This is a fan-fiction based on characters created by Yoshiki Takaya and contains violent situations with adult language. Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead is unintentional and purely coincidental.

NoteThe start of this fiction takes during the Warrior Guyver/Great War crossover “Meeting of the Warriors”.
AuthorAllen Lucas

EDF Headquarters

Paris, France

General Zimmerman was highly upset that Angel refused to join the EDF, however he refused to mope about it any longer. Before she left she revealed the contents of her mysterious bag. She unearthed a Aceaer Unit which she gave Captain Tyrone Benin. He wished she would have given it to him so he could issue it to a soldier himself, but when he thought about it he decided that he probably would have given it to Captain Benin anyway.

Zimmerman sat in his desk reviewing status reports. He was sleep deprived, and showing the side effects. Possibly he would take the rest of the day after the tests on Crimson, who was the new Aceaer, were completed by the lab tech.

Zimmerman’s phone rings. He rubs his eyes and picks it up.

“General Zimmerman,” the man says stoically.

“Hello General, nice to hear from you,” a voice says on the other end. Zimmerman recognizes it immediately as Carter, General Carter of the ACTF USA.

“Hello General, what can I do for you,” Zimmerman asks flipping the papers back on his desk.

“Shooting the breeze really. I heard from a songbird you have a new addition to your team. And it’s an Aceaer I hear,” Carter announces.

Zimmerman is surprised. “News seems to travel fast, it’s only been,” stares at clock, “7 hours since Crimson was activated.”

“Crimson, that’s what you call him?”


“Why is that?”

“He’s red.”

Carter laughs. “Should have guessed. Anyway, I was wondering if you’d like a little info on the Aceaers we got. Not much we know, mainly how the weapons are used by the host and some of the little tech stuff our scientists came up with.”

“Well it would be helpful, but one little detail you probably don’t know,” Zimmerman says sitting up in his desk. “Our Aceaer has merged with the DNA of a Grakken Soldier. We’re not sure of the effects yet but as far as we can tell the damn thing is strong, strong as one of the Warrior Guyvers possibly.”

Carter hums a tone of approval. “Lucky you.”

“Yes, very. So far the only real artillery we had was the Particle Guns,” Zimmerman says. “But even those are being reworked.”

“Those are the things you made from the plans for the Particle Beam cannon we sold you right?”

“Yes. They’re too heavy as currently used so were trying to miniaturize them a bit,” Zimmerman says.

Suddenly the door to Zimmerman’s office bursts open to show a blue clad soldier carrying a paper. “General, general!”

“What, don’t you know better than to burst into this office soldier. Carter, I must leave. I’ll speak to you later,” he says and hangs up the phone. “What is it.”

“Sir, we have a new set of satellite photographs you gotta see!” he says and hands the General the paper.

General Zimmerman looks at the paper. He sees a closeup shot of what appears to be a Grakken vessel! Plus the General can make out four forms. One is the Guyver Zoanoid, two Bio-Titans, and the Disciple Zoalord from Norway named Morpheus Tentrin. “Damn, assemble Crimson and Guyver Alpha. Have them both prepped and ready to go!”

“Yes sir.”

“Where’d he come from,” Crimson said looking down at a Guyver. This one is a standard issue unit-g, however has some devious looks. It reminds him of the pictures of the original Guyver 3, who is now known as Zeus. However he looks slightly different in the face and head, and especially in the body with a forward and elbow set of vibrational blades and colored a dark tint of green.

“Czechoslovakia. My name is Aaron Sachar, how about you?” the Guyver asks.

“Captain Tyrone Benin. So, you just activate that thing?” he asks.

Guyver Alpha shakes his head. “No, had it for at least a year now. Just been living at home. It wasn’t but a week ago that my village was taken over by Chronos. They usually just stayed to the cities, but decided to come and mess my village up. I stopped them, and managed to save most of the villagers, but now I gotta stay alert cause they know about me.”

Crimson nods. “Know the feeling. Me’s pops was taken by them bastards. I heard they made him into an Overlord or something used to control the Zoanoids. Either way I’m eventually going to find my pop.”

The door on the wall to their side swings open. General Zimmerman steps through and hands Crimson the photograph.

“Just an idea, you recognize that?” Zimmerman asks.

Crimson looks at it closely. “No, what is it?”

“It’s a Grakken Spacecraft. We can pretty much assume it’s the same one your Grakken came here in. From the photograph we have it seems to be near 300 feet long. From the photographs taken of the Grakken Mothership we also assume this is simply a small battlecraft, however the technology inside of it must be ours. This is a top priority mission. Both of you are to leave immediately and recover this craft before Guyver Zoanoid and the rest of Chronos has a chance to take it for themselves. Use any means necessary short of blowing up this planet. Is that understood,” the General says firmly.

Both Crimson and Guyver Alpha salute. “Very well, hop to it. It’s near the Seine’s mouth.”

They both leave quickly through the sky roof. General Zimmerman turns and walks back down the hall and to his office. Inside he hears a familiar voice behind him.

“So, you finally got what you needed,” the voice says. Zimmerman turns to see the Primitive Guyver standing in the corner with his arms crossed.

Zimmerman nods. “Yes, we’ll be much stronger against Chronos now. What do I owe the pleasure of this visit my friend.”

The Primitive Guyver waves a disk in his fingers. He leaves the corner and gives it to General Zimmerman. “This is a copy of some information about the Unit-G that you may find interesting. I’ve also got a few extra details on there you may like as well.”

