This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

Title Dark Tides: Part 2
AuthorAndre Harmon

It was over a month now since the Nova Guyvers had successfully completed their first US mission and destroyed the Chronos Processing base in Texas, but unknown to them, disciple Zoalord Drano had seen them streak off after they had destroyed the base. Fortunately for them, Chronos was not yet prepared at the time to risk a fight with the Warrior Guyvers and the Nova Guyvers, while Kron and the Supreme Zoalords remained in stasis. In Washington DC, General Carter finally welcomed the Nova Guyvers into the ranks of the US Guyvers, but Warrior Guyver 2 wasn’t happy with the General’s decision, thinking these two kids shouldn’t be here, but Jason and the others felt differently and liked having the twins there with them. Keilynn and Sai then asked Jason and Jenny if they could help them get back to China, as they were still trying to find the remaining Chronos bases there and destroy them so China could finally be free. Jason and Jenny agreed to help, but Jason and Cori had to go on a mission first. Cori was a nice person from what the twins could see, also Sean and Faye were nice, even though Faye was a mystery most of the time. But one thing they couldn’t understand was why Stephen, the Warrior Guyver 2, didn’t like them. The others told the twins not to worry about him and to simply ignore him but with each chance Stephen got, he picked and prodded them. This was not like him in the eyes of Jason. Normally he got on quite well with Stephen. There must be something that was bugging him but until something really bad happened he was going to leave it. Sai already felt a strong dislike for Warrior Guyver 2. Having already suffered many insults that sorely tested his training as Shaolin, to not act out of anger, but he restrained himself and would simply bow and walk away each time Stephen confronted him. Stephen thought that was funny and made little jokes out of it, but deep inside, Sai was becoming a raging volcano that would eventually erupt. . .

Meanwhile, twelve of the new Guyvers had arrived on the ACTF front and were settling in well. Their leader Oxley, and second in command Jett, had left for China and the others where waiting to be reassigned.

Sai, on the other hand, had decided to go to base training room to help clear his mind of some tension and now sat in the training room, meditating, and thought of how Keilynn and the girls now normally hung out together while he and the guys hung out. But it was with the guys where the rivalry was building. He, Sean and Jason would normally group together. While Lorcan, the temporary leader of the Mercs, would be with Stephen. But he and his sister would teach classes of Shaolin Kung Fu and philosophies to Jason, Jenny, Cori, Sean, Faye and Elara. But that was really what he did all the time as he and his sister had not all that much to do. But as they figured it, that was what they would have been doing if the temple had not been destroyed, their teachings would still have been taught. But in what was becoming the norm, Faye had proved she would be hard to teach as she liked the direct rip apart and smash to bloody pulp approach. These and other thoughts flashed through his mind as he sat alone in the training room, meditating, until he finally cleared his mind and had just started to relax when the door opened up in the training room and Stephen and Lorcan walked in, being loud as possible and ready to train, but quickly stopped in their tracks when they noticed Sai. They saw Sai was sitting alone and Stephen smirked and walked over to Sai.

“Hey, Warrior Guyver wannabe, what you’re doing, praying? This room is for training and generally beating the shit out of each other, not for praying. Unless you’re saying your prayers before you get your ass blown to hell by Chronos?” Stephen said smiling.

Sai continued on meditating and ignoring Stephen all together. Lorcan looked at Sai then towards Stephen. He smiled and then walked over to the other side of the training room so he could get a better view of what was going to happen.

Stephen looks down at Sai and then said “Hey you asshole! Do you hear me!?”

Sai opened his eyes and looked up at Stephen but still he didn’t say anything. He then looked around and spotted Lorcan. He passed it off and stood up.

“What is it this time Stephen, I’m trying to get along with you but you have this grudge against me. What have I done to you to make you bother me and my sister?” asked Sai.

Stephen looked at Sai and just laughed, and then turned away from Sai as he started walking towards Lorcan.

“I don’t have anything against you, but your sister…….damn man, I would love to get a piece of that.” said Stephen and then laughed with an upturned face.

Sai eyes widened, Stephen just dishonored his sister and he wasn’t going to let that one go, he knew he was taught not to act out of anger but this was one thing that he could not let go. His sister is the only thing in the world he cherished and to let her honor go with that remark was totally unacceptable.

“Stephen, you will take back what you just said about my sister, or else you will have to pay for it.” he said with an icy cold tone.

Stephen was a bit caught off guard by Sai’s remark and he turned around to face Sai. Sai walked up to him. But Stephen just looked at him, not moving at all.

“So what the hell are you going to do?” Stephen asked mockingly.

“You will apologize for the remark you just said or else I will make you, I’m tired of trying to be your friend when you disrespect me and my sister. Now you will apologize.”

“I’m not apologizing for nothing, and your not going to make me Sai.” Stephen said with a growl, clearly getting more pissed off.

Stephen backed away and got ready to call his armor. “What’s wrong, you can’t fight me without using your armor. Are you a coward?” Sai asked him.

Stephen wasted no time and rushed Sai and threw a punch towards his face. Sai smacked Stephen’s fist away and pushed him aside. Stephen turned around and came in with a couple of quick punches. Sai just dodged the attacks. Lorcan just watched the fight and was getting more pissed off as Stephen was losing. Sai then did quick succession of hits to Stephen’s chest knocking the wind out of him and then knocking him to the ground.

Just then, Dr Richmond and Dr Drake opened the door, returning from a meeting with General Carter, and entered their viewing area of the Testing Room. Dr Richmond was the first to look out at the training room and see Sai and Stephen going at it. Totally surprised, he turned around and quickly repeatedly tapped Dr Drake on the shoulder. Dr Drake turned around and looked in surprise at the fight below. He and Dr Redmond had guessed this was going to happen. There would be another meeting with General Carter today but to confirm there thoughts they would need proof. He thought to himself and then turned and looked at the cameras in the training room, they had been recording the entire time they had been there.

By now Stephen was being totally taken apart by Sai. Even with his years of training, Sai was able to out maneuver him the whole time and hit him four times before he could even react to the first blow. Stephen was now on the floor and was just barely able to get back up. He stood up and stared at Sai, his chest hurt like hell and the one thing he hated was to lose. It was time for a change of tactics.

“Fuck this, GUYVER!!!” he called for his armor and right before Sai he changed into the Warrior Guyver 2.

“Now lets see what you got mister kung fu” screamed the Warrior Guyver 2.

In return Sai screamed out “NOVA!!!” and his Nova Blaze armor surrounded him. The Warrior Guyver2 knew this now changed the fight. Sai might be better at hand-to-hand but the Warrior Guyver out did the Nova Guyver in raw power. He raised his arms and then fired all three of his head beams, along with his two arm beams, at Nova Blaze. But Nova Blaze knew this was going all wrong and jumped high into the air as fast as he could, just barely dodged the beams.

