Note: Warning this story contains adult language, and graphic violence. If you find any of this material offensive please do not read.


Disclaimer: All of the characters in this story are fictional, based on the original manga work Bio-Booster Armor: Guyver, written and drawn by Yoshiki Takaya, and concepts of the Warrior Guyver fan fiction created by Brian O’Sullivan and the Warrior guyver fan fiction writing team.




Bio-Booster Armor: Guyver 12


          Chapter 1: Kidnapping

                 Part: 1




                                                   January 17th, 1985


                  2: 14 am in the vast desert of the Northern Territory of Australia.


            Under the night sky the dry plains seemed vacant. Any nocturnal wild life that could possibly be out and about at this time remained hidden under the shrouds of bushes and sand. Nothing appeared to be alive. Dead silence echoed through the barren land accompanied by the freezing bite of mild winds, which was anything but welcoming to travelers. Toward the horizon stood the recognizable form of Ayer’s Rock, or Uluru to its aboriginal caretakers. The huge monolith lay on the desert floor basking in the luminous rays of the moon, like a child sleeping underneath the covers of its bed. From a great distant it bared resemblance to a mole growing out of the skin of someone’s face, someone being the desert plains. A man sitting by a window surveyed the awesome sight of nature as if it was his first glimpse, but it wasn’t. He had taken a set at this same spot near this window for the last year and a half to cherish this sight. For him this was his pleasure, as well as his duty because he was a park ranger, apart of the Uluru- Kata Tjuta National park association. It was his first time back in his homeland for many years since he had lived in America. He wanted to take in more of his country’s natural beauty to help him adjust to the change, as hard as it was coming from the broken family he had left in the States. Now it was his time to get reacquainted with the lifestyle he could only remember as a child, something so simple and sublime that would hopefully mend his soul. At one point he had wanted to show and share these things with his own children, but the present day situation his family was in made him realize that it was impossible. He left those thoughts behind him and focused more on the shadowy monolith in the distance, remembering that this land was his home, and he shouldn’t have to worry about the past anymore. Peace returned to him as he felt the steaming warmth and smell of coffee enter into his nose; he raised the coffee cup he had in his hands to his mouth and took a long sip. Instant satisfaction hit him as he felt the hot liquid run down his throat and leave once it entered his stomach. Perfect he thought. What more could he ask for now. Just as he finished that thought a man seated himself across from him at the table. He was somewhat stubby, about three inches shorter than he was, with dark skin and a wrinkled face that created an assortment of lines that moved downward from the corner of his eyes past his upper lip that was surprisingly farther beneath his nose compared to most men; he almost resembled an ape. His gray hair came down in strands over his forehead and following that was his large ridged brows and plump nose. Unusual look it was for a human being, but it was common of the native people of Australia, the aborigines. The aboriginal man looked at the white man across form him drinking his coffee and smiled at him.


      “ Hoping thot’ll kaep you awake?” he said to the white man.


       “ No, exactly the opposite. I’m drinking it to relax,” retorted the white man.  The aboriginal man widened his smile almost to laugh a bit. “ Well you betta hurry up and drank as much as you can because we’ve just been put on hunting deuty by the menagur,” he said. The other man frowned in confusion.


        “ What do you mean hunting?”


        “ Well, heve you been hearing about the sudden disappearances in the erea?” he asked.


         “ Yea, but as rare as it is it’s still just one of those things that happens around these parts mate. Tourists get lost out here all the time, it’s been that way ever since the park first open.”


            The aboriginal man shunned the explanation, “ Tourists yea, but now were losing our oun park rangers too. Mani’s just gone and went missing.” An uncomfortable silence was between the two of them for a moment, and then it was broken.


          “Are you serious?” the white man asked him as he was putting his coffee cup down. The aboriginal man nodded. “ Yep.” He continued on with the story while the other man listened, “ I think it was about twu days aguo. The menagur sent him out to Kata Tjuta to do some investigating, isn’t thet eronic. A tourist lady frum America went missing out there three noights agu, so Io’m guesses he went out thee to look for hur. But yestadae he neva showed back up.”


         “ And Mani’s not the kinda person to get lost out here in the outback,” The white man said.


         “ Yea, me and him’s best friends, we both knows this place like the bottoms of our feets,” The aboriginal man said agreeing with the white man.


