The Guyver Zoalord 



Host name: Xander(Chronos never gave him a last name)


Unit Height:7 feet




Sonic Vibration Blades: These are standard guyver blades that operate at 3x the power of a normal Unit-G.2 sets.


Armor Disruption Blades: These blades are powerful enough to slice through most Zoanoids and Guyvers armor with ease. These blades also have the power to cut healing by half for all Zoanoids, most Zoalords, and some Guyvers, regardless if their armors pierced or not. These blade can also change the way they’re facing.1 set.


Gravity orb : Standard Gravity orb that functions at 3x the power of a normal Unit-G.


Plasma Cannons: The Unit-Z is equipped with 2 Plasma Cannons that function at 3x the power.


Mega Smasher : Each Half-Power Mega Smasher is equivalent to 2 Guyvers full Mega Smashers. A full is the equivalent to 5 Guyvers.


Strength: Equal to 6 Guyvers.


Armor: Unit-Z Armor is strong enough to only dissolve at 1/20 the rate of a normal Guyver against Guyver Dissolving Acid. Otherwise armor 3x as powerful as a normal Guyvers.One such incident showed it to survive a Type 3 Unit-Gs' Mega Smasher and recover in time to blow the Meddling Guyver away with one of it’s own blasts before the Unit-G could fire another.


Notes: It has been discovered recently that Xander now has a self-dubbed Z-Metal, which is the result of his Zoa-Crystal and C-Metal merging. What triggered this and the effects it will have on him is unknown .Due to the accident, Xander can only assume a Guyver/Zoalord hybrid form (pictured above). It has also been found that Xander is immune to Unit Removers. How this is possible is unknown.


Former Zoalord Powers: Xander has regained the use of an Ability he calls Black Fire. It’s effects are unknown. Xander still hasn’t regained any other Zoalord Powers though.


History: The Guyver Zoalords history begins long before he was ever born. About two million years ago in a parallel universe a group of Creators had secretly been working on a Guyver Zoalord. When the other Creators found out they imprisoned the group of creators, destroyed the unit they’d modified and put their logs on a Relic and sent it into a black hole. Instead of it being destroyed, it was sent to our universe where it wandered. Then about twenty years ago Alkanphel found the Relic Studying the logs, he found that the Creators discovered that a Guyver Zoalord couldn’t be controlled and their folly that they were imprisoned for was that they had tried to simply make a powered down Type 1 Unit-G other then making a new unit, in which the GZ would still be too powerful. With this information, Alkanphel found a Unit-G and instructed his scientists to study it. They concluded that a unit with a Power damper that affected both the Zoalord and Guyver unit would make the Unit-Z(as they had come to call it) into a controllable Guyver Zoalord. Alkanphel then instructed a host to be breed for this purpose. While they were consructing a unit with a power damper Chronos had chosen a expecting couples' child to be the host. When the child was born the parents were brain washed and told they had been in a auto accident months ago that had caused the baby to be lost and they had been in a coma since. Chronos then raised Xander and when he turned 10 turned him into a Proto Guyver Zoalord. Xander was trained to use his powers until he turned 15,at which time they bonded the unit to him. What was made was a Guyver that had the powers of a Guyver and Zoalord combined at three times the power. For three years he fought for Chronos before some of the other Zoalords sabotaged one of his missions and confronted him. Against four Zoalords the Guyver Zoalords’ control metal and Zoacrystal were damaged and he was knocked out. When he awoke he had lost the link to Chronos and wandering around saw the world for the first time through his own eyes. What he saw was a world that didn’t need to be defended against, as Chronos had told him, but needed defending.



Original Picture of Guyver Zoalord provided by Star.

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