Subject: Alpha Class Humanoid Proto-Zoalord


Name: Joshua Tseng     


Real Name: Unknown


Age: 30(appears to be 20)


Height: 183cm(~ 6 feet) in human form to 244cm(~ 8 feet) in Zoalord form.


Weight: 70kg(~ 154 LBS) in human form to 331kg(~ 730 pounds) in Zoalord form.


Hair: Black        Eyes: Blue



             Subject in Full Alpha Proto-Zoalord Form


Status: Board Chairman of Paradigm Genometrix Matlabs(Chronos Australia)                                                                                        


            Description: Tseng was the first human used for Dr. Valkus’ Prototype Zoalord experiments. However, Lord Valkus’ testing proved so successful on Tseng that he was in turn endowed with all the common powers of a Zoalord, and was placed as the director of Chronos operations on the Australian continent, which he has been managing for 3 years. Tseng possess the full capabilities of a Zoalord, as well as increased psionic power that better accommodates him as the first generation of prototype Zoalord created by Chronos.


Physical strength: Subjects strength has been rated at 80 men in his human form, to 170 men in his proto-Zoalord battle form.


Speed: Ground speed = 0- 300 MPH / Flying = 0- 500 MPH


Durability: Subject can withstand the full power of a guyver mega smasher with his Zoalord type shield, and anything up to half the power of a single guyver pressure cannon unshielded. Although, it is believed that Tseng has not shown his full durability in battle dued to the fact that he rarely uses his Zoalord form.


1.    Subject’s Zoa- Crystal can fire a bio-laser three times as powerful as a guyver’s head beam.


2.    Subject has the full range of a Zoalord’s gravitational abilities, which gives him the capability to produce a black hole attack. However, the immense power put into this attack will completely deplete his energy reserves afterwards. Subject also can focus his power to teleport himself whenever needed, up to 10 miles.


3.    Subject can mentally control all low level Zoanoids just as every other Zoalord, as well as some of the most powerful hyper Zoanoids Chronos has created. Some observations suggest that he can even temporarily control the lost number units created by Chronos, until his mental power weakens and eventually breaks under the stress. However, this may only be a result of his enhanced proto-Zoalord telekinetic abilities. Another fascinating trait that Tseng has exhibited is the ability to manifest some of his Zoalord powers in human form. He has shown the ability to manipulate objects with his telekinetic power, and also able to control zoaforms indefinitely, even beyond his line of sight. Thus giving him a level of near Zoalord perception.  This unique trait is one reason Lord Valkus decided to keep Tseng alive after his experiments.


4.    Being a proto-Zoalord, subject can only remain in his full transformed state for an estimated time of fifteen to twenty-five minutes, depending on the range of weapons he uses. An attack such as the black hole leaves him completely depleted of energy, thus his body can no longer maintain the incredible body strain and immediately transforms back into human form.


5.    Subject’s unique genetic information was a final step to perfecting the Zoalord mutation process, which has been a great help in increasing Chronos’s inner strength. Lord Valkus extended Tseng’s life period for a length of years as to use his genetic information to improve Zoanoid and Zoalord production.


 Subject in Human Form

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