            The white man put his cup of coffee down and stood up in front of the aboriginal man. “ Let’s go check around Kata Tjuta then, God knows what happened to Mani.”


             The aboriginal man wasn’t sure just the two of them should go by themselves. “ Wait Andrew, I don’t think it’s a sofe idea to go alone, moybe we should get sume healp.”


             The white man disagreed, “ Apari, Mani’s been out there for a day, he’s probably hurt, and starving. Don’t you think we should try to get to him as fast as humanly possible. He’s a friend of mine too! I don’t want to find him dead out there!” The aboriginal man Apari was quite susceptible to this side of the white man, his compassion for others. Everyone at Uluru-Kata Tjuta park knew him for this. He never left anyone without lending his own lands for help, or making sure everyone got along with one another. It was something in him that just couldn’t allow injustice to be delt to human beings. In his eyes everyone deserved help, and everyone deserved a second chance. Apari felt he had no other choice but to agree with him. “ Alroight Andrew, I’om with you on this.”  The two men picked up their ranger hats from the table, and put them on as they walked away together.


            Outside of the desert resort Yulara the two men exited out the glass doors of the building and made there way to an old brown jeep park off in the distance. The aboriginal man got into the driver seat, while the white man took the passenger side. They departed from dusty parking lot of the resort and started their journey to Kata Tjuta along the dirt road.


                    *                                     *                                          *


                                                       2: 30 am


              The red jeep left the dirt road as it entered Kata Tjuta’s territory. It pulled into a dark enclosed space between two huge rocks within the giant red domes. Apari, the aboriginal man, got out followed by the white man Andrew; both went to the back of the vehicle and found and assortment of boxes. Apari choose one box and opened it bringing out two flashlights, which one he handed to Andrew. Andrew clicked his on and started to venture out into the rocky wilderness waving his light to and fro over the landscape. He suddenly heard the voice of Apari behind him demanding him to stop and wait for him. He did, and then continued his investigation with his friend by his side. As their cones of light passed over the different rock faces they could see that much of them started to resemble bodies. Nighttime had an interesting effect on Kata Tjuta, as much as sunlight did. At daylight the rocks were just domes of red arkosic sandstone, but during the night they could easily be mistaken as bodies of dinosaurs because of their mountainous appearance. It was definitely creepy to be in the very sanctity of these monoliths. The only noises either one of them could hear was the cracking, crunching, and digging of their feet on the ground. Andrew reminded Apari then to watch his steps carefully as it would be so easy to step on a wild animal, above all a snake. Suddenly they heard the quick rattling of a push to the right and they both rushed their lights over to it, but only to find a small rabbit running off behind another bush close buy.


            “ A little jumpie their, aye mate,” Apari chuckled a bit.


            “ You jumped too! You bloody wise cracka,” Andrew replied. “ If Mani’s really out here than maybe he can hear us if we start calling for him.” Apari nodded at him, “ That’s aye guud plan.” Both men began shouting the name of Mani into the small valley of rocks hoping to get a reply back from somewhere. Their voices carried on as echoes through the rocks and caught the attention of two other men, standing on a hilltop just a few hundred yards away. They had noticed the men’s arrival earlier as soon as the jeep pulled up, and then when they cut on the flash lights. They were hoping that this was nothing at all to worry about and they wouldn’t need to get involved, but now it was apparent that these two men weren’t going to leave anytime soon.


           “ Who are these guys?” one man said. Even in the night it was obvious this man was not dressed out in normal civilian clothing. He was wearing a helmet with strange goggles over his eyes, and a strap that covered his chin. His attire was reminiscent of a soldier uniform, shoulder pads, boots, and gloves all over a skintight suit.


           “ I don’t have a fucking clue,” the man next to him said. He too was dress in the same outfit. “ You don’t think they’ll come up here do you?” he asked. The other man shrugged a little, “ If they do, you know what we have to do.” He placed a grim on his face, and his partner understood what it meant. “ Well then, I’m looking forward to it now,” he laughed. Unknown to them as they were watching the two strangers on the ground, they were also being watch by a shadow high on top of the rock right behind them. At that instance the shadow man jumped down behind the right guard and ceased his head within one of his arms, and brought a knife to his neck with the other slashing it open. The other guard watched as his companion gargled up blood as he fell to the ground.  He was too full of fright to move or react in anyway, only to witness his own fate as the shadowy man dashed at him and jammed the blade into his chest. A tremendous scream wailed throughout Kata Tjuta that brought silence to everything. Andrew and Apari stopped right where they were as the scream finished its last notes.


