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Welcome to the links section of the playground. Since I'm sure some of you are eager to get away from this little mess I call a website, I've put together a bunch of links to wherever.

For any other webmasters out there check out the Web Stuff for Site Building resources& tutorials, free webspace sites, etc. There's also a few links to stuff relating to IRC for those interested. Drawing tutorial pages, Anime/Manga stuff, art galleries and Photoshop resources can be found in the art section. The Guyver section has... dum-da-da-dum... Guyver links =P and the Miscelaneous section has... well miscelany... wierd stuff like virtual insults and ever important FREE STUFF ^_^

Have fun and check back later for new fanart (Just not too soon, takes me forever to get those things finished... = ) and other stuff.

Also should anyone be interested in linking to this site I've now got two banners now to choose from....

Guyver2's Playground

you don't have to use them but if you want, feel free.

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