“Look Warrior Guyver 2, now isn’t the time for us to be fighting. We’re meant to be fighting Chronos, not each other. “

Lorcan knew that Stephen would stop at this point but he didn’t want this fight to end just yet. He summoned the Warrior Guyver 5 armor and then charged for Nova Blaze, ramming him into a far wall. Nova Blaze managed to regain control just before he hit the wall and landed feet first against it before flipping himself back to a standing position. At this point he had both Warrior Guyvers attacking him. He quickly jumped up, dodging the Warrior Guyver 5 as he roared in with his swords extended, and then landed before the Warrior Guyver 2. Warrior Guyver 2 went to punch Nova Blaze but he ducked under and swipe kicked the Warrior Guyver 2 in the back of the knee cap, making him topple over. He then sensed and only just avoided the Warrior Guyver 5, who simply let Warrior Guyver 2 fall on his back, as he tried to chop Nova Blaze in half with his swords. Warrior Guyver 2 immediately back flipped over and then landed back on his feet. But it gave Nova Blaze the time he needed to get from the wall and back to the center of the room. The two Warrior Guyvers then started their attacks again, Nova Blaze used his martial arts talents, which helped him a bit but the Warrior Guyvers proved stronger and faster. Warrior Guyver 2, knowing that Nova Blaze would continue using his martial art skills, fired a pressure cannon blast at his stomach, attempting to blow a hole through him, but Nova Blaze sensed the attack and knew he had no choice. Nova Blaze, remembering how he and his sister had become super fast during their first testing trials in the training chamber at Area 51, channeled all his power into increasing his speed and dodged the attack, letting the blast go on to hit Warrior Guyver 5. Warrior Guyver 5 withstood the blast but was knocked back thirty feet and landed on his back before he used his gravity orb to quickly raise himself back to his feet. Nova Blaze, still moving at super speed, then spin kicked Warrior Guyver 2 with enough force to send him flying into the nearby wall, but even before Warrior Guyver 2 hit the wall, Nova Blaze was already on Warrior Guyver 5, kicking and punching him with such speed that Warrior Guyver 5 felt he was being attacked from all directions at once. Lorcan instinctively called out to Warrior Guyver 2 for help before activating his barrier shield and repelling Nova Blaze. Warrior Guyver 2 responded by quickly power boosting himself with his CPM’s and launched himself at Nova Blaze, trying to match his incredible speed. The two combatants where quickly going at it all over the training Chamber as they both fought at speeds past the speed of sound. Leaving little more than whip like sonic booms for any unenhanced observer to track them by. Warrior Guyver 5 consequently had to back out of the fight, unable to match the others incredible speed. This went on for nearly thirty seconds before both started to resort to using their laser and pressure cannon weapons, forcing Warrior Guyver 5 to shield himself from the stray blasts. The battle was reaching a full minute when Nova Blaze finally got the upper hand and slammed Warrior Guyver 2, face down, to the ground. Nova Blaze quickly landed next to him but found that the battle had seriously drained him and collapsed to his knees, exhausted. Warrior Guyver 2, on the other hand, quickly got back to his feet and punched Nova Blaze to the ground. He was then joined by Warrior Guyver 5.

“HAH! Exhausted already punk!? . . . That’s why you will always be a Warrior wannabe!” Taunted Warrior Guyver 2.

“Lets finish the pathetic little bastard!” chimed in Warrior Guyver 5.

Warrior Guyver 5 then extended his Vibrational Swords and slashed at Nova Blaze, who managed a weak block with his left arm sword but then Warrior Guyver 5 quickly used his other arm forward sword to slice off the blocking arm from Nova Blaze shoulder. Nova Blaze screamed out in pain as he grabbed his bleeding shoulder. By this stage Dr Drake could take no more and quickly ran to a the nearest base comm link and called for Jenny and the others. But in the training room, Nova Blaze was getting beat down badly by Warrior Guyver 5, while Warrior Guyver 2 watched silently a few feet away. Nova Blaze unit was trying to heal him but Warrior Guyver 5 kept damaging him more and more. By this stage he could barely move. A second or two later, just as Nova Blaze was about to lose consciousness, Psi-Guyver teleported into the room. She had already fully charged and gone to turbo mode. Fiery blue energy surrounded her right fist and from over twenty feet away she made a punching motion and both the Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 5 where knocked back, slamming into a wall and imprinting there forms on it before falling off and landing face first on the ground. Starfire, Warrior Guyver, Guyver US, Guyver Faye and Battle Guyver then arrived as they ran into the room. Starfire saw her brother reaching for her and both she and Psi-Guyver ran over to him. Warrior Guyver followed with his swords extended and medal glowing behind his sister. Both Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 5 stood up and backed off. Psi-Guyver then quickly positioned herself between them and Nova Blaze, while Starfire knelt beside her brother. Guyver Faye and Guyver US, with Battle Guyver, hovered above them, looking down at the two soon to become outcast Warrior Guyvers.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing, why in hell were you both trying to kill Sai!?!” she hollered at both of them.

“Well, he should have known better. Messing with Guyvers that are stronger than him can get him killed. He needs to show the proper respect when he looks and talks to us” said Warrior Guyver 5.

Stephen looked towards Warrior Guyver 5 then back to Psi-Guyver, “Well I didn’t like his attitude and therefore what you see is what you see.” he said without a hint of remorse to her.

Dr Drake and Dr Richmond then walked in, along with a very peeved General Carter.

“Well Stephen and Lorcan, from what I just watched, you insulted him and his sister, you’ve been doing that ever since they came here. So he had cause to attack, Lorcan you just got in for the fun of it, just to beat on someone weaker than yourself.” he pauses for a moment. “But all this fighting isn’t going to help. You’re soldiers, not animals and I expect you all to act accordingly. Now I want all of you to go and just do something besides fight, things will be starting up soon and I need you all at 100% combat ready. I don’t want to even hear a rumor of this ever happening again. Now all of you are dismissed.” he said and started to leave but Starfire stood up and faced both Warrior Guyvers.

“You had no right for what you did, I want an apology and if I don’t get one, you will have to deal with me.” Said Starfire.

Psi Guyver moved to Starfire’s side and said “Give her the apology.”

“Fuck you both, I’m not apologizing for anything.” Said the Warrior Guyver 2 and then teleports away. Warrior Guyver 5 laughed in their faces before teleporting away after him. General Carter saw this but seeing the two trouble makers had left, he didn’t see why he should stay and so he left, rather pissed off. Dr Drake and Richmond had called in a med team and went over to check on Nova Blaze.

Awhile later, the Nova Blaze healed and stood up and then deactivated his Guyver unit. Jenny and the others deactivated their armors and stood around looking at the him.

“I’m sorry for all of this, it’s just that………”

But Sai was cut off by Psi-Guyver. “Don’t apologize, Stephen’s being an asshole. He thinks he can take over just because he’s more powerful. Sai and Keilynn, you two are very welcomed and you know that, so just ignore them both.”

Everyone left the training room and headed to the mess hall to get some food. As they entered, they saw Stephen and Lorcan talking with some marines and they all seemed to be having a good time. A couple of the marines turned around and saw the group walking in and they promptly started to laugh. Sai didn’t say anything and he walked to a empty table, followed by the others.

“So what’s on today’s menu?” he asked.

“I think today’s pizza.” Sean said as he sat down, from the sounds of it, his stomach was talking for him. Keilynn laughed but the group just talked amongst themselves.

Jason then left the group and walked towards Lorcan and Stephen. Then to surprise of the group, Jason left with Lorcan and Stephen for training.

Sai looked at this, then turned to Jenny and said “Just who’s side is your brother on Jenny?”

“I don ‘t know Sai but I know Jason, he’s more than likely trying to mend some bridges with them, but trust me, I will talk to him later.”

With Jason gone, Faye quickly ate her twelve inch pizza while Keilynn looked on in wonder and surprise that she didn’t choke. Elera then walked into the canteen and immediately the place went quite. Sai and Keilynn might have been a little unpopular but she was a total outcast. Almost every marine in the room had lost a friend or family member to a zoanoid by now and she was always picked on. Even though she could rip their heads off if she wanted. But the thing that surprised Keilynn the most was that normally it would be Stephen the Warrior Guyver 2 that looked out for her. He was not here now so those marines saw their chance. A few of them made their way towards Elera. But today was not their day. Every one of those marines feared Jenny more than death itself. So as soon as she stood up, all those marines turned around and away from Elera, leaving her to get her own pizza.

Sai hated this, it reminded him of when he was young and kids would pick on each other. Of course he was only eighteen but he considered all of this very childish. Lorcan and Stephen where both five or six years older than him and they should have grown up by now. As soon as Jason had some free time, and they had secured the support of the USA, they would be going back home and to a simpler life.

About a half an hour later, Faye left and Sean, Cori, Jenny and Elera grouped up and went to the gym, leaving the twins alone for the moment to explore. The ACTF base was a huge facility and they had yet to see it all.

