ACTF Data Files

General Information
Known Advanced Power Generating Methods
Particle Beam Cannons
Prototype Mobile Particle Beam Cannon
Particle Beam Cannon
Prototype ACTF U.S.A. Battle Armour
Red Type Battle Armour
ACTF U.S.A. Battle Armours
Blue Type Battle Armour
Blue Type Version 2 Batter Armour
Teal Wolf Battle Armour
Green Type Version 1 Battle Armour
ACTF Canada Battle Armours
Canadian Wolf Battle Armour
Guyver Emulating Cyber Battle Unit
European Battle Armours
Euro Wolf Battle Armour
Standard Guyver Units
Guyver U.S.
Guyver Faye
Primitive Guyver
Guyver 0
Guyver 1
Guyver 3
Female Guyver 3
Guyver 5
Guyver 6
Guyver 7
Guyver 8
Guyver 9
Guyver 10
Guyver 11
Guyver 12 (A.K.A. CRF Guyver 2)
Guyver 13 (A.K.A. CRF Guyver 3)
Guyver 14
Guyver Unit Upgrade Module
Gigantic Upgrade
Extremely Advanced Alien Device
Modern Gen Battle Armours
Aceaer Unit
Gigantic Enhanced Warrior Guyver Units
 Giant Upgrade Enhanced Warrior Guyver Units
Warrior Units
Warrior Guyver US
Warrior Guyver
Warrior Guyver - PreMatrix
Warrior Guyver 2
Warrior Guyver 3
Warrior GuyverC
Female Warrior Guyver
Prototype Warrior Units
Battle Guyver
Praetorian Guyver Unit
Nova Guyvers Units
Dark Nova
Black Nova
Black Nova 2
Nova Storm
Nova Blaze
Ultra Enhanced Extra-Terrestrial Humanoid Guyver Unit
Darmon Crystal Infected Humanoid Guyver Battle Unit
Modern Gen Test Units
Warrior Guyver 4
Warrior Guyver 5
Reaper Guyver
Ninja Guyver
Guyver Mercenary
Giant Guyver
Lostude Guyver
Edutsol Guyver
Enhanced Aceaer Unit
Warrior Aceaer
Zoa Enhanced Guyvers Units
Proto Guyver
Hybrid Guyver
Human Tech Enhanced Guyvers Units
Cyber Guyver Dark
Prototype Sentient Guyver Organism Unit
Zygote Guyver
Zygote Clone
Master Zoalord
Natural Zoalord
Parallel World Beings
Guyver XT
Alien Assassin Cybernetic Life from


The Web




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