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Welcome to my sketchbook. This section has certainly taken it's time in becoming anything resembling useful but I like to think it's got potential...

Here you'll fnd some assorted drawing(and related) tutorials and eventually my non-guyver fanart... just as soon as I get around to scanning an coloring all of it. There may be an occasional artistic rant stuck in as well, as somethings I feel just need to be said... whether or not those things are helpful or not may be debatable, but ah well.

I should warn that this section is probably the least predictable portion of my site, and updating it seems to happen in chunks at strange intervals. Sometimes I feel like I know what I'm talking about and sometimes I don't and this generaly governs when and how much this section is updated. That and my amount of free time.. tutorials can take a very long time to put together.

At anyrate, enjoy and I hope this section manages to be of use and/or interest.


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