Ruined Shaolin Temple

Unlike the USA, it is well into the night and two shadowy forms landed near the rubble of the Temple. They looked around for a moment but didn’t see anyone around and after a quick search of the area with their head sensors, founding only wild life, satisfied themselves that there wasn’t a single zoa-form or human in the area at all. After a five minute wait, their control medal glowed. One is black and the other is green, with shades of grey. Their armors deactivated and two men stood there, for a second or so, and then they both began to walk towards the nearest city.

“Philip, I’m really starting to wonder where those bastards are, the twins said they took out one of their bases but think there’s another, somewhere around here.”

“Well Jett, just keep your eyes open and if anything arises, we’ll deal with it. I just hope the others are okay back in the US.”

They continued on and took in everything that they could see. After a couple of hours they entered the city. To them, the city looked dirty and wasn’t big or small but the people looked at them in fear. Jett and Philip looked at each other, wondering what was wrong, but still continued walking down the street and into a bar. As they entered, everyone in the bar stopped talking and turned to look at them. A few stood up but just watched. Jett stepped in front of Philip and just kept his eyes open as he watched the others.

“Please calm down, my friend and I are new here. My name is Philip Oxley and this here is my friend Jett, we are not here to cause any trouble.” Oxley said in his best mandarin.

Some of the men relaxed and ignored the foreigners but still kept their eyes on them. To Philip’s left, three women and four guys sat down but continued to watch them. Jett and Philip ignored this and walked inside, looking for a table, only to be pushed away each time they neared a table. After the third time they were pushed away, Jett was clearly pissed, but one of the women, at a corner table, stood up and motioned for Jett and Philip to come and join them at their table. Two of the four men that were sitting there stood up and gave them their chairs. Jett and Philip then sat down and nodded towards the people at the table.

“Thanks for letting us join you, I think my young friend was about to start something he shouldn’t have.”

Oxley looked at Jett in a scolding way. Jett just lowered his head and then rolled his eyes.

“But thanks again for letting us join you. If I may ask, why is everyone here so scared of new comers?”

The woman that was sitting in the middle of the group, looked over her shoulders for a moment before turning her attention back to Jett and Philip. She had long auburn hair, brown eyes, looked nicely built and seemed like the leader of the group.

“Well the reason is because of Chronos, they have been capturing and killing a lot of people, we don’t have much to defend ourselves with. That’s the reason for the warm welcome you got when you came here.”

“I see, those damn people are fucking animals” said Jett angrily.

A few people in the bar looked over at Jett and then away quickly as he turned around to look back at them. Philip patted Jett on his shoulder to calm him down but Jett could not help but feel bad because of that.

“Well, what is your military doing about this, surely they aren’t going to stand around and let them do this” asked Philip but the woman was shaking her head.

“Most were wiped out or where really part of Chronos. So where already zoanoids the day Chronos attacked world wide.”

The woman then looked at Jett and she looked really curious. “You look Chinese?”

Jett just simply nodded his head. “Yes, I was born right here in Beijing, China but I left because of Chronos but now I’m back for good, I will not let them get away with this.”

One of the young ladies tapped the lead woman on the shoulder and whispered something in her ear. Then the lady nodded her head.

“How rude of me, my name is Sarah.” Then she whispered “I want you two to meet me here at this address later tonight.” She then handed Philip a card with an address and time.

The group then got up and left the bar, leaving Jett and Philip to stay. Sarah ordered drinks and food for Jett and Philip, on her way out, which they thanked her for, but Jett refused to eat and watched as they left and only dug in once they had left but Philip had already drank half his pint of beer.

“What do you think about her and her companions Jett?”

“I don’t know but we should watch and make sure she doesn’t try anything.”

The two finish their food and then left the bar, it was now well into the night. Jett looked at his watch and it was about ten. Philip and Jett had a few hours to burn and then decided to have a look at the city. As the two walked up a street, away from the bar, a truck pulled up behind them and a bunch of young men jumped out of it and headed to the bar. They looked like punks and entered the bar, took their seats and ordered a round of drinks.

Later that night, Jett and Philip arrived where Sarah wanted to meet them. It was on the outskirts of the city, near an abandoned bunker of some type. Jett and Philip waited around for about 10 minutes, yet there was no sign of them. Jett’s patience was starting to wear thin when there was some rustling noises coming from one side of the bunker. Jett broke out in a fighting stance while Philip just stood there cautiously when Sarah and a few armed men came walking towards them.

“Okay, what’s the deal with you two and why did you come here to China. You come here with an English man and then act like you are one of us. What’s the deal and don’t lie. My men are armed.”

“I knew this bitch was up to something” shouted an already agitated Jett.

He had just about said “Guy…” when Philip stopped him.

“No Jett they just need to know why we’re here.”

“Well Sarah, the short explanation is, we are from Brazil and was somehow teleported to the US. We were a part of a Merc group that was fighting Chronos. I know you might not believe us but we hate Chronos and want to help as much as we can. I and Jett here, are working with the ACTF, the Anti Chronos Task Force in the US. We were told to come here and see how much control Chronos has over the area. So far, we’ve found that they own most of this country and so we want to help.”

Sarah looked at her men and then back at Philip. “You honestly expect me to believe that shit?”

“That’s it, look bitch we are here to make ties with the Chinese resistance and trust me you really do want our help!”

“Jett you have been hostile since I met you and the one thing that we know about zoanoids is that they are aggressive.”

“You think I am a zoanoid!? Bitch, I’m fucking a lot more powerful than some mere zoanoid. You want proof, fine. GUYVER!

Right before them the Ninja Guyver armor formed around Jett. One of Sarah’s men then fired his rifle but the bullet just ricochet off Ninja Guyver and then buried itself into the ground. Philip then walked in front of Ninja Guyver before he ran after the guy that shot him.

“Sarah, like Jett here, I have the fire power to kill all of you in a second. We’re Guyvers. The core of the ACTF forces!” said Philip. “You must have heard of us?”

She just nodded her head in complete shock then signaled for her men to put their weapons down. She stepped up to Philip and said. “I’m sorry for what just happened but we have to be sure of who we let join us. My real name is Anwyn Lyaia, and I’m the leader of the China Rebellion group in this area. We really need all the help we can get, we lost 20 of our members already this week and three more earlier today. If you want to help, we will gladly take it.”

Ninja Guyver and Philip looked to each other and nod their heads yes then Jett deactivated the Ninja unit.

“Well first things first, where can we go to talk, do you have a base of some sort” asked Philip.

Jett turned around and saw something that caught his eye. Focusing on it, he recognized vehicle headlights coming from the north. Anwyn saw it as well and gestured for them to follow her and then led them into an abandoned bunker. The armed troopers took up positions near the windows. Philip got a look at their guns, which where some type of modified M-16 like automatic riffles, with a grenade launcher on the under carriage. Everyone then waited silently for the truck.

The truck pulled up and ten men jumped out of the truck and looked around. Once they where happy that they where alone, they made a fire in the center of the area. One of the guys went back into the truck and cranked up the music. They all looked like they were around the ages of 19 to 23 years of age. Anwyn shook her head and she pulled out a head set with a mike connected to it. She puts it on and whispered into it.

“Okay Swven, I want you to quietly set up position in front of this bunker. Steven’s I want you to do the same thing but set up position behind this bunker. These kids been running around this town for a while now, I want to know what they’re up to.”

The members of her group executed their orders while Jett and Oxley stayed with Anwyn. The boys continued this party of theirs for up to a couple of hours and by then it was two in the morning. After all that waiting, they finally saw what they had been waiting for when a couple of the men started to change and transform. All of the young men changed into zoanoids and things just started getting wilder.

“Okay everyone, the enemy has revealed themselves, on my mark you all know what to do.” She looked at Jett and Philip. “Sorry, I don’t have any weapons for you guys to use and I don’t want to reveal the fact we now have Guyvers on our side so just stay back.”

Jett and Philip looked at each other then towards her and shrugged their shoulders. Unknown to her, they could talk to each other without using speaking aloud. Philip sent a message to Jett through his unit that if someone was about to be killed that they would help out anyway. Jett agreed and Anwyn was none the wiser that they where communicating.

