Subject: Enhanced Humanoid Guyver Unit
Code Name: Spartan
Host Name: Leonidas
Sex: Male
Age: 40 (Biological age is over 2,000years)
Height Unarmoured: 6 Feet 1 Inches (approx) Height Armoured: 7 Feet 6 Inches (approx)
Weight Unarmoured: 100 Kg (220 Lbs) Weight Armoured: 285Kg (630 Lbs)
Status: Aimlessly wandering through out the world

“The Kings of Sparta were believed to be the direct descendants of Heracles”

Description: Subject was the King of Sparta, but was believed to be dead whilst defending Sparta from the Persian invasion, along with his 300 personal guards. On subjects death he was “transported” to what is now known as a creator Science vessel where he was bonded with a slightly enhanced Guyver Unit. The Unit seems to have been altered to fit the subjects fighting style and technique. He was then used by the Creators in battles to test new creations for over 500years in there search to better improve their Army. When he saw that he was becoming obsolete fought against the Creators and barely managed to destroy them and an intense battle that pushed him beyond limits even he did not no. Now he wanders the earth learning new fighting styles.

Physical Strength: Subject strengths is estimated and twice a normal Guyver granting him the strength of 200 men. Subject has a crude HSL which seems to be more like a prototype but none the less gives him almost unlimited stamina, enabling him to fight for several hours without tiring. Also subject can stay bio-boosted indefinitely.

Hyper sensors have been enhanced to twice that of a normal Guyver giving him a sensory range of 200meters (656ft)

Speed: Subjects reflex speed ranges from 100-200 due to his combat experience. Subject prefers running as a means of transport instead of flying granting him a top running speed of 700mph and a top flight speed of 900mph which is comparably slow.

Durability: Subjects durability is quiet high considering its low power level. He is able to generate a normal pressure cannon body shield but with 3times the power, enabling the subject to withstand a full normal Guyver megasmash with little to no damage, also subject has a unique shield orb on his left forearm which generates an oval shield the same shape and size as normal shield used by a Spartan soldier. Subject can focus on this shield and extend it to form a bubble around him enabling him to stand anything up to a Gigantic Guyvers full hypersmash with little to no damage.

Head Beam: Subjects head beam is equal to that of a Gigantic Guyver

Vibrational Swords: Subject has a standard pair of vibrational swords one on each elbow. Also he has a Vibrational sword shaped the same as a Spartan sword that is more resilient and able to counter even hyper vibrational swords. This enables him to have a better killing potential as the subject is already accustomed to using a sword, though he is well trained with the vibrational elbow swords. He has also mastered the Creator fighting style

Mage Smashers: Subject has mega smashers with a destructive power equal to a Gigantic Guyver. Due to the crude HSL subjects hyper smashers can be fired multiple with little strain, although over use will cause him to take a moments rest to restore his energy.

Sonic Emitters: Subject sonic emitters are equal to a Gigantic Guyvers and posses all the abilities of them

Gravitational Powers: Subject posses one gravity orb located in the mid-section. Rated 3times that of a normal Guyver.

War Cry: When faced against a superior opponent subject has the ability to double all abilities, named War Cry as the subject lets out an ear splitting roar threw its sonic emitters and can instantly vaporise low level zoanoids and crack the floor beneath him. Whilst in this state subject consumes his energy faster than his HSL can replenish it limiting the usefulness of the ability, he can stay in this state for a maximum to 10minutes unless he uses high energy weapons like the mega smasher, once the time is up subjects power level is reduced to that of a standard Guyver until his energy can be restored.


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