The General nods. “As always, your help is invaluable Primitive Guyver. What will you do now?”

“See to the past, as well as the future.”


A helicopter circles around the dig site and touches down close by. Atkins jumps out and is greeted by one of the men. They lead him to the body.

“Whoa! We better get this back to the base pronto,” Atkins says. He looks towards the men and speaks a few words in French and they nod. Three men grab the stiff corpse of the ancient zoalord and carry him into the copter. Atkins looks down and grabs the Guyver Unit and places it in his coat. He turns and jumps back in the helicopter, thanking the men for their help on the way.

“I wonder what happened to this guy,” Atkins says looking at the body. Although he looks fairly unhurt, his entire body is nearly frozen from cold and his skin has become blue.

“Monsieur, if you askz me I zay it t’waz dehydration,” the pilot says.

From the back of the helicopter the familiar form of Female Guyver 3 nods. In agreement. She was recently told to go to ACTF Europe by Agito, who believed a growing military power to erupt there.

Atkins nods. “Looks like it, I suppose you can’t drink near 0 degree water. But it looks like more than just that.”

Female Guyver 3 speaks. “Mr. Atkins, I know someone who may be able to help with this situation.”

“Who is that?” Atkins asks.

“Their name must remain a secret, however they are currently at the Zeus Thunderbolt base in Japan. If you wish I will take you there and see what they can do,” she says.

Atkins brightens up. “Alright, thanks”. Female Guyver 3 nods, and walks outside to call her Gigantic armor, which she then uses to transport her, Atkins, and the body of the Zoalord.

Tokyo, Japan

Zeus Thunderbolt Main Base

Scientific Hall

Atkins arrives via Gigantic style into a main room. He looks around, seeing multiple blue and red armors. Each one looks different from the rest, specialized in some way and boosted in others. He also notices a large bio-tube in the center of the room.

Female Guyver 3 reverts back to her standard form and carries the Zoalord into the stasis chamber and locks him in. She goes towards a control pad and presses a few buttons as a unisexual voice calls the words, “Stabilizing”. Suddenly a liquid compound begins to pour into the tube.

“Mr. Atkins. Will you please follow me,” Female Guyver 3 says beckoning him with her arm.

Atkins nods, keeping his eye on the zoalord and his arm around the unit secretly stored in his jacket.

As Atkins begins to follow her he begins to mentally catalogue the things he sees. He doubts that Agito would have allowed him to be in here, so he is gaining a one time look at what Zeus is up to and should absorb whatever he can.

Off to the side he watches as another room opens up, revealing two scientists going over a clipboard. In the background he sees Zoanoids in processing tanks!

“Shizu, what are those?” he asks pointing towards them.

Female Guyver 3 turns and looks. “Oh!, those are just captured zoaforms from Chronos. Please, follow me.”

Atkins takes one final look, and then recognizes them. They are the same zoanoids that once were rampant in America during the first era of Chronos assaults. They were called the Libertus if he remembered right. The ACTF never determined what they were, but classified them, and their zoalord leader, as rogue Chronos soldiers who rebelled and were eventually destroyed. Could it be, were the Libertus really part of Zeus Thunderbolt?

Atkins also spots one more strange thing before retiring. Another Zoalord, in a bio-tube, damaged and scarred. A female one, with a nearly destroyed zoacrystal.

Athens, Greece

God’s Throne Building

Circle of the Elder Gods Room

“So, Guyver Powered Zerebubuse has chosen a less direct approach,” Cablarl Khan says grinning to himself.

“Yes, however it may prove just as effective. One of the unfortunate drawbacks of these Bio-boosted Zoanoids is that we no longer have control over them,” Luggnagg De Krumeggnic remarks. “However this particular subject has proven he has some intelligence. However it is still unwise to let such creatures rule Chronos, they are not of our breed.”

Jearvill nods in agreement. “Yes, they are of a lower caste.”

“I do suggest we keep an eye on this. We have received information from Alkanphel that Dreadnought, Zeus and Black Nova have disappeared,” Luggnagg says.

“No doubt from the spies in the ACTF America region. What does he plan on doing about it?” Jearvill asks.

“Damien Kane has begun to gather his forces seeing as Alfrid Drano is currently…unavailable,” Cablarl replies. “As far as Zeus and Black Nova go, I doubt that Zarfel and Fred’rick Von Purg’stall are not planning anything.”

“What of us though?” Luggnagg asks. “With those three down we have an opportunity here as well. We should take advantage of it as soon as possible before they return from wherever they are.”

“We are not prepared to assault Zero One yet. We have just recently been allowed our first two true powers available to us, and we still do not have a good enough army of zoanoids to assault. And we do not have the option of sending out all the bio-titans as we need them to protect us here and for the creators later. At most we have enough forces to hold back the border patrols near the 20th meridian,” says Khan.

A moment of silence.

“Then may I suggest a more indirect approach. I’ve just received information on a most delightful nature. In Pompeii the African Rebel Forces have made a home with what appears to be an old testing grounds for the creators. There may be many Unit-G, or possibly even some more advanced test units. As we do know the creators main testing fields on earth for the Warrior project were around here. It is very possible that area has some of the leftover units from the Warrior Project Alkanphel has spoken about” Jearvill says.

“Then we must act at once,” Cablarl Khan says. “A place of this magnitude does not come everyday. We must exterminate the rebels immediately and take these units for Chronos.”

