Subject : Prototype Temporal Guyver UnitCode Name : TWILIGHT GUYVER

Host Name : Nathan Wallas

Sex : Male  /   Hair : Brown   /   Eyes : Brown 

Age : 19

Height in human form : 180 cm (~5.9 Feet)

Height Armored : 201 cm (~6.3 Feet)

Weight in human form : 70 kg (~155 Pounds)

Weight Armored :  384 kg (~847 Pounds)

Present Status : Declared enemy of Chronos.

Description: Subject, an American citizen who moved with his family to Japan during the time Chronos had full control over the USA, has aquired, with the assistance of Guyver 1, a powerful prototype Guyver unit that has demonstrated powerful temporal powers. This has allowed the subject, despite his lack of any previous combat experience, to prove himself a powerful ally in the war against Chronos. Though it has cost him dearly with the loss of his family.
Present estimates of this Guyver type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Subject’s unit is more efficient than a standard unit and grants subject the physical strength of approximately 200 men and has twice the stamina of a normal unit.

-Speed: Running=0-400 MPH / Flying=0-600 MPH with a max. of ~1,500 MPH. Use of temporal dilation can allow subject to temporarily increase speed by a factor of ten for short bursts. Subject can also enter a state called Hyper Time, a form of time that exists outside of normal time. To the subject time would appear to have stopped around him, while an outside observer would, if they are able to detect the subject at all, would see or sense the subject move, wraith like, at near light speed. This is a temporal dimensional effect and considered more a form of teleportation than true super speed as subject cannot interact with objects in normal time until he returns to normal time. Subject’s reflex speed is 20 to 100 times normal.

-Durability: Subject’s armor seems to generate a self sustaining temporal energy field that renders subject nearly indestructable to physical attack unless attack can disrupt the temporal energy field. So subject is still vulnerable to attacks that can effect time like a zoalord black hole attack. Temporal energy also allows subject to regenerate ten times faster than a normal Guyver if damaged. Since subject’s temporal powers are directly controlled and regulated by Unit’s Control Medal, its destruction or removal would disable the temporal energy field and render unit as vulnerable as a standard unit.

-Temporal Energy Field Matrix: Subject’s armor has eight dimensional field generators that envolop subject in a self sustaining five dimensional energy field that allows subject to manipulate time. At its fullest potential, this power allows subject to actually time travel up to three days into either the future or past but doing so puts a strain on the unit and requires one week before the ability can be used again. 

-The Head Beam Infrared Laser Orb has exhibited an energy output two times greater than that of a normal Guyver.

-Pressure Cannon: Subject’s gravitational powers are four times greater than a standard unit.

-Mega Smashers: Subject’s can generate a blast 50% more powerful than a normal unit, due to particle acceleration boost from Subject’s temporal energy field.

-Vibrational Swords: Subject has a standard pair of retractable elbow swords but are nearly indestructable due to subject’s temporal energy field. The forearm spikes are not vibrational but subject’s strength and armor durability allows them to be used to deadly effect.

-Sonic Busters: Subject’s sound weapon emitters are the same as a standard unit. 

-Hyper Sensors: Subject’s sensory range have been estimated as much greater than normal and have been inferred to give host a wider range of sensory enhancements. The exact range of these hyper sensors have been estimated to be around 300 meters (~1,000 Feet). This ability is augmented by subject’s temporal energy field, which allows subject to project his consciousness a few seconds into the future and/or past and grants subject a level precognitivity during battle.

-The Units Control Medal appears to be a modified standard type that enhances itself with subject’s temporal field to allow it to function at over twice its normal capacity..

No other conclusions of this subject’s abilities can be confirmed until further data is gathered.