Subject : Neo Hyper Zoanoid

Class : Neo Hyper Zoanoid Battle type


Development Code : MDOT 0015A

Serial Number : HZN 002-HS

Bite Pressure : 8,000 kg/cm2

Grip Performance : 1,000 kg/min

Height : 225 cm (~7.4 Feet)

Weight : 271 kg (~598 Pounds)

Status : Official Enhanced Hyper Zoanoid Type

Description: Subject is a re-engineered version of the original Hyper Zoanoid type designed by Chronos HQ, under the supervision of the then Supreme Zoalord Richard Guyot. Though harder to produce than the original type, this Neo Type has since been reproduced and is now one of the most numerous Hyper Zoanoid Types on the planet and has proven very successful against the weapons and armours of the Human Anti-Chronos Forces and is now an Official Hyper Zoanoid type. 
Present estimates of Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


-Physical Strength: Subject type has been measured to have equivalent strength of 60 men, making it a third stronger than the standard Zerebubuth type, but isn’t as agile as other hypers due to this types massive, less flexible, armoured form and is consequently barely faster than a Gregole.

-Durability: The Zerebubuth type was designed with a dense impact absorbing chitinous armour that allows it to withstand almost any impact like a running punch, from a standard Guyver, without budging and heat refractive enough to make it impervious to the standard Guyvers head beam, though the armour has shown itself vulnerable to the upper limits of the Guyver’s physical strength and to the pressure cannon. The Powered Zerebubuth further augments the armour with a special vibrational bio-energy field, generated by the black spikes, that all owes it to easily withstand even Guyver pressure cannons, vibrational weapons, and sonic busters. Now in mass production this type has also been given an enhanced metabolism which allows it to regenerate nearly as fast as an Enzyme 3 type.

-Stamina: The Powered Zerebubuth, though an incredibly powerful design did suffer from an extremely limited stamina. It’s powerful augmentations caused it to quickly use up its energy reserves so could not fight for longer than a few minutes before exhausting its reserves and consequently rendering itself helpless. In the mass produced version of this type this has been offset by giving this type a hyper metabolism and increased bio-energy reserves but it is still not recommended that this type be used for prolonged battles and all who are processed into this type should be given special training to minimize the use of their enhanced abilities as much as possible to prolong their usefulness in battle.

-Weapons: The Heat Wave Cannon (Infrared Laser Matrix Cannon) are equipped only on the left arm of the Powered Zerebubuth, which has ten times the firepower than the combined firepower of both of the original Heat Wave Cannons of the original Zerebubuth’s, which are in turn both 4 times more powerful than Vamore’s. Allowing this type can rapidly fire on target(s) with a level of firepower, 80 times that of a Vamore, that could kill, or at least seriously damage, anything up to a standard Guyver. While the Powered Zerebubuth’s right arm has been augmented with extendable tri-claw finger vibrational blades that are equivalent to Thancrus type and are in fact what helped develop the Thancrus type swords and allow this type to slice through virtually anything except other vibrational weapons. 

-This version of the Zerebubuth still has the three flexible horn liquid dischargers, which fire a powerful corrosive acid capable of instantly and completely dissolving a human body, and is intense enough to instantly melt Iron and Steel.  Even the bio-armour of a standard Guyver can be damaged by this corrosive acid, though repeated exposure is needed to do more than localized damage.

No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.