“That is the tricky part. The place has been under surveillance for awhile by Imakarum. However the Rebel forces have a treaty with the EDF, so he has been reluctant to inform about the place during Europe’s recent problems under the leadership of Kalika and Tonnin, and the current strength of the EDF compared to what could be mustered to capture the place,” Jearvill says distressed, “He believed that because the Warrior Guyver 2 and Guyver Faye and the others were in Norway, plus the recent addition of the Gigantic Warrior Guyvers to their roster, we would have a serious problem protecting the place and were better off keeping it secret. He believes that the Rebels do not even know of it’s existence! Only Imakarum and the Master Zoalords knew of it until now.”

“Then we must act immediately and pillage Pompeii!”

Northern England

She slams down on the beach with her bike, tossing sand into the water. Angel stares out at the cast sea. She could teleport, but the experience is not a settling one with her.

Angel takes in a deep breath and drives the bike back up the ridge of the beach and turns back to it. She places her foot of the ground and revs the motor twice, no three times before jetting forward and jumping the ridge flying into the air. Sparks fly off of the bike as it lands on the water at incredibly fast speed. The bike drives on water, surrounded by a strong electromagnetic field it does so at nearly 200 miles an hour!

1 Hour Later

Seine River Mouth

Guyver Zoanoid stands next to Morpheus Tentrin. Morpheus is wrapped inside of a orange cloak underneath his Chronos armor. His bald head enhances the effect of the small piece of zoacrystal imbedded in his forehead on a partially scaled face.

“It’s going too slow, we are in EDF territory, we must work faster,” Morpheus says.

“Well, if you would have taken the extra zoanoids like I suggested the process would move much faster. Even the Circle agreed with me” Guyver Zoanoid says.

Morpheus frowns in slight anger. “I wanted this to be discreet, having a group of zoanoids out in the open areas of the European Defense Force’s territory is far from that. The Circle will understand”

“Nor is standing here for 2 hours,” Guyver Zoanoid says watching as the Zerebubuses come out of the huge Grakken Craft. “What did you find?”

“The bridge is not far from the entrance, but the rest of the ship has all sorts of different things. I even found three Guyver units!” one of the Zerebubuses say.

Morpheus smiles at the news. “Well done. Now we must move the ship back to the Universal Summit. Arlen, if you would.”

Guyver Zoanoid nods.

“How far are they?” Guyver Alpha asks looking down at the group and the Grakken craft.

“Not far, about 1000 foot. Guyver Zoanoids sensors shouldn’t reach this far, but I’m surprised Morpheus hasn’t detected us yet,” Crimson says.

“Who’s that?”

“A Disciple Zoalord, he’s in charge of the upper part of Norway and should be in charge of the western coast of Europe if it wasn’t for the fact we control it,” Crimson states.

Guyver Alpha nods. “Alright, I need to look at the files when I get back to the base.”

“Don’t sweat bout it. The files are classified. Most soldiers don’t have access to them all, but I did because I’m a Captain,” Crimson says staring them down, he watches as the two Zerebubuse come out of the ship.

Guyver Alpha breathes a deep breath. “So, just go and take them down, sounds pretty easy. Only problem there will be the Guyver Zoanoid and the Zoalord.”

“Those Zoanoids too. I fought one once in Heavy Armor, big mistake on my part. They’re called Zerebubuses. Very powerful Hyper Zoanoids. From the reports Guyvers all over the world have problems with them,” Crimson says shaking his head. “Damn, Guyver Zoanoid is going in. That’s it, you’s ready?”

Guyver Alpha nods.

Morpheus jerks his head to see a giant red fist fly towards him and hit him soaring into the side of the ship.

Guyver Zoanoid growls and jumps towards Crimson slashing his vibrational blades. Crimson hops back and power punches Guyver Zoanoid into the sky. Guyver Zoanoid sends out his call to Guyver Powered Zerebubuse.

Morpheus stands back up, his head rattled but watches as a giant red Guyver like creature begins to come towards him, and another green Guyver has continued the battle against a damaged Guyver Zoanoid.

“Zerebubuse’s, finish these Guyvers,” Morpheus says and teleports away.

“Coward,” Guyver Zoanoid mutters underneath his breath.

Guyver Alpha kicks the Guyver Zoanoid in the head, but he quickly recovers and shoots him with a head laser, blasting through his shoulder. Guyver Alpha ignores it and punches him in the chest. Guyver Zoanoid laughs and grabs the Guyver by his sides and slams him on the ground and rams his vibrational sword through his calf.

Crimson faces off against two Zerebubuse. They both growl and begin charging him with their fists.

“Why use those?” Crimson asks himself and pulls his hands together and fires a pressure cannon attack at the left Zerebubuse, who attempts to shield against it with his arms, but it bursts through and breaks into the Zerebubuses flesh.

The second dives at him firing arm lasers. Crimson dodges some and uses his shield on the others, he fires some rail gun shots that tear the zoanoids arm off, screamin in pain this gives enough time to give Crimson the moment he needs to extend his kinetic plasma swords and chop off the Zerebubuses other arm and punch him in the face.

Crimson stands up only to be attacked again by Guyver Zoanoid, who slices his left hand off.

The Guyver Zoanoid is cut up pretty bad. Although he is stronger than Guyver Alpha, Alpha has been ducking and dodging most of his attacks. Although those that connected brought Guyver Alpha into his present nearly dead state. Given a moment or rest by Guyver Zoanoids attack on Crimson, Alpha is trying to regain his foothold as he sees Crimson trying to kill the last Zerebubuse.