“Don’t worry about us” replied Philip, “This is your show.”

Anwyn smiled and she then tapped her mike which signaled her men to open fire on the zoanoids. A Vamore was shot in the head and a Ramotith was shot in the chest but the bullets didn’t penetrate the zoanoids skin and simply fell to the ground. The rebels then took advantage of their grenade launchers and blasted the heads off both zoanoids. Judging by the sound of the grenade explosions, both Philip and Jett agreed that they were a lot more powerful than standard grenades. The remaining eight zoanoids then ran for cover but a Ramotith had its leg blasted clear off and ended up clawing for cover. Anwyn ran out and fired a grenade into a group of Ramotiths, killing one of them while a Vamore took up a defensive position behind the truck, saw Swven and had his bio-blasters open within a second and after quickly charged up. Blasted Swven, who didn’t have a chance to react to the laser, and was vaporized. Another Vamore had charged his main weapons, jumped out of a bush, and vaporized Steven, who was hiding beside the left side of the bunker. Jett and Philip both, and the other three men in the bunker, felt it rock from the blast.

“Okay men, lets get the hell out of here before this place falls on us” said one of the men.

Jett was the first one out, followed closely by Philip and the other three men just as it took another hit by a Vamore, which forced the bunker to cave in. Anwyn was now also on the run from the remaining Ramotith when the Vamore, that just fired at the bunker, turned to face her. But today was her lucky day, as she saw its pod charge and she ducked just before the beam fired, letting the blast go past her and blast away one of the remaining Ramotith. But just as she stood up, her riffle was knocked out of her hand by a Gregole and she was picked up by her neck.

“Chronos has been looking for you a long time girl” said the Gregole.

Right before the three men, Jett disappeared and without a sound turned into the Ninja Guyver. The Ninja Guyver then disappeared and within that second the Gregole found his arm cut off and was pushed away from Anwyn. Right before a shocked Anwyn, the Gregoles head was blown clean off by the Ninja Guyver’s head beam. With Anwyn out of danger, Philip shouted “GUYVER” and ran to the side of the Ninja Guyver. They knew that there was only seven zoanoid left and could sense them all. So before the zoanoids got a chance to move any further, they where cut down by head beam fire, one after the other. A Vamore managed to fire on them, only to have the Guyver Merc shield the blast and the Ninja Guyver to blow a hole through its brain with a head beam.

“You have just witnessed the power of a Guyver” said Ninja Guyver boosting.

Under his armor, he smiled. He knew that the CRF would need his help and he had just wiped zoanoid butt.

“Thank you Jett but I would have preferred that Chronos did not know you where here even if it cost me my life” said Anwyn.

“Sorry Anwyn but we could not let that happen, our first mission from the ACTF leader General Carter is to make contact with you so we can continue with our second mission, letting you die would have messed that up” explained Ninja Guyver.

He reached his hand down and helped Anwyn back to her feet.

All of them then looked in shock as a black energy field warped the air around them and then the Guyver Merc fired a gravity ball across the clearing, toward the truck, blowing it apart.

“It’s time we left here, if a zoalord detected the deaths of these zoanoids, more of them could come here any minute” said the Guyver Merc.

“What is a zoalord” asked Anwyn,

“They are the leaders of Chronos, they have a telepathic link with their troops and even though they all died, chances are one of them managed to alert a zoalord” said Guyver Merc.

“You guys can take on one of these Zoalords, right?” asked Anwyn hopefully.

“We’re their equals but they have more numbers and it would not be wise to stay around if they decided to check up on the two new Guyvers that kicked their zoanoids butts so lets go now.”

After saying that Guyver Merc sent a signal to the Ninja Guyver and a second later he disappeared from sight.

“Where’d he go?” asked Anwyn.

“I’ll tell you later.”

Anwyn just nodded her head and they all headed off with the green Guyver Merc between them. Anwyn could not get over having a Guyver in her group and every so often would look at his head as the sensors of the Guyver Merc would move when he scanned the area to see if they where being followed. Being naturally curious of how Philip became a Guyver, she decided to ask him. That was enough for him to go into the details of how he, Jett and the rest of his mercenary group became Guyvers. That story took about two hours and he had the complete attention of the Chinese rebels.

“Would the US ACTF be able to help us out. Seeing that they have more equipment and these marine armors, they could at least spare a few? We have the weapons but we are getting our asses kicked as you saw” said Anwyn.

Guyver Merc shrugged, “Maybe, only way to find out is to ask them when we get back from here. But in the mean time, Jett and I will help you in any way we can.”

“That brings up an interesting question. What do we call you when you are in your Guyver armor?

“I’ve been given the name Guyver Merc and Jett’s unit was given the name Ninja Guyver.”

“You know he is Chinese and not Japanese?”

“Yeah, I know but it was the name of his unit not him, it is like he is two different people now.”

“Okay then.”

Back at the ruined bunker, Ninja Guyver was still invisible to the naked eye, with his units ability to blend into shadows and generate a temporal phasing field, when he detected the approaching Chronos Helicopters. Inside it he detected two Zerabubuse and a smaller female zoanoid, yet he could sense power within her. She would be ideal then. As the two Zerabubuses exited the helicopter, they stopped and stood still, blocking the way for Zariyan. Who was not impressed with the two huge zoanoids in here way. She reached down to tap the huge pointed shoulder of one of them when its body was lifted off the ground and slammed against her with such force that it sent the Assassinoid flying backwards and right out through the door on the other side. Before the Zerabubuse, the Ninja Guyver appeared. His hands where inside their chest and they where dead. He pulled his arms out of their bodies and the two beasts fell to the ground. Above him, another helicopter opened its door and four men in Chronos uniforms got out just before Ninja Guyver shot down the helicopter with a head laser blast. He then sensed Zariyan moving and jumped into the helicopter and calmly walked through it and turned to his right side and fired his pressure cannon through the pilot, who was able to change into a zoanoid and blasted the copilot away with a head beam before jumping out onto the other side of the helicopter. Zariyan looked up at her attacker. She had a hole in her left side from where the Zerabubuse’s spiked shoulders had punched through her skin but within a few second the hole healed up, she extended her forward swords and ran towards Ninja Guyver. He extended his swords and then his double bladed sword speared in his right hand. Zariyan went to slice off his head, only for Ninja Guyver to chop her sword off with his power sword and then proceed to cut off her other sword and then round house kicked her in the face, sending her high into the air and some hundred feet away, crashing into the remains of the bunker. Zariyan landed hard on the concrete floor of the bunker and the right side of her face was badly scratched, her eye socket had collapsed from either the kick from the Ninja Guyver and/or the force of her landing. Ninja Guyver now moved for the kill. The four Chronos shoulders all changed into Gregoles and ran toward him in an effort to protect Zariyan from him. Ninja Guyver did not seem to notice them and once they where close to him, they where slice apart by his already extended swords. Under his armor, Jett thought that those zoanoids must be idiots. They where simply no match for him. As he walked into the bunker, he noticed that Zariyan had vanished from view. He smiled under his armor as his head sensors detected her and then the pyramid orb on his left arm glowed and with incredible speed, jabbed it forward into what seemed to be just empty air. A split second later, there was the imprint of a female zoanoids body against the wall in front of him and then there was a thud as Zariyan appeared on the ground. There was a small hole out her back. Ninja Guyver walked over to her and turned her around to see a massive pyramid shaped hole in her chest and could see the shaped of it up to the point at the top where it had breached her back. Just then his head sensors moved and the Ninja Guyver went into his cloaked stealth mode as two Bio-Titans and a Proto-Zoalord appeared beside the helicopter. Ninja Guyver made his way out of the bunker unseen as the three of them made their way in. Zarfel immediately noticed the strange wound on her chest and wondered who the hell had done this to his favorite zoanoid.

Miles away by this stage, Guyver Merc and Anwyn’s people had made it to rock formations which were set up in a triangular formation.

“Should we wait for Jett?”

“He’s already half way here Anwyn.”

“How the hell would you know that Philip?”

