Warning: This Fic contains Swearing and Violence.


Guyver Zoalord:

New Battles by Gary Schroeder

 “Hello Xander.” He heard behind him. He turned and standing in his doorway was Fye“How’d training go?”.“Fine. All they talk about anymore is about how much I’m improving in abilities and such.”.“Well, why shouldn’t they say that if you are?”she asked stepping into the Xanders living room.“Because it’s all they ever say.” He said with a grin on his face.“You do have a weird sense of humor.” She said it as the fact it was.“Oh well.” Xander said, returning to the Pina Colada he was mixing up before hand.“You get Alchohol?” Fye asked looking over his shoulder the best she could.“It’s rum, and of course, it’s not like it can affect me or anything.”he said.“We don’t…..” Fye said murmuring to herself.“I could ask Archanfel about it.” Xander said.“You weren’t supposed to hear that.” Fye said in a slightly annoyed tone.“Ah, don’t worry.” Xander said as he kenetikly floated two glasses over to himself “Asking Alk about it ain’t gonna end Chronos or anything. Whats the worst he can do, say no?”.“True.” She said, taking one of the glasses Xander handed to her.“This may be your first taste of rum, and if you don’t like it, don’t worry, just spit it out.”Xander said right before he took a drink from his glass.“Why shouldn’t I worry? Is it cheap?” she asked, eyeing the glass she held.“No.”Xander said, drinking more from his“Unless you consider 100 bucks per bottle cheap.”.“ What? 100 bucks? And you drink it like water?” she asked“I’m surprised Chronos isn’t broke.” .“They couldn’t be, they own the company that makes it.” He said with a grin.“You do have a odd sense of humor.” She said sipping the Pina Colada.“You’ve said that already.” He said around the glass. He sat down on one of the couches and started flipping through the channels on TV.“Anything on?” Fye asked sitting down next to him.“No,” Xander said“500 channels and still nothing.”.“500?”she asked as she put the Pina Colada on the Table next to he, wrapped both of her arms around one of Xanders and laid her head on his shoulder.“Yeah, and nothing on any of them.” Xander sounded disgusted.“I swear, is there anything that don’t do for you?”she asked hugging his arm a little tighter.“Let me run up and down the halls naked covered in green jello while reading Playboy.”Xander said with a grin on his face, yet again. Fye did giggle a little at that.“Anyway,” Xander said as he turned to her. He never finished, because he found when he turned that she had her lips pressed against his.“Wha-“ he said as she moved away. She put one finger over his lips as she said“Mind if I stay over tonight?”.

“Hey Xander.” Xander heard behind him. He turned and Dave was standing there tinkering with the gun-like instrument.“What?” Xander asked.“What were you smiling for?” Dave asked with a grin spanned his entire face. “Nothing ,” Xander said back. Pervert. He thought.

“Curse this planet.” She said in the Creator Tounge sulking through an ally. She had landed the Relic on the roof of one of the buildings that formed the ally. She had sneaked through it and out a back door. “Curse Archanfel for not dying.” She said to herself. She could feel him, a little knot of emotions in the back of her head. He was, worried about something, most likely one of his little creations. Who knew with him.

“Dammit, I’m gonna be late.” Charlette said to herself. The police had held her up with Questioning about that guy that had escaped from the hospital night before last. He still gave her chills when she thought about him. When he held her with her mouth covered telling her to be quiet, she didn’t know what was going to happen next. Then, he just let her go and told her not to tell anyone about him. It was odd. “Enoe hea ote?” she heard. She looked down the ally where it came from, and she saw a figure huddling in the shadows. “What?” she asked. “Enoe hea ote?” it repeated. The voice was clearly feminine. Do you need help?” she asked, slowly steping forward. She froze. She couldn’t move, but she was walking forward, into the ally. When she was in the shadows, she fell. Some hands pulled her up and leaned her against the wall. Her clothes were being taken off. Oh god no. she thought I don’t deserve this. Then she passed out.

“Oneez, sir.” A guard said who had walked into his office. “Yes?” Oneez said, looking up from some papers about Project Guyver Zoalord. “They have completed it, sir.” The guard said. “Good, dismissed.” Onnez said standing up. The guard then walked out of the office. It’s about time. Oneez thought walking out of his office.

“Hey Charlette.” A man said running up to her.“What?” she said, with a slight slure, like she had to think the word. “Are we still on for tonight?” he asked. She shook her head no and began to walk off. “What do you mean, no?” he asked running up beside her. He stepped in front of her. “Well?” he asked in a annoyed tone. She tried to walk around her. “Can’t you answer me?” he growled. She looked at him, brought her fist back, and hit him square in the face. He stumbled back a little and then just collapsed on the side walk. She walked on.

“Give it to me.” Oneez said standing outside behind the Chronos Chicago building. He was in his Zoalord form holding his hand out, yearning for revenge. “He-, here sir.” the scientist said as he handed the Unti Remover to Oneez . “Yes, this is what I need for my revenge.” he said staring at it.