Guyver Zoanoid stands over him and opens his Mega Smasher. “Too bad you only had such a short time as a Guyver, it was nice playing with you.”

“You’ll get another chance,” Guyver Zoanoid hears behind him. His Hyper senses jerk him around and he watches a giant gravity ball take him for a ride across the river.

“You alright?” Crimson asks helping Guyver Alpha to his feet.

Guyver Alpha has many many scars. His right chest plate has been stabbed through taking the lung with it, he has a large slash mark across his face from a vibrational sword and a large chunk of his left side is missing.

“Peachy,” Guyver Alpha says. Crimson helps pull him along.

“You’ll heal soon, mine’s just as fast as yours,” Crimson says going into the craft.

Guyver Zoanoid flies by, catching Crimson’s hyper senses, but by the time he turns to see the Guyver is gone.


Foot of the Volcano

A Neo-Zektole and two Bio-Titans together are sent into where the expect the relic ship to be buried. They leave behind a group of 20 various zoanoids under the command of the Apprentice Zoalord  Oranga de la Vicissitude, who has been given the order of overseeing this mission.

<“You must use caution, we do not know what has occurred here,”> Oranga says telepathically to the Neo-Zektole in charge.

The three of them arrive into the cavern and are immediately attacked by gunfire. Each of them fire their various weapons and the firing quickly stops, leaving mangled and burned bodies all over the place. The three continue on into the deep areas.

“It should be behind this wall,” the Neo-Zektole says pointing towards the western part of the wall.

The Bio-Titan nods, and fires a small plasma burst that blows the wall in, revealing a deeper cavern. They all step inside to a magnificent view. The cavern is huge, so deep they cannot even see the deeper parts of it. The Neo-Zektole opens his weaponry, but only slightly charges it giving off a yellow glow to light the cavern.

The three of them continue on. Walking forward they begin to make out a large figure in front of them. It’s a creator craft!

The size of it astounds them. The cave is big enough by itself to hold a small city, but the craft only shows part of itself, the tip of the craft so skyward they cannot see it, and the ground only comes 2/3 of the way down.

<“Have you found anything yet?”> Oranga asks.

<“Yes, the ship is here, and in perfect shape too,”> the Neo-Zektole says.

Suddenly the creatures chest bursts open. The Neo-Zektole is shocked, but not before the rip tears even more and tears his body in half.

The Bio-Titans stare in shock! They see his body fall to the ground around a cloaked figure, only apparent because of the zoanoids blood covering him revealing his presence.

The Bio-Titans fire, but the creature is too fast and dodges it coming in close to the Bio-Titan. They hear a sharp screech as Vibrational Swords are extended and hack marks begin to appear all over one of the Bio-Titans, tearing him to pieces before a final one comes down from the zoanoids shoulder to his hip, ripping him in half.

The other Bio-Titan watches as the bloody cloaked figure decloaks with his back turned to him, revealing a red Guyver. The Guyver turns and his circular control medal flashes and he disappears again.

<“What is wrong, I repeat, what is happening,”> Oranga de la Vicissitude screams over telepathy. The Bio-Titan is too busy looking for the Guyver to reply before something grabs him from behind and he feels two sharp spikes ram into his back.

The Bio-Titan’s body falls limp and lifeless piece of decay. Above him stands a Guyver with a triple pieced control medal, two spikes coming under his armpits, and claws revealing long, deadly vibrational blades on his gray armor.

1 Hour Later

Kiev, Ukraine

Ethereal Tower

“Mam, Arlen Crane is here to see you,” the intercom announces.

Kalika Karlon presses a button on her desk. “Let him in.”

It takes only a few moments before the door opens and Arlen Crane, the Guyver Zoanoid, in his human form comes strolling in.

“Yes Arlen, what would you like?” Kalika asks.

Arlen smiles. “No Mam, the question is what would you like.” Arlen opens his coat and tosses a large red armored bleeding hand on her desk.

“WHAT IS THIS!” Kalika screams in surprise.

“The severed hand of Crimson, an armor sample of an Aceaer,” he says smiling to himself and her.

Kalika is now smiling as well. All of Chronos has been wanting to get their hands on a sample of Aceaer armor, especially the Disciple Zoalords like her. The reason the Enzyme Guyver Killer type has been ineffective against Aceaer is that the armors are far too different. Even Enzyme3, whose acid can even effect other substances aside from Guyver armor, has proven much less effective against the Aceaer subjects. With this armor sample she can make a new Guyver Killer with the ability to not only harm Guyvers, but Aceaer as well!

“Arlen Crane, you will be richly rewarded for this, I promise,” Kalika says staring at the hand in an ardent hunger.

Arlen stands up and walks towards the door.

“One question Mr. Crane,” Kalika says before he reaches the door.


“You are under Morpheus’ command right now, why give this to me?” Kalika asks.

Arlen grins. “Morpheus is a moron, coward and pathetic person to be given such an esteemed position as Disciple Zoalord. By himself he has caused the loss of the western part of Europe, when it was you who was able to at least keep them from taking the eastern part and recover some of the western part. He has failed to keep with the current Zoanoid production levels, must I go on. He is unworthy to lead, and if I gave this gift to him it is very possible that moron would gain more prestige and possibly advance. If you got it, we may have a chance to get a more effective recruit in the Elite Zoalords if ever there was an opening.”

Kalika nods. “How thoughtful of you.”

Madrid, Spain

Base Zero Two

The Grakken ship falls from the sky and into the underground docking station where it is immediately locked down. Both Tyrone and Aaron step out unarmored, Tyrone holding a Unit-G, Aaron holding one too.