“Guyvers have the ability to chat telepathically with other Guyvers.”

“Since you have this great method of talking with each other, can you tell me what your friend Jett has been doing?”

“Making sure that if Chronos showed up that they would be distracted while we made our escape. From what he’s just told me, he has destroyed one Chronos Helicopter, a number of zoanoids, and injured a female hyper zoanoid of some new type.”

A minute or so later, Ninja Guyver arrived and officially informed them of what happened back at the bunker. Anwyn and her men then moved to the middle of the rock formation and she gestured for Ninja Guyver and Guyver Merc to step in. Then Anwyn took out a small remote, hit a combination of buttons, and the ground started to shake as they descended into the ground. While descending down, the Guyvers sensed a metal plate cover the shaft and knew that any one above them could now only see grass and rocks.

USA, Washington DC ACTF Main base.

Sai and Keilynn where now playing basketball with Jenny, Elera, Sean and Cori when in teleported Warrior Guyver 2 and Warrior Guyver 5. Instantly the mood of the place changed and Jenny immediately noticed her brother was not with them. Both Warrior Guyvers deactivated their unit and Jenny asked “Where’s Jason?”

Stephen stepped forward as he said, “He left while we where training with a thing called the Kavzar Commander?”

At this point the twins knew that Jenny was pissed at this when she went on to say “What the hell is that supposed to mean and why did you let my brother go with it alone?”

“It’s a servant of the Creators and they want to meet your brother” responded Stephen.

“Is he going to be safe there, why didn’t one of you go with him?”

“Your brother can take care of himself and it was his decision, but you know your brother, he’s stubborn when he makes up his mind, he decided he was going and left with that Creator thing.”

Jenny was still not sure of the situation but responded with an “Okay.”

In a rare show of being nice, Stephen was trying to calm her down and he went on to say, “Don’t worry Jenny, Jason is a very good fighter, if they attack him, he will win.”
“For your sake, chosen one, I hope he is.”

“Chosen one?”

Sai laughed after hearing this and Keilynn had to nudge him as Stephen looked at him clearly getting annoyed.

“Yes, we all know you are the General’s favorite Guyver!” said Jenny.

“That’s bullshit. We’re all treated the same Jenny” Responded Stephen.

“Yeah right, you never see the General dishing it out to you.”

“That’s because I don’t make mistakes and give Chronos my units god damn secrets!”

“Whoa! Are you saying I’m a mistake?!?”

“No, I did not!”

“You just said Jason made a mistake, we all know you army bastards think that when Jason saved me, it was a mistake.”

“Okay, yes, technically it was, Jason gave up his units secrets to save you, something he should have never have given to Chronos.”

“You are an asshole Stephen. No wonder things are fucked up for you, you saw us die in your world so as far as you’re concerned, we might as well already be dead here.”

“Fuck you zoa bitch.”

“Make me you mindless piece of army shit.”

“Trust me, I’m going to enjoy this you abomination. GUYVER!”

Sai and Keilynn looked in shock as the Warrior Guyver 2 activated, closely followed by Psi-Guyver and to their amazement, the Warrior Guyver 2 started to run towards her with a clear intent to start fighting, but Cori didn’t want to see this get any more out of hand and so stood in between them. She screamed at them to calm down, that no one was going to win but Warrior Guyver 2 didn’t stop and was about to run over her when she activated her own unit and blasted the Warrior Guyver 2 away from her. Lorcan then summoned his own unit and Warrior Guyver 5 then jumped at Battle Guyver, smashing into her feet first and knocking her into the Psi-Guyver, who caught her and stopped her fall.

Warrior Guyver 5 shouted “You are not going to gang up on him.”

Sai was about to summon his unit and get some revenge when he saw Sean run at Warrior Guyver 5 and then jumped into the air as he transformed in mid air. So when the Warrior Guyver 5 sensed him and turned towards him, he was blasted by Guyver US blast shield and knocked into the wall beside the Warrior Guyver 2. The Warrior Guyver 2 and 5 stood up and looked at each other and then at Guyver US, Battle Guyver and Psi-Guyver. They knew this was getting way out of hand and could only end badly.

“Lorcan, we’re leaving!”

“Yes, this will only turn out like crap. Let’s go back to Nevada.”

With that said, the two Guyvers teleported away. Cori and Sean deactivated their armors and behind them the Nova Guyvers wondered what the hell was happening. Jenny was upset by all this and she too teleported away. Sai and Keilynn did not know how to take this. They had come to the USA pretty much by accident and where hopeful in getting help from those US Guyvers but now they where fighting between themselves. To Sai there was a simple solution to this. Get rid of the Warrior Guyver 5. It was since he got here that Stephen had turned from rude to a complete asshole. Seeing that they had not much else to do, the twins went off. Sai wanted to meditate but Keilynn was in a more adventurous mood and had discovered an interesting game for her to do. That was to find Faye. On average Faye left the base and on a couple of occasions had gotten herself into trouble with zoanoids while wondering around. To Keilynn, this was more fun than hanging around the base all day.

An hour or two later, Keilynn had found Faye. She too was in her Guyver mode and was looking at some children playing games in the middle of a park. Starfire had discovered something interesting about Guyver Faye. That was that her unit had a greater scanning range than Faye’s. This gave her the advantage in these hunting games of theirs as she could sense her and once she was out of range, Faye could not sense a thing. It was then that she sensed a call from the Warrior Guyver 2 that there was Chronos Guyvers in the ACTF base. She looked at Guyver Faye, who had already activated her gravity controller and was flying right over those kids on her way to the base. Starfire shrugged her shoulders and decided that she might as well do the same and she too flew right over the shocked kids who where screaming out at them. This was the thing about America. Unlike China, where there was a repressive media, the USA was the land of the free and because of that pictures of all the Guyvers where easily found in the local papers and news reports. There was even a Guyver comic and soon to be cartoon. The free USA had a love affair with the Guyvers.

Starfire was flying by the large ex-Chronos building when she saw Guyver Faye turn away from the ACTF base and in the distance, she saw why. Warrior Guyver was flying away from the ACTF base with a Gigantic looking female Guyver hot on his tail. But they where moving at incredibly fast speed and Guyver Faye had no chance at all on catching up with them. Starfire new that with Chronos attacking in force that Warrior Guyver 2 and 5 where inside the base along with her brother and Psi-Guyver so that place would already have powerful protectors so she decided that it would be best to stay with Faye in case Faye, as one of the weaker Guyver, was attacked.

About five minutes later, Guyver Faye had stopped moving and had landed on top of a house. As Starfire got closer to her, she saw the head sensors on her move. She then looked up to see the Warrior Guyver 5 with his right mega-smasher cell open. Guyver Faye immediately took to the air, only narrowly missing the mega-smash of the Warrior Guyver 5, leaving it to blow apart the house and causing a minor earthquake which shook all the houses in the local area, smashing their windows. Guyver Faye must have known that Warrior Guyver 5 totally out powered her in every simple way possible but that did not stop her activating her Aceaer unit and called to the Warrior Guyver for help. Aceaer Guyver Faye then fought Warrior Guyver 5 sword to sword for all of a second when her swords where chopped off and just as he was about to make the killing blow, his head sensors moved. Starfire was moving in to attack him, and was just a few feet away, when the Warrior Guyver 5 activated his barrier shield. With no time to stop she slammed right off it and fell all two hundred feet to the ground but just as she was about to become part of the pavement, Warrior Guyver 2, of all people appeared from nowhere and grabbed her. He whispered a simple “Sorry for being an asshole” to where her ears would be below her armor. Both Starfire and Warrior Guyver 2 then looked up to see Warrior Guyver hovering between Warrior Guyver 5 and Aceaer Guyver Faye. They could not hear what was being said but the air around Warrior Guyver 5 warped and the Reaper Guyver, Lostude Guyver and Edutsol Guyvers appeared around him then a second or so later, they all disappeared, leaving Warrior Guyver looking at where they had been. Starfire was totally confused by what just had happened. Warrior Guyver 2 then let go of her and told her quickly what had happened while they flew up to the Warrior Guyver.

