Awehsohs senee-ki-wakw (The giant stone bear)

Human name: Red Bear. Currently using Redgie Bearing.

Guyver name: Odyn

Age: 1,007 Earth years.

Height: 2.286 meters/7 feet 6 inches in human form. 2.7432 meters/ 9 feet armored.

Weight: 247.66kg (546lbs) 1386.6kg (3057lbs) armored
146 - 820

Strength: His human strength is altered due to a couple of factors. First being he has suffered from Gigantism. Thus his human strength is increased to six humans. After creator intervention his human body has been altered to equal the strength of a human bonded guyver. 1X His body being altered limits the increase factor to a magnification of ten times hosts base. A total strength of 10X at bonding. His unit however is experimental and grows in strength as it is used like a human body.

Speed: Top land speed is four times the speed of sound. 3076MPH. Top flight speed is unknown as host has ability to turn into a spectre and travel the astral realm making him intangible thus no drag due to physical matter. Same applies to ground travel, speed in such a state is unknown.

Weapons: The unit has a standard forward facing vibrational blade along with two others on the sides of the wrist. These two extend out and forward forming a cresent shape parallel to the extended hand joining to form a single blade similar to a Katar. The forward facing blade is perpendicular to these and extends a foot farther. The two react as one when triggered, the one responds independently. On the lower legs are two vibrational ports which when extended form a form fitting shield extended a couple of inches from the lower legs. There are also a similar port on the outer upper legs sides of the upper arms, behind the shoulders, one on the lower back, and one on the back of each wrist. Each of these forms a shield like the lower legs, when the host is squatting and all are activated they join with one another forming a perfect sphere around the unit. This combined with the gravity controller allow the unit to act as a cannon ball of sorts creating massive amounts of non energy damage without damaging the host. Unit can concentrate energy to reinforce shielding making it stronger and applying energy to the point of contact. Head laser is different. Eight laser barrels are placed around the units control medal. Each is capable of moving for aiming though all fire at the same time. The barrels will not move to the point of risking the control medal. When needed the barrels turn inward spreading the beam to create a laser field in front of the control medal. Pressure cannon is dependant on hosts focus. Normally starting around five times normal. Mega smashers are dependant on hosts focus but begin at five times normal. Gravity controller system is divinded into four. Each positioned in the cardinal directions around the units waist. This adds to the units ability to move quicker and alter its direction from forward to reverse or any directional change within .0001 seconds.

Hosts abilities: As a shaman Red Bear is capable of walking the spirit/astral world and manipulating energies for a desired outcome. While these energies are not limited to one aspect the outcome is dependant on his focus. After augmentation the strength of this manipulation is increased a hundred fold allowing him control over these energies in the physical world to a great degree. Armored form again increases this control. Some abilities are telekinesis, elemental atunement of energy, spirit reading, healing, physically entering the astral realm making his body intangible and able to pass through matter. Able to see, hear, smell, taste, feel the astral and physical realm at the same time allowing him much higher sensing ability than morst creatures. Living or otherwise.

Hosts history: Host was born to human Abenaki woman during the Earth year 984AD in the land that would become known as the United States/Canada. Host suffered from gigantism making him abnormally large. Proportionally his body grew normal. At the height of 7'6" his body stopped growing externally but internal organs continued. His shaman mentor deemed it time for him to meet the great spirits whom have been most interested in the large human. Great spirits augmented Red Bear halting the excessive growth hormone and combining crystals along with other organic enhancing materials within his body. Hosts natural psionic abilities are enhanced by the great spirits augmentation.

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