“Whoa! This thing comes stocked!” one of the men in a labcoat says.

Tyrone hands him his unit, along with Aaron’s too.

“Hey Dr. Manning, we got’s some presents for ya,” Tyrone says.

“Hello Captain Benin, I heard of your new status. And this must be Aaron Sachar the recently found Guyver,” he says nodding. The man is in his mid thirties, already looking like the typical scientist with glasses on his dark brown hair. He puts out his hand to Aaron. “My name is Julius Manning, head scientist of Zero Two.”

“Nice to meet you,” Aaron says.

“Okay, well, General Zimmerman asked me to give one to Kyle and to do some research on the other until we need to use it,” he says.

“HEY, you don’t mean that prick from America do you! Kyle Dirca!” Tyrone asks.

“YEAH, THAT PRICK,” a voice screams from across the room. A young man, only slightly past the drinking age, comes up and snorts his nose.

“I can’t believe the General wants HIM to get it,” Tyrone says pointing his finger at him.

Kyle lifts one side of his mouth, “Well believe it macho man, I’ve been training for one of these for awhile now.”

“Kyle has been going under training for a Guyver unit for awhile now based on the information we have received from the ACTF. He’s the best person for this unit in Europe,” Dr. Manning says. The doctor hands it to him. “Remember, you better leave for now before you bond with it so you don’t start setting blasts off in the base.”

“Yeah I know, be back soon,” Kyle says walking towards an already prepped military vehicle that has two Eurowolves already in it for a just in case scenario.

*How freaking lovely,” Tyrone says.

“Anyway Captain, how did you fly the ship?” the doctor asks.

“Simple actually, it seemed only to respond to my vocal commands. It doesn’t run like a creator craft,” Tyrone says.

The Doctor nods. “Well the one the ACTF captured they were able to pilot, sort of. Of course that was only a one person craft designed for inter solar system travel. This craft is most likely a smaller version of the Mothership, which is why it may only respond to commands issued by a Grakken. Namely you.”

“Well if it was a Mothership like one, why was only one Grakken piloting it?” Aaron asks.

“Maybe there wasn’t,” Tyrone says. “Chronos searched the ship, and considering they were still alive when we showed up it must mean the ship was empty. So if there are other Grakken around here, they’re loose.”

“Wonderful,” Doctor Manning says sarcastically.

1 Hour Later

Mardalsfoss, Norway

Angel watches the waterfall as she comes closer. She picks up her handlebars and pulls the bikes nose up, this pulls her up the side of the waterfall and drags her up on the plateau where she sees a man standing in a suit.

Angel stops the bike and turns it off. She tosses her helmet on the ground and takes off her jacket.

“I was wondering when you would come,” the man says smiling as he begins to form shift into a Powered Zerebubuse.

“So, you’re the prick who killed Cynthia!” Angel screams. “Guyver!”

Angel’s armor explodes in it’s EM power and fires tiny bolts of thunder, pulling her bike towards and then away from her.

The Powered Zerebubuse laughs. “Is that all Guyver.”

“I know about your test unit,” Angel says pointing at the Zoanoid. “Would you like to hear a neat piece of info?”

The Zerebubuse calls his armor. “What is that?” asks Guyver Powered Zerebubuse.

Angel snickers under her armor. “We are test units, do you really think the creators would risk another Guyver catastrophe? They developed a neat little thing they installed in all of us test units. It’s called the extinction device!”

“Do not attempt to lie to me Guyver, “Why would I need to lie to you, huh?” Angel asks.

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse screams and charges at her charging a Pressure Cannon. Angel jumps over him landing in a reverse position. She fires her own Flare cannon that does not even streak the Guyvers armor as he turns and shoots it at her. The weapon is too fast, and Angel does not react fast enough before her legs are blown completely off!

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse walks towards her laughing. “I was supposed to let you come willingly if possible. Ah well. By the way, your comrades in the EDF have spoiled one of our missions. It seems that I may be dispatched to recover their loss.”

Athens, Greece

God’s Throne Building

Circle of the Elder Gods Room

“Unacceptable, insubordinate. He is worse than Kalika,” Jearvill says sneering.

Luggnagg nods. “At every turn he demonstrates his need to be destroyed.”

“We can deal with him later. Our primary concern as of now rests on Pompeii and that unknown Guyver,” Cablarl says. “The mission at Pompeii was a failure. Oranga sent a disturbing report. Something killed both Bio-Titans, as well as the Neo-Zektole he sent in.”

“Must have been a powerful opponent, most likely a test unit from the relic ship. Have him refrain from wasting any more Bio-Titans, we’ve already lost enough today from Morpheus ignorance,” Luggnagg says.

“Agreed,” Cablarl replies. “However the question remains, what of the unknown Guyver?”

“Guyver Powered Zerebubuse has yet to contact us. We should assume that he has yet to battle the Guyver. He is very reliable, we will hear from him,” says a confident Jearvill Bun Hiyern. He blanks his face for a moment, “He has captured the Guyver.”

1 Hour Later

Kiev, Ukraine

Ethereal Tower

Guyver Powered Zerebubuse comes and drops a body in the capable hands of a Chronos scientist. “Be careful with this.”

“So it’s a her,” a voice says behind the Guyver. He turns and sees both Imakarum Mirabilis and Kalika Karlon in their Chronos uniforms coming into the room. Imakarum follows his words up with, “Now what do we do with it.”

