Warning:This Fic Contains swearing and violence.

Guyver Zoalord:

Discoveries by Gary Schroeder

“Excellent job,Xander.”The younger man said over the intercom.Xander was standing in a room,the walls were solid metal.All around Xander were dead Zoanoids of all types and sizes.A Gregore with part of its’ horn still in the wall where Xander had slamed it’s head into.A Ramotiths’ body parts scattered across the room,a result of Xanders Force Net.A black burn on the wall where Xander had killed over half the Zoanoids were they stood with Black Fire.But one thing was the same no matter where he looked.Bloody walls,blood was smeared all over the place.“You’re getting stronger by the day Xander.”The old man said.He was standing behind Xander.“You may come back in now.”he said as he turned and walked away.Xander stepped out of the room and into the control center of the training room.He reverted back to his human form.It amazed him that he could change his form without losing his clothing like other Proto-Zoalords.“Xander,”The younger man started“Lord Archanfel wishes to see you again.”.“Then we won’t keep him waiting.”Xander said as he walked out of the control room.

“Hey Xander.”David said standing next to one of the Computer Consoles.“What?”Xander asked.“What does this say?”David asked sqinting at the screen.Xander walked over to him and looked at the screen.“Creators Language.”Xander said.“Well,yeah,I guessed that,but what does it say?”David asked again.“Well,”Xander said looking at the screen“It’s a report of an Unknown Relic seen right outside of the Advari System some 500,000 years before they came to Earth.Apparently five Scouting Relics were destroyed by it’s weapon system.It leaves off by the reporter saying that it’s headed his way and to send reinforcements.”.“Damn.”David said“What kind of Relic could do that?Scouts are fast.How could a weapon target them?”.“There was something in the Relic that whoever sent it didn’t want to be discovered.But no other race but Advents had Relics.Odd.”Xander said to himself.“I had just found this one here,but I found the inspection program for C-Metals and Zoacrystals,so when ever your rea-”David said before he heard the sound of Xanders Blast Field.He turned around and Xander was standing there in full GZ Mode.“Okay then.Climb into the chair.”David said as he grabbed a little gun-like instrument.Xander sat in the chair.It was all metal,on lift about three feet off the ground.David pressed a button and the lift activated,raising xander to a level equal to a little red light in a little box supported from a pole in the ceiling.A quick flash went off and Xander was being lowered back down.“What the hell did you do?”Xander said as he jumped off the chair.“Well,it’s a scanner.It’s running through known Guyver Units and matching up the DNA from your unit to one of its Archived Units.It’ll take just a few seconds.”David said looking at the screen then said“That’s what I thought.”.“What is it?”Xander asked as he walked over to the screen.The screen read MATCHES FOUND.MATCHES:UNIT-G,UNKOWN 1,UNKOWN 2,UNKNOWN 3 .“Unknown is a match?”Xander asked.“Yes,it is.If the Unit has DNA in it that the computer can’t match,it labels it Unknown.But I’ve never seen a unit register as a match and an unknown.”David said as he plugged a cord running from the gun into the computer.“Hold still.”he said as he pointed it at Xanders Crystal.Another flash went off and David turned back to the computer screen.“Dammit,David quit flashing shit in my eyes.”Xander said in a annoyed tone.“Whatever.”Dave said as he typed on the screen RUN ZOACRYSTAL IDENTIFCATION PROGRAM.After a few seconds the screen read MATCHES FOUND.MATCHES:LORD RANK CRYSTAL,UNKNOWN 1,UNKNOWN 2,UNKNOWN 3.“It too?”Xander asked.“Yeah.But,”Dave said punching a few keys“Mix them and you get,”.On the screen flashed RESULTS SHOW SCANNED OBJECT TO CONTAIN:UNIT-G,LORD RANK ZOACRYSTAL,UNKNOWN 1,UNKNOWN 2.Xanders eyes froze on the screen.“But,you only scanned the Crystal,not the C-Metal,right?”Xander asked.“Yeah,that’s whats odd.I’ll need to examine it.Get in the chair again.”Dave said.Xander climbed into it again and Dave had a different gun in his hand.“Hold still again.”He said as he got close to the Crystal and pulled the trigger a few times.He got down and Xander got out of the chair.Dave pluged the gun into the computer and pressed a few buttons.Seconds later the screen read ANALISIS COMPLETED..Then two side by side images appeared on the screen.Xander knew what the left one was.A Zoacrystal.The right one looked like a Crystal,but it had something else mixed into it.“This,”Dave said shining a laser pointer at the left one“is a normal Crystal.The right one,”he shined it at the right one“is what yours looks like.”.“Then what the hell that?”Xander asked.“Well,”Dave started“Since we have two Unknowns all I can do is speculate,but I think that it’s possible that both of them,The Zoacrystal and C-Metal,got damaged,and instead of the usual happening,they,well,bonded together.I don’t know why,but the parts in the crystal are parts of a C-Metal.How did you lose your link to Chronos?”.Xander began.