           “ Where did that cume frum!?” Apari said almost too mesmerized to mutter any words at all. Andrew pointed to the nearby hills trying to pinpoint the noise’s origin. “ Sounds like it came from up on those hills over there. Let’s go see.”


               *                                              *                                         *


            It only took them minutes to climb up the slightly steeped sides of the hill and reach the top. And they were awe stricken by what they found; two men lying on the ground, one naked and the other in a soldier like outfit. It was apparent they were both dead since neither moved at all, but it was more puzzling to figure out why they were up here and now dead. Andrew knew both these men had to have been alive a few minutes ago; they were the only ones close enough that could have made those screams. Had they been attacked, if so by what? Apari called Andrew over to the uniformed man’s body and told him to take a look at something on his chest. It appeared to be a deep incision in his chest, which was flooded with blood.


           “ A stab wound,” Andrew mumbled. Apari was getting a little uneasy now that he realized that they were in the midst of a murder scene.


           “ This wos a murdur. We got a murdurur on the lose out hee!”


           “ No, that dosen’t make since. These fellows look like soldiers. Why would soldiers be out here.”


           “ To look for the mudurur!!”


           “ Apari stop shaken! Now listen, why would someone want to murdur soldiers, soldiers that our all the way out in the middle of the desert for some reason?”


           “ I don’t k- ” Apari’s words were suddenly interrupted by the heavy sound of something moving and grinding against the ground. Andrew then noticed one huge boulder shifting for some reason. He quickly got up and ran over to it while Apari followed him. The both of them found a hole behind the boulder and realized it was covering it like a shutting door.


          “ A hule in the woll?” Apari noted.


          “ Let’s see what we can find in thee,” Andrew began approaching the hole while the huge rock drew closer. Apari hesitated, “ Are yu crazy the hule’s shutting, we’ll be tropped in thee!!”


          “ Just come on!!,” Andrew caught Apari by the arm and quickly threw him into the hole, and then leaped in himself just as the boulder eclipsed the last signs of light from outside. The pitch-black darkness was so absolute it seemed as if someone had put a black cloth over their faces, and coupled together with no sounds at all made it very unnerving. Andrew clicked on his flashlight and pointed it at Apari telling him to cut on his own. He then walked over to the walls and looked at him closely.


           “ This must be a cave.”


           “ Yea, that’s obvious mate. And now were stuck insoide it!”


           “ But it’s strange, this isn’t an ordinary cave.” Apari watched him as he brushed his hands over the walls over and over again, “ What do ya mean?” Andrew ran his light over the ceiling and down to the other end of the cave before he replied, “ This cave isn’t natural. It looks too much like a tunnel, which probably means it leads to somewhere. Come on were going to follow it.” 


           “ And hew in bloody hell du we get out ounce we reach the end?”


           “ Maybe there’s a way out at the other end. And remember Apari, where here for Mani. He could be here. As a matter of fact I know he is! Things are getting to strange.” The rangers followed the tunnel’s pathway for only a minute or so until they reached a downward staircase made from the cave itself, and continued down it scanning ahead with their lights for any signs of possible danger. After a while the winding spiral stairs took them into another tunnel way like the one before, but this one looked much longer. It was like they had entered a whole new area judging from what they saw; this tunnel wasn’t constructed of earth, but metal. Metal plates covering the walls, ceilings, and floor all perfectly placed into position and small lights built into the corners forming a trail leading all the way to the very end of the tunnel. No this was no tunnel Andrew thought, this was a hallway!


            “ What’s this?” Apari inquired. Andrew believed now his earlier suspicions were right, “ Your see what I mean, the tunnel back there looked man made, and this one without a question has no signs of nature involved. Who could have built all of this? Let’s keep going Apari until we find something.” Andrew continued on guided by his ever-growing curiosity of what they would find at the end of this hallway. Apari followed him only out of concern because he didn’t want to lose his friend in this dark mysterious place, but now his only true desire was to leave. He wished they had never entered the cave; even more so never come out here in the first place. Something he felt told him they were walking into nothing but more jeopardy.