Five minutes later, Starfire found herself with her brother, the Nova Blaze, and Warrior Guyver, Warrior Guyver 2, Psi-Guyver, Guyver Faye, Guyver US and Battle Guyver. They where all standing around the round table in the ‘War Room’ while General Carter was sitting at the head of the table and was looking directly at the Guyvers.

“We where attacked on two sides today my fiends. Lorcan and his group are now considered our enemies. Reports from Florida have said that the four Guyvers there have gone missing. I suspect that they too have joined Lorcan and his group. I’ve alerted the Canadian forces about the possibility of the mercenary Guyvers up there going against them. As you all know, Martin has been captured by Chronos. He was behind those robots that the Grakken used and has knowledge of the dimensional coupler energy system. He will have to be taken out, but most important of all is this! Jason has met the Creators. They have requested that he destroy the Ark and are willing to give him the War Relic to use against the Ark. This is a chance we cannot miss. Stephen, Jenny, you two are the most powerful Guyvers here. I’d like you to join Jason when he gets the War Relic. Together you three will destroy the Ark, hopefully killing a number of their Zoalords along the way. This will be our most important mission ever. While they’re gone, the others will stay here to guard the base in case we are attacked. You all have your orders. Jason, Stephan and Jenny, please make your way to Krullnar now, before he loses patience and calls this whole thing off. I’ll get the army ready as I suspect Chronos will attack us as soon as the Ark is destroyed in revenge. If they do, Jason, attack the Arizona Base with the War Relic and level it.”

They all shouted an enthusiastic “Yes sir!”

Then the Warrior Guyver, Warrior Guyver 2 and Psi-Guyver teleported away. General Carter excused himself and then left the war room. Sean and Cori then deactivated their units and looked at each other and then back at the twins. Starfire could tell by the looks on their faces they wanted a rematch in doubles basketball. Faye turned off her unit and rubbed her stomach. It was clear what she was thinking of as well. This amused Keilynn as she deactivated her unit, followed by her brother. She remembered the story that Jason told her about Faye and that she once tried to kill a dog for food. Something that was accepted in parts of Asia but not here. Sai had no idea what she was so amused about but didn’t question it. He was just happy that now things should go back to normal around here and that the Mercs where gone. Then he remembered something. Ninja Guyver and Guyver Merc where in China. What if they killed his master? Keilynn decided to follow Faye, closely followed by Sai, towards the canteen. This left Cori and Sean by themselves, who smiled and agreed to a little one on one.

As Keilynn sat down in the canteen with Sai and Faye, she looked up to see Sean and Cori, who now had a doom and gloom look on their face.

“Guys, what’s wrong?” asked Keilynn.

“Well, I thought that the place would not be that bad after we had that argument with Stephen but as it turns out Jason got into a fight there with a Chronos controlled Guyver and they gave the place a skylight” said Sean.

“Don’t worry guys it isn’t as bad as Sean is saying. Carter knows how much we like playing in there and we met a team of people in there that where already fixing the place” said Cori.

“But still, no basketball for a we…” at that point Sean was cut off.

All five of them then felt the death of the Warrior Guyver. Something had gone terribly wrong out there in space for that to have happened.

“Sean, what was that, it felt like Jason was crying out in pain” asked a worried Cori.

“That is because he had just been killed…. CHRONOS YOU FUCKING BASTARDS!” screamed Sean as he stood up and threw his chair against the deli counter, smashing the glass covering.

One Week Later Port Chui China

Syn had been hiding on the boat for over a month, living off scraps of food where she could find them. She had done this totally unnoticed and this was mostly thanks to her ability to blend into any environment like a chameleon. Finally the ship had made its way back and she, from her hide out, watched as men and women quickly ran around the ship unloading huge cargo boxes and machinery of various type. Syn waited until the people she suspected of being Chronos agents left the boat and entered a truck. Syn knew that she might lose them if she let that go and with one jump, she leaped off the boat and landed a few meters from the truck. The Chronos agents then drove through a massive forest with Syn latched onto their roof. In the distance could be seen a large formation of mountains and from what Syn could tell, they were heading right for them.

After a couple of hours of traveling, the truck was stopped by five uniformed men. Syn recognized the clothing and it was clear that these where Chronos troops. A few words were exchanged between them and the driver and then they continued on. Syn thought to herself that this must have been a checkpoint or something. The agents continued to drive until nightfall when they reached a clearing. The agents then setup camp for the night and as they did, another truck pulled up and another five other figures walked into view. They were dressed in Chronos Elite uniforms and they wanted to talk with the leader of the Chronos agents.

“My name is Zektole. I see that you have made it. A little behind schedule but master Zarfel doesn’t care. He needs the equipment that you are supposed to be bringing to him.”

“Greetings Hyper Zoanoid Zektole, my name is Alirel and yes I know, but we had a bit of a problem while loading up, someone attacked our loaders and that took some time away from us and to make matter worse, we where trapped out at sea when we where hit by a typhoon. But we finally arrived, we will take the shipment up to the mountain in the morning.”

“Well we’re to escort you to base first thing in the morning, until then we will watch while you guys sleep.”

Syn knew that if that man was Zektole that the people she was looking at must be the hyper Zoanoid Team 5. They where reprocessed a number of times sine the destruction of the first Team 5. She laid there on the truck, invisible to the naked eye but she did not know how long she would be able to keep that up so as quietly as she could, she made her way off the truck and into the forest. She knew she might be a powerful zoanoid but Team 5 where once the best zoanoids ever made and she did not want to get into a fight with them if at all possible. Zektole and the others had taken up positions around the agents. But Thancrus had noticed the dirt being moved by the truck and silently walked into the woods, unnoticed by Syn, as he followed the trail.

Syn climbed up into a tree and was sitting on a branch, where she could see the Chronos agents and zoanoid. When the branch she was sitting on fell from under her. Like a cat she landed right on her feet but right in front of her was Thancrus, still in human form. Syn was a bit dazed and shocked that he noticed her but she wanted to play dumb to see if they knew who she really was. Thancrus then escorted her to the others and three of the Chronos agents looked at Syn and jumped.

“Hey that’s the bitch that we lost to, kill the bitch” said one of the men.

“What do you think Thancrus, should we kill her” asked Zektole.

Thancrus transformed into his zoa-form and went to slice off Syn’s head but she ducked and jumped back into a clearing, giving her more room to move.

“You lucky to still have a head girl. Well, seeing that she kicked their asses, I say let me fight the bitch.” Thancrus laughed as he waved his vibrational swords in Syn’s face.

Syn just shrugged and was not impressed at all.

“Looks like she has an attitude, go ahead and change it for her Thancrus” said Elegen, as everyone got up so they could have a good view of the fight.

“Okay, are you done yet, let me kick your ass and go on about my business you ugly fuck Thancrus.”

“Yes she does have an attitude Thancrus” said Elegen.

Thancrus laughed, then quickly charged at her, trying to surprise her. Syn quickly smirked and side stepped, letting Thancrus streak by, not even touching her. Thancrus turned around a bit surprised that he missed her. By this stage the other members of Team 5 where laughing at him that he could not hit a girl so he charged in again. But this time he swings for her head with one arm and her legs with the other. Syn immediately changed into her zoa-form and blocked both swords with her own, then turned to her side and side kicked Thancrus, sending him flying into a tree.

“What the hell, who the fuck is she” asked Gaster.

“That’s the Assassinoid Syn” answered Zektole. “Thancrus get up off that tree and prove that Lord Valcus work is far greater than that of some pitiful misguided Chinese scientist. “

Thancrus got up and charged again. Syn smiled and then flipped over him, landing behind him. Thancrus stopped and looked down at his chest and noticed two deep cuts in his chest, turned around and looked at Syn as she slowly retracted her blades.

“She is fucking fast” remarked Darzerb.