“What has Alkanphel decreed?” Kalika asks.

“That the unit and host be studied. He seems to be very interested in this particular unit. He says it contains many secrets of its own,” Imakarum says.

“So, what did you learn Guyver Powered Zerebubuse?” Kalika asks.

“She is called Angel. The host has lost her memory since bonding with the unit, and seems to have been genetically altered from the unit,” Guyver Powered Zerebubuse says. “I had to…squeeze the information out of someone,” he answers grinning under the armor. He deactivates his unit and reverts to a nude human form. “May I be excused?”

“Yes,” Imakarum says. The man bows and leaves. “We will place her inside of a sealed room, have it clean of all forms of energy, including magnetic.”

“Yes Imakarum, where do we start first?” Kalika asks.

“Wherever, it’s not a big concern. Once we take the proper precautions she cannot escape. Proceed as you want. Just make sure the other two projects do not suffer,” he says.

Kalika nods. “See to it,” she tells the scientists.

The two zoalords walk out of the room and down the metallic hallway.

“The Catalyst Guyver Killer should be ready soon. We are using your Enzyme 3 as the base for it. It has already proven an effective design against the Guyvers. With this new strand of acid we will be able to attack Aceaer units in the same manner,” Kalika boasts.

“Very good Kalika, you have proven to be just as effective as I hoped you would be. It was very disappointing for me to watch my lord give those three traitorous zoalords a chance at redemption. The Circle has pushed you back. I’m sure if it wasn’t for them you would have kept Europe in line and received the leadership role over the Disciple Zoalords instead of Zarfel,” Imakarum says.

Kalika nods. “I cannot say that. Zarfel is a very good commander and zoalord. He has proven his worth many times, he deserves his position.”

“I agree. However I would rather see someone of my breed in control of the disciple rather than one of Prug’stall’s, not that I have anything against him. Fred’rick Von Purg’stall is one of the few elite zoalords I can truly call a friend aside from Valcus,” he says. “But anyway, what about the Neo Hyper Zoanoid project?”

“Oh, the first Gliddean prototype is finished. He has proven to be very effective against even the Bio-Titans. However his type is still difficult to produce. We’re working on it though. Gliddean is going to be field tested very soon against a Bio-Titan, this time in an actual battle, not in a controlled test. We are simply making multiple backups of his zoaform data so he doesn’t become another lost number,” she says. “It won’t be long, we plan on it taking place tomorrow morning actually. I would like you to attend if possible.”

Imakarum nods. “I plan on it. Lord Kron and Lord Alkanphel have both also decided to attend your first field test of this zoaform. They may begin to mass produce this type alongside the Bio-Titan for our battles against the creators if it proves effective enough. If it is, it will bring great prestige along with it for you.”

Kalika smiles. Maybe then those damn three elite would leave her continent. “That would be very beneficial.”

Imakarum smiles, “Yes, I suppose it would.”


Washington D.C., United States

Cyber Guyver walks into General Carters office and salutes him.

“Hello Scott, are you ready for your next mission?” the general asks.

Cyber Guyver nods. “I’m tired of sitting around here if that’s what your asking.”

Carter laughs and opens a file on his desk. “Our European branch intercepted a coded message sent by General Zimmerman. Now before you get upset that I’m spying on the EDF listen up. They were visited by a female Guyver named Angel, who has exhibited many extraordinary abilities. We do not know what kind, but what I do know is that Zimmerman really wanted her on the EDF team but she refused. I want you to go to Europe and track her down and ask her to come and visit us here at the ACTF.”

Cyber Guyver nods. “Yes sir, but what if she does not want to come?”

“We cannot force her, but be persistent,” he states, “With Jason and Stephen gone on vacation in that other world we need some extra muscle here if possible.”

Cyber Guyver salutes.

Ethereal Tower

Kiev, Ukraine

Angel wakes up holding her head. “Ouch,” she mutters mutely and rubs her eyes as they focus to the artificial lighting. She sees tinted glass surrounding her on all sides, along with a white colored ceiling and floor of solid steel.

“Guyver!” she screams. Nothing happens. “GUYVER!” Still nothing.

What’s wrong?

Angel suddenly feels dizzy and lays her head back down. Her energy is low, she barely has enough electromagnetic energy inside of her to live for the time being, much less activate her Guyver unit.

“As I suspected. She requires the EM energy to operate every function of her unit. This must mean that her body is tuned towards gathering the energy, not her Guyver armor,” one of the scientists say. He is a large young man just over twenty years. His skin is pale from hours inside. A name tag on his coat says, Dr. Norman. He is one of the brilliant minds of Chronos, who was personally selected by Doctor Valcus to head this project under the supervision of Kalika Karlon.

Kalika stands in the corner. “Do you have any idea why she was designed that way. It seems to be a weakness to me.”

“Depends on how you look at it. This unit is definitely Kavzar based, which for all purposes means that the unit would be active constantly on the host, except in this circumstance where it wasn’t used on a creator troop. If the creators can make a host strong, it would be the same as having a Zoanoid activate a normal unit like Guyver Zoanoid, the same unit becomes much stronger. However in this case it is very peculiar,” Dr. Norman says.

Kalika looks at him puzzled, “Why is that?”