         *                                               *                                            *


            Deeper within the facility, unaware of the intruders just a few minutes walk from their front door, soldiers inside a concealed room were active walking back and forth with papers in hand from computer panels, monitors and all sorts of machinery. Many were seated at consoles as well, and working just a hard as those up and moving speaking to comrades over radios, or typing on key panels. At one console a seated soldier rose from his chair and began walking forwards a door located in the south part of the room. Through the door he followed a short flight of stairs down into another smaller room that was occupied by only three men, one sitting in a chair in front of a number of bright screens and two others at each of his sides. Before he approached them any further the soldier quickly bowed and uttered the word ‘ master’. The tall bulky man to the right of the chair turned to the soldier and asked him what he wanted. The soldier replied in a firm voice, “ Master, we’ve just received word from the scientific sector that the research team sent in yesterday has just made it out of the vessel. We’ll… actually only two made it out, the others appear to be lost but we’ll find them.”


             A voice from the chair rose up suddenly, “ And what is the good news?” The soldier continued on with his report, “ Well sir it appears they have brought back with them and artifact from the vessel, still intact!” He received no reply at first, and then the chair turned slowly to his direction and in it he found a man sitting there. The glare of the screens behind him was so bright that he couldn’t make out any details of his face or body, but the one thing he did notice was his eyes. From the seat glowed in a gloomy hue fashion two blue pigments in the darkness, more visible than anything else in the room. The flush as radiant as glow sticks, and the soldier reminded himself this was all from the eyes of the man sitting in the chair. The man in the chair went on in his speech, “ And what is the research team doing with it now?”


              The soldier rose from his bow and answered, “ They are bringing it here as we speak, for you to see yourself sir.” The man in the chair grunted, “ Very good. You may leave then.” After those words the soldier immediately turned and exited up the stairs. The man on the left side of the chair spoke, “ This could be it master, what you’ve been waiting for.” The other bulky man jumped in, “ Please sir, take precaution. We don’t know anything about this artifact. It might be dangerous to tamper with it.” The man in the chair answered him in disbelief, “ Nonsense, if that were true the research team would have never returned alive. I have waited too long for this day to come. Nothing will keep me away from what is mine any longer. I must agree though, time and patience bare the richest fruits! A good lesson for both of you.”  Both of them replied to him with ‘ yes master’ before they were all disturbed with the sudden appearance of another soldier on the screens. The man in the chair turned to the screen, “ I told you before never to disrupt me in this way, you interrupt my train of thought! If there’s something urgent relay it to the control room and one of them will tell me personally.”


            The soldier stuttered over his words in nervousness, “ oh-h… my apologies sir, but I just thought it would be faster to notify you this way. We have intruders at the tunnel entrance.”

             The man in the chair was struck by surprise, “ Intruders. Impossible! What of the guards outside then.”


              “ We’ve tried to establish communications, but for some reason there are not responding!” the guard said.


              “ Show me the intruders.”


              On the lower right screen an image appeared of two men sitting next to a steel door. The camera stationed there zoomed in on both of them and gave a clear view of their uniforms. “ Rangers, from Uluru-Kata Tjuta Park. I wonder what brought them here. And I wonder how they even got into here in the first place!” the man in the chair exclaimed.


             “ What should we do sir?”


             “ Send soldiers to apprehend them, and bring them straight to me. I have questions for them.”


            “ Yes sir!” the soldier said ending his transmission. Stationed in the security room the soldier patch into the radios of two other soldiers standing guard in front of the main elevator, and sent them the message that intruders were at the main gate and orders were to detain them and bring them in for questioning. The two soldiers understood the orders clearly and called for the elevator to come to their location down stairs. The elevator seemed to arrive rather quickly and when the doors opened they understood why. A soldier was already in the elevator and looked to be on his way somewhere. One of the guards ask him, “ Where are you coming from?” The soldier is silent at first. He then answers, “ Outside, my shift is over.”


            The guard grew suspicious of his answer, “ Didn’t you notice the intruders on your way here?”


            “ Intruders? I didn’t see anyone. Intruders are really here?”


            “ Yes, at the main gate. Lucky for us there stuck there now. How could you not have known there were here? You should have at least heard the message from security control. Did you?”


