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      This is the library for my Guyver4 FanFictions. Please read the character stats before you read the FanFiction. I have made some small changes that you may need to know to understand the story line. ***Remember the stats are updated almost every time that I post another chapter. So, remember to keep up with the changes to further understand the story line.*** The stats for Guyver4, Isis, have moved to the Character Stats Page.

      Here you can find the stats for all of the main characters of the Guyver4 Fanfiction. Isis Guyver, Janice Kelley, Director Johnson, Nilla Sandstone, Micheal Bane, Terran, Christopher Todd, Jason Yamamoto, Kitty Bryant, David Tate, and Jewls Yamamoto.

Characters' Stats Page

Updated August 17, 1999

      I am making this a gallery of the characters in the Guyver4 fanfic. Some of pics have been drawn by me or some friends (such as the author of the WarriorGuyver Fanfiction). Some of them will be pics that I have taken from Bubblegum Crisis, Gunsmith Cats, YuYu Hakusho, Fushigi Yuugi and some others that I am not sure of; I have retouched them as much as I needed to make them look like Isis and the other characters... I hope that you approve of them. This gallery will grow as I can find and retouch more pics that match my ideas of what each character looks like. Any and all pics that you can find of the female guyver would be a blessing.

Warning: This gallery may contain spoilers about what is to come in the Guyver4 Fanfiction.

Fanfiction Gallery

Updated August 16, 1999

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      For those of you who have been waiting for the Guyver4 FanFiction to be printed out on my page. You are warned. The first installment starts out slow, unless you have seen the Guyver Bio-Booster Armor animes... There are no great battles, because all of them were done in the anime. The first installment is just where you learn the history of Guyver4, the orphan Isis, and how she got her guyver unit. The other installments will be better and there will be battles to come. Thank you.

      I also suggest that anyone who wishes to read the fanfic, please download it to your own computer or just print it from here. Each one of them can be more than 6 pages long. Sometimes as long as 11 pages, and I do not ask anyone to sit on my page and read all of that. ^_^

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