Subject ClassificationStandard Guyver enhanced Hyper Zoanoid

ClassGuyver / Hyper Zoanoid Battle type

Designation – Code Name: GUYVER ZEREBUBUSE

Human Form – Height: 177 cm (~5.8 Feet)  /  Weight: 82 kg (~180 Pounds)

Zoanoid Form –  Height: 225 cm (~7.4 Feet) /  Weight: 202 kg (~445 Pounds)

Armored Form – Height: 207 cm (~6.8 Feet)  /  Weight: 356 kg (~785 Pounds)

Armored Zoanoid Form – Height: 488 cm (~16 Feet) /  Weight: 2722 kg (~3 Tons)

Previous Status: One of the most powerful Guyver Zoanoids

Present StatusKilled in battle by DREADNOUGHT

Subject’s Guyver Enhanced
Neo Hyper Zoanoid Form

Reference Zoanoid Type: Subject was the first Hyper Zoanoid type designed by Chronos HQ, under the supervision of the then Supreme Zoalord Richard Guyot. The most powerful zoanoid at the time, Zerebubuse was the first zoanoid capable of taking on a normal Guyver one on one, but its lack of agility allowed it to be damaged by Guyver 1 and then killed by Guyver 3. This Type has since been reproduced and is now one of the most numerous Hyper Zoanoid Type on the planet and has proven very successful against the weapons and armors of the Human Anti-Chronos Forces and is now an Official Zoanoid type.

Description: The subject along with a Powered Zerebubuse while hunting down anti-Chronos mercenaries in Brazil, was bonded with standard Guyver units, granting both hyper zoanoids immense power. This is the same event where the Gen forcibly bonded test Guyver units to the mercenaries. The subject however was later killed by DREADNOUGHT’S first appearance in the Battle of New York City.

Present estimates of Guyver/Hyper Zoanoid type abilities have been compiled and summarized below.


ZOANOIDThis type was measured to be three times greater than that of a Gregole, at 45 men with normal hyper zoanoid stamina.

GUYVER:  Subject possessed the standard Guyver level of strength 100 men but with twenty times the stamina.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Subject’s physical strength was estimated to have the strength of 1,800 men with stamina ten times that of a standard Guyver’s norm.


ZOANOIDDue to the type’s physical mass and design, speed and reflex speed was barely above human norm.

GUYVER: The subject had the normal ground speed of 250 MPH and flight speed of 300 MPH. Reflex speed was 5 to 40 times normal.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Ground speed was estimated to be 600 MPH with a max. flight speed of 1,000 MPH. Reflex speed was 10-80 times normal though overall effectiveness was much less due to the subject’s massive form.



ZOANOIDThis type was designed with a dense impact absorbing chitinous armor that allowed it to withstand almost any impact like a running punch, from a standard Guyver, without budging and was impervious to the standard Guyver’s head beam, but this type could be killed by a standard Guyver’s Pressure Cannon and/or vibrational swords. Additionally the Guyver’s upper limit strength could produce blows powerful enough to break through this type’s armor but anything less will have little to no effect.

GUYVER: Subject’s durability and regeneration was similar to a standard Guyver’s.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Subject’s armor had diamond like density and was kinetic energy absorbent to the point that it could withstand a blast equal to twenty times the power of a Guyver’s full double mega smashers. Use of the pressure cannon allowed the subject to withstand three times as much. Rate of regeneration in this final form was eighteen times faster than a Guyver’s norm.



ZOANOIDSubject had the normal hyper zoanoid level enhanced senses of this time.

GUYVER: Subject had the normal range and abilities as a standard Guyver with a range of 100 meters (~328 Feet) with a passive range ten times that.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Subject’s hyper sensors had an enhanced range of 900 meters (~2852 Feet) with a passive range twice that.



GUYVER: Subject possessed a single infrared laser orb located above his control medal equal to the power and capabilities as a standard Guyver.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Subject’s infrared laser orb was forty times greater than a normal Guyver’s possibly due to the greater thermal energy generated by this hyper zoanoid type.



ZOANOIDThis type was equipped with three thermal beam orbs on each arm; each when combined had four times the power of a Vamore’s per arm. This allowed the subject to rapidly fire on one or multiple targets with a level of firepower that could kill, or at least seriously damage, anything up to a standard Guyver, though it would take repeated hits to cause more than localized damage on a Guyver.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Subject’s thermal beam weapons was greatly enhanced that allowed him to fire a powerful beam from each arm twice as powerful as a Guyver’s full double mega smasher and could be combined for double the effect. Subject was able to fire from an individual orb on one arm at a power rating a third of that when combined. The subject could fire this much faster than his other weapons and had less of a drain than his own mega smashers.


GUYVER: Sonic busters were the same as a standard Guyver’s in range and capabilities.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Sonic buster attack was enhanced up to eighteen times greater than normal.



GUYVER: Subject possessed two single elbow mounted vibrational swords of equal power to a standard Guyver.

GUYVER ZOANOID: The subject possessed a single pair of elbow mounted vibrational swords that were capable of withstanding up to a Warrior class Guyver’s polymorphic swords. Subject had shoulder spikes while not vibrational in nature could withstand even vibrational swords due to the subject’s greater durability.


GUYVER: Subject’s pressure cannon were of equal power and range to a standard Guyver’s.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Subject’s greater power allowed the subject to fire a pressure cannon eighteen times greater than normal.



GUYVER: Mega smashers were within the same parameters as a standard Guyver but could fire them more often than normal due to the subject’s greater base stamina.

GUYVER ZOANOID: Due to the subject’s much greater power, the subject’s mega smashers were equivalent to half the power of a Gigantic Guyver’s Giga Smashers or 50 times more powerful to a standard Guyver’s mega smashers.



 –ZOANOIDThis type had three flexible horn liquid dischargers, which fired a powerful corrosive acid capable of instantly melting iron or steel and is even capable of dissolving the bio-armor of a standard Guyver, though repeated hits are required to do more than localized damage.

GUYVER ZOANOID: The subject still had his three flexible horn liquid dischargers, but the acid appears not to be enhanced past the hyper zoanoid’s own norms. Though subject’s own unit seems immune to the acid and has augmented the production of acid to the point the discharges can almost fire a continuous flow of acid and so can spread the acid over a large area in much the same manner as a fire hose.

Subject’s Hyper Zoanoid Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.