Subject : Hyper Zoanoid
Class : Hyper Zoanoid Battle type


Trial Manufacture No.: YZN-033-j

Initial Development Code: HAST 0015

Final Development Code : MDOT 0015

Serial Number : HZN 001-HS

Bite Pressure : 7000 kg/cm2

Grip Performance : 900 kg/min

Height : 225 cm (~7.4 Feet)

Weight : 202 kg (~445 Pounds)

Status : Official Hyper Zoanoid Type

Description: Subject is the first Hyper Zoanoid type designed by Chronos HQ, under the supervision of the then Supreme Zoalord Richard Guyot. The most powerful zoanoid at the time, Zerebubuth was the first zoanoid capable of taking on a normal Guyver one on one, but its lack of agility allowed it to be damaged by Guyver 1 and then killed by Guyver 3. This Type has since been reproduced and is now one of the most numerous Hyper Zoanoid Type on the planet and has proven very successful against the weapons and armours of the Human Anti-Chronos Forces and is now an Official Zoanoid type. 
Present estimates of Hyper Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.
Strength: This type has been measured to be 3 times greater than that of a Gregole, at 45 men, but is less agile due to this types massive, less flexible, armoured form and is barely faster than a normal Human though its great strength allows it to jump super human distances for faster movement.

-Durability: This type was designed with a dense impact absorbing chitinous armour that allows it to withstand almost any impact like a running punch, from a standard Guyver, without budging and is impervious to the standard Guyver’s head beam, but this type can be killed by a standard Guyver’s Pressure Cannon and/or vibrational swords. Additionally the Guyver’s upper limit strength can produce blows powerful enough to break through this type’s armour but anything less will have little to no effect.

-Bio Lasers: This type are equipped with thermal beam weapons on both arms, each of which have four times the power of a Vamore’s. Allowing this type to rapidly fire on one or multiple targets with a level of firepower that could kill, or at least seriously damage, anything up to a standard Guyver. Though it would take repeated hits to cause more than localized damage on a Guyver.

-Acid: This type has three flexible horn liquid dischargers, which fire a powerful corrosive acid capable of instantly melting iron or steel and is even capable of dissolving the bio-armour of a standard Guyver, though repeated hits are required to do more than localized damage.

-Additionally, a Neo Zerebubuth has also been created and is code named:

Powered Zerebubuth
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.