            The soldier fell quiet once again before he replied, “ Yes, but by that time the elevator had already got here. Maybe they were behind me when I came in. Got stuck no doubt after they found they couldn’t open the gate.”


            “ Well that could be true. What’s important now is detaining them. Why don’t you come help us?” The soldier was resentful of the guard’s proposal at first, but decided to go along with them anyway. All three entered the elevator and the doors slid shut, while they began their ascent to the main gate above.


                                            20 Minutes Later…


            Apari and Andrew found nothing more but a cul-de-sac at the end of the hallway meaning they had wasted there time coming all this way. They knew it was impossible to go back since there was no way of them moving that huge boulder covering the hole, so all that was left was to accept the fact they were stuck in the dark. Apari had taken a set along side one of the walls while Andrew persisted in studying the supposed “dead end” they had run into.


           Apari pointed his flashlight back down the dark passage and sighed. “ Du you really thank Mani’s here Andrew?” he asked.


          “ Well someone must be here. Someone had to have built all of this,” Andrew said still examining the dead end. “ You know we’re underground right?” Apari looked had him and nodded.


          “ That means this place is being kept secret for some reason. A huge rock to covering the entrance, soldiers who I for one have never seen there during the day at night, probably to prevent people like you and me from discovering it. I think this whole place might be a military facility.”


         “ Militery? How in the werld did they build all this without people noticing? They have nu roight to bee building hee. This lend has special sentimental value to moy people. The government knows thet!” Apari stood up and dusted his backside off, “ Thet’s it. Someone’s fuling around hee who has no business being hee! We’ve got to foind a way aout so we can tell someone else whot’s going on hee.”


         “ Why are you so gung-ho all of a sudden? Didn’t you suspect from the beginning someone constructed this place?”


         “ Yea, but… it really didn’t saem possible at first. Come on mate, you knouw you thought the same. How could anybody be able to build this in so much secrecy. Thee had to bee one person who noticed whot was going on.”


         “  Maybe we’re the first,” Andrew said with an indicative tone of voice.


         Suddenly they could fell the ground was trembling and behind Andrew the steel door was rising. Light finally flooded into the dark hallway allowing clear visibility of everything, but something unexpected was also within the light. Three human figures stood before Andrew and Apari and all were noticeably were soldier-like uniforms, exactly like the man’s they found outside.  One immediately lunged for Andrew grabbing his right arm and brought him to the floor with it. Wasting no time he unbuckled some rope from his belt and tied Andrew’s arms behind his back. Struggling to get his head up Andrew managed to scream out for Apari to run, but Apari hesitated and before he knew it he was socked straight in the face by another one of the soldiers and pinned against the wall. The last soldier only observed as Apari’s hands were also bounded with rope. After that was all finished the other two brought Andrew and Apari into the room filled with light, and behind them the last soldier closed the steel door with the use of a control panel fixed on the wall. They were taken down a new corridor; all lighted and constructed like the inside of a Star Wars ship, completely different from the hallway. At last they came to another pair of steel doors that opened into an elevator and the soldiers entered with their prisoners.

              *                                                      *                                                        *


            Standing before him with a briefcase open the man in the chair asked the soldier to step closer so he could better observe what was inside. The soldier had just arrived from the scientific sector with the newly discovered artifact the research team had found. The artifact was unlike anything he had ever seen, alien in every way. It was perfectly round like a bowl, but thicker in height. The red plates that encompassed most of its mass seemed to be like walls, which supposedly were designed to contain the strange green cables that were visible on the inside. The cables themselves also looked to be attached to a domed shaped medallion in the center of the object. It almost resembled the tires on a child’s tricycle.


             “ Is it alive?” the man in the chair said. Just then he noticed the green cables inside move. Its manner was similar to a snake’s body when it constricted an animal.“ Amazing! This must be it. I can’t believe I’m having the pleasure of seeing one with my own two eyes. And they side it would be impossible to find even one. Be it millions of years or more, nothing can stop me from accomplishing my ambitions!” he proclaimed. He regained his composure and looked at the man holding the case, “ I don’t want the researchers in the scientific division to analyze this. It is better left to Dr. Fujita. I want it sent to the headquarters in Perth immediately. Notify Fujita of its arrival.” The soldier closed the brief case, bowed while he replied ‘yes sir’, and left.





