrior Guyver 3, and I swear I will be the one who kills you.”

“Big words from one as weak as you.”

The orbs on the Warrior Guyver 3 started to glow as his unit channelled its cyclone energy through his system. He then dove for Kron knocking the two Bio-Titans out of his way. Kron flew up into the air leaving the Warrior Guyver 3 to fly right by under him. As he flew by the two Neo-Zektoles, he extended his vibrational swords as they extended theirs. They both swiped for him as his swords reached there full extension and to the shock of the Neo-Zektoles, his swords sliced through their swords as he went by, cutting off their heads and leaving their beheaded bodies to fall to the ground. As the two Bio-Titans turned to fire on the Warrior Guyver 3, the Guyver Gigantic and Female Gigantic charged their pressure cannons and fired them at one of the Bio-Titans that had its back turned to them while it was firing on Warrior Guyver 3. The two gravity balls smashed against his shields the first one knocking it down and the second one getting through and hitting its back, denting its armour. A second or so later the dent was pushed out to normal and the Bio-Titan turned around to its two attackers. His fellow Bio-Titan also turned around as they sized up the two Gigantic Guyvers. While the four combatants readied to start killing each other, above them Warrior Guyver was flying towards Kron. Kron fired a lightning bolt from his left hand which flew right for the Warrior Guyver 3 who put all his shields energy to his front to deflect the attack. The lightning bolt slammed against his shield which held back the force of the attack as he continued to get closer to Kron. As soon as the attack stopped Warrior Guyver 3 slowed down and charged up a cyclone blast through his arms. Kron simply held his position as if daring Warrior Guyver 3 to take him out. Warrior Guyver 3 fired and the blast headed towards Kron. The red orbs on his body glowed and a shield surrounded his body. As the blast hit him, it wrapped around the shield and then dissipated away. As it cleared, Kron was still there and unhurt. Kron then flew for the Warrior Guyver 3. Warrior Guyver 3 in turn opened his right mega-smasher and pointed it at Kron. Kron didn’t stop or try to evade the Warrior Guyver 3 and just kept flying straight for him. The mega-smasher fired and its intense beam slammed off Kron’s shield. Below them the Gigantic Guyver and the Bio-Titans stopped fighting and looked up to see the white beam through the sky, but only ten meters away from Warrior Guyver 3 you could see the spear shape of Kron’s shield as he pushed closer to the Warrior Guyver 3 even against the power of the mega-smasher. Warrior Guyver 3 could sense this and knew Kron was too powerful for him to fight alone, even with the Warrior unit. He called out to the two Gigantics. The mega-smash cleared to reveal a totally unharmed Kron, but before he got the chance to get payback on the Guyver, the Warrior Guyver 3 and the Gigantics teleported away.

Feral Island 100 miles south east of Malaysia

Warrior Guyver and the Female Aceaer where flying over a jungle that covered almost the whole island. The island itself was horse shoe shape and looked as if the centre of the island simply fell below sea level. In the past fifty years, no one had tried to move back on the island. Cori knew of this island well. No explorers had found its lost city, reported to be the city of the gods. For a long time it was called the island of death, but there had been traces of past life found with clay pots discovered and other signs of this civilization but it was like the city itself which was rumoured to be here but was never found. The G.P.S. unit in the Female Aceaer’s hand started to beep, she was getting a signal saying how far she was away from the site she had inputted into it. It would not be long now. As they flew over a mountain, they saw what would be the centre of the island if it was not under the sea. As they closed in on the signal, the closer to the centre they got. The G.P.S. started to beep continuously as they now hovered over the target zone. They looked down and all they could see was sea water.

“Okay Cori, now where do we go?”


The Aceaer Female was about to fly down when the Warrior Guyver shouted at her to stop.

“No, wait Cori. Give me the G.P.S. and I’ll teleport it back to Drakes.”  

“Well okay, its no longer any use to us and it will only get broken.”

The Aceaer Female handed Warrior Guyver the G.P.S. and he teleported away. She then got a head start and flew down towards the water. A second or so later the Warrior Guyver teleported back and looked around for the Aceaer Female. His head sensors then picked her up below him and he looked down over one thousand feet to see a splash where she had entered the water. Under the water the Aceaer Female turned around and looked back the way she had come. Before she could even sensed his movement, she felt a shockwave and the Warrior Guyver rocketed through the water, stopping only a few feet away from her. At first she could not make him out with all the aerated water around him, but as the bubbles cleared away and floated to the surface, she could make out the Warrior Guyver.

Talking through there units, “Thought you could escape Cori?”  

“Hah, ha, ha. I might have given it a try. Okay judging from the map, this is where the old city would be if it was above land, but it seems as if sometime over the last four thousand years, the land was literally pulled under the sea, taking the city with it.”

“So we’re going to swim to the bottom of the sea and find an underwater city?” asked Warrior Guyver.

“Yes. Well as deep as this part of the island goes anyway.”     “Cool.”  

Before she could say another word the Warrior Guyver had dived down more than fifty feet, using his gravity controller instead of hand and feet to swim, and he was almost out of view. She activated her gravity controller and quickly caught up.

“Okay Cori. What do we know of these people?”

“Well they had a civilization spanning over four thousand years under the protection of an armoured god.”

“A Guyver?”

“Looking back on it now, I think it was a Guyver, but we never knew and scholars thought it was just some guy dressed in some sort of man made armour.”

“Yup, it’s great to have hindsight Cori. Looking back, there could be many legendary creatures that could really be Guyvers, Chronos or other zoa-forms.”