“The host is most definitely a human from this planet, but she requires EM energy to live! The unit must require a host with that sort of DNA setup so it must have modified this host to suit its needs. We have never recorded such a thing occurring before even in the more advanced units on earth,” he says. “This is a wonderful find. Further study of her unit could allow us to develop easier ways to manipulate DNA in already grown people. You yourself know the success rate for most zoanoid types is very low, especially for the Neo Hyper zoanoid types. This is because once we manipulate the DNA of the person the body rejects it most of the time causing a failure. If we can learn how the creators modern capability of DNA manipulation works we could have a much higher success rate with our more powerful zoanoids.”

Kalika smiles. “As you know I’ve been trying to achieve that goal for awhile now, and have only been partially successful. Proceed and get what you can.”

Dr. Norman nods as Kalika leaves.

The Next Morning

Deep inside of the Ethereal Tower a large open Colosseum like room was built to test new zoanoid designs, that is where the two Master Zoalords of Chronos stand now waiting for Kalika and Imakarum to come.

Kron speaks first. “My lord, is a new design truly required. The Bio-Titan should be plenty sufficient against the creators.”

“You are correct Kron,” Alkanphel says. “However one can never have too many different troops. If this design proves effective against mine in the way Kalika says it will we could have a wonderful addition to our roster.”

The door behind the two of them slides open as Kalika and Imakarum step through. “I apologize for the wait my lords, but I had to see to a few preparations before the field test began,” Kalika says.

“It is fine Kalika, we did not wait long,” Alkanphel says. “Now, what of this new zoanoid?”

Kalika nods. “I and my scientists were charged with developing a new zoanoid type that could stand side by side with the Bio-Titans, but would be as different to them as the Gaster and Thancrus types were to each other. What we came up with after over three months of testing was this,” Kalika says pointing towards a spot on the wall opposite the zoalords.

A door slid open and a desert colored being steps out. He is tall, approximately 9 foot. He resembles the Thancrus type a lot, except has hands as well as vibrational blades and a few crystals located on his shoulders, knees and abdomen.

 “This is the Neo Hyper Zoanoid Gliddean! He was developed as a cross breed between the power of the Bio-Titan with the speed and flexibility of the Thancrus type. Although he is classified as a Bio-Weapon type like the Bio Titan, Gliddean is designed for hand to hand combat primarily. However do not think his long range weaponry has suffered, the crystals located about his body are derived from the Zektole design and can fire kinetic blasts near the strength of a Guyvers single mega smasher.”

“Impressive,” Kron says. “But words are meaningless compared to results.”

Kalika nods. “I know my lord, which is why this demonstration is taking place.”

Suddenly another door directly under the zoalords opens as a Bio-Titan comes walking out. “Let the test begin, prove which one of you are stronger,” Alkanphel says waving his hand to the zoanoids.

The Bio-Titan extends his vibrational blades and beckons the Gliddean. The Gliddean flashes his blades in return and runs towards the Bio-Titan. The Bio-Titan fires a plasma burst from his hand, but the Gliddean leaps over it and behind the Bio-Titan and comes down with his vibrational swords and cuts two long gashes in the back of the zoanoid. The Bio-Titan yells and turns swinging his own blade and catches the Gliddean’s swords and the two contest their muscles until the conflict breaks and the Bio-Titan begins firing his plasma bursts again. Each time the Gliddean dodges, ducks, jumps over or evades them coming in and cutting the Bio-Titan’s left shoulder open letting the inside material of it pour out. The Bio-Titan grabs him by the leg and swings him over his head and slams him on the ground. The zoanoid does it again, lifting him and slamming him, lifting him and slamming him until he swings his body around and tosses the Gliddean into the wall. The Bio-Titan fires a bio energy burst but the Gliddean manages to erect a shield that blocks a bit of the blast. Burned and battered, the Gliddean stands up ready to continue the fight.

The Bio-Titan runs forward at top speed to slam his vibrational blade into the zoanoid, but to his surprise the Gliddean disappears into thin air!

The Bio-Titan turns, he turns again frantically searching for him. But he is answered with a vibrational blade shoved into his stomach and another slashing open his eyes.

The Bio-Titan holds his face as the Gliddean reappears and charges all of his crystals and prepares to fire.

“ENOUGH!” a loud sound explodes from Alkanphel. The zoanoids stop and stare at their master.

“Kalika Karlon, I am far more than impressed. You have truly made something amazing. All of our previous stealth capable zoanoids have either been classified as Lost Numbers or been destroyed. And for you to create one that can stand toe-to-toe with my Bio-Titans is remarkable. I wish for these to be immediately put into production in Europe. We will put them to the true test when we are ready to reclaim Paris. If they are successful in that, they will be made all over alongside the Bio-Titans to fight against the creators,” Alkanphel decrees.

The words bring a smile to Kalika’s face. “Thank you my lord.”

“No, thank you Kalika,” Alkanphel says. “You have proven your worth once again. And believe me, even if they fail to meet expectations at Paris, your prestige with me will remain the same.”

Kalika nods. “We are almost ready to begin processing my first Catalyst prototype my lord. We acquired Aceaer armor, and have made a zoanoid type capable of using the same acid once used by the Enzyme Guyver Killers, however this time even stronger as well as capable of breaking down Aceaer armor.”

“My my my,” Alkanphel says smiling.

Moments Later

Kron follows Kalika into the room where they can view Angel.

Angel is lying on the ground in a near lifeless state.

“So, this is the unknown we have been hunting. How are you keeping her from activating her unit?” Kron asks.

“She seems to be very dependent on Electromagnetic Energy. She cannot even activate her unit without an ample charge. As long as we give her just enough to live, not enough to activate the unit, we can keep her here as long as needed,” Kalika says.