            At the elevator the three soldiers with their two prisoners emerged from the caged platform and proceeded down a hallway leading into another two-way corridor. The one soldier which was empty handed with no prisoner suddenly spoke up and told his comrades that this was where he was going to leave them, and that they could take care of the rest by themselves. The other two agreed, thanking him for his help and then turned to continue down the left corridor. The lonely soldier watched them from behind and strangely cast a grim on his face. From the end of the corridor the two soldiers turn right into another walkway, which appeared to lead straight down to one door. Andrew and Apari knew once they got to that door that it would be the end for them so they had to do something to break free from the soldiers and escape back to the elevator. Just then Andrew noticed another uniformed man exit the doors at the end of the way and he seemed to be carrying a brief case in his right hand. Andrew figured that would be his point of attack, the perfect distraction so he just continued walking along watching as the other soldier came closer. Only a few feet away now Andrew tightened his stomach, arched his back and in split second speed broke the grip of the soldier holding him and lunged shoulder first into the other’s gut. Andrew drove him straight into the wall before he moved away and watched the man sink to the ground moaning and covering his abdomen. Caught in the surprising success of his own feat Andrew noticed the black briefcase next to his foot, but that was the only action he had time for as he noticed the guard, which he had broke free from, charging at him. Instead of running Andrew merely stayed where he was and as the soldier attempted to grab him he managed duck low enough to come right between his legs and quickly tossed over onto his back. Apari starred at Andrew in shock as he’d never seen this aggressive side of him before, but the soldier behind him had seen quite enough and let him go to go after Andrew. However Apari couldn’t let him do that; as the soldier came around to his right side Apari extended his right leg and tripped him. The soldier landed face first and looked to have broken his nose from all the ‘ my nose, my nose’ shouting he was making. Andrew gave Apari a congratulating gesture, and then was knocked down by a solder from behind. The soldier pinned him to the floor with his knee placed firmly on Andrew’s back, and noticed Apari free from any restraint. The soldier saw one of his companions getting up holding his stomach and told him to get the aboriginal man. Andrew yelled at Apari with all his breathe to take the suitcase and run, and Apari did so without hesitation. Sprinting off in the other direction Apari never looked back to see what happened to his old friend, but he also knew there was a soldier right behind him so he had no time. Coming back to the corridor they were in before Apari quickly turned into it rushed as fast as he could to the elevator hallway, but suddenly he felt his arm jerked which pulled him into a small passage covered in shadows. As he felt himself freed from the force he attempted to run again, but the force again jerked him back in and a hand covered his mouth. Before he realized someone had grabbed him he heard a voice from behind him whisper into his ear not to move or say anything. Apari did so wondering what the hell was going on, and then he saw the soldier that was chasing him in the hallway appear. It didn’t look like he could see him in the dark pathway, which was good, but what about the person behind him who had him locked in his tight grasp and almost suffocating him with his big heavy hand. Was he going to hurt him or not he thought. And why was he hiding like this? The soldier outside the pathway started cursing since he could find no trace of the aboriginal man, and then Apari heard the voice tell him again not to say a word and move behind him. Apari thought why in the world would he want him to move behind him, but nonetheless he did so as quietly as he could. As the shadowy man moved in front of him Apari could recognize even in the dark he was wearing the same uniform as the soldiers, but he sure wasn’t acting like one of them. Then he reached behind him to the back of his belt and withdrew a pistol. Apari now knew what he was intending to do and he was more than certain this man was not one of the other soldiers. With gun in hand the man creep quietly out of the dark passageway right behind the soldier and uttered the words “ looking for something mate”. With that the soldier spun around and stopped right in front of the barrel of a pistol pointed straight at his head. A gunshot rang throughout the hallway that was sure to alert someone; the soldier fell on his back with a hole through his helmet. The man tucked the gun back into his belt and turned to Apari who was too frightened to come out of the passage.


            “ Come with me. I’ll get you out of here,” he said to him. Apari couldn’t understand what he was trying to do. First he pulls him into the pathway like he’s about to rob him, and now he wants to help him escape. “ What about my friend back there. I have to go back to help him,” Apari told him.


