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      This is the first page of my Fanfiction Library. Most prominent in this library is the Guyver4 Fanfiction. There will soon be an Bubblegum/Armitage III fanfiction up, and I am trying to work on some Ranma 1/2 Fanfictions too... They will be posted on the page as soon as I can get around to them.

Hello. I am Guyver4. And this is where you will come to know me better.
I was a very innocent 16 year old orphan once. But then I found a cave, that turned out to be a spaceship. My guyver unit waited for me inside.
So now it has been three years, I have learned of my guyver unit, and have been working inside of Cronos for a while. I have also adopted a young girl, who's mother was killed by zoanoids.
After my promotion to Doctor over my own lab, and move to America... I was not sure how I would get along with the people that I was going to meet. But two of them have been a great help to me, and are counted amoung my friends. Janice Kelley and Micheal Bane.
I am a hard working scientist that continues to finds my world getting more and more complicated. All of the people around me have some kind of plan. Plans that usually involve me without my permission. But ever since I found that guyver unit, I have had to put up with these really crazy people that want to takeover the world. Not that I am going to stand around and let any of them accually get away with that...


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