“Okay,lets get out!”Xander yelled to his Battalion.“Yes sir!”The soldiers yelled back.They began to leap out of one of the windows.“Xander.”He heard a voice say behind him.He turned around and standing there was Oneez in his Proto-Zoalord Form.“What are you doing here Oneez?”Xander asked him.By now Xanders entire Battalion was out of the building and on their way to the Chronos Chicago Building.“There’s no time though,we have to get out.”Xander said turning from him.“No,we have to get out.This will be your grave.”Oneez said.Xander heard a noise and when he turned around Oneez had company.Standing with Oneez in Proto-Zoalord forms were Torez, Fye and Dax.“What are you all doing here?”Xander asked“Did Archanfel send you?”.“We were sent by no one.But that dosen’t mean we don’t have our own mission,Xander.”Fye said,but even her sweet voice couldn’t have hidden the mence in her words.“We can talk later.”Xander said“But we need to get out now!”Xander nearly yelled at them.“We’re even beginning to act as if you can control us.If it wasn’t for you,we would be second only to the 13 Overlords themselves.But here you are Xander,Archanfel’s precious Guyver Zoalord.His unspoken of 14th Overlord.”Dax said.“What?I’m not one of the Overlords.”Xander said to them“Only the most powerful of us can become Overlords And we’re Battalion comanders.Friends.”.“ ‘Us’?You were never one of us.Never will be.You’ll never be anything but Chronos’s puppet.We were Battalion Commanders.But you’re more powerful then any Battalion by yourself.We’re nothing but normal Proto-Zoalords to Chronos.We aren’t needed anymore.”Torez said to him.“Then I’m sure Archanfel can-”Xander began before Oneez launched himself at Xander.Xander activated his Gravity Orb,which allowed him to leap out of the way of blunt of the organic swords Oneez had,but his shin was sliced open from the knee to the ankel.He landed with a thud and a hand to his quickly healing leg.Dax was there though and rammed one of his swords into Xanders stomich.He brought his other fist around and punched Xander in the face.He pulled the sword out and Xander stumbled back.Xander was kicked at the base of his spine.He fell forward and felt a hand grab his neck and lift him off the ground.He was turned around and saw Torez at the other end of that arm.Xander extended all of his swords and sliced Torez’s hand off and fell to the ground.“Ah,son of a bitch!”Torez nearly yelled.Xander lifted both hands and faced his palms at Torez.Black Fire shot from them and hit Torez square in the chest.Torez flew back and fell out a window.With help of his Gravity Orb Xander flung himself back to his feet and spun around.Fye was standing there,both swords extended.“Why?Why are we fighting?”Xander asked between breaths.“Don’t act like a fool.You know.”she said as she ran up to him and sliced both swords across his stomich,which had almost healed from Torez.“I… I won’t fight you.”he said as he held his stomich.“Fine.Makes it easier on me.”she said slicing open his throat.That healed almost immediately since it was the most serious injury he had.Time seemed to inch forward as she sliced up at his head then brought the other sword down.Xander felt unimaginable pain from his forehead.He fell then,face down and almost unconsious.His armor and Zoalord form disappeared.“Where is he?”he heard Oneez ask.“Dead.”Fye replied“Well,might as well be.”.“Good.Leave him.”Oneez said turning away.Fye extended one of her Blades.“But shouldn’t we-”she started before Oneez growled back“No.The explosions will kill him.”.“Fine.”she said turning away as well.“D…. damn you.”Xander said before he heard explosions rock the building.The only sensation he had after that was of falling.

“Well,”Dave said“She most likely damaged your Crystal and C-Metal when she attacked you.”.“But,if the Crystal and the Metal are one now,what is it?A Z-Metal?”Xander said lightly touching the smooth surface of the Z-Metal.“In a sense,yes.But I don’t think it’ll effect you in any way.”Dave said turning back to the computer.“Odd.”Xander said to himself.

“Sir Oneez.”Marias voice came over the intercom.“Yes?”Oneez asked.“Chronos security has captured the renagade scientist sir.”Maria said.“Bring him in.”Oneez said turning off the intercom.Seconds later the doors to his office swung open and five security guards in uniforms walked in with two of them holding a man by his arms.Oneez stood up,walked in front of his desk and the guards threw the man in front of him.“Well,thought you could escape Chronos,right?”Oneez said looking down at him.The man got on his hands and knees,then when he tried to stand up Oneez kicked him in the side.The man fell back on the floor with a thump.“You don’t deserve to stand up.”Oneez said.“W… why do you wish to go against Lord Archanfel?”the man asked in a strained voice.“Because ‘Lord Archanfel’ isn’t willing to go all the way to neutralize the Guyver Zoalord threat to Chronos.If he won’t,then me and the rest of the failed ones will.”Oneez said“I give you two choices.Work for me and live,or refuse and suffer a fate worse then death.”.“I’ll never work for anyone who would wish to kill someone who was like a brother to them.”the man said.“Fine.”Oneez said“Security,take him to the Zoanoid labs.”.“Yes Sir.”the guards said as two picked him off the ground and carried him out of Oneez’s office.It took a few minutes for his pleas to be muted by distance.“If my next plan doesn’t work,then it’ll be the only way.”he said to himself.

“How long has it been?”a female voice said to herself in the Creator Language.She stood up and stretched her never before used muscles.She walked over to one of the computers in the wall of the ship.“Computer,what is the closest inhabitited planet to us at the current moment?”she said. Earth.appeared on the screen.“The experiment.”she said to herself “The Creators might still be there.”.She knew what they had done to her.Thinking of her as trash and sending her into space.She needed to learn what had happened to the Experiment.She would.


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