            “ I don’t have time for that! If you don’t come with me now they’ll send some more soldiers soon and they will find you!! You can either go back there as a prisoner just to see your friend, or you can get out of here now because I assure you this will be your only chance.” Apari knew if he went back for Andrew then he wouldn’t be coming back, and he had little knowledge of finding his way out of here alone. Maybe if he got out he could get to the authorities and come back with help. If they needed proof then he had what was ever in the briefcase to show them.


          Apari took a deep breath before he finally said, “ Alroight”. The man grabbed his arm and the both ran down the hallway back to the elevator.


           While Apari managed to get away Andrew unfortunately had already been brought to the ground. The two soldiers that were left behind stood over him smiling from there gratifying efforts. Andrew had tremendous pain in his back and bleeding from the side of his head, which left him dizzy and unable to keep his balance. Despite that he could still hear what was going on around him and stayed flat on the ground. Footsteps began tapping from behind him growing louder as they got closer and he was anxious to see who was approaching now. The soldiers caught by surprise quickly saluted at the appearance of the new man and waited for him to say something. The man ordered them to pick up Andrew’s body so he could see him clearly, and they did so. Andrew moaned from the pain in his back and they lifted him and as he looked up he could only see a tie, white shirt, and black overcoat.  Looking further up he finally saw the face of a man who obviously was in a bad mood. His white skin made clear his strong jaw line with no beard or mustache, along with a pointed nose, and thin eyebrows topped with a brown hair that was slicked backwards from his forehead. With a slightly downward smile he looked at Andrew with which made him think he had a hidden desire to strangle him to death.


           “ Take hem to Tseng,” he said with his said a somewhat deep freakish voice. The two soldiers took Andrew by the arms down the hallway through the door into a new room, followed by the giant man. The room they were in now was filled with computers and screens, and soldiers at desks typing or just sitting watching monitors. Through the crowded center aisle the soldiers continued walking with Andrew until they came to the end of the room and turned left into a dark downward staircase. Down that they came to another door and through it enter a solitary area where only one man stood by a chair and was tempted to turn from their sudden presence. The soldiers threw Andrew to the ground, but he was fortunate enough to land on his knees and keep his balance. The giant man then told the soldiers to leave, and they proceeded out as quickly as possible; afterwards the room was left in dead silence.


           A voice from the chair spoke out to Andrew all of a sudden, “ I’m sure you saw the no trespassing sign outside. You do realize you’re in direct violation of it.”


           “ What?” Andrew replied. The chair turn around and Andrew witnessed the face from which the voice came from. The blue glare from his caught his attention more than anything; it was so bizarre it was frightening.


           “ Old man, for what reason did you decide to invade my property. And I’m very interested to now how you even got in.”


           Andrew found the courage to speak up again amidst his fear, “ Who are you people? What are you doing here?”


           “ I would be happy to explain, but not to a unbeliever. Now answer my question!”


           “ If you refuse to answer me, then I won’t tell you a thing.” The man in the chair didn’t seen to be aggravated by Andrew’s impolite or uncooperative attitude. He noticed on his shirt a nametag that he could clearly read from his seat, which said ‘ Dr. Andrew G. Megus’.


           “ So Dr. Andrew Megus. Hmm… where do I remember that name from?” The sitting shadow figure of a man took a moment to think and came back with an answer, “ I’ve heard of a Dr. Megus before. Yes, the environmentalist at Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. That must be you! How interesting, to be in the midst of another scientist. Now that I know your name, would you be so polite as to help me out with the name of your companion which you came with.”


            “ He’s already escaped so it wouldn’t do you much good to know his name. And he has something of interest to you, your black briefcase. He’s taking it and what he’s seen to the police!” Andrew protested.


            The man started to chuckle a little, “ I already know. Just want his name.” Andrew was puzzled at the man’s persistence to know Apari’s name, “ Well you won’t get it from me!”


             “ Do you really think so? You know Dr. Megus sometimes the mind speaks much more willingly then the mouth. You’ll soon find that out. Take him way.” Left in even more puzzlement Andrew felt the strong grip of the giant man take hold of his shirt and pulled over onto his back. Struggling to get back onto his feet proved useless as he was dragged out of the room, barely catching his last glimpse of the man in the chair and the man standing beside him before the doors finally closed shut.



         To be continued…



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