“Way too many for me to think about Jason, but on this island we still don’t know what caused its downfall.”

As the two of them moved through the water, the Warrior Guyver sensed something moving behind them. It was something he’d not sensed before. He turned around and while floating backwards he saw a shark following them. His first reaction was shock and fear of it then with the realization that this shark could not harm him, he calmed right down. He turned back around and shrugged his shoulders. He looked over at the Aceaer Female and saw her head sensors move as it detected the shark.

“What the hell is it Jason?”

“Oh, It’s just a shark.”


“Don’t worry about it, with that Aceaer armour of yours, you will be doing the hunting.”

It was then the Warrior Guyvers head sensors moved again and this time it was something a lot bigger. He turned around to see this massive shark like creature. It was like comparing a whale shark to a minnow where size was concerned. The creature moved up behind the shark then it ate the shark and then looked straight at the Warrior Guyver. The Warrior Guyver fired his head beam at the creature but was shocked as it erected a bio-energy shield to protect itself.

“Okay now we worry.” said the Warrior Guyver.

“Why?.oh shit! What do we do now?”

“Not much choice Cori, we fight!”

The Warrior Guyver charged his pressure cannon as the creature got closer to him. Then at almost point blank range, he fired the ball and then to his surprise the creature shielded that attack as well, then opened its mouth. Warrior Guyver signalled to Aceaer Cori to fly up and out of the sea. The two of them engaged their gravity controllers and jetted straight up with the Creature following them. A second or so later the Warrior Guyver and the Aceaer Female burst out of the sea. Then hovered some twenty feet above it as they saw a shadow getting bigger below them, they then flew even higher as a large gaping mouth burst forth from the sea, wanting to eat them. The creature got within only a few feet as they saw the mouth start to close around them. The Warrior Guyver grabbed the Aceaer Females arm then accelerated out of the creatures range as its forward momentum stopped and it fell back into the sea with a thunderous splash.

“What the fuck was that?” Warrior Guyver asked Aceaer Cori.  

“I have no idea what it was.”

“Well it’s stopping us from finding the Units so it has to be put down hard.”


Right before the Aceaer Cori, the Warrior Guyver extended his forward and side elbow vibrational swords and flew down after the creature. As he entered the water, the Warrior Guyver could see the creature turning around to attack him again. Warrior Guyver thought ‘not this time you giant ugly fucker’ and opened up his full mega-smashers. As it charged, the creature got closer. The Warrior Guyver fired and right in front of him water evaporated as the blast ripped through the water towards the creature. Above them the Aceaer Female could see the ocean open up to reveal the mega-smash from the Warrior Guyver blast towards the creature. The creature turned to get away from it but it was too late. The full brunt of the mega-smash hit the side of the creature. Its shields tried in vane to stop it but after a few seconds the blast blew a hole in the side of the creature. The mega-smash stopped, then the ocean slammed back with such force that the Warrior Guyver was knocked back one hundred or so feet. In front of him he could see the creature moving back along the current of the sea, clearly lifeless. The Warrior Guyver flew towards the creature to make sure it was down. He glided from its back, over to the side of the creature he had hit and could see a massive hole where his mega-smasher had blasted through. Its blood was pouring out and had turned the water red. As he floated in front of it, he saw the eye lid of the creature, which was almost the size of him, open up. Before he could react, the creature had turned its head and swallowed the Warrior Guyver. Inside the massive mouth, the swords of the Warrior Guyver cut its way along the creatures mouth as he was being pulled towards the throat. Not wanting to test if his armour could survive inside its stomach acids, the Warrior Guyver activated his gravity controller and hovered at the back of its mouth. His control medal glowed revealing where he was and could see large teeth to his sides going around to in front of him. Behind him he could sense the track of the creatures throat. The force of water flowing through the mouth now started to push him back but with some more concentration and power, the gravity controller adjusted to keep him where he was. ‘Okay that was it’ he thought as his sonic disrupters activated. All around him the mouth started to shatter as the effects of the disrupter was felt. A few seconds later there was no mouth left, just an opening. The Warrior Guyver flew out and turned around to see the creature start to fall towards the bottom of the sea. It was clearly dead now and if it wasn’t, it soon would be as it could no longer eat. The Warrior Guyver felt no joy in killing what was clearly a rare creature. He called out to the Aceaer Female through his unit and told her the coast was clear. His swords then retracted back to their dormant position. He could sense the Aceaer Female flying towards him above the sea level. A few seconds later she entered the sea and went on right by him. He followed her as they neared the bottom of the sea floor. The Warrior Guyver could sense other large creatures and soon so could the Aceaer Female but they seemed to be keeping their distance and ignoring the two of them. The Warrior Guyver did not like the idea of not knowing what these creatures where and decided to reach out with his mind and see what one of these creatures was thinking. As his mind locked on one of these creatures, he was surprised by how single minded this creature was. The only thought on its was to protect the waters of the island from any intruders. As he dug deeper, he could sense that it was almost programming. This thought would repeat constantly, keeping the creature in a constant frenzy. As they got closer, the creature he was scanning took notice of him and instantly the Warrior Guyver could feel hate towards him as he was an intruder, but Warrior Guyver was not in the mood to be eaten again. He sent the creature a message that he and the Aceaer Female weren’t intruders but were one of them. The thoughts of the creature for once where confused and then it calmed down. As other creatures took notice of them, Warrior Guyver and Aceaer Cori, the one he mind linked to sent messages that they where one of them so should not be touched. The Warrior Guyver then dug deeper into the mind of the creature and using its memories, he found the location of a temple which might be where the units were located.


 End Part 1.