Subject : First Prototype Warrior Unit

Original Unit Name : Solom type Warrior Unit G-1

Host Name : N/A

Age of Unit : 1.3 Mekra Cycles (~13,000 Earth years).

Status : Rogue unit in use by Alkanphel

Dormant Unit

Description: The subject is the first  prototype Warrior Class Controller Unit designed by the master Unit Crafter Solom. The unit was meant to be more powerful than a standard Guyver Unit but proved to be a complete failure in an attempt to merge the

 Battle Unit


Turbo Unit


Shadow Unit

together into one type of combined Warrior Unit. Left uncompleted in the Genesis lab of Solom the Unit was later found in present time by the leader of a rebel zoalord faction Alkanphel, who has activated the unit for his personal use. But because of it’s unfinished nature the unit can’t bio-boost the host and only serves to provide the host with a basic HSL system, healing and regeneration systems and a pair of Warrior unit G-5 class vibrational swords, how this is possible has yet to be discovered. 

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.