Warning:This Fic Contains swearing and a graphic violence. Guyver Zoalord:

Introduction by Gary Schroeder

"Ahh…"a man moaned."Help…"he said.He opened his eyes and saw darkness."Where is he?"he said to himself."Oneez… you bastard…"he sighed.He threw a piece of rubble off of himself and looked around.He was in an ally,with rubble every where and it was dark."Shit."he said as he stood up.He was naked and covered in soot."Where is… he…?"he said before collapsing.

"Where…?"he said before he felt two hands press him down."Don’t worry sir,you’re going to be fine."he heard a female voice say."Where am I?"he asked,opening his one free eye."You’re at Mercy Hospital in Chicago."she said"Can you tell us your name?"."Depends."he said"for records or for my good?"."Well,both.So,what is it?"she asked with clipboard in hand."Xander,with a X."he said.She quickly wrote it down and said"And last name?"she asked."Umm…"he said trying to think quickly"Branford,Xander Branford."he said while thinking Damn them for not providing me with a last name."Okay,Xander."she said setting the clipboard on the hook."Why were you in the ally?"she asked."Well,"he started"I was walking down a sidewalk when some guys grabbed me and mugged me."."What about the burn marks and you covered in soot?Why were you beaten so badly that you’ve been unconcious for three days?"she asked,peering at him."I don’t know,Miss."he said."Well,thank you."she said before walking out."Damn it."he said"Three days.They’ve problay tracked me already.".He was in the room with another person,a man about his age on life support."Uh,miss."he said when she walked by."What?"she asked."What’s wrong with him?"Xander asked.She looked at the other man and said"He was brought in from the ally you were in too,but he’s in worse condition.He’s not expected to make it til next week.".She then turned and walked out.The man looked framilar,but he couldn’t place the face.He stood up and walked over to the mans closet.Inside was a trench coat,boots,extra cloths and a wallet.He picked up the walet and inside was the mans Driver License."Um,Banks.That sounds framilar.But his name wasn’t John.That I’m sure of."he said examining the license."Hey!What’re you doing?"he heard her say,just when he felt a tingling in the back of his head.He grabbed the back of her head,spun her around and heald her against him as he put his hand over her mouth."Be quiet,I won’t hurt you."he said.The tingling in the back of his head got stronger as he heard foot steps aprouching and then it got faint as the foot steps did."If I let go of you will you keep quiet?"he asked her in a quiet voice.She shoke her head yes."Good."he said as he released her."Why’d you do that?!"she asked in a quiet but urgent voice.Xander looked at her and said"Cuz this ain’t the place to get into a fight.Go do your nurse duties and forget about this."."But,…."she started before he looked at her and said"Do it.".She turned around and walked out the door.He continued to look through the mans stuff."Hm,26th. and south.I’ll have to go there."he said putting on the mans clothes."A little big,but what the hell."he said slipping on the trench coat.He pocketed the mans wallet and climbed out the window.It was dusk outside,easy enough for hiding.He was in Willams Park when behind him he heard"I thought it was you there.".He felt the tingling in the back of his head as he spun around and yelled"Who’s there?!".He saw a man step out from behind a tree and say"So,you’re here.I’ll be paid well for bringing your C-Metal in."."Oneez."he said the name like a curse."My master’s not pleased by your survival,Xander.He wants you dead."the man said."I’ve figured that much out by now dumbass."Xander said,right before yelling"GUYVER!!".He felt himself change into his Zoalord Form a second before the blast field surrounded him and the armor enclosed itself around him."So,you can still bio-morph.GUYVER!!"the other man yelled and a blast field surrounded him and the armor encased him.Standing where the man was was a black guyver about a foot smaller then the GZ with two sets of swords extended.Xander extened all of his."I’m the Unit 5."he said."Heh,Guyver Zoalord,good ta kill ya."Xander said getting to his battle stance."Really?"the U5 said before leaping toward GZ with a arm extended.GZ raked two of his swords across U5’s stomch and U5 landed on his back with blood all over his chest plates,which immediatlly began to heal.GZ jumped up and came down on U5 with one of his Armor disruption blades down.It sliced cleanly through U5’s armor and Xander ripped it out of his side.Xander then grabbed U5’s C-Metal and said"Did Oneez send you?"."Fuck you."U5 said in a voice that would have probilly been followed by a spit in the face if it weren’t for the Armor."Fine."Xander said as he ripped U5’s C-Metal out.He turned around then realized that he didn’t hear anything from U5.When he turned back around he was hit by a full Mega Smasher blast.He braced against it as well as he could,gritting his teeth,afraid a sound might escape his throat.After what felt like a eternity,it stopped and U5 was standing there,putting his plates back in place.He then realized that GZ was still standing there,but it was too late.GZ had his plates open,and U5 was engulfed in the red light that was Xander’s Full Mega Smasher.Xander didn’t hear a thing as his Mega Smasher roared with U5 in it.When Xander closed his plates all that was left of U5 was a black streak on the ground.Xander then dropped U5’s C-Metal and crushed it.He then deactivated the armor and walked off.

"Commander,"a soldier said walking into Oneez’s room"Unit 5 has failed."."Dissmised."Oneez said sitting in his chair at his desk."So much power,even after the Control Metal’s been damaged.Amazing."he said to himself after the soldier left."Your quiet right."a voice said."True,Toriz.But how are we to destroy him?He took out a modified Type 3 Guyver with a single blast."Oneez said as Toriz walked out of the corner."Simple,"Toriz said"send one of his own after him."."No,"Oneez said"Alk banned all Zoalords from using Unit-G’s.Xander was only an experiment and until we know what caused it to go out of control I doubt it’ll happen again."."Fine,but it was just a suggestion."Toriz said before walking out.After Toriz left a gate opened in Oneez’s office and out steped a Black Guyver."It’s about time."Oneez said to it.


Tell what you thought.There’ll be more violence and it’ll be longer in future installments.

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