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    Welcome to the new home of Star's Guyver Page.  Check below for what's new on the page, what will be new soon, and any other comments from me that might be interest to the all Guyver fans out there.  If  you intend to bookmark the site, please bookmark this page!  (Trust me, it's to your advantage.  You'll be able to find all the new pics, news, and cool stuff by reading the paragraphs below.)  Please enjoy your stay and sign my guestbook.

psssss!!!  Look at the annoucements below!!  I actually modified something!!!!
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While  the Guyver rights belong to Yoshiki Takaya,  the Guyver pictures  on  these respective pages  where scanned and screen captured by the owner of this site.    Therefore, any information, pictures,  etc  from  this  site  must not be reproduced or used in anyway for the benefit of another site unless you have received permission from me. 

ANNOUNCEMENT (October 6th, 2000):

Hi least to whoever still vists this page.  I know I know, I actually kinda broke my promise and haven't had a chance to update this page since Christmas...(yes, i know Xmas 2000 is almost here too)  I've said before that I've been very busy, so I won't say that again.  For those of you who are in Post-secondary, well, you'll understand my situation as I'm getting creamed at the University of Toronto (Scarborough Campus).

I have some new ideas for this site, and I'm thinking after my midterms or Fall final, it would be a good time to start working on them.  I'm starting to get into Flash as well, and I think I can persuade myself to make a flash intro for this site, if not a whole flash component.  What can I say? I'm a web design & graphics freak, and this is my lab.  (now....idle dusty lab....but nevertheless).

As for material, I still haven't gotten my hands on Book 16 yet since it takes forever for the damn Chinese publishers to get it printed.  I DO have though a synopsis update for Book 15....and I suppose I can update the scanned chapters a bit.  Other than that, there's not really much I can do.  I'm kinda out of the loop, so no one sends me any fan art anymore...never had any fanfics...nor fancy costume updates like some of my fellow Guyver webmasters.  So, there's not really much for me to update as the comic comes out soooooo slowly.

Also, the spaceports server is starting to be a bitch because they're loosing money.  So, there is a possibility I neither have to look for a new server, or if I can't find one, shut the site down.  (Not very likely however.  I can always pull in some favours from friends with webservers:) hehe )

That's all I wanted to say I guess.  Feel free to email me at  .  I respond to anyone who is cool or has questions.  Comments, suggestions, constructive criticisms are always welcome.  Those questions submitted in the guestbook will most likely not be answered.  Email me instead.

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Last Modified: Oct 6th, 2000