Subject : Humanoid Guyver UnitCode Name : HYBRID GUYVER a.k.a. PROMETHEUS

Former Code Name : PROTO GUYVER

Host Name: Greg Howzer

Sex : Male /Age : 23

Hair : Blond / Eyes : Green

Human Height : 177 cm (~5.8 Feet)

Hybrid Height : 208 cm (~6.8 Feet)

Human Weight : 82 kg (~180 Pounds)

Hybrid Weight : 320 kg (~706 Pounds)

Status : Now code named Prometheus Guyver and continues to serve as an enlisted member of Canada’s ACTF.

Description: Subject was a prototype Zoa-Guyver Unit that was the first known successful merging of both Guyver and Zoalord technologies prior to the present day Kavzar design, and is thusly still considered a Guyver.  Though near fatally damaged during a failed rescue mission, to free civilians captured by Chronos, the subjects survived and absorbed key components of his unit into himself. The subject then became a more zoalord like being until transformed by another near fatal battle that caused his body to absorb a Kavzar Commanders Control Crystal, with the help of the mysterious Matrix. The subject still retains the ability to transform into a hybrid zoalord like Guyver state and thus retains a level of power even in his human form.
Previous estimates of this Guyver abilities have been compiled and summarized below.

-Physical strength: Subject possessed the strength of 100 men, combined with over twice the stamina of a normal Guyver Unit but required greater recovery time than normal.

-Subject does not possess Hyper Sensors in his hybrid state but still retains a psionic equivalent that allows him to have the effective sensory a range of a standard Guyvers 100 meters (~328 Feet) range.

-Durability of the subject in his hyrbid form is slightly less than a standard Guyvers but is enhanced by a bio-energy field that helps dampen impacts and accellerates regeneration to twice the normal rate.  Subject is also able to project a Zoalord like shield that allows subject to withstand anything under a single normal Guyver Mega Smash and nearly twice as much when combined with Units pressure cannon shield. It is unknown if the subject could survive serious damage in this form but is of little concern now that the subject has gained his Prometheus power form.

-Speed: Subjects had a reflex speed that ranges from 5 to 40 times normal, a top ground speed of up to 250 MPH, and a top air speed of 300 MPH.

-Subject does not possess a head beam in his hybrid form but compesates with the ability to fire zoalord like hand beam blasts.

-Subject has a standard pair of Guyver Vibrational Swords.

-Subjects does not possess Mega Smashers in his hybrid form but can focus power of his body’s zoacrystals to produce a mega smash like energy blast.

-Subject does not have sonic emitters in his hybdrid form but can use a banshee like scream with similar effectiveness.

-Gravitational powers where similar to a Standard Guyvers but with the versatility of a Zoalord. Subject was even be able to create a black hole attack but due to reduced power of his Hybrid form, this could only be done once or twice before exhausting subject.

-The Subject has also shown that it possesses a limited form of telepathic control over zoanoids.  Whether subject had possessed any other zoalord based powers is unknown.

Subjects Previous Armored FormSubjects New Armored Form
No other conclusions can be confirmed until further data is gathered.