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danny - 12/09/00 14:21:08
My Email:dansyj78@hotmail.com

is very good yor homepage i enjoy c n reading it n also the most is the fan art n also the pic i really enjoy on reading n searching for it .actually i am also a Guyver fan's n i like Guyver a lot although is not popular in msia but i like the style of it n also the story n of course the drawing of guyver n i wish we can the latest chapter of guyver. i am still looking for the newest episode of guyver in here but couldnt get it n i wish to knw wat is the new chapter nw n thank u n good luck ,bye!!!!!!

Jeff Long - 12/05/00 15:02:38
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rob - 11/29/00 17:39:19
My Email:warlord1x@yahoo.com

i love this site

L's comment: Thanks ^-^

nick - 11/24/00 00:30:50
My Email:gokussj2@hotmail.com

great site!

Zack Wraith - 11/22/00 07:28:57
My Email:Cearse@hotmail.com

Nice job on the Bubble Gum pics. You definently show some major talent. You can usually find me at Warlords place. Keep up the good work.

romeo - 11/13/00 21:35:17
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hi i whant to ask somthing? kean you guys seand to me sam pitures to my e-mail? thenc you.romeo my e-mail::nagyfaszu@hotmail.com

Axis - 11/09/00 15:28:18
My Email:cbburling@home.com

just surfing the web looking for more pics of the bio armor and saw this cool site i am about a quarter done with my body armor tattoo right now this should help thank you

L's comment: tattoo? hmm, do you mean you're getting a tatoo of bioarmor(guyver?)... or that you're tatooing your body to look like body armor (ouch... needles is scary o.O)?

bob the builder - 11/02/00 19:11:42
My Email:PUPPIT@another.com

pretty cool site i wouldn't mind an Email from any one so EMAIL ME NOW OR THE PINK BUNNY GETS IT!!!!!!!!!sorry got a little bit over the top heh heh oh i'm so evil (or just sad and lonely) BGC page is a bit cheap and nasty put more in it! see ya PSi am the real bob the builder nearly! well...

L's comment: PINK BUNNY?!?! GWAH!! WHERE?!?! KILL IT!! KILL IT!!!
yeah, yeah... easy to complain...

camaron - 11/01/00 20:05:58
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yo dude how ya all doin' i'm just fine i is really bored so Email me please bye see ya

L's comment: Bored? Me too.... guess that's what these comments are about... =P

joshua - 10/27/00 04:40:21
My Email:joshua_h_48506@yahoo.com

I like your explantion how to draw guyver. I think i know who the fanart pic is,they said you would point someone out,but I think it is hero loue (or somthing like that off of gundum wing, i dont know how to spell his name) he uses (mainly) gundum zero(be ore self destrution)and gundum one. If I am right please e-mail me cuase i want to see if im right.

L's comment: Close, but no.
so many ppl have guessed wrong! *sobs* I'M A BAD ARTIST!!!
*wanders off to sulk for awhile*

lecyle harris - 10/14/00 20:30:27
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Whirlpool Guyver - 10/13/00 01:16:14
My Email:whirlpoolproduction@yahoo.co.uk

This site is cool , i need to know if any more guyver vids are coming out in the UK . if you know anything mail me ok Love the site man GUYVER RULES BEST ANIME AROUND

L's comment: Yes. Yes it is.

- 09/16/00 20:17:16

you need to make a male guyver with the bio sword or atleast som pics of the bio sword from diff angels

tommy - 09/05/00 21:13:52
My Email:tom

cool picture!!!!!!

L's comment: okie.. which picture? o.O?

tommy - 09/05/00 21:13:04
My Email:tom


x - 09/04/00 19:24:06
My Email:ssturnks@hotmail

guyver rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

- 08/19/00 13:27:32

well done on the vids

guyver_369 - 08/18/00 01:04:57
My Email:guyver_369@hotmail.com


neil sadler - 08/15/00 13:53:13

guyver rules 1 and 3 kick ass my favorite zoanoid is enzem 2

Houston Ware - 08/04/00 17:50:39
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My Email:6juanita

when are coming out with Guyer movies

Chuckachu - 07/27/00 20:17:27
My Email:luminarhsd@earthlink.net

Very nice site. Been awhile since I saw some cool new art. I must say that the tuturiol on drawing the head is great. I'm still artisticly challenged...aka can't draw a circle but it helps. hehe Can't wait to see something on the full body or body section tips. ^_^ Ja.

L's comment: Now, now.. circles aren't so hard...
/  \
\__/ Well... okay maybe they are...

scott rothemund - 07/27/00 02:56:34
My Email:psycho_rothemund_84

great site fellas thanks for the great pics.mail me if ya get somethin new alright.

Rafael - 07/17/00 15:02:53
My Email:Anime_Addiction@hotmail.com

Great site! Guyver kicks ass. Oh yeah, love the art, you got skill. Just great!

KENNY - 07/14/00 17:14:38
My Email:kewkenz.hotmail.com

sorry to tell you that,your comic come out very slow and your homepage is GOOD!

L's comment: *confused* Oh.. ok... um... thanks?

erik goodrich - 07/11/00 20:14:18
My Email:drakon_23@yahoo.com

this is one hell of a sight. if you have any more drawing tutorials, could you please e-mail me?

Scott Pirus - 07/11/00 12:16:40

Brilliant web site really good!!

Heather Voorhees - 07/11/00 03:30:32
My Email:1snob@par1.net

Be nice to others because you guys should treat people equaly. Well see ya.

Warlord Guyver - 07/07/00 16:12:34
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My Email:warguyver@hotmail.com

Bout damn time you updated. ^_^

L's comment: I do have a life you know... given that it's a very strange one... but my pet demon gets irritable when I don't make an effort to maintain it ^-^

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