Subject Classification: Prototype Battle class unit
Designation – Code Name: TURBO GUYVER  /  Host Name: Jennifer O’Conner
Unit Name: Hpa’Var type Turbo Battle Unit G-1
Age of Unit: 1.2 Mekras (~12,000 Earth years)
Human Form – Height: 177 cm (~5.8 Feet)  /  Weight: 66 kg (~146 Pounds)
Armored Form – Height: 202 cm (~6.6 Feet)  /  Weight: 302 kg (~664 Pounds)
Previous Status: Turned into Crystallite, Enemy to all life
Present Status: Unit removed by Dreadnought
Description: Subject is an earlier prototype of unit designed to test a weapon system for the later the Warrior Guyver. The subject was designed by Hpa’Var who was part of Solom’s Warrior Project design team. The unit does not however possess a hyper space power link like the Warrior Guyver. This limits units power level to what it can obtain from its host. The unit is capable of going into what can only be described as a ‘Turbo’ mode in which the units power levels are boosted by as much as 100% but reduces the host stamina to mere minutes before being reduced to near total exhaustion, at which point subjects power level is reduced to 25% of norm for as much as 15 minutes before returning to normal power levels.
The unit was originally used by the Warrior Guyver’s younger sister who was processed into a prototype zoaform in Alkanphel’s army. The subject was later infected with a Darmon crystal which transformed her into the immensely powerful being known as Crystallite. The upgraded form of Warrior Guyver now known as Dreadnought was able to remove the infected unit and the human ACTF forces now have it contained.

Present estimates of this Unit type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


Base level strength was twice that of a standard Guyver with the Bio Boost process being slightly enhanced to complement the unit’s enhanced nature.

The unit had a ‘Turbo’ Mode in which the unit’s design allows additional energy from the gravitational control orb to empower the unit to twice it’s normal limit at the cost of draining more energy than it can provide. The mode can last only for a few minutes before the unit de-powers itself down to 25% it’s original power level. This mode lasted for up to a half an hour and the subject could not use the ‘Turbo Mode’ for another five minutes.


In Base mode, subject was able to reach a maximum ground speed of 450 MPH and a maximum flight speed of 1,250 MPH. Reflex speed in base mode is 10 to 80 times normal.

In ‘Turbo’ Mode, her ground speed is enhanced to 750 MPH and max. flight speed up to 2,250 MPH MPH with her max. reflex speed up to 160 times normal.



In base mode the unit’s hyper sensors functioned with the same capabilities as a standard Guyver but with a greater active scanning range estimated to be 250 meters (~820 Feet) with ten times that range in passive scanning. Unit’s ‘Turbo Mode’ had no effect on the hyper sensors.


Unit’s armor appeared to be twice as durable as a standard Guyver’s with twice the regeneration rate but in ‘Turbo Mode’ her max. regeneration speed is equal to five times that of a standard Guyver.



The Infrared Laser Orb ranged from twice the power of a standard Guyver in Base Mode, to four times the power of a standard Guyver in ‘Turbo Mode’. In addition, the range of the infrared laser appears to be doubled as well which allowed the subject to fire a beam well over 2 kilometers (~1.25 miles) away.


PRESSURE CANNON: Subject’s pressure cannon operated within the same parameters as a standard Guyver but at twice the power in Base Mode. In ‘Turbo Mode’, the pressure cannon was doubled in power.


Subject possessed similar mega smashers to a standard Guyver but at 50% the power in Base mode.

In ‘Turbo Mode’, the mega smashers were enhanced to the equivalent of six times the power of a standard Guyver. However the use of the mega smashers in this mode reduced the time limit down to seconds.


Unit possessed a standard pair of elbow mounted vibrational swords that functioned at a slightly higher level than a standard Guyver. In ‘Turbo Mode’, the vibrational swords remained the same.


Unit’s sonic busters operated within the same parameters as a standard Guyver but at twice the power and in ‘Turbo Mode’ the power is increased to six times that of a standard Guyver.



When the subject ran out of time with the ‘Turbo Mode’, the unit went into a power saving mode. The ‘Turbo Mode’ was pushed past the unit’s normal limits and the time limit was to prevent the unit and host from burning out. As such the natural siphoning of the gravity control orb was limited as the unit allowed a cool down period. This period was 30 minutes and a further five minutes after that until the subject was able to use the ‘Turbo Mode’ again. While in the mode, the subject was at half the power of a standard Guyver in Base mode, and twice that while in her proto-zoaform.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.