A view screen activates showing a scientist. “Miss Kalika,” he says, “The test subject is ready for trial.”

“Very good. If you will excuse me Lord Kron,” Kalika says bowing before she departs.

Kron looks at Angel, his mind racing through thoughts. “Have you taken a blood sample yet?”

“No Lord Kron,” one of the men watching the screens say. “We have been ordered not to.”

“Go and do so,” Kron says. The man nods.

Kron watches him prepare a syringe and leave the room. He watches the monitor as it shows a door opening, and the man going down and grabbing Kalika’s arm. Suddenly the screen flashes and he hears an explosion!

Kron shifts to his Bio-Lord form and slams the door down to see a black Guyver racing down the hall. He follows quickly behind as she blasts the ceiling open and flies out.

“Stop Guyver, or I will be forced to destroy you,” Kron screams at her.

Angel throws her head back. “LIKE HELL YOU WILL,” she says and opens a Mega Smasher cell at the now airborne Kron. Kron lifts his shielding and prepares as a giant blast erupts from her and slams into Kron’s shield. The blast slams against him with incredible force, and parts leak through as the shield gives way, blasting Kron’s Bio Armor off of him.

Angel watches a torn Kron look at her in anger. He has already begun to heal as he runs forward, and with all of his might, slams himself against Angel. Angel is thrown back and into the ground where a vibrational blade comes down and pierces her calf. Angel ignores it and activates her energy blades swinging them in multiple turns across Kron tearing him up even more and destroying his Mega Smashers. Kron lifts up and prepares to fire a Black Hole before Kalika comes out of the side of the Chronos building and shifts into her battle form.

Kron fires the Black Hole attack, but Kalika teleports behind him and kicks his back, knocking him forward into his own black hole attack.

Kron recovers quickly, his zoacrystal glows as a lightning storm forms overhead.

Kalika screams. “NO LORD KRON!”

But Kron is too angry to think straight, much less hear. He commands the storm and a gigantic lightning bolt shoots through the sky and slams into a surprised Angel.

Angel screams as the energy surges through her body. Suddenly a blast field explodes around her again and blinds out her image. The storm cloud begins to fizzle, and Kron feels his body drawn towards her before it dissipates and Angel is shown again.

This time she is a bit taller, with spiked shoulders and four green energy beams stemming from her back. Her eyes glow green.

Kron stares for a moment in disbelief, but fires his hand beam to retaliate. Angel lifts her hand and a shield extends over her hand and blocks the beam. She activates her gravity orb and fires a combined Flare and Pressure Cannon. The weapon fires forward at high pace and flips around slamming into Kron’s shields. The weapon knocks him down and Angel sends out a gigantic EMP. A blue ring discharges outward and hits everything around her.

Angel watches as Kron teleports away, followed closely by herself.

A Few Miles Away

Cyber Guyver has been on the tail of what he believes to be the location of Guyver called Angel. He found a note left by Guyver Powered Zerebubuse in London, and went to Mardalsfoss, only to find a motorcycle and no Guyver. However he was able to pick up the trail of Angel. When he investigated the motorcycle he found it contained a memory storage that he quickly accessed. The bike was equipped with a camera as well as a GPS transmitter. He accessed the network on the bike and found it was connected directly to the EDF headquarters in Paris. He then found her clothes were also bugged, so he was easily able to pick up her location on the bikes GPS system. So he headed to Kiev.

Cyber Guyver flew at top speed to reach his target. He didn’t want to teleport as it drained him too bad, but he did want to get there quick. He would have had Warrior Guyver or Warrior Guyver 2 teleport him, but they aren’t here at the moment. And Jenny, well Jenny has been acting a little funny lately. She has been lashing out more often, and has been complaining about some aches and pains. Pretty strange, considering she’s not only a Guyver but an Overlord as well.

Suddenly Cyber Guyver’s hyper senses jerk forward and his thought pattern dies when he looks forward and sees a blue wave coming towards him. Cyber Guyver dives to dodge, but it was larger than he expected and it hits him dead on. Cyber Guyver’s body begins to spark as Scott screams in pain. His Magnetic Orb shuts off and he falls to the ground, slamming into it at high speed and sliding across the green soil over 400 foot before he slams into a tree and is halted. The tree breaks open but does not fall.

Cyber Guyvers body is left in sparks, his head and limbs twitching.

Then a bright light shines as Angel comes out of teleport after detecting this Guyver in pain. She looks down at him. “Who are you?” she asks.

Cyber Guyver’s head still twitches to each side. <“My name is Scott Matthews, are you Angel?”>

Angel nods. She thinks he must be too damaged to speak normally.

<“I was sent here by the ACTF to seek you out. But it seems I ran into a bit of trouble,”> he says.

“Oh, sorry about that. I used an Electromagnetic pulse back there. I didn’t think it would reach this far though. Anyway, your going to be okay right? I’ve never seen your kind of unit,” Angel says.

Cyber Guyver’s head nods slightly. “Just give me awhile,” he says. His voice has returned.

EDF Headquarters

Paris, France

Professor Willard watches from the now repaired observatory booth as the Blast Unit and the Heavy Armor prepare to battle again. This time however, he has equipped the Blast Unit with a new energy system. He has used a sample of Angel’s blood to concoct a new liquid which he hopes will absorb electromagnetic energy like Angel does. He used this in a new energy system inside of the Blast Unit along with the fusion reactor it already has to help it power the armor. If successful, the system will also be used in the Particle Beam Guns.