Warning:This Fic Contains swearing. Guyver Zoalord:

The Flow of Fate by Gary Schroeder

David was sitting on his couch in his house on the corner of 4th and Vine watching the Sci-Fi channel."This sucks."he said standing up and walking into the Kitchen.He opened the frige,got a beer,and went back to his Dr.Who marathon.Maybe I’ll visit John today.He thought.

"This should be the place."Xander said to himself as he looked at a half-rundown house on the corner of 4th and Vine.He walked up to the door and rang the knocker.He heard footsteps walking to the door and then the doorknob turned.The dorr opened and standing there was a man,in his late 20s with Blond hair and brown eyes.Everything went blurry for a moment.

"Transformation completed,Sir."A man said standing next to the tube Xander was in."Was it succesful?"An older man asked."Only 37492,Sir.The others are only normal Proto-Zoalords,Sir."the younger one said."Only one in Five,pitty,"the older one leaned towards Xanders tube"Your very valuable to us,young one.".

"Can I help you?"the man at the door said."Uh,"Xander said trying to get his bearings"I’m looking for David Banks.Do you know him?".The man got a defensive air around him"What’d you want with him?"he asked."I need to see him.I know he used to work for a company called…"Xander never finished before the man in a threatening voice said"Get out of here.I WON’T go back.".He turned around meaning to shut the door on Xander,but Xander held his hand out and stopped the door."I need your help."Xander said."I won’t ever help Chronos do ANYTHING again."Dave said.Xander looked right at him and said"Nor will I."."Who are you?"Dave asked.Xander got a evil look in his eyes and said"I am Xander,you would know me,since you were one of the Scientists that helped to make my design.I am The Guyver Zoalord."."No,impossible.Project GZ was dropped and called a failure before I left.You’re lying."Dave said."May we continue this conversation indoors?"Xander said walking past him into the house."Fine then,if you’re the so-called ‘Guyver Zoalord’,change."Dave said once the door was closed."Are you sure you want me to do that here?"Xander asked him with an eyebrow arched."Go ahead."Dave said with a smirk on his face."Fine."Xander said a second before yelling"ZGUYVER!".The framiliar feeling of the Zoalord form forming within the blast field washed over him."My God!"Dave yelled when the change was complete"You Fucked up my living room!"."You’re the moron that said to change here!"Xander said back."Fine,you’re a Guyver,but whats with the ZoaCrystal and C-Metal?The Guyver Zoalord has both.But it looks like you have a messed up Crystal."Dave asked walking closer to GZ."That’s one problem."Xander said under the Armor"I can only become what you see,I can’t become my Zoalord nor Guyver forms,only the hybrid.That’s one of the reasons I came to you,I’m fighting Chronos,but can’t do it unless I have full power."."That is a Problem,but I can’t do anything about it unless I have a Faculty to study you in."Dave said looking at the Crystal."I know one,off the coast of Florida there’s an abandoned underground base there that still has the equipment.It’s outdated,but works."Xander said."That’s good and dandy,but how do we get to Florida from here?"Dave asked looking at Xander."I’ll take us.Grab on."Xander said.Dave grabbed his hand and got lifted of his feet."Good,the gravity orb still works fine."Xander said to himself as he lifted into the air too."Okay Dave,hold on as hard as you can."Xander said before they lifted into the air,turned south and zipped off.The trip was amazing to Dave.The ground could hardly be seen during it,it was just a green streak under them.Then swamps passed under them,most likely the marshes of Florida.Then a beach spead by followed by sea under them.An island came into veiw on the horizin and then was under them.Xander had stopped."This is it."Xander said as they lowered themselves to the ground.They landed right out side a large warehouse looking place,but it looked to be made of some stronger metal then one."In there."Xander said.GZ walked forwardlooked at the door and his forehead laser blasted at it.He went down the entire opening and one door screeched open.Looking inside,Xander turned back to dave and said"It’s clear.".Whenthey walked in they saw a huge place filled with all kinds of computers including equipment,old open filing cabinits with files still in them,about three labs and more."This is old for Chronos?"Dave said looking around."Yes,before I left they could compress all of this into 1/16 of the size.It is old."Xander said walking over to a terminal.He looked up and saw a cable running up to the ceiling and dissapearing out the top."Need to take care of that."Xander said as he fired several blasts at the wire hiting it everytime."What’d you do?"Dave asked."Cut off it’s connection to Chronos with it cutting off the Internet."Xander said."Oh."Dave said looking around.

"Where is he?"Oneez asked one of the officers."He snuck out,sir.Left without any of us knowing,sir."one of them said."Morons."he mumbled to himself"Dissmissed."."Thank you Sir."they said before they walked out."Dammit.He couldn’t have left yet.It still isn’t done."he said sitting down in his office chair.He pressed the call button on his desk and a few seconds later a female voice said"Yes,sir?"."Maria,tell security to hunt down the runaway."Oneez said."Yes sir.Right away sir."she said."I need to get it done."Oneez said to himself.

In the vastness of space a relic floated,carrying a cargo that the Creators had hoped would never resurface,and she was awakening.


Okay,I know I said it would be longer,and with violence,but this part wasn’t meant for either.But next one will have some breakthroughs about Xander and his GZ Armor.

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