Subject Type : Heavy Armament Type Super Battle Fusion Neo-Hyper Zoanoid 

Code Name : NEO ZX-TOLE

Development Code : HABT 008-A

Serial Number : N-HZN 030-HS

Height : 315 cm (~10.3 Feet) 

Weight : 272 kg (~600 Pounds)

Past Status : Neo-Hyper Zoanoid Lost Number

Present Status : Official Neo-Hyper Zoanoid Type

Comment : Though still a popular Neo-Hyper Zoanoid design, production has been cut down in favour of the more powerful Bio-Titans and the more easily produced Powered Zerebubuths. Subsequently, most Neo ZX-Tole have been delegated to maintain security at major Chronos installations and bases.

Description : The Neo ZX-Tole was a reprocessed ZX-Tole, designed by Hamical Valkus himself, as part of the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5. ZX-Tole, a beetle based design, was the most powerful of the team five members and also served as team leader. The first ZX-Tole was the only one of the original five to survive the early encounters with both the Guyvers and Aptom. ZX-Tole was then reprocessed into Neo ZX-Tole, a being with the power of all 5 of the Hyper Zoanoid Team 5 Hyper Zoanoids combined, but was finally destroyed in a battle against the Gigantic Guyver, shortly after both it and the Gigantic Guyver’s first official appearance. The design however proved the most powerful short of the Zoalord design at the time and warranted extra development by Valkus to over come it’s status as a Lost Number.

It was discovered two years ago that the earlier ZX-Tole could be built and then reprocessed in phases into the Neo-ZX-Tole to most eliminate the chances of creating a lost number and has since become a mass produced model until the introduction of the Bio-Titans reduced the need for this hard to produce type.

Estimates of this Neo-Hyper Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical Strength: Neo-ZX-Tole is much stronger than the original ZX-Tole, combining its strength with Derzerb type, and has the approximate strength of 150 men. The subject also has extensive stamina, thanks to the Elegen cells now within its body, and no longer requires a separate Elegen type to supplement its energy reserves.

-Speed: The Neo ZX-Tole is twice as fast as the original and flight capability has been enhanced to allow subject to reach a low Earth orbit, within minutes, in order to absorb the direct rays of the sun, unhindered by atmosphere, needed to maximize energy absorption needed to charge subject for the Blast Tempest attack.

-Insect Wings: (Flight Capability – Light Concentration Capability) This type does not float because of it’s fluttering insect like wings, but instead generates electricity in it’s high speed acceleration, which generates friction from the ground to enable flight. Similar in principle to the ionic hovering of the Elegen type, and allows this type to fly up to super sonic speeds but these insect wing are primarily an organ for gathering light and heat energy for the ultimate weapon the Blast Tempest.

-Durability: Subject possesses Kinetic Armour that allows this type to adsorb a wide range of attacks. This armour proved so effective that it took a standard Guyver’s triple pressure cannon attack to puncture the armour alone. The subject is also enhanced with rapid self regeneration and the ability to project an EM shield that allows subject to easily withstand a standard Guyvers full Mega Smash by deflecting the beam around itself. This, combined with the many other improvements to the original ZX-Tole design, has even made the Neo-ZX-Tole immune to the absorption powers of Aptom thanks to a special organ that produces an anti-Aptom virus that both protects the subject from absorbsion and also inhibits Aptom’s metabolism.

-Heat Generating Organ: Ability inherited from Derzerb. Allowing this type to release strong infra-red rays that burns anything near. Similar to Derzerb, NeoZX-Tole generates heat with the stomach organ, which is then transmitted to it’s entire armour and has even been developed into a more efficient system.

-Bio Lasers: Neo ZX-Tole has 17 bio-lasers located within open-able compartments, 4 in each forearm, 4 in each of the upper legs, and one in the forehead. Each of which is exceptionally more efficient than a Vamore type’s beam weapon, generating beams 5 times more powerful. So even a Guyver could be destroyed if hit by all of them at once.

-Electricity Generating Organ: Ability inherited from Elegen. The central horn in the middle is compact and grants this type a new attack ability which allow it to electrocute skewered enemies. In addition, it functions as the electric generating organ for the beam cannons.

-Blast Tempest: An upgraded version of the ZX-Tole Mega Cannon. This version draws most of its power directly from the Sun. Allowing subject to fire a thermal beam blast, exceeding a million degrees, through an emitter hidden within its abdomen. Usually fired from a low Earth orbit, this attack can easily be used to take out an entire city in a single blast but the intensity of the beam is so great that it results in the annihilation of the Neo-ZX-Tole when fired. Only the Gigantic Smashers have been able to both counter and overwhelm this beam.

-Other Weapons: Subject has also been armed with bio-missiles, similar in design and use as those employed by Gasters, located within open-able compartments in its shoulders. Subject is also equipped with extendable vibrational swords within its forearms, though similar to Thancrus’s they can be extended in length similar to the Guyver’s vibrational swords. 

Special Note : Developed before the Lord Alkanphel revealed the more powerful Bio-Titan hyper Zoanoids. A special Kamikaze version of the Neo ZX-Tole was produced. Equipped with the energy producing capabilities of an Elegen and a synthetic Zoa Crystal. These now rare types are capable of producing enormous energy that allows them to be continuously super charged. Making them nearly as powerful as a Warrior Guyver, for several minutes, before they overload and literally explode with the destructive power of a baby nuke. Neo-ZX-Toles with this capability appear normal until they are called upon to take on a more powerful opponent or are sent on a suicide mission. Indication that a Neo-ZX-Tole may be of this type is if it is equipped with with Elegen electric whips and Derzerb’s Napalm flame but Neo ZX-Toles with these enhancements are rare due to the increased difficulty in producing them and the reduced need for this type.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.