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Assassin Guyver
  The story of the Assassin Guyver, Isis Drano. A young woman who's unknown past will shape the Galaxy. But who is in control of her destiny?
Cyber Guyver
  Cyber Guyver is an accident that should have never happened. A mixture of Human and Advent technology he is unique to the world, but can a man without a human body retain his soul?
Flight of an Angel
  Her Unit is a mystery to the Gen, but who is she?
Guyver XT
  An extra-dimensional warrior, whom fate has left stranded. Embroiled in conflict not of his choosing, what will he do now?
Nova Guyver
  Sai and Keilynn are the first twins in their family for untold generations. But what does an ancient family secret have in store for them?
Warrior Guyver
  Some people can't escape their own fate. Jason O'Conner is the Warrior Guyver, but was it by his own choice?  
Warrior GuyverC
Character Stories
  Stories based on different characters or events based in their own self contained stories based on the universe the Warrior Guyver Fan-Fictions


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