“We need supplies Xander.” Dave said looking into the pantry“It’s rotted, whats left.”. Dave heard Xander say Guyver, the sound of the blast field and such, he was used to it by now.“You ready?” Xander said holding his hand out. He grabbed the back of Daves Harness, a idea he had to ‘Help keep Xander from dropping him in flight’, although it was quite odd. The top of the base opened, Xander lifted into the sky, and took off to Chicago. According to Xander, Dave had people there that could get them Food and Water for free, which worked out seeing how they didn’t have any money. Xander flipped on the cloaking device he had, landed in a ally, deactiveated it and told Dave to hurry. Last he saw Dave was Running across the street.

She was walking down the street, then felt a tingling in the back of her head. She turned and saw him. From her link with Archanfel, she could tell Alk knew him some how, and Archanfel never cared about anything other then his experiments, but, he knew this man as more then that, like a friend almost.Like hell he does She thought. She couldn’t think of Archanfel being friends with anything, and Alk was worried about him, how though she didn’t know. But there was something about the Man she saw too. She had seen something like him before, but she knew it wasn’t possible. Even Archanfel wouldn’t be so stupid as to make a… .Or was he? She thought. She remembered, from a data file in her Relic a file on a Guyver Zoalord. It had a picture of one, but with that she saw a Zoalord with something additional to it, but with him she saw more then a Zoalord, not two separate things, like she should have seen if he was what she thought, but a single thing, more then a Zoalord, but Guyver too. But if Archanfel knew of her, He wouldn’t. she franticly thought even if he knew of me, he would make one just to, she could make herself think the thought, but if so….

“Wre fuh ioyt Archanfel(Do you know Archanfel)?” he heard behind him. Standing there was a woman he remebered, the one he kept silenced that night. “Fuh ioyt fe Advent hijy(You know the Creator Tounge)?” he asked, looking casual.“Fuh wre(You do)?” she asked, looking shocked.“Adferted? Lok fydet qus fuh fe feda.(Shocked? I should ask you the same.)” he said glancing over at her.“Fuher ju olik di, raeunt fuh?(You’re to kill me, aren’t you?)” she said, getting a menicing look in her eye.“Yuj kiuled lok-(Why would I-)” he never finished. Blinding light filled Xanders sight, and when it dissipated standing where she had been was a form very familiar to Xander, but different. Seeing her in Zoalord form brought back the memories of when him and Archanfel would train together in Zoalord form. Her form was like Archanfels, but feminine. “GUYVER!” Xander yelled as soon as he could, and the sensation of him shifting into his Zoalord form and the Guyver surrounding him rushed over him.“Dex, lok fes jitik, fuh jeje ju olik di!(I was right, you were to kill me!)” she yelled as she grabbed Xander and flew up into the sky with him. He grabbed her shoulders and shoved himself away from her. She flew at the highest rate of speed she could and slammed into Xander with both fist extended. They crashed into a building, toppling it as they fell through it. Okay, I’m pissed.Xander thought No one slams me into a building and gets away with it. . He kicked both feet forward and she went flying back the other way. Using his Gravity Orb he lifted himself outta the building and saw her laying in the middle of the street with people running to get away. He flew down to her, threw her over his shoulder and flew up with her. Okay, wanna explane that? Xander said through his Zoacrystal, what was left of it. We can talk like this? she asked. Yes, through telepathy. Now, wanna explane yourself? He asked. If you will kill me, do it now and get it over with. She said. Why would I do that? He asked, puzzled. Because Archanfel wants me dead. And you’re the executioner. She said with sadness in her voice. I don’t work for Archanfel. I did, but not anymore. He said. So, you aren’t going to kill me? She asked. No. he said.

“Where is he?!” Oneez said as flew through the City invisible.“He must be somewhere” he said again.

Oh shit. Xander thought. You feel it too? She asked. Yes, can you still fly? He asked. She shock her head yes. Good. Go then. He said as he turned 180 degrees and flew back.

“I can feel him.” Oneez said. He saw a figure fly into view. “There you are.” He said

“Where is he?” Xander said as he searched the skies.“Xander!” he heard from behind. Turning, he saw a figure. “Oneez.” He said. But it was more then him. He heald something shiny, something Xander had seen before. “Oh shit.” He said as he knew what it was. A Unit Remover. “Die Xander!” Oneez yelled right before Xander saw the tip pop open. “Oh shit!” he said as it fired. He felt a pulling, he couldn’t say what it was, but it was a pulling sensation netherless. Then, it ended. “Dammit!” Oneez yelled“Why didn’t it work!!”. Then, Xander did something he could only remember doing til now. He raised both hands, and a beam of Black Fire shot from them and hit Oneez. Oneez fell to the ground and simply dissappeared. Xander floated there staring at his palms. How….? He thought. What was that? She asked. He looked over and she was floating next to him. Did you see that? He asked. Yes. What was it though? She asked sounding almost hyper. Black Fire. But it’s been a while since…. He simply trailed off.

“Dammit, why didn’t it work?” Oneez asked the scientist.“I don’t know Oneez, sir.” He said examining the Remover“It should have worked fine sir.”. “Examin it until you know.” He said as he stormed outta the lab. When he got back to his office he heard“Aw, one of your little toys didn’t work?”.“Shut up Torez.” He said sitting in his Bussiness Chair.“It should have worked.”


Well, violence was finally in it. Can someone please email me and tell me what they think of it. I still haven’t gotten anything.

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