Syn then took the offensive and rushed Thancrus, throwing blow after blow at Thancrus. She was simply three times faster than him and he couldn’t dodge her speed or hit her with his own swords. She then extended her left vibrational sword and proceeded to cut his head off and then quickly retracted her blade. At first, from what everyone thought they had seen, Syn seemed to have hit him so hard that his head simply fell off. But Zektole looked at the wound and knew what she had done. Either way, the fact of the matter was another Thancrus was dead and the other members of team 5 where all angry and they all transformed and headed for Syn with a murderous rage. Behind them all, a lone figure sat in a tree, silently observing the coming fight.

Gaster fired four of his missiles and they streaked up from his pods and then turned towards Syn. Syn saw the missiles coming towards her and did not respond. Gaster grinned as the four missiles hit their target and exploded. But the smile was taken off his face when the dust cleared and Syn was still standing there, with a shield shimmering around her. She then ran towards Gaster at blinding speed and jumped over him as she kicked him in the back of the head, sending him forward. Darzerb stepped in front of Syn as she landed, he punched her hard in the face, sending her flying back slamming her body head first off one of the trucks. Darzerb calmly waked up behind the dazed Syn, grabbed and punched her repeatedly in the chest and gut, breaking eight of her rib bones. He then, with one hand, lifted her above his head and threw her into a clearing. Gaster was waiting for that and had already got another set of ten missiles ready in the air. Syn stood up dazed and holding her chest and saw the missiles. Again she activated her shields but thanks to damage from Darzerb, it was no longer at full strength and when the missile exploded around her, she was blasted backwards into a tree with such force that she felt most of her back bones breaking.

Naturally Syn screamed out in pain and the four Hyper Zoanoids laughed at her. She knew she was in deep trouble. Even with her healing ability, she was badly hurt and the other members of Team 5 where yet to take any damage and she had yet to fight Zektole, who was the most powerful member of Team 5. All four remaining hyper zoanoids now moved in for the kill when a set of vibrational blades erupts from Gaster’s stomach and then proceed in cutting him in four pieces, causing the liquids to mix and making a pretty fireworks display as he blows up. Zektol on the other side, turned around to see a Guyver that then flip over the group and lands near Syn.

“Who are you?” asked a still badly hurt Syn.

“My name isn’t important now, we first have to get you out of here now.”

The unknown Guyver then picked up Syn and activated his gravity controller and was out of the area within a second. The only thing Team 5 could do was listen to the sonic boom as the unknown Guyver flew away. Syn soon found herself unable to breath with the incredibly high speed of this Guyver but somehow the Guyver sensed that and activated a shield around them which made it like being inside a plane for Syn. She could breath normally but she couldn’t see clearly outside the shield. So when the Guyver landed, Syn didn’t know where she was. The Guyver turned off his shield. The only thing Syn knew was that she was deep in a forest. The Guyver and Syn sat down and Syn’s injuries were already healed.

“You heal fast, you must be that rouge zoanoid I have heard about.”

“How could you know about me?”

“I really found out about you by chance. After discovering this Guyver unit, I made sure I caused Chronos as much trouble as possible by killing zoanoid after zoanoid. But there was a zoanoid hunting party looking for an escaped zoanoid, namely you for the past month or so. While they hunted you, I hunted them. It was then I found out about you and I have been looking for you ever since. Hopefully you will become my ally against the evil of Chronos, an evil that has claimed the life of all I hold dear, even the twins who I loved so much.”

“Well you where not the first Guyver that I have met. The first two Guyvers I met where in fact twins.”

“Twin Guyvers? What were their names?”

“Sai and Keilynn, why, it sounds like you know them?”

“I do, they are my niece and nephew. Where are they?”

“I don’t know, I haven’t seen them in a couple months now, they helped me destroy one of the Chronos bases here. They too have those Guyver things you have on. But Sai’s is purple and red and Keilynn’s is red and white. They are very strong and know how to use their armor.”

“Thank you, I need to find them…….”

He stopped talking and suddenly the orbs on his head started moving in their grooves.

Syn looked at him wondering what had just happened “What’s wrong?”

“There is a powerful Guyver coming towards us.”

Syn stands up quickly and gets right beside the Guyver when a giant sized Guyver landed right in front of them. He was easily ten feet tall, had mostly black and purple armor with orange bio-materiel, a three layered pyramid shaped control medal, large shoulder pods and had three vibrational swords on his each of its arms.

“Who are you” asked Syn.

“My name is not important. In time you will know me. But I do know all about you Syn. But that information will be kept to me until I want to see and talk with you again. By the way, Chronos teleported those zoanoids away. Be careful, no matter how many times they have rebuild Team 5, they have always been a threat.”

Syn watched as the giant sized Guyver disappeared. The other smaller Guyver walked over to her.

“Friend of yours Syn?”

Syn shook her head no and looked at the Guyver.

“Who are you, so that I know who I’m allying with?

He laughed and looked in her direction. “The name given to me by Chronos is Nova Storm but my real name is Lynn.”

She nodded her head and looked as Nova Storm deactivated his unit.

USA, Washington D.C. ACTF Base

The twins were walking around the base together. By now they had been in the USA for almost two months and they had been all over the ACTF main base. Since the Mercenary Guyvers had left, they had intensified their martial arts training a lot over the past week. Hoping that with their better performance that they will be able to perform even better in their armor and defeat the likes of the Warrior Guyver 5. Since the death of Jason, they had been keeping close to Jenny, who had her own way of dealing with his death that they had yet to figure out. To her it was like he was not dead and seemed like she was waiting for something. Warrior Guyver 2 on the other hand, like normal, tried to be running things. Which they did not like but he was no longer rude to them, which was an improvement at least. To them there was only two people the twins took orders from, which was General Carter and Jenny. Keilynn, Faye and Elera had what now could be described as a sister like relationship to each other, with Sai being the brother of the group.

As the twins continued around a corner, they saw the Warrior Guyver 5 in the hallway running towards Faye’s room. They both summoned their units and ran after him as he made his way towards Faye’s new room. Even they knew why. He could sense where she was and was almost already there. As he got to her room, the Warrior Guyver 2 appeared in front of him. Warrior Guyver 5 then teleported himself. Nova Blaze and Starfire ran by Warrior Guyver 2 as he teleported away and as they broke through Faye’s door, they saw Warrior Guyver 5 with a choke hold on Guyver Faye’s neck and was about to chop her head off when Warrior Guyver 2 teleported beside her and parried his vibrational sword. Warrior Guyver 5 turned to see them and the Warrior Guyver 2 and quickly let Guyver Faye go and teleported away. Guyver Faye fell to the ground gasping for air. Starfire picked up Guyver Faye while Nova Blaze looked at the Warrior Guyver 2. Those two still had some issues to settle.

Starfire then called out with her unit. “Jenny, it happened again, Warrior Guyver 5 has attacked her for the 2nd time this week. We are taking her to another bed quarters so she can rest.”

“Damn it. We need to do something about this and find out where the hell Lorcan and his group are hiding. But for now that’s fine. Ask your brother to keep an eye out for Warrior Guyver 5 and you stay with Faye. I will meet you both at her room.”

Guyver Faye had recovered from being choked and had deactivated her armor, revealing the fact that she was not wearing much in the line of clothing. Starfire put her hand over Nova Blaze’s eyes just when Jenny arrived. She looked at Faye and shook her head. Warrior Guyver 2 teleported away as the Novas deactivated their armors. Faye collapsed on what was now going to be her bed . Sai then left the ladies to look after Faye as he guarded them outside.

Chronos Base in Mt Chi China

There were eight scientist standing around a processing tank that contained a man whose body was being changed. The head scientist looked up at a viewscreen showing the subjects vital stats and the stats read that the vitals far exceeded that of a prototype Zoalord.

“Master Zarfel is just about done, his new Zoalord body is far more powerful than his previous one, I must report this to master Purg’stall. Choi, you take over.” said the head scientist to Choi.

