Subject Classification: Prototype Battle class Guyver Unit
Designation – Code Name: BATTLE GUYVER / Host Name: Cori Edwards
Unit Name: Solom Type Battle unit G-2
Age of Unit: 1.2 Mekras (~12,000 Earth years)
Subject  – Sex: Female  /  Hair: Brown  /  Eyes: Brown  /  Age: 28 (Biological Age: 25)
Human Form – Height: 162 cm (~5.3 Feet)  /  Weight: 61 kg (~135 Pounds)
Armored Form – Height: 189 cm (~6.2 Feet)  /  Weight: 276 kg (~606 Pounds)
Present Status: Rogue unit active to human ACTF
Description: One of the few surviving prototype units created in the development of the Warrior Unit. The Battle Unit G-2 is important for two facts; it was the first successful attempt of merging the H.S.L. system with a Controller Unit and the second is that this prototype is also equipped with an advance shield system which produces a combination body/blast field shield. As the subjects primary power, the shield has proven itself to be more flexible than the Warrior Unit G5. It can be used as both a shield and weapon simultaneously, making subject extremely dangerous despite the fact she has only half the power of the Warrior Unit. It is reckoned this is because unlike the Warrior Unit the Battle Unit’s control medal does not have to monitor as many weapon systems as the Warrior Unit giving the Battle Unit more control over its shielding systems.

Present estimates of Guyver abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


Subject’s physical strength has been estimated to be twice as great as a standard Guyver’s, granting the subject the approximate strength of 200 men.

Subject can channel her shield energy into her physical blows to equal up to a Warrior Guyver’s equivalent.


The unit’s natural Bio-Boost process is enhanced with an advance HSL (Hyper Space Link) power system and improved C.M. regulating efficiency that greatly boosts the energy generated during the Bio-Boost process and gives subject unlimited energy reserves by continuously siphoning energy from Hyper Space to maintain the process at peak efficiency, granting subject unlimited energy reserves and stamina. This system is so efficient that the subject does not need to rest or eat while using the unit and will not starve even with the unit deactivated.


Normal ground speed is ~450 MPH and normal flight speed is ~600 MPH. However the advanced and versatile shielding system allows the subject to channel energy from her shields into boosting her max. ground speed up to ~750 MPH. Flight speed is further enhanced as the shielding system further enhances the gravitational power of the unit, boosting speed up to ~3,000 MPH. Reflex speed is 10 to 100 times normal human peak.



Unit’s armor durability appears to be equal to a standard Guyver. Defense is further augmented by a continuously generated body shaped shield aura that allows subject to survive anything up to a full double mega smash level attack with minimal damage and can reinforce subject’s physical integrity when necessary. Regeneration is the same rate as a standard Guyver’s but by channeling shield power it enhances regeneration speed four times faster than a standard Guyver’s regeneration rate. 


The subject can also use and maintain a blast shield, normally produced by all Guyvers only upon activation, at will, to allow subject to withstand an attack of up to five times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s full double Mega Smasher. A second energy shield, produced with a combination of the Unit’s gravitational power and blast field, can be generated to enhance total shield strength and allow the subject to withstand anything up to 12 times the destructive power of a Mega Smasher.

The subject can create and maintain a Pressure Cannon as a directional shield, which she can focus the power of her other shields to produce a directional defensive field capable of letting the subject withstand anything up to a 20 times the destructive power of a Mega Smasher by deflecting the majority of the beam around the subject.

The Pressure Cannon by itself can only provide a directional shield capable of deflecting an attack equivalent to the power of five combined standard full double Mega Smashers, by refracting most of the energy around herself.


The unit possesses slightly enhanced hyper sensors compared to a standard Guyver’s that provides a system similar to a HUD (Head’s Up Display). Providing the host with tactical information and keeping track of both friend and foe activity with ease. This combined with the unit’s own 3D sensory orb system, the roving metallic orbs located on either side of the subject’s head, grants subject a near omnipotent awareness of her environment. Optimum active scanning range is 366 meters (~1,200 Feet) and ten times that with passive scanning.




The Head Beam Orb is an infrared laser emitter, which channels the internal thermal energy of the unit as a directed energy beam which combined with the unit’s enhanced power has four times the power of a standard Guyver’s.


Unit possesses a single pair of forward facing vibrational swords that are equal to astandard Guyver’s. However the vibrational swords benefit by being directly connected through the shielding system, allowing the subject to channel shield energy into them to create focused attack on a target. The swords have been seen to pierce some shields of certain lower level hyper zoanoids. Only the Warrior class polymorphic swords can withstand this attack.



The subject can combine her shield energy through her kinetic momentum organs and through her fist to create a powerful energy enhanced physical attack either as kick or a punch that is approximately as powerful as a Gigantic Guyver’s gravity knuckle attack.


Between the subject’s greater than normal power level and the more advanced gravity control orb the subject can generate pressure cannons five times more powerful than a standard Guyver’s. The subject can channel her total gravitational power into a single large pressure cannon making it five times more powerful than normal.

MEGA PRESSURE CANNON: Subject has the ability to channel his bio-energy and body shield energy to super charge a pressure cannon and boost its destructive power to the equivalent of a standard Guyver’s full double Mega Smash. A powerful attack but, since it draws its power from the subject’s bio-energy and body shield, it can leave subject vulnerable to attack while charging up for this attack.

POWER WAVE: Subject can channel the total power of her gravitational, energy shields, bio-energy, and blast field power into a directed blast that can be either fired two handedly, at two different targets, delivering up to the destructive power of a normal Guyver’s single mega smasher to each target, or into a single beam equal to twice that destructive power. The only downside to this ability is that it draws its power from the subject’s defensive systems and so makes subject more vulnerable to attacks when used.


Subject’s mega smashers appear to function within the same parameters as a standard Guyver’s. However, the subject can channel her shields into her mega smasher cells to enhance them to five times their normal power. The downside to this is that it leaves the subject open to attack and takes slightly longer than normal to charge.


The unit’s sonic busters appear to function within the same range and power as a standard Guyver’s. The subject can use her shields to allow her sonic busters to operate in space but only at close range.



Subject has had access in using the Aceaer to enhance her abilities and as predicted it enhanced the unit more than a normal Aceaer/Guyver bonding would allow. Instead of the expected 50% increase the Aceaer unit enhances the unit up to 60%.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.