Gen Data Files
Acknowledged Units
Controller Unit
Aceaer Unit
Current Servants Of the Creators
Kavzar Commander
Enforcer Kavzar
Alternative Universe Servants Of the Creators
Warrior Kavzar
Important Failures
Bio-Boosted Human
Guyver Zoalord
Warrior Project Units
Warrior Guyver
Life-Force Guyver
Solom Type Warrior Unit 1
Battle Guyver
Turbo Guyver
Shadow Guyver
Nova Project Units
Black Nova
Nova Blaze
Nova Storm
Neo-Kavzar Project
Angel Guyver
Prototype Sentient Unit
Zygote Guyver
Past Test Units
Guyver 0
Guyver Supreme
Proto Guyver
Current Test Units
Warrior Guyver 4
Warrior Guyver 5
Guyver Merc
Reaper Guyver
Giant Guyver
Ninja Guyver
Edutsol Guyver
Lostude Guyver


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