Choi nodded his head and returned to work. So did the other scientists. The head scientist left the lab and went to his office. He closed the door and sat down at his desk. He turned on his computer and noticed that he has a few incoming messages. One of the messages was from Purg’stall himself. Now one of the Elite Zoalords of Chronos. The head scientist quickly began reading the message. “Shoji, I will be making my way to China in less then 24hrs, make sure my quarters are ready and personnel briefed, I want Zarfel ready as soon as I get there. That is all.” Shoji sat back down and opened up the rest of his messages. Some are just status reports but the last is of another big concern. The message was a bit messy but from what he could gather from it was that a group of Chronos agents were delivering supplies when they were attacked by a woman who was able to defeat a Hyper Zoanoid, then the Guyver now known as Nova Storm came to her aid. That was all he could get. Dr. Shoji sat back in his seat, then he fingered a switch which activated all the intercoms in the base. “All personnel we have a few things that we must prepare for. First Master Purg’stall will be arriving shortly so have his quarters ready and make sure all is in order. Also security, we may have a few new threats. I want security high around the base, I want the new group of Goliath Zoanoids out on patrols. I want anything out of the ordinary to be reported immediately. Also Zariyan, come to my office, I have a mission for you.” After saying what he needed to, he turned off the mike and pulled up the report of the destroyed Chronos China base. He read the file, then looked up at a monitor.

He watched as the two Nova Guyvers and Syn destroyed the old Chronos China base. He recently received the tape from the new Assassinoid Zariyan. Zariyan is Master Zarfel’s prized Assassinoid. She is just as agile as Syn but has some of the abilities of Master Zarfel himself, which made her very dangerous. But even with all that power, she recently found herself outclassed and beaten badly by the Guyver now known as Ninja Guyver. This of course happened just before Zarfel was put to sleep for his promotion to be the leader of the Disciple Zoalords. Everyone thought it would be Proto Zoalord Alfred Drano but Purg’stall supported Zarfel and in the end he won more support from the other Elite Zoalords. This was despite Drano being the favored Proto-Zoalord of Alkanphel himself. But Alkanphel was unwilling to interfere with the Elite’s choice in the Disciple Zoalords which gave Zarfel the edge in becoming leader of the Disciple Zoalords. After a couple minutes, there was a beep at his door. From behind his desk he pressed a button and the doors opened and a women in her mid twenties walked in. She has long black hair, medium build, and a body a model and female body builder would envy. She stood in front of Shoji’s desk and glared at him obviously not liking him at all for interfering with her time.

“So what the hell do you want!”

Shoji was kind of startled at her outburst but tried to contain himself.

“I have a mission for you and you will do what I say or else.”

Zariyan just smiled, knowing full well that she could kill him easily but Master Zarfel would be upset with her, also Purg’stall was also on his way here and killing China’s head scientist would not please her masters master so she retrained herself.

“Okay, what is it doc?”

“This is what I need for you to do, there was a Guyver sighting last night and also Syn was also reported being seen with this Guyver, who we think is the Nova Storm who has been causing us trouble for the past month or so. I need you to search them out but do not attack. We don’t want a repeat of when you faced the Ninja Guyver. If you find them, I want you to check in and give us your position. If you are noticed disengage and leave the area. If you are followed and forced to attack, call for help. I will send the Raptors in to help you out.”

Zariyan eyes widened at the mention of the Raptors.

“So I take it those new zoanoids are done now?

Dr Shoji just nodded his head. Zariyan thought about what she knew about the Raptors and a slight smile creeps onto her mouth. “Okay anything else?”

Dr Shoji shook his head no and wonders what was going through her mind but knew he wouldn’t want to know. Zariyan walked out of the office and headed down to where Zarfel is being reprocessed. She walks into the processing center. The door had an access pad on it and she entered her access code and the little computer display showed “Accepted.” and the door unlocked and opened. Standing in front of a processing tube was Dr Choi. He turned around to see Zariyan walking in. He smiled to see her and walked over to her.

“What’s up?” he asked, looking at a data pad and then to Zarfel.

“What are all of the new type of Zoanoids that were made just recently?”

Dr Choi directs her to his computer and as he does, he begins typing in his password. The computer accepts it and he quickly pulled up the list of new Zoanoids. There are about five new types of Zoanoid and also a new Zoanoid team 5 group. But already two of their members are dead. Zariyan looked over all the files of each group of zoanoids. Once she was finished, Dr Choi closed up the file.

“Why did you want to see them, I thought you already had clearance to those files?”

“Dr Shoji don’t trust me. But thanks, I have a mission to do but notify me as soon as my master is done.”

Dr Choi nodded his head and Zariyan turned around and left the lab. Dr Choi just looks at Zariyan as she lets his eyes gaze over her nicely built body. Some of the other scientist knew that he likes her but he knew he couldn’t try anything or Master Zarfel would have him killed, or worse. Dr Choi went back over to Zarfel’s Zoa-Processing tank and continued his work.

Zariyan on the other hand changed cloths and headed out on her mission. She had all kinds of thoughts racing through her mind. She smiled to herself and darted off, eastward from the mountain.

10miles southwest of the Mt Chi

A large truck drove down a side road going at least eighty five mph, followed by another one. The trucks continued on for about ten miles before stopping. Three soldiers jumped from the first truck, they were all wearing standard zoanoid Chronos uniforms. One was about 5’10” with short red hair, skinny and stocky, the second was short, around 5′ 5″, with long black hair, kind of chubby and the third was 5′ 10″ with long brown hair. They all took out cigarettes and started smoking. One of them looked out at a small city that when two soldiers wearing the Chronos Elites Uniform exited from the back of the truck.

“Now do all of you know your assignments” said one of the Elites.

“Yes sir Zektole, the scouts said that the area was clear and that Zarfel wanted this small city as an outpost” said the short one.

“Well Scythe you better hope so. Now lets move” ordered Zektole.

Everyone jumped back into the truck and then the truck began driving again. When the truck got at least five miles from its last position, it rolled over a small bump in the road. At that point it exploded. There was nothing left, not even a damn tire. But still two figures stood and are barely visible through the smoke. As the smoke cleared, Zektole and Darzerb stood there in their Zoanoid forms. But the other three troops were killed in the explosion.

Five troops wearing all black and carrying heavy weapons then surrounded the two Hyper Zoanoids.

“Alright you fucking Hyper Zoanoids, this is the last time you will get one of our towns. Never again as long as we have it.” Strapped around the speaker was a harness with a armor on it. He had a medium sized gun on. Two others had the same weapon and all pointed them at the zoanoids. The other two troopers had M-16 sized Vulcan chain guns. But Zektole and Darzerb just laughed at them.

“You think those little pee shooters will help you against us, surely you jest” said Darzerb, laughing.

Zektole on the other hand answered the only way he knew how, charged up his beam weapons and fired on the Troopers. Four of them where blasted away but one managed to dodge the beams, only to have his head punched clear off by Darzerb.

“Zoanoids, why did you kill them, I wanted them to lead me to their resistance cell?”

Zektole and Thancrus both turned around to see who asked them that question, only to see the Gigantic form or Zeus. To his sides stood Syn and Nova Storm.

“ZEUS” asked Zektole nervously.


Darzerb ran towards Zeus and as he went to punch him, Zeus casually punched Darzerb in the chest, sending his hand right out the back of Darzerb. He then activated his shield, which blew apart the zoanoids body. Zektole then fired all his bio-blasters at Zeus, only for them to be deflected by his body shield, then Zeus fired a full powered pressure cannon blast in return. The gravity ball hit Zektole in the chest, which, even with Zektole’s uniquely built body, then blew the zoanoid apart.

“Alright, I will leave you two here to find that resistance group. If you find them, talk to them and see if you can join them, but that part you won’t have to worry about because Syn, it is the group you use to be with.”

“What are you talking about, the group I was with was destroyed, there’s no way for them to still be around.”

“Don’t be a fool Syn, your not one, you know just as well as I do that your group would not have died so easily now go find them.”

Zeus then teleported away, leaving Nova Storm and Syn.

End Of Part 2.