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Wheee!! The playground has been updated! Yay! Bet ya never thought that would happen again, huh?

9/18/02 - I just want to say thanks to anyone who's visited this page in the past, I apologize that I can't keep up with it anymore but hope that you'll still enjoy it in its static state. A special thanks to DarkDeath45 for hosting the site. For anyone that may wish to contact me the email addresses on the site are mostly expired now, however I should be able to be reached @ from now on. -Leigh

Hmm... well actually it doesn't look like it will happen again. Hate to say it but the playground's on haitus(as a guyver fan... don't you just hate that word?). After some thought... I've decided to leave the page up for now. Maybe eventually I'll find the time and interest to work on it again, or else I'll harvest it for parts on a new website...
At anyrate.. I'm still available to answer e-mail, and my ML is still around and won't be going anywhere... Any fanart I do from now on will be posted there BTW... well, guess that's about it...
Ja mata, minna-san...

Updated my Artistic Thoughts of the Week thing....
Added a sub-section to the Guyver area for the Guyver-Fan Mailing List! Which I've decided to just go ahead with and see what happens... ^_~
You can join below if you like or click the link above to check out the Mailing list's main page on eGroups. (Or you could just go to the Guyver Section of my page & read about it some...)

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  • Added some guest fanart to the Guyver Fanart section (yay! see now it wasn't so hard to send me a pic now was it?)
  • I'm also back to working on the Sketchbook. I broke apart some old notes in the general section into something that made more sense and added an 'Artistic Thoughts for the Week' section, where I'll post some random bits of advice, suggestion, and common sense(or what should be common sense anyway... -_-;;; )
  • Also, while I haven't added any of my own new fanart this update, if you're interested, there is a pic that I recently finished on the Warrior Guyver FanFiction Page of the Zygote Guyver.
  • Last but not least I'm pasting my poll up at the top here... it will not kill you to vote so please do.
Guyver Mailing List Poll
Would you be interested in a Guyver ML focused specifically on Fanfiction/Fanart?

Maybe/Don't know

I had an idea recently to start up a Guyver ML aimed directly at fanfiction and fanart. This would not be a general discussion group but a list focused on fandom where you could post guyver fics and artwork, get C&C on the aforementioned, and discuss ideas and other stuff related to Guyver fandom. Hopefully it would help encourage people continue or improve their work since feedback tends to be more immediate on MLs in my experience.
Anyway, I wanted to poll everyone before trying to put this together and see if there were enough interest for it to work. So please vote above and I'll see what I can pull together.

Recent updates:
Before I start I have made a minor update, well not really, but I've added a guestbook so go check it out.
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Alright, onto all of my news and explanations for the few of you who wonder what the hell happened to me and where I've disappeared off too and why the site ain't gonna be updated for awhile.
First up, I just graduated last semester. Yay! And now I'm trying to get myself sorted out for college (MWAHAHAHAH!!! No one's ever touching my computer again!!! *evil grin*) I'm also working this summer, which is cramping my schedule a lot more than I expected, so until I get my RL back in order updating the playground probably ain't gonna happen regularly.
Sorry also to those of you who are waiting for more pics from me, my computer has been spazzing out when I use photoshop so until I get it back into happy mode things are crawling. I'm in the middle up upgrading bits of it so hopefully everything will be back in working order soon.
The good news is that I'm not abandoning the site, although I was seriously considering scraping it for awhile and starting over. The bad news(for some at least) is that I am going to do a serious overhaul, partially changing format/content. I've decided to keep the Guyver section completely intact and partially separate from the main Playground which will be focused more on anime in general (I've got some rough ideas of where the site's going but I don't want to say for sure until I really have time to work on it as I've developed a habit of changing stuff at the last minute)
I have no idea when this might be finished and posted (possibly not for a long while with the way my schedule's going) but I'll give you some warning when I'm approaching finished.
So that's pretty much what's going on. I do have something else important to note here however...
I've asked for submissions of fanart in the Guyver section as most of you know if you've checked out that page. Taking someone else's fanart and editing it does not give you the right to call yourself the artist. I have received more than one picture that fits this description, at least one of which was taken from this site, edited and sent back to me. If you send me 'fanart' fitting this description it will be ignored.
This is a hard thing to deal with since I know there are other Guyver websites that accept this kind of thing if you have the original artists permission. I don't like to be the bad guy but I feel very strongly about this, whether you have the original artist's permission or not(Especcially since I don't know one way or another). I'm not saying that those sites that host these pics are wrong, it's up to them to decide if they think its okay or not but I'm not going to accept submissions of this kind.
I want to say too that there is a difference between what I'm talking about and collaborating with another artist on a picture; if, for instance, one person draws something and another colors it that's fine (please let me know if this is the case so I can give credit to both people). I'm also not talking about colorizations(although I'm not sure these are fanart in the sense of it, they are a good way to practice coloring skills), or images you've scanned from a manga/artbook & then colored, which are OK so long as this is also noted along with where you got the original pic when you send it to me(If you're taking the original pic from someone's website you should have their permission before posting a colored version anywhere).

If you'd like to contact me feel free to e-mail( me.
IMPORTANTTo anyone sending me file attachments please, please *please* don't send them to the above address, I've had ongoing problems with this. Instead try sending attachments(pics, etc) to I don't check this box as often but I'm more likely to get the file if you send it here.
I'm still having the ocassional problem with my altavista mail so if I don't respond to an e-mail it's possible it either bounced or is locking me out of my inbox again -_-;;; my appologies. -L