Name: 95157 (Thus far)
Unit type: Original organism
Host: None - hostless
Sex: Asexual
Color: Purple tendrils, blue carapace
Height: 3 tagl (Nine feet)
Weight: 1.88888888888888888888888889 tharad (1700lbs)

Overview: Eons ago when the creators realized their bodies were failing them they stumbled upon a planet with primitive life forms. These life forms seemed capable of using a preys biological energy against itself by magnifying the energy signals within the prey in a sense draining the prey to the point of exhaustion where upon the organism would release a digestive acid dissolving the flesh, meat, and virtually every part of the creature. The organism would digest the liquid and move on. It also showed remarkable regenerative abilities making its age hard to establish. Extensive study proved this creature could be controlled and its appetite suppressed with hyperspace energy. With its body sustained the creators sought to use its abilities as a sort of armor to offer other creatures greater strength. Namely them. For years they tested until the creature could be programmed using their control medals to take the form of a creature fully encasing it and using "hosts" mental commands to move about. The organism indeed offered great strength and their carapace great resistance to many things.

One such organism named project 95157 was able to override the commands of the control medal and control its host though unable to digest it. The organism was removed, disabled, and tossed away into the failure pit. The term Guyba seemed to be used on it. The organism, thought to have been disabled and killed some how lived, its control medal still active yet malfunctioning sustaining it. The creature, now having had eons of information downloaded into its being was able to communicate with the control medal and access it. Over the years it learned to program itself and change its form. Digesting others which were failures and storing their control medals it finally decided to take a single form. Its knowledge now even to or greater than a single creator it took a humanoid took. Four arms each having two fingers and one thumb, two wings, a tail which can split into two, head, and torso. The stored control medals it reshaped into the bones connecting them all into one giant network. Its main control medal now merged into a brain within the cranium. The skeletal structure hollow with a vortex open to hyperspace inside, a layer of aecheron crystal touching hyperspace constantly drawing energy. Around the skeletal structure it has encased three layers of its natural body enhanced by the creators knowledge. Its tendrils within all three layers now covered in smaller carapace's. Each layer connected to the skeletal structure to draw energy. The first layer acts as muscle and tendons moving the skeletal frame. The second layer amplifies this energy with its own. The third amplifying again ending in a massively strong muscle system as it is basically one big power amplifier. Though the body has a front and rear the joints are reversible. A slight move of its tentacle can adjust the carapace's to allow movement in these positions. Not needing the organs of a normal creature it utilizes its hollow torso to store more devices. Exactly what is in there is not currently known.

Its control medal skeletal system is basically a network of control medals though not in the normal spherical shape. Should one be destroyed another can rebuilt it. Should many be destroyed the data from those left even if pieces can be combined to be recreated.

The wings act as a conduit to direct hyperspace energy into a controllable stream of energy allowing the organism controlled flight in any medium.

Both the tails, wings, and any other part of the body at the joint can be dismissed to hyperspace at will should the need arise leaving a portion of the control medal material exposed.

Head laser: The head mounted laser is embedded in the forehead. It also has one just above the tip of its fingers on the back side and one on each point of its tail.

Gravity orbs: Gravity control system is integrated inside thus a gravity orb is not exposed.

Sonic emitters: Used for both weaponry and primary sonic communications.

Sensory orbs: What would normally be representative of eyes is instead sensory orbs allowing the organism to see in many variations at once.

Sonic blades: The sonic blades are located on all four arms, the upper arms are reversed blades, the lower arms are forwards facing. A blade is located on the outside of the lower legs, the tips of the tails have one extending from them, on the back side of the fingers behind the lasers are smaller blades extending double the length of the finger.

Mega smashers: These are located in the chest behind the breast carapace's. The organism also has a smaller smasher in the palm of each hand. The plates protecting these organs are opened by the subtle movements of it tentacles rather the pulling them open with the hands.

Self styled evolution: Having discovered the control medals ability to manifest atomic structures out of energy and learning how to program organic DNA it can evolve itself to suit its needs. A new weapon it finds suitable it can grow into itself.

Strength: Currently not measured as humans have not been discovered yet.

Speed: In atmosphere, Approximately seven times the speed of sound. (Though not fully measured yet) Running, limits not known. Flight through space is immeasurable as it is capable of bending space around itself. The appearance of speed multiple times that of light is possible. Powered flight has not been measured.

Defense: Within the carapace's the organism has shield generators which aid in reducing material attacks and absorb energy attacks to a certain degree. Backup shields can also be generated to redirect unabsorbed energy into hyperspace returning it to its natural state making a near perfect defense against energy attacks.

Mentality: As the organism basically learned from exploring the control medal it is a biological version of an android. Very calculating and precise. Before its great intelligence it learned great rage against the creators for the experiments and torment they put it and its race through. Having its entire race altered to these bio armors it thrives to release them. Upon learning of the impossibility of this it has vowed to destroy all that use its race to protect themselves. Though this could change depending on whom it encounters. It is currently chasing remnants of the creators from world to world in hopes of finding them and releasing its arsenal upon them as they did to it.


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