Guyver 12 Data File


Type: Standard Creator Guyver Unit


Host Name: Dakota Megus


Age: 20


Nationality: Australian


Weight: human weight (~ 150 lbs.) armored weight (~ 824 lbs.)


Height: human height (5.9 feet) armored height (~ 6.6 feet)


Status: Declared enemy of Chronos and ally of Patrick Hamilton



Description: Subject is one who bonded with an ancient guyver unit in Northern Australia. After his father, Professor Andrew Megus, had discovered a Unit-G within a Chronos construction site over Amadeus Lake (Uluru National Park), he stole the unit from Chronos. Regrettably, unable to keep it out of the corporation’s hands for long Professor Megus was quickly captured, but not long before Dakota, his son, managed to come into contact with the unit and bond with it. Later on Chronos discovered the g-unit was in his possession, and has since attempted to retrieve it from him, but to no avail thanks to the intervening of a mysterious private investigator named Patrick Hamilton, who seems to be intent on keeping it out of Chronos’ hands.




Physical strength: Subject has standard Guyver strength estimated to be equal to 100 men.


Durability: Subject’s bio-armor is composed of organic and inorganic compounds giving it a dexterity twenty times that of steel, and having astonishing rejuvenating capabilities able to regenerating any damage to the host and the bio-armor itself. This function remains operative unless the Unit-G’s control metal is destroyed, or sustains any kind of damage.


Speed: Subject’s reflexes have been rated to be 5 to 40 times normal. Top ground speed is 250 mph, and top air speed is 300mph.


- Subject has four sonic emitter orbs situated around the mouth. The sonic waves produced have a varying power capable of exploding a human head, to collapsing a small building at high frequencies.


-Subject posses 3 infrared laser orbs, located on the head. Each laser is of standard Guyver power, but if fired all at once in a continuous beam could produce an energy output powerful enough to cut through a Zx-Tole’s armor.


 -Subject’s armor has a set of vibrational swords, one for each arm. Swords can extend up to 3 feet. and vibrate at high frequencies that allow them to cut through almost any material.


Mega Smasher: The mega smasher is an extremely powerful beam weapon, fired from orbs located under the chest plates. When the orbs are exposed the weapon only takes a few seconds to charge and fires an energy beam powerful enough to dry up an entire riverbed.


Gravitational Powers: Subject posses an orb in the middle of the lower waist that allows him to defy gravity and fly. It also can generate a compressed ball of kinetic energy called a pressure cannon. The pressure cannon’s strength has an estimated power of an anti-tank round, which can punch a hole through a multi-layered steel wall.

-         Subject has a pair of roving orbs on either side of his head, which can detect any motion within 100 meters, including targets behind solid objects.


-         Subject can only maintain the Guyver’s power for a short period of time, as it acts off the hosts own bio energy. Continuous combat will inevitably deactivate the unit, and host must replenish his bio-energy by resting for a day or so. After then the host can summon the Guyver again as long as he has energy enough to do so, therefore if the host tires the Guyver tires as well.


Subject without Bio-Armor

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