Unit Type: Mk. II enhanced Hyper Gigantic Warrior Unit Type 2
Code Name: ZEUS II
Host Name: Agito Makishima
Sex: Male
Age: 24 years
Hair: Black / Eyes: Brown
Armored Height: 202 cm (~6.6 Feet)
Gigantic Height: 305 cm (~10 Feet )
Armored Weight: 372 kg (~820 Pounds)
Gigantic Weight: 1,200 kg (~1 and 1/4 metric tons)
Former Status : Declared enemy of Chronos and founder of the anti-chronos organization known only as Zeus Thunderbolt.
Present Status : Primary leader of Zeus Thunderbolt and ally of both the ACTF and CRTF.

Description: The subject, now known as Warrior Guyver 3, has acquired an incredibly powerful Gigantic like upgrade unit he has dubbed "Zeus".  While in this form, the subject's power is tripled and possesses a far greater range of abilities.  The exact nature and origin of this armor is unknown but is suspected of being custom designed specifically for subject's Warrior Unit and will not work with any other unit. He later while in the W’Kar alternate reality, received what is known as the Mark II upgrade. He possesses the now Praetorian unit type combined with his specialized Gigantic upgrade makes him one of the most powerful Guyvers on Earth.

Physical Strength: Subject's abilities varies due to this unit's unique technology. The Unit's CPM's have been integrated into the unit's HSL power system and allows subject to raise power level from 1,600 men, to 2,000 men, at will. Consequently, this eliminates the use of the CPM's as a weapon. This can be temporarily boosted to 4,000 men with the use of the Bio-Energy Doubler. Though equipped with a HSL power system, use of the Bio-Energy Doubler for more than a few minutes results in a massive drop in power level to that of a normal Gigantic Guyver. Depending on regeneration requirements, the power down state can last as long as an hour before subject regains normal power levels.

Speed: Ground speed is 3,750 MPH at normal base power level, up to 4,500 MPH at normal max power level, and up to 7,500 MPH at full Bio-Energy Doubler enhanced level. Flight Speed is 15,000 MPH at normal base power level, up to 18,750 MPH at normal max power level and up to 37,500 MPH at full Bio-Energy Doubler enhanced level. Reflex speed ranges from a norm of 100 to 1,000 times normal to a Bio-Energy Doubler max. of 2,000 times normal.

Durability: Subject is greatly enhanced from a standard Guyver. In addition to the normal Warrior Guyver type body shield, the armor's molecular structure is enhanced with a powerful bio-energy field that greatly enhances all aspects of the base armor dexterity. Letting the subject withstand anything up to a 1.2 to 2 kiloton explosion without any additional shielding. The addition of the subject's Gigantic type omni-directional shielding, reinforced with subject's bio-energy, zoalord like gravity shield, Guyver blast shield, and CPM directional shield allows subject to withstand a 8 to 12 kiloton explosion, depending on subject's power level. Regeneration rate is 100 to 200 times that of a normal Guyver. Use of the Bio-Energy Doubler can temporarily double subject's durability levels.

Infrared Laser Orb: The subject possesses the same number of orb emitters as he does in his normal Warrior Guyver form but power output has been increased to 160 to 200 times the power of a normal Guyvers. Use of the Bio-Energy Doubler doubles the energy output to 400 times the power of a normal Guyvers head beam.

Sonic Busters: The unit's sonic weapon emitters have greater versatility and power over standard Guyver type. Radius of attack can range from 5 to 160 degrees and intensity can range from a low hum to twenty times that of a normal Guyvers. Allowing subject to kill any unprepared zoanoid up to neo hyper zoanoid‘s skull with ease. Subject also possesses the ability to tune the emitters to a single target among many and to produce different effects such as boiling of blood, shattering or exploding target, liquefying targets, spontaneous combustion, concussive shock waves, and to move objects of varying sizes and mass. Subject can also enhance this weapon with a bio-energy field that allows secondary electrical damage upon target and the ability to redirect sonic attack, around target, for an implosive repetitive shock wave effect that focuses the total power of the attack upon a single target for maximum effectiveness.

Hyper Swords: The unit possesses three pairs of vibrational swords that are composed of polymorphic material that allow it to morph into a variety of shapes and sizes at the users will. Though basically similar to the Warrior Guyver type, these swords have been further enhanced by the Mark 2 technology that allows the subject to infuse the swords with plasma energy when powered up to normal maximum power level. This more than doubles the destructive power of these weapons and allows them to cut through any unenhanced vibrational weapon. These weapons can also be extended for whip like use upon targets not within normal arms reach.

Bio-Whips: The Mark 2 technology has caused a special mutation in this unit, producing two pairs of extendible tendril like bio-armor whips that extend from the head and have a reach of 10 to 30 feet. Subject can also channel the total power of his bio-energy to a target. This is very similar to the hyper zoanoid Elegan type primary attack but subject can channel up to fifty times more power. The whips can also be wrapped around a target to crush it just like a constricting snake, with each tendril exerting the equivalent strength of a Warrior Guyver each.

Power Punch: Subject's ability to throw a power punch is similar to a normal Gigantic Guyvers but can channel immense power into a single punch with the equivalent destructive power of a 2 kiloton explosion of TNT and can throw two at a time for double the effect. Use of the Bio-Energy Doubler can double the power of this attack.

Gravity Control Orbs: Gravitational Powers are equivalent to subject's power level and includes both standard Guyver abilities as well as those common to Zoalords, such as gravity bullet and black hole attacks. The subject can also focus gravitational power upon a single target to produce an implosive pressure cannon effect with the destructive power of a Gigantic Guyver‘s hyper smashers. Subject also has the ability to generate the Gravity Crusher, a gravity weapon previously unique to the Jy-taki of the W'Kar parallel world. By creating an immense Gravitational rift around a target, the Gravity Crusher can shrink the target to 1/8 of its normal size. The Gravity Rift is then suddenly released and the target snaps back to their normal size in 2/100 of a second. The body does not have time to compensate, and the effect is a deadly combo implosion and explosion. The weapon has shown to be deadly to any and all unshielded targets and even those with shields have been effected in drastic ways. Control Medals and Zoacrystals can be shattered with incredible ease with this weapon, along with massive damage to the target(s) body. The only inhibiting factor is the need for the subject to be in full Bio-Energy Doubler enhanced power level before this weapon can be utilized.

Hyper Smashers: These weapons are similar to standard Warrior type but have a destructive power output of 14 to 16 kiloton explosion of TNT and when used with the Bio-Energy Doubler, these weapons can fire a blast with the destructive power of a 32 kiloton explosion for a full ten seconds, but doing so greatly reduces the time the subject can use the Bio-Energy Doubler. 

Hyper Sensors: Subject has a sensory range of 24 to 32 kilometers (~15 to 20 Miles). Complete with a full enhancement of all the host sensory perceptions to a few hundred times that normal for a human. 

Control Medal: Subject's control medal retains its pyramid in this Gigantic form which, combine with the fact that the subjects HSL is suspected of being an integral part of the Warrior type Control Medal, partly explains the subject's incredible power level. In addition, the subject’s control medal has been enhanced with the Mark 2 technology that greatly enhances all of his abilities and adds more.

Other Phenomena: Subject has the ability to produce all known Zoalord type attacks at nearly the same power level as a Master Zoalord. Subject has the ability to turn invisible, or like a Chameleon, can appear to be just about anything, as well as project holograms. The Unit has also shown the ability to enter Hyper space without deactivating and taking host along with it for either teleportation or to regenerate from a battle, even if Unit had appeared to have been vaporized.



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