Unit host name: Lee Gunn

Unit type: Standard Unit -G

Code Name: Guyver3

Age: 16

Strength: This unit has the ablility to enhance its strength by additional biomuscle tissue or power.

Speed and Reflexes: Unit speed is equal to any known Guyver type due to the mergeing of host and armour conciousness.

Armour strength: This unit only has normal Guyver strength but can thicken and enhance armour to differing properties such as more hardness more impact resistance or immunity to biological attacks {i.e enzymes blood}

Head Laser: This is standard model but can be enhance in stength and number  and can be used in a very low powered blast in a raking fashion that can be used as a shield

High Freqency Vibrational Swords: These are of also standard type but can have increase in power and number

Sonic Orbs: These are of standard type but can be enhanced in power and number

Gravity Orb: This has been enhance through a more advanced gravity orb by the host, it has 4 time standard types power and through the mergeing of host and unit G it can create shields and used in two new ways Pressure Ball that increases a sphere of gravity that can crush an opponent and Gravity Blast that increases the gravity of an area

Mega Smasher: This is of standard type but the unit can create multiple lens and shunt all unit power to one shot far beyond Warrior Guyver type, but this drains host of all energy and can be lethal.

Added abilities: This unit has merged his own mind with the unit G enabling it to tell friend from foe when in self defence mode as well as keep the host concious and more control over armour such as the ability to add and reshape armour at will. As well as the ability of greater control of units power distibution and weapons functions.

Due to the fact that this unit can appear as any Guyver type no picture is useful.

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