Subject: New Humanoid Guyver Unit

Code Name: GuyverX  (or Rapier Guyver)

Host Name: David Buckingham

Sex: Male

Age: 28

Height: 225cm  (7ft 4in)

Weight: 328kg

Status: Sworn enemy of Chronos

Description: The prescence of the Unit only became apparent very recently although the unit was first activated a few years ago. The host is weapons specialist with advanced tactical and combat training, who works for a covert government funded agency. The Unit possesses weaponary similar to a normal Guyver Unit although all features are more developed as this Guyver is an evolutionary step forward from the Guyver1 & Guyver3 Units.

An out-line of the performance and abilities of this new Unit is described below.

~ Physical strength: The strength is noticeably more than that of a normal Unit, it is thought that this is due to the more advanced Control Medal / Host brain interface meaning that the host can draw on mental strength to perform more demanding tasks which a standard Unit would not be able to complete.

~ The Unit has a similar sensory array to that of a normal Guyver Unit although sensory range is vastly improved.

~ Durability: Due to the more advanced Control Medal interface the host can maintain a work load of that of a normal Guyver for much longer periods. The host also suffers reduced fatigue when compared to the host of a normal Unit.

~ Regeneration abilities: Although the Unit doesn't seem to be immune to advanced biological attacks (such as that of an Enzyme II type zoanoid) it does seem to be less susceptible than previous Units. It also has two sets of blades which aren't of the hyper-vibrational type, these are located on the knuckles and the ankles and seem to be impervious to all know biological or physical attacks.

~ Speed: Both reflex speeds and physical speeds are greater than that of a standard Guyver Unit.

~ The subject has two vibrational swords on each arm. The smaller of the two blades is located towards the wrist on the lower arm, the longer of the two blades being located further towards the elbow. Both blades on each arm can be activated individually. For example, the host could activate the shorter, lower, straighter blade of the right arm and the longer, curved blade of the left arm.

~ Head laser on this Unit seems to possess no advantage or variance to that of the standard Guyver, although it is believed that the aim is vastly improved due to the more advanced Unit/host interface.

~ Sonic Emitters are more advanced and have a greater range due to the fact that they can be specifically targetted towards a single object, rather than projecting a frequencey over a wider but shorter range.

~ Mega Smasher firing times are vastly reduced on this Unit, again the reason for this is the superior Control Medal/Host interface. The Creator of this Unit also left communication for the host to discover once they had activated the Unit, the messages that were left instructed the Host how to get the best out of the Unit, primarily through mental training. Hence the Mega Smasher can be charged while the host is still fighting an enemy, the Unit will maintain a rate of charge so that the cannon can be fired immediately once the chestplates have been opened (either opened physically or mentally).

~ Gravitational abilities are far more advanced on this Unit than any levels previously seen on any Guyver Unit, even the Gigantic type. This Guyver has the ability to cloak itself using its Gravity Orb. Something can only be seen if it reflects light, therefore this Unit can create a gravitational field around it which is so strong that light is pulled around, giving the impression that the Unit isn't there.

~ Pressure Cannon: This Unit has a more powerful cannon due to the increased gravitational forces created by the Gravity Orb. Also the Gravity ball can be thrown at much higher speeds than a normal Guyver due to the kinetic abilities of this Unit (see further for details).

~ Pressure Shield: Although only seen once by another Guyver Unit (Guyver3) it is believed that this Unit can project gravitational fields in such a way as to create a shield. It is not known exactly; how far these shields can be projected, whether a number can be projected at any one time, the size of the field and also the durability of the shield during impact.

~ Telekinetic/Kinetic abilities: (Tele)Kinetic Orbs (red) are located at the base of the horn, at the back of the ankles and also at the insides of both wrists. The orbs located in the head are the main transmitters, these control the power output of the wrist and ankle orbs and can also control weapons after they have been launched. The orbs can not only amplify the kinetic movement of the Guyver (eg... accelerate a punch to devestating impact speeds) but can also kinetically charge objects. The most effective demonstration of this ability is when the Guyver picks up an object (eg... a pebble) and charges it full of energy, the charged object can then be hurled at a speed close to that of the speed of light. The resulting impact energy could be equivalent to that of a meteorite landing in some circumstances.

~ Other weapons: Although there is no evidence to support this belief it is thought that this Unit has external hand-held weapons. One report states that the Unit threw some type of throwing blade, although the sighting is completely unconfirmed.

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