Code Name : ZX-TOLE Subject Type : Heavy Armament Type Hyper Zoanoid 

Development Code : HABT 008

Serial Number : HZN 030-HS

Horn Hardness : 7000 kg/cm^2

Height : 305 cm (~10 Feet) 

Weight : 260 kg (~573 Pounds) 

Present Status : Official Hyper Zoanoid Type

Description : The Zektole Class Hyper Zoanoid was designed by Hamical Valkus himself, as part of the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5. ZX-Tole, a beetle based design, was the most powerful of the team five members and also served as team leader. The first ZX-Tole was the only one of the original five to survive the early encounters with both the Guyvers and Aptom but was finally destroyed by Gigantic Guyver 1, shortly after being re-engineered into the first


and the Gigantic Guyvers first official appearance.

Estimates of this hyper Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Strength: ZX-Tole was the only other member of team five, besides Derzerb, that possessed strength sufficient to effect a Guyver, but since this type is primarily a heavy armament type it uses this ability primarily to allow it to quickly dig through the ground for tactical advantage during a battle.

-Speed: The ZX-Tole was made to be tough, not fast. So subject possessed only the basic level of hyper zoanoid speed but was equipped with wings that allowed it to fly and out manoeuvre most targets.

-Bio Blasters: ZX-Tole has 13 Bio Blasters, located in open-able sections of its upper legs, forearms, and head. These weapons were quite powerful and could easily take out any unshielded target, each more powerful than a Vamore’s Bio-Lasers. Even a Guyver could be destroyed when all thirteen were fired at once.

-Blaster Tempest: ZX-Tole was able to temporarily super charge himself with ambient heat and light energy, through its wings. Allowing it to fire a thermal beam blast, rivalling a Guyver’s Mega Smasher, through an emitter hidden within its abdomen but used up so much energy that it could only be fired once. 

-Ultimate Form: A side effect of the subject’s ability to super charge itself was a massive boost to the subject’s physical powers but this could not be maintained long before the stored energy overloads the subject and kills it. So this ability was never really used as the subject only maintained it long enough to fire the cannon. The subject was also designed to achieve this state by absorbing energy directly from Elegen, who also served to help supplement the subject’s energy reserves so it could maintain full power throughout an extended battle.

-Kinetic Armour: The subject was designed with a powerful and flexible bio-armour that could instantly adjust its hardness to adsorb a wide range of attacks. This armour proved so effective that it took a standard Guyver triple pressure cannon attack to puncture the armour alone. Even then the damage could be repaired rapidly with a massive influx of energy that